SEO Training 2021: 7 Easy Ways to Grow Your Organic Search Traffic


-[ Nathan] Hey in this freeSEO training, I’m going to show you seven easy SEOwins that will help you 2x your organic searchtraffic in 2021 and beyond. I can guarantee you’re going to learn things you’ve never seen before. And make sure you watchthe entire presentation because the bonus tip I share at the end is the only guaranteed behavior you’ll be able to protect your website from all future Google sanctions. Now, before we dive in, who am I and why should you listen to me? My name is Nathan Gotch andI’m the founder of Gotch SEO. And since founding Gotch SEO in 2013, we’ve facilitated thousands ofentrepreneurs, purveyors and companies get more first sheet ranks and organic commerce from Google. But instead of me telling you, let me show you some lists. So since 2013, we’veserved over 3000 their clients and 2.4 million peoplehave visited 1.5 million of thosevisitors are from organic examination. Our YouTube content has beenviewed over 695,000 occasions, and we have over 26,000 YouTube customers. And my SEO expertise hasbeen featured on ahrefs, SEM Rush, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and even So I’m not telling you this to brag, I’m just telling you this becausewe practice what we preach and the truth is I’m incredibly grateful for the success we’ve achieved so far. But Gotch SEO is only successful because we actually helppeople get better SEO develops. Listen to what Chris Dryer, founder of a multimillion dollarSEO agency am talking about our SEO advice. My name is Chris Dryer, I’m the CEO and founder of At, all we do is SEO, and we only do it forpersonal injury law firms.So it’s one of the mostcompetitive verticals the report contains. And it’s extremely importantto have the best training and the best education inorder to get the results for our purchasers that theydeserve and they involve. And, you are well aware, there areso many routes out there, so many distractions, so many posers trying to sell you SEO instruction. And what I can tell you is it’s very clear that Nathan Gotch is an expert and Gotcha Academy is ahead of the game. You can tell that he has the actual in the furrows know-how, and he’s been through the grind and knowshow to produce develops. It’s not cookie cutter, it’s not for everyone, It’s those that are lookingfor that higher level of education, higher level SEOto truly get the best outcomes for their clients.So I think you get the point. So now let me show youthe seven easy SEO wins for 2X-ing your organic searchtraffic in 2021 and beyond. And like I mentionedbefore, watch until the end because there’s a bonustip that will change everything you’re doing rightnow with your SEO safaruss. So before I testify youEasy SEO win number one, I actually need to show youEasy SEO Win number zero. And this is what I call optimizing the bare bones requisites. And what that entails is you need to optimize your website lading rush and your portable know, and you need to make sure that you have an SSLcertificate installed. These three the picture is foundational for your SEO performance.So the easiest way to optimizeyour place lading speed is just to go to page acceleration penetrations, go to Pingdom and go to GT metrics, and you can benchmark yourcurrent site loading rushed and then use these tools and the recommendations that they give to improve your website lading hurrying. Now the good news is any actions you take to improve your locate loading hurry will too typically improve yourmobile know as well. But if you’re on WordPress, you can really streamlinethis whole process only by using a lightweighttheme, like GeneratePress. And then you combinethat with the AMP plugin and then you obligate yourwebsite 100% AMP friendly. You will get extremely high scores on Google’s page move andinsights and the Lighthouse tool. And once again, if you’re on WordPress, if you want to make sure that your SSL certificateis working precisely I recommend applying Simple SSL. And the key here is just to make sure that all of your non-secureURLs are redirecting to the secured versions.So once again here’s how you optimize forthe barebones indispensables. Number one, optimize yourwebsite lading quicken. Try to get that below three seconds. Number two, optimizeyour mobile know-how, and then number three, make sure you have anSSL certificate invested and make sure that it’s 301 redirectingall the non-secure URLs to the secured URLs. So now let’s move on toEasy SEO Win number one which is to optimize for E–AT, which stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. So any manufacture that falls under YMYL which stands for your fund or their own lives, these are the industries that Google has put under the microscope. So if you’re in one of these industries which is going to be in thehealth industry or the finance or any industry where thecontent could negatively affect a person’s life, you need to make sure that that material is reliable, accurate and created by subject matter expert or at least reviewed bysubject matter expert.So let me show you an example. So this lesson is