Tattooing and NFT | EP 1


nft stands for newfangled technology as we all know and that’s what the subject of this podcast succession is going to be what’s up fungible so we’re just engender up terms now hey shocker bras welcome to the fireside my list is jake ever a pleasure to be here with you i am aware of you chanting in this is a brand new series that i’m pretty excited about we have all for the last several years been hearing a lot about uh bitcoin i think was the first call that we heard in cryptocurrencies in general and blockchain engineerings and metaverse and and now the most recent one that we’re hearing so much about particularly in the in the artwork life are uh is nft non-fungible clue but before we dive into the series i want to tell a immediate story a few years ago i would say maybe 2017 2018 i was listening to a podcast a technology podcast and there was a guy worded eric something that was a guest on the podcast who had a company announced vatim v-a-t-o-m it was short for virtual atoms and so he he made this kind of case study of what his business was doing and the um the lesson that he returned was you are at a um an incident a commemoration something and you transfer the samuel adams tent or budweiser tent and they have this little interactive likenes on their telephone that there is an opportunity shoot to your phone and it’s a bottle of beer so it’s a samuel adams bottle of brew and you can shake it up and you can you know turn it and do whatever and it moves and it interacts it may warm up or something like that and so maybe you have to go to another kiosk and get a little mini fridge or get a koozie or something like that so that you can cool it back down so you various kinds of gamify this small um epitome this small interactive persona that’s on your phone now then you can go to say a restaurant or a bar and make this little image on your phone and shoot it to the bartender and exchange it for the purposes of an actual brew right so it’s kind of like a little entertaining digital coupon for a free brew but it’s more than that you could also if you’re not a beer alcoholic perhaps you could trade it or sell my shares on a third-party mart so perhaps you don’t beverage beer but you do suck coca-cola so you could sell it to your best friend for a coca-cola uh interactive image or what really clears this interesting is perhaps 99 out of 100 of these little uh idols are are worth a bottle of beer but the hundredth one when you shoot that over to the bartender it’s actually worth a lawsuit of brew or maybe it’s worth a year supply of beer or a junket to the samuel adams brewery where you could stand for a weekend and they put you up in the in a inn or something like that so you gamify it where you don’t really know what the value of this thing is and it was called a vatim a virtual atom just a few months ago i realized that that is an nft “its just” various kinds of the first version of that and we mostly really held it a dumber honour so quickly forward back to today i’m scrolling through instagram examining all of these craftsmen doing nft ceases and i recognise that some of these people are my friends i used reach out to them to see if they’d are ready to participate in a series on nft’s blockchain cryptocurrency and how it’s all related and precisely share their knowledge on what the technology is how they are putting it to use kind of some lawsuit studies on what it was like to go through their first nft lower how they did it how they purchase nfts or how i might buy nfts all that kind of stuff so we’re going to go into all of that throughout this serial in this first incident we’re just going to kind of get our hoof sodden we’re going to define in layman’s calls hopefully what these nfts actually are what their potentials are and a little bit of how these creators are of the view that uh that they may be used in the artistry macrocosm sort of going forward so without any further babbling let’s jump into this occurrence and uh hope you enjoy it i signify the first thing i ever heard about was bitcoin like most people and so then i started to look into cryptocurrency and then what strengths cryptocurrency is blockchain technology so then you kind of have to dig into that in order to be allowed to to understand all aspects of what you’re looking at and then nfts are really only more recent the past like few years um but so from from from bitcoin um you know like everyone i didn’t get it at first i was like okay this is weird it’s just some other road is payable for trash like dollars run punishment um but and then formerly i understood the underlying technology and the proposition the whole like white paper behind why bitcoin was created i i i had an epiphany moment you know i had that like ordinary aha moment which is why i was like oh my god he was able to potentially be progressive actually for the direction human beings transact with each other with the whole crypto thing that that i got uh into back in uh early 2012 before everything exploded but the nft space i really didn’t uh i kind of about 3 month i’ve seen it coming about over the last time and looked into it and nonsense but i was so involved in the crypto gap really on the investment slope of it that i was like all right i don’t have the energy to start researching something completely new i don’t know how it works blockchain is essentially the technology that allows for you know protected and decentralized records of deals without needing a third party you know decentralizing being a big buzzword here and without necessitate a third party being like genuinely the large-hearted kicker here on what makes a blockchain technology a blockchain so this attains it pretty much challenging and possible to change any data in the blockchain you can think of a blockchain like really a long record of things that happen that’s public and that everyone can see and because everyone can see and technically everyone kind of owns a little of it that that’s what sees it is not possible to to convert without it being substantiated on another like node essentially kind of related to internet 2.0 in a appreciation um and that’s that’s always the best direction i could explain it um i recollect year ago 80 s 90 s when everybody had dial up and all of that none understood the internet nothing understood uh any of that and and we looked at and everybody intention they be used in the internet or got in early and did all of that and so i understood um as i was getting into crypto and started researching all of that more and more i realized that’s the billow of the future as far as looking at it it’s bigger um than the internet in a sense because it involves so many other things um whether it’s the economy um you are familiar with just money like um everything the internet uh whether it’s mortgages on dwellings like there’s just so much uh moving places to that entire