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>>> Maile Ohye: Hi, I’m Maile Ohye. I’m a make planneds tech head at Google. I’ve been at Google since 2005 working withour hunting and our webmaster tools crews. But if I were a consultant for your startup, here’s all the advice I would give in under 10 times. This talk is aimed for fellowships who havetheir main content below about 50 pages. For those places that are looking to rank forthousands of unrelated keywords, like an ecommerce locate or a news organization, you might wanna investmore time with SEO. My objective for this talk is to provide youthe basics in the most efficient manner possible and to help you feel assured that you’re notdoing something quite wrong related to investigation, and last, to provide cursors for more information. The first thing to do with your subject isto decide whether you require visitors to see the dub, dub, dub form or the non dub, dub, dub version.At which phase your 301 redirect customers fromyour non preferred to your wished form. Now, many enormous firms, like Googleand Facebook, actually keep the dub, dub, dub copy, but you’re free to do whicheveryou crave. The reasons for we use a 301 and not a 302 is because a 301 is a permanent redirect and that road it signals to applications like searchengines, to actually transfer all those indexing properties from the source to the target. The next pace is to verify ownership of yoursite in Webmaster implements. And I don’t just say this because I work withthe team, but I think this is really valuable. I inspire you to sign up for email forwarding. Email forwarding allows Google, when we haveany message for you, like when we think you might have been spoofed or we think your siteis hosting malware, or we’re having trouble crawling your locate and we noticed a high numberof unreachable URLs. So any of those sends can be forwardedto Google Webmaster Tools and if you have email forwarding enabled, it can be forwardeddirectly to the inbox that you check every day.One more investigate tip is to perform a backgroundcheck on your land. For example, if it was previously owned byspammers then you’re not going to grade very well now. So, one good way to check is to look at thekeywords listed in Webmaster tools for your place and see if you investigate any unwanted wordsthere. Likewise, you can see if you’re indexed by performinga site colon search with your domain.And if you understand any problems the Webmasterguidelines can be found at this URL. And if you have questions about penaltiesor reconsideration requests and that entire process, my friend Tiffany Oberoi has a greatinterview listed here. I’d like to highlight the deliver as Googlebotfeature in Webmaster implements. It’s a great feature compel you leave us a URLand then we’ll perform a creeping as Googlebot, and “youre seeing” exactly whether we’ve beenredirected appropriately and exactly what content we download. An additional part of this feature, and Ithink this is really useful, is that you can actually tell us to not just crawl but tosubmit to index for that URL. And this nature, any time you update a page oryou create an entirely new page, you can trigger that entire process to happen by Google andhave it available to searchers even faster. My next advice should consist of analytics codewhether it’s Google analytics or another provider. Now you wanna start collecting this data evenif you’re not ready to use it because formerly you hire someone it’s better to have somehistorical information about your site.The next proportion is the strategy in your sitedesign. You’ll want to create a great experience forall your tourists and their different personas. So, consider your customers. Too your investors and what material willthey check? Or even the press. Some questions to ask when it comes to sitestrategy are practicality. Does our site design meet the needs of eachpersona and does each persona have a great experience? Navigation, if a searcher moors on a childpage, and that’s common with search results they don’t funnel immediately through your homepageall the time, can they figure out where they are? And can they readily navigate to where theywant to be? Another question is about whether or not yoursite is focused. Does each page contain one logical topic that’sobvious to visitors? It’s common with startups that because you’retight on time and resources, that as you muster more and more information, you really add thatto existing pages and do those excessively long forcing consumers to scroll.But, instead, “ve been thinking about” your locate designand if that should be broken up into separate pages. The next pace, and this is especially helpfulfor Startups, is to define your conversion whether that means for “group foo” visitorsto sign up for the newsletter or to contact bizdev lead or to try your product, you wantto have a relevant shift possible on every sheet. Like a call to action. And not force customers to clear extra sounds. When it comes to your simulate or the actual informationthat you have on each sheet, it’s great to include relevant keywords naturally in yourtext.These keywords are like query words that normalpeople would use to find your produce or your business. So, for example, business might call themselvesas selling sporting footwear but in your actual mimic it’s better to include terms like runningshoes which is what people actually sought for. One more thing I wanted to mention about thecopy on your sheets is to answer your visitors or the personas questions that they mighthave. For example, is the product reputable? Perhaps show recalls or tell other useds recollect. Or if a user might request, “What if this productdoesn’t work” then explain the customer satisfaction policy. Every page should include a unique topic, a unique deed as that can be displayed in search results, a unique meta descriptionwhich might be exposed as the snippet and then for non-dynamic locates, this is just abest practice, but it’s good to have keywords in the filename, lowercase and hyphen separated. And then, of course, explanatory anchor textfor every link whether you’re join internally or externally to another area. So here’s anchor textbook that could use someimprovement. For more information on our product specifications, click here.Click here is not that descriptive. Better way to have it would be, for more informationplease read our product specifications. So that’s what you wanna aim for. A good example of a site that has a uniquetopic on each sheet as well as a unique designation and illustrative linchpin verse, can be showingwith this search result for NASA. Now, NASA doesn’t exclusively have their homepageshown, but also has generated site associations. These site joins algorithmically by Googlebut they can influenced by huge locate layout, having a unique title as well as enormous anchortext. I’ll quickly cover some possible difficulties. Please do not hire a crook or shady SEO. If they guarantee any rankings it is too goodto be true. Please don’t participate in link intrigues orbuying relates for aims of surpassing PageRank. And last, I know it’s great to have a fancysite but try not to focus so much on site fanciness that you don’t actually have indexableand searchable text.Another thing to consider about your siteis the page low-toned duration. I’ve noticed a lot of Startups don’t necessarilyhave time to focus on this. But, it’s good to know that Akamai actuallydid a study of ecommerce locates and pointed out that 2 seconds is the threshold for ecommerce sitesacceptability. At Google, we aim for under a half second. In general, the longer your sheet takes toload, the more likely it is that users can click apart. Now, let’s talk about position. Check that you rank for your companionship appoint. Hopefully crowd formerly was site ties-in. If you want to rank for other periods, you canuse Webmaster tools’ research queries. And, I placed this join earlier, but here’s thelink to a video on using Webmaster implements. Then, directly involved. For Startups it might be the case that noone sought for your brand-new kind of product or service, so you have very low query volume.At that spot, you could prioritize, findinga capacity gathering or parish through existing gatherings, blogs or social media places. Is a well-known fact that, to grade well and to stay on top, support an terrifying concoction or services. And then, render chatter. Startups often ask questions about social media marketingand whether they should invest their hour. Well, I think that social media is terrificand one big rationalization is that rather than time having an avenue of users coming through search, this is something that diversifies your approach and you can get tourists from different sources. But here are a few tips-off. First of all, envision holistically. So, you might create an identity on key sites, and then participate. But, remember, you eventually wanna connectusers to an entryway phase of conversion. So think about that entire user experiencefrom a social media site instantly to alteration on your website. Also, and this is fairly obvious, but focusyour vigor where your audience hangs out. And last, play to your genuine concentrations, it’s likely that your firm has limited resources. So, if your CEO likes to tweet, then go aheadand let them, or if you have a salesperson who really enjoys Facebook then that’s terrific, or if you have a developer who’s already on Google Plus or Stack Overflow then have themrepresent your company and interact with the community there.My last-place takeaway is this, even with greatadvertising and fabulous commerce, valuable shift still happening on your site. So please, must focus and make sure you’reready. Thanks so much for your time ..

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