for the keto diet which I really raced through ahrefs and I wanted to do one thatwas really competitive. And one that was actually in your money or your life industry. So we’re going to go and look at a few of these results now. So the first arise ishealth direction, which is- this is the website that I recommend everyone tries to model because they’re reallydoing it the right way. So when we look at it, you’llsee right away, we know that this content was createdby a subject matter expert because they leant it above the fold, they make it self-evident. But when we click on this it’s going to take usto the nutrition team, and then we’ll visualize all thepeople who write their content, all people who are qualifiedexperts, you know, PhD, they have all thesedifferent suitabilities. Some of them join out totheir social profiles. So this is the type of thing that I recommendyou do in your vertical.And likewise the other part that’s really cool not only is it writtenby subject matter expert but it’s actually reviewed byanother subject matter expert really to make sure that thisinformation is accurate. So if you only get those things right, get a nice author bio that’sabove the crimp, you can of course be at the bottom, getsome individual author pages and make sure that yourcontent is being written or at least fact-checkedby a subject matter expert. So then after that, justmake sure you link out to really high quality sources and make sure you alwayscite any website where you’ve actually gathered information from. Okay, so now let’s move onto Easy SEO Win number two which is the optimizefor low-toned hanging results. So it’s going to Atreus andenter your target domain. And then what you’re goingto do is you’re actually going to go to organic key words.And then from here, you’regoing to need to make decisions based on how strong your website is. So in this case, Healthlineis incredibly powerful. So I’m not really going toset a KT metric because I know that they can probablyimprove their achievement for these individual keywords. But if I was workingwith a brand new website or a website that had lower dominion, then we probably want to setthis to something like 10. And What this is goingto do is going to show us all the keywords that areactually much lower competition which then represents ifthey’re lower contender, they’ll be easier to push up with just some base level optimization and maybe some link acquisition.So ultimately let’s say we wanted to improve our rummage positionfor this keyword now, loofa. And in most cases you don’t really want to be targeting ability keywords like this because they’re verydifficult to rank for, and too the search intentbehind manager keywords is much more ambiguous anddifficult to understand but in this case, Healthline is so powerful that they could probablypush their position up to number, you know, inthe top three, at least. So we’ll go and look at thepage itself and we’ll is moving forward and just see how oftenthey mentioned loofa.And it looks like theymentioned it pretty well. And they actuallymentioned it really well. It’s all over the place. And in fact, maybe it’s a little over optimized rendered howlong the actual piece of content is. So one thing I wouldprobably try to see is, the overall density is a little bit high-pitched so maybe I could mess aroundeither weakening the concentration by increasing the word count, or only decreasing the concentration without even touching the wordcount, just changing these to some sort of synonyms orsomething that’s related. So one thing you can do isactually we’ll just go and look inside ahrefs and we’lllook for some synonyms that could probably maybeimprove this a little bit more, but ultimately one thing you can do to actually drive more traffic to the page itself, isn’t just to- apparently you can messaround with concentration, but one thing you can do is you can look at this question section here and use this as the basis for addingmore divisions to the content which then could allow you todecrease the overall density.So often in most cases, if a sheet isn’t rankingwhere it needs to be, it’s sitting around numbersix, I’m going to mess around with the density or I’m goingto increase the word weigh and see if that’s what moves it up. I’m going to add new areas to it. So if we look at how to grow, well, maybe not how to grow up, let’s look at how to use, we’ll see if they have that in here. And they don’t. So that would be a subsectionthat we would want to use because it looks like it doesn’t look like they have actuallytalked about that at all. So this would be a reallygood section to add.They talk about everything else but they don’t talk abouthow to actually use a loofa which might be a weird topic overall, but it would be a good section to add. So eventually, what I’m lookingfor are new regions to add to push this page upfurther, by making use of it deeper and more comprehensivethan the opponents. And you know one thing some peoplemight tell you to do is to take this keywordand gave it into surfer. But the problem is when you’re rank on the first page once, you don’t want to only