SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Video Instruction #2 (Part 1) By: Peter Dimaira


okay so this is step 2 and step 2 mostly when you set up a website you you want to set up a Google Gmail you want to set up google maps rolling normally the style Google Maps labours is it depends on if your company’s already rolled if it’s been scheduled for a while you can actually merely have them call the number that’s already scheduled there and it will verify it over the phone or you’ll have to have it have them send you out a postcard in order to check but in order to be allowed to for you to set up your webmaster tools you have to put in a code right here which is broken in between these divs this is a div and this is a div and this is basically letting the Google know that this is your site because merely you know an owner of a site can go in and lay in the alteration code that they put in this is the alteration format for your google analytics and you typically introduced this typically put this in right towards the bottom of the body you can pretty much set it into the footer which will save you a whole lot of occasion I men that acces you have it classified as so the footer right here that room you have a categorized for down at the bottom you know you can always most of these most of these types of programs that you edit revise code in you could pretty much still use the command ctrl Z if you screw up you always want to check it out and make sure you go on to the design part of it and make sure that you know the code isn’t learn through the breast because I’ve had that be allowed to happen before and you know it happens it’s not a big deal though you know and also only in some on now I have a this is a reciprocal connection for the big business directory and that’s that are currently I want to show you what it looks like when you go in here this is uh this is where you go to the crawlers you were able to deliver as Google and right here it will retrieve sheets okay I don’t always use this but but basically that will that will give you an idea this is where you will find your backlinks links to your area and this will tell you all the backlinks this is pretty much you know all the ones that I’ve set up so far and you know there’s about 80 there there could be many more I’m still working on that you know that doesn’t even include awards like I talked about in another video citations are just basically where your link isn’t included so it wouldn’t be picked up by this but you know and then you have internal connections and these are the internal connects so you know that’s pretty much it then you get to find out you know the search appearance you know and you could find out whether or not there’s any structure issue organized data relating to your locate which is you know basically schema coding and you know schema coding you would go in here and you would go into tool penchants and you could pretty much set up your schema codes right there that’s it that’s rather easy it’s just putting a claim to everything and you could also use a C ++ compiler excuse me not a c ++ compiler a SQL type of mapping and you were able to determined that folder into arrange and pull it into your into now and that they are able to automatically get picked up this is how you demote a associate if you don’t want it to be attached to your listing so on and so forth anyway that’s uh that’s pretty much what I’m going into here if I didn’t explain everything properly just let me know and I’ll is going in it I’ve been a little sick and I genuinely feel too good

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