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Jons an craftsman and he had a wee apparel label where he used to set his artwork onto tees. I built a screen publication carousel on the back of a opening. We got an order for four thousand tees, three of us drove seven days, exactly did eight hour alterations and slept upstairs and ran these teess out. The residual is kind of history. We specialise in water-based screen printing and embroidery and promotional concoctions. When we started the business we wanted to stay in Dunedin so we kind of built a modeling around that and that was originating it accessible for all of New Zealand and outside of New Zealand to work with us.We knew we had to have a website because it was always about how can we have a front door thats to the world. Jon had sort of done some research into this mythical thing of SEO. SEO directly affects the amount of traffic and conducts that we get to our website. And then when those extends come through we can turn that into a racket. I kind of hear SEO as like a score, whether it be out of ten or out of a hundred. And the more you can do to increase that score means youre going to show up higher in Google. Its kind of like a needle in the haystack. So were always trying to be on page one. Theres literally thousands of things that will effect your SEO ranking. A spate of it will be like what your websites built on, file sizes, page consignment moves, all the sort of thing.The language and verse that you use, well do a blog berth about custom-made screen published shirts, thats sort of the information that will get sufficed up when someone natures in usage engraved t-shirts New Zealand. And then looking to help that score by creating engaging content. Using video, exerting personas. And impelling sure theres datum been incorporated in those images and videos. We take really nice photos of the finished product to try and show the care that we put into engraving it. SEO has to be at the front of any marketing try. Clearly just devote the time and get your website establish up ..

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