emulate the research results either already grading around you, you want to beat the resultsthat are ranking around you. So you need to figure out a method to differentiate your material and see your content either deeper or better so that you canactually outperform them. So once you’ve hit the first page, surfer isn’t really going tobe super effective for you.That’s when the real creativity comes out you need to really think about how you’re going to beat them, and the best way is tojust look at the data, look at what has existed. Ahrefs is telling you this is what beings are searching, so make sure you have allthese segments in your material, if you don’t make sure you do it. And it looks like there’sa million precedents now that we could go after, someof these have different intense but still we would be looking about how to make this contentmuch deeper than it is. And then if you’ve doneeverything you can, mostly this content has been maxed out as far as the level of depth and as far as the overalloptimization, a few cases things I would consider is maybe addingsome other types of media.So we could lend video material here to improve this content even further, to upgrade it even more. Or I would think about how I’m going to acquire more links to this content. That’s the second thing. And then lastly, the third thing and I’m going to be talking about soon but is we would want to look at these periods thatsay, having same terms, which these are justterms that are relevant to the primary topic andsee, are there any brand-new fragments of content that we can create that can support this fragment of content? So this material is generallyabout Loofah Sponges, it’s a general part ofcontent about this topic but maybe it might beworth creating a piece of content around loofah plants because that isn’t competingwith this piece of content, it’s actually supporting the general topic of loofah and we’rebuilding thematic relevance.And the more topicalrelevance we can build around that primary topic the very best it willperform across the board. So now let’s move on toEasy SEO Win number three which is to use theauthority transfer technique. So then just go intoahrefs and all you need to do is actually just go intothe best buy associates slouse. And then from all you need to do is export this list of URLs, and these are now going to beyour internal connect targets. And the reason is because all of these URLs are the mostpowerful URLs on the website.So if you’re trying toimprove the performance of all persons sheet, you’d want to put internallinks on these sheets because these are the pagesthat would drive a great deal of sovereignty and a great deal of linkequity to that target sheet. So of course the sheets need to be relevant to whatever you’re tryingto internally link to, but these should ever be thetargets that you prioritize over other internal tie-in targets. Now, if you are building topical relevance then it’s okay to be relation between different sheets thatdon’t have a ton of government. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when you’re thinkingabout how you’re going to start build betterinternal relations and trying to get more internal tie coverage, you are able to always ever prioritize sheets that have existing backlinks because these will give youthe greatest boost overall. And I can’t say this enough, exactly by adding internal links to some of these super high-flown expert pages, you can see instant improvements in your standings withouteven needing associates. And this starts smell becausethese pages have links, so you’re really justdistributing a portion of that tie-in equity tothe page on your website.Now you may not begetting all the strength because of the links that aredirectly hitting this URL, but you’re at leastgetting a high proportion of it to those other pages. So, most most recommend you use the authority transfer technique. Look for high-pitched authority sheets and compute internal links to other sheets. And now let’s move on toEasy SEO Win number four the purpose of which is to leveragefeatured snippet jacking. So to give you an example, let’s go ahead and look at this keyword which is how to get 4,000 watch hours on YouTube. And this is going to be kind of cool, generate I’m going to show you two examples of when examine work isnot very accurate at all. So we look at this, thisonly gets about 20 research per month, apparently distributed according to ahrefs. Now, whether that istrue or not, the only way we actually know if this istrue or not is to actually rank for it and identify theperformance of that page.And I can tell you most frequently than not, sometimes you have to followyour gut about keywords. And in this case, I definitelyfollowed my nerve about it, and I knew that there were definitelymore parties probing this than what we’re presentation here. So we became onward and triedto target this keyword. And at the time it hada featured snippet now, and it’s saying that has afeatured snippet demonstrating YouTube.But naturally what will happen is when we read a featured snippet we make the exact wordcount that’s establishing for the peculiarity snippet, and then we procreate the sameexact word count on our website, and we articulated it at the topof the content typically. Now in this case you’ll see that when we go andlook at the performance. So when you look up how to get4, 000 watch hours on YouTube you’ll learn Gotch SEO, atleast where I’m exploration from maybe where you’researching from it’s not the same, but right now, typically we are here. There are some other oneswhere we’re too ranking, but in this example if I was trying to steal thisfeature snippet from myself, I would just look at exactlythe way this is organized here in this featured snippet, and I would create it exactlythe same way on my content.Obviously make it different. It would need to have a different angle, but overall, the general structure of this particularfeatured snippet is what I would try to imitate on my website. So that would come down to the code, the type of heading labels that we’re exercising and even the amount ofthe line items here. So what’s really cool is we see this only as 20 rummage work andit’s super easy to grade for. Well it was easy to rank for, but the magnitude is way off. So when we look at thisin the past three months you’ll see that this has beena really, really great page for driving clinks inGoogle Search Console.So according to ahrefs, thisonly goes 20 examinations a month but according to Google SearchConsole in the last 28 periods we’ve gotten 132,000 marks on our page. And this is just insanity. And over three, roughly 4,000 clinks in only 28 days. So you see there’s ahuge discrepancy here. So that’s why you can’talways trust investigation work because there is so much untappedpotential in any manufacture, even a competitive industry like the SEO industry orthe YouTube SEO industry. There’s so much untapped possible, and also, you need to get out of the mindset of only rankingfor one exact keyword utterance because you look atthis, I am ranking well for that one exact keywordphrase, and it is driving a lot of traffic and sounds, but it’s actually all of the other differences ofthat keyword that’s driving the majority of the clicks for this page.So the primary takeaway here is that we need to try tosteal these peculiarity snippets because it tasks really, really well. And “theyre saying”, “Oh well, you don’t want to rankin featured snippets.” Well, that’s kind of true-blue because of the CTR is muchlower, exclusively around 3 %. And you compare that to anyother arise, it’d be higher but still 3% is still fairly high-pitched, and you can tell, it still drives a great deal of traffic. So whatever it is you want to do, let’s say you wanted to steal thisfeatured snippet from me, which I hope you don’t do, but, if we go and look at itand actually we’ll going to be home, open this up and I only hurtmy action there probably.But we’ll go ahead andlook and we’ll see that, and we’ll recognize what Google is polling. So right here, it looks like Google is pollingthis particular line now. And this isn’t even a leader call at all, this is actually just astraight paragraph tag. So you never know sometimesthe path Google shows these boasted snippetsis always different and they’re always pickingthem in different ways. So the best thing to do is just model what Google is showing. So in this case, it lookslike precisely a clause, so I would create a paragraph myself, and then let’s look at what type of headingwere you employing here. So we are using a h3 tag, which is fascinating. So we’ll is moving forward and insure what the h2 tag isin this particular scenario. It looks like the only h2 call we have here is what happens when you get4, 000 watch hours on YouTube which is in the form of a question.So, the difficult thing about boasted snippets isyou can model this perfectly, and pattern this to the exact extension, but you too need to model thestuff that’s around it very. So it’s probably the overall organize of this sheet that had given rise to me get the featured snippet. So you do want to try tomodel the overall design. But like I said, the goalisn’t to copy the content, the goal is just to model thestructure on a system level, and a direct tier and a paragraph position. So that’s all you need to do.You precisely need to model what’s here, do it down to the T, the exactwords, the exact structure. And commonly you can steal itif you have enough authority. And the other thing you can do if you don’t have enough authority is you can build more thematic relevance. So you’ll see that if welook at this, this sheet now, we’ve built a good deal of topicalrelevance from other sheets more. So how long does it taketo come 4,000 watch hours on YouTube is another interestingkeyword that we have here. So this sheet actuallysupports this primary sheet. And is again I believe we filch the featuredsnippet for this one very. So if we go and gaze, we arethe peculiarity snippet now. So actually for this one, what it used to be used to be, I belief vidIQ used tobe ranking for this one.But what we did is we tookthe same exact word count that they had here. So you can just go maybe into Hemingway editor now, move it in, and then we see that it has 52 messages. So if I was trying to rank for this I would just write my own featured snippet that was 52 paroles, and then I would throw itright here at the top because I require Googleto give me this result and I want to give them theinformation as fast as possible. One thing I noticed originally with the contestant that was ranking for this featured snippet, the government has the snippet allthe direction down and, you know, at the lower end of their sheet and instead we wanted toput it right at the top.So we could obviouslyprioritize that datum for Google, so you were able to take it and throw it into the search results. So the main takeaway here is to merely model what Google is showing. It’s showing you exactly what it wants, so only modeling it and try tosteal that boasted snippet, and if your website doesn’thave a ton of approval you are able to eventually steal it once you get more authorityby build more connects and by building more thematic relevance. Okay. So now let’s move onto Easy SEO Win number five which is to hack freshness. Believe it or not, this tip is very, very simple. All they need to do is goto any page on your website, and if it is a timedependent piece of content, you should always lent theyear or even the month if you just wanted to get more granular. And that will actually giveyou so much more traffic for beings that are searching stuff that’s in the current year. So merely in the last 12 months alone keywords where I’ve added its first year to it. So 2020 or pages where I’ve added 2020 you can see that it’sactually driven through over 3000 sounds and over8 6,000 impressions precisely from having 2020 in the titleor somewhere on the page.So you look at this, it’s prettyinsane to think about that. All of this material. It’s pretty insane to think about that everything of these keywords, I probably wouldn’t be standing for if I simply didn’t have 2020. So you wouldn’t believehow much traffic parties are missing out on by not making theircontent time dependent. So the one thing that’s important is, when you do decide to makeyour material period dependent and you want to add 2020 or 2021 or whatever, you need to firstly reach the content better, and then once you’vemade the content better you update a little bit, time update the publish appointment and make sure you gave its first year in the entitle andsomewhere in the mimic very. So we’ll go and look atthis key word and you’ll see that I actually don’t evenhave the featured snippet for this key word, but because I have 2020 in it, I’m doing significantly better. So if we remove 2020 you’ll see that the resultschanged dramatically. Now, of course I’m still ranking pretty wellhere for SEO audit checklist but still it’s a different laid of results when you have 2020 in there, it reforms the whole dynamic.So you should ever useyears if you are able to, or some sort of time dependent metric toget more traffic to your sheets. And the thing is I wouldn’tprobably be grading, I wouldn’t be going as much traffic to this page if I didn’t have 2020 in it. So all you need to really dois add it to your entitle tag and then add it probably tothe h1 tag on the sheet two. That’s my recommendation. You don’t have to get that extreme, you can of course testit, but this is literally the most effective way to drivemore traffic to any page. Okay, so now let’s move onto Easy SEO Win number six which is to build more topical relevance. So now this chart that you’re looking at is everything that containsYouTube on my website. And I decided a few months ago, or at least in the middleof this year that I wanted to go after more YouTuberelated search terms.So I decided I was going tocreate more YouTube assembles and I wasn’t just going tocreate one super strong section of YouTube content, I wanted to create countless fragments of content that will support each other and build a ton of topical relevance. And to say that it has workedwould be an understatement it’s worked truly, really well, and what I’ve done justto show you is we’ll look at these sheets, and I’ve just targeted keywordsthat are hyper relevant to each other, withoutcompeting against each other.That’s the essential points, you do not want the sheets tobe playing against one another for the same keywords, you crave every page tohave its own intent, targeting its own different keywords. So when we look at this you know how to get 4,000 watch hours on YouTube. This one is how to get 1000 readers on YouTube. So these are totally different intents, very similar topic, but different intent. Then we look at thisone, which is how long does it to be undertaken to get 4,000 watch hours on YouTube? You can see that these pagesare all radically different. And then this one is bestvideo format for YouTube, YouTube end screen templates.And then these down here, actually iMovie vidIQ, these are actually abouttools that are used for video creation or YouTube. So you can see that they’restill topically relevant to these primary topics. So my next part of myprocess would probably to create a long form pieceof content about YouTube SEO but it will be much easier for me to rank for YouTube SEO now becauseI have all of these segments of content that wouldsupport that primary topic. So this is the powerof content clustering. So whenever you want togo after a general topic you should look for all of the opportunities thatsupport that primary topic.And you can either create that mom asset rightaway targeting, you know, let’s say YouTube SEO, you organize that right away and then create the supporting assets. Or you can go in reverse, like I have, I createdall the patronizing fragments of the information contained firstly becausethey’re lower competition, and I want to get dominate for those working and establish Google that I’m anexpert on this particular topic. And there’ll be able to measure that based on how users are interactingwith the content. So if they’re going to these pages and they’reconsuming the contents, they’re staying long dwell duration, they’re sharing it, they’rebookmarking it, you know, all those good usermetrics, it’s telling Google that my website is anauthority on this topic.And therefore when I go to target the more competitive mottoes I have a higher probabilityof acting better for them. So as I mentioned before, all you need to do isyou merely need to go right in to ahref and articulated whateveryour primary topic is in now. And I departed a little morespecific YouTube SEO but oftentimes I’ll usuallyjust do YouTube like this and then I’ll go to phrase match, and then I’ll go to makesure that it includes, and actually word matchdoes include YouTube, so what I would do is I’d actually just go to a max of 10 and then I’ d start to scan through these results tosee anything that’s relevant to what I’m doing.Obviouslythere’s going to be a lot of nonsense that time isn’t related now. But ultimately I’m looking for the stuff that’s going to be relevant to someone who is tryingto build a YouTube channel. So that’s really theprocess that I go through. It is certainly a manual process but it handiworks really well when you start- when you start to identifythese really good keywords that will support your primary topic. And now the final Easy SEO Win which is Easy SEO Win number seven is to use the Warren Buffet technique. So in short, the WarrenBuffet technique means that you’re going to findwebsites that is applicable in your industry, and then you’re going to tryto acquire those websites and melt them with your website.So typically the best situation would be that you’d identify a toolthat’s in your industry and then you could do that tool, you could buy it from the owner and then introduced that tool on your website, and then you can redirect their website to the tool that’s nowhosted on your website. And the above reasons for doing this is because it can massivelymassively improve your tie-up chart and prepare your website ahundred times stronger at a literal rapid rate. Quite much the fastestway you can acquire a ton of huge backlinks is just touse the Warren Buffet method by consolidating otherwebsites with yours.And of course you don’twant to go overboard but you want to find websitesthat are hyper relevant in your industry and consolidatethem to your website. So that the instance I wantedto show you is because he’s done it exceptionally well. So if you look at hislinked profile over epoch it was growing quite well, 2014 to 2015 it’s growing nice fast. Like he has definitely huge increment, but then you’ll find he’sgot these large-hearted spikes. He became from 8,000, 9,000 to 22,000 directing arenas. So he doubles referring orbits in precisely a short amount of time.And then he had same proliferation here. It’s still pretty good, and then he had anotherexplosive growth here and he went from 32,000 pertaining lands to almost a hundredthousand concern domains in only two years. So you’re just not goingto be able to compete with someone like thiswhen they’re building ties at this rate and this position. So you can see it merely has reached his websiteso incredibly powerful, and as a result, his trafficcorresponds in the same way. So there is a direct correlation between link growth andtraffic growth here. So you’ll envision, andespecially when you plot it on where this tie-in acquisitions happened. It’s almost identical towhere the issue of trafficking spiked up.So, anyone saying that tie-ups don’t work is just being silly at this object. So what I did is I wentto his tie-up sketch and use the redirect dropdownoption here on ahrefs, and what you can see is he’s had some really, really great acquisitions. The first is Kissmetrics, which he actually be applicable to own and operate but he basically took thiscompany that I’m not sure if it failed or they justdecided to shut it down, I’m not sure what happened with it, but if you look at howstrong Kissmetrics was, it had a DR of 89, so he redirected a DR 89 website to his website.So you can imagine. That can assist you in quite a bit when you get 6,000 brand-new refer disciplines. And then he actually wentout and acquired Ubersuggest which was a great SEO tool. And I have no idea howmuch he paid for it, but for the link profilethat he got for it, he probably got it for a pretty good deal because he got not only a DR75, but he too got a DR7 4website linking to his website or redirecting to his website.And then once again he also acquired marketing Pilgrim, which I don’t know therelationship with that website but he got another DR7 3website redirecting to his. So as you can tell, this is a very, very effective strategy, extremely when you can acquire websites that are hyper relevant. If we go and look at Kissmetricsprofile, join chart, you’ll see that their linksare the absolute best connections who is able to get for They’re extremely relevant, and if we go and inspect, you are well aware, it would take a very long time to get all these ties that Kissmetrics acquired. And if we intend to do the math on this, this connect chart alonethat Kissmetrics has would be worth several hundredsof thousands of dollars if you were to try to acquirethese joins on your own. So, it perfectly streamlinesyour website arbiter at a rapid frequency. And no one genuinely ever talks about this, and I’ve been talking about it since 2014, about I used to callit the uniting proficiency now I’m calling it theWarren Buffet technique cause I’ve kind of changed my methodology, but regardless, acquiringreally good websites with really great link profilesthat are relevant to yours and then finding a wayto 301 redirect those to your site in a natural wayis the best that you can do.And in my view, thebest thing you can do is try to find tools in your manufacture, because this redirect herefrom Ubersuggest to Neil Patel which now actually has a tool. This is a natural, natural redirect. This will not get you penalized because he’s literally just taken a tool that already existed andput it on his website, and now he’s hosting appropriate tools. So there’s nothing wrongwith this redirect, there’s nothing controversial about it. But when you start to have redirects that are just going to like a blog section that can get a little sketchy if you start to do it at a high scale. But on a lower magnitude like this you’re doing a fewacquisitions here and there, it’s not going to be questionable. And finally, the bonus tipthat I wanted to share with you which is by far the mostimportant thing you can do in 2021 to protect yourwebsite from Google penalties, and not only that, toimprove your SEO performance is you need to focuson building your brand.So this chart I’m showingyou is from Gotch SEO, and what I did is I justput Gotch in the query. So “youre seeing”, I’vehad over 15,000 sounds and 62,000 notions just for inquiries that are directly related to my firebrand. So, and you look at this you look at the CTR forthese queries, 24% CTR it’s 10 ages 30 times higherthan a traditional keyword because these are peoplethat are actually interested in my brand. These are people who either know what I do or people that are going toprobably end up being customers. So this is really the absolute best type of traffic that you can get. When you look at this, look at all of these different keywordsthat are related to my brand, we have Gotch SEO, Gotcha SEO Variation, Nathan Gotch, you get the point. All of these are becauseI’ve built a symbol and I’ve built trust in my industry.So by post videos on YouTubeor posting on social media , no matter what I’m hoping with my my purpose of postingon YouTube or posting on social media is to drivebranded pursuing to Google. And that’s one thing a lotof parties don’t talk about. One of the most important reasons for even being on socialmedia or for creating content outside of just content thatyou’re trying to rank on Google is you can actually drivemore branded searches which then spawns yourwebsite more trustworthy, which as a result makesit easier for you to rank for your keywords thatyou’re actually moving after. So, if I was rivalling against someone who was just only doing SEO, they’re only targeting keywords and they weren’t tryingto build a brand outside of exactly building SEOcontent on their website, it’d be very difficult for them to beat me because I have so muchtrust going to my website, so much branded searchesgoing to my website.And Google does considerthat, that’s 100% a reality. So in 2021 you shouldabsolutely make it a priority to build your brand, do what you can, because it will absolutely not only help you grow your business, house your symbol is a very good thing. Outside of SEO, you should be diversifying outside of SEO, that’s the self-evident item. Most importantly, it actually helps yourSEO to build your brand. All privilege, so I hope you got value from this free SEO training. And if you want to get evenbetter SEO solutions in 2021 then satisfy book a request below is how my unit can help you.It’s 100% free, and I promise there won’t be some sort of annoying sales pitch. Time want to see how we can help you get evenbetter SEO upshots this year. Thank you so much better for watching, and click the button below to secure your free SEO strategy session. And blots a very limited, so satisfy act now, we’ll talk soon ..

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