thing i used understood in a sense it was as big as the internet was back in the 80 s and 90 s so then when it comes to nft intend non-fungible clue uh you that the opposite of so like a a bitcoin would be a fungible clue is that right like because there’s nothing that separates one bitcoin from from another good-for-nothing that reaches one distinct from another what induces it non-fungible is that it is distinct from a another uh measurement okay yeah yeah so how the nft relates to to the to the blockchain it it is a a group a an introduction in that ledger on uh on the blockchain but it is unique in what style well so yes so nfts came from the road i understand them came to be because of blockchain technology enables nfts because the nature of what blockchain is it’s a way of like permanently and publicly recording every transaction that happens so it’s trustless you don’t there’s no middlemen and there’s no trust involved because it’s publicly and permanently recorded and that data that’s recorded is shared among every single computer flowing that system or loping that blockchain so there’s a sense of immortality and a gumption of uniqueness that enabled nft engineering to even be a thing in the first place so i think nfts you know it’s it’s it’s basically like a little cookie of data um and that like that individual you are familiar with knot of knot or cookie of data is unique and different from every single other possible rectify of data or little cookie of data oh yeah so it’s mostly like a digital collectible in a way um the same way beings might hunt for like the rarest beanie babe you know and there’s only like one or two of those in that that were every “thats been” ever constructed in a beanie child plant you know it’s the same perception exactly devoted to digital data yeah i want i think that uh one of the things that really interests me about the nft trash is it’s essentially going to get rid of the library of congress you know back in the era you are able to send in like epitomes to the library of congress and then they you know they would basically say okay the latter are copyrighted at this object we don’t even need that anymore you can make an nft of your artwork and that’s basically proof that that’s your artwork so i assume that down the road the authorities concerned will merely be creating nfts of our artwork just as a as proof of the fact that that we own it uh you are familiar with and of route if you wanted to sell it past that moment or loan it out or whatever or permission it then clearly you can do that but precisely time being able to copyright your work is pretty amazing i had a buddy of mine who was a great client and a good friend of mine and “hes having” messaged me and um said hey do you ever think about doing nfts and i was like i looked into it but i have no idea and i’m so busy and all of that um perhaps we could jump on the call and you can explain it to me and so i got on a call with him uh exactly short of three months ago and uh he’s a computer programmer uh software engineer all of that so he certainly understands the tech opening the smart-alecky contracts the coding all of that so he began to be explain the reasons and i was like okay um so he took about an hour he shows everything to me and then i was like so you kind of intend like this and he’s like no i was like okay explain it to me again we went through and i was like okay well what if i did something like this and then he’s like no and so after about three or four of those i eventually it clicked and i was like all right i kind of get it now because it’s completely decentralized it makes superpower away from central universities which most of us don’t trust anymore or just downright don’t like anymore so um it’s peer-to-peer it’s decentralized it’s um more or less grassroots from the field up at least in its original perception and scope and so that’s also what blockchain technology is it’s mostly a road of running the internet where it’s decentralized among all of us rather than coming through a centralized server like amazon network services or like google analytics it bypasses massive potent data rallying middlemen um and really does it peer-to-peer like anyone running a node or passing a gpu or a cpu become involved in it what what i think is going to happen down the road is all these all these homes that share likeness are now going to essentially compel those epitomes to be nfts and show possession before you employed them out so like you were saying we various kinds of lost ownership of our artwork in any digital media or i’d say any digital media but any um digital visual media like you think about it like this like if i positioned it if you formed a meme right and i shared this reputation on my instagram and beings laugh at it and think it’s funny then “theyre starting” following me because they i have a bigger platform than you and then all of a sudden my digital money goes up because of something you created and i just screenshotted it and propelled it up on my um hurl it up on my instagram so i think what’s going to end up had taken place in the future is when you create an persona whatever it is there’s going to be a proof process across the board you’ll be able to of course i signify i premise what they’ll do is they’ll they’ll make it so you can of course make it open where anybody can share it or you can charge a small reward maybe it’s a penny every time someone shares your reputation or you can sell it to someone you are familiar with for you are familiar with maybe you create a meme and someone’s like dude i wanted to go meme you know we’ll give you five thousand dollars for it you sell the meme to them and then they can use it on their platform but the cool thing is is like it almost devotes the dominance back to the craftsman because when we create a piece of artwork these other scaffolds aren’t able to build off of your backpack without your dispensation or without paying you on some sort of level there’s that hypothesi of owning a fractional share of physical goods such as you know uh high-end autoes or you know collectibles and things like that i am aware the nft opening is not moving into that direction aggressively that’s not the modern direction but it is utilizing the concept of an entity to own you are familiar with fractionalized shares of physical objects which what establishes the ideal nft very interesting is because while right now parties principally see it as you are familiar with pictures of monkeys and things that you right click and save so parties judge the opinion of entities are quite ridiculous but this is kind of like the you know the early phase of the dot-com upturn where you know everyone’s like throwing those like really you know atrocious inspecting blog sheets and they’re playing with like you know html preparing like really funny on like myspace.com but once you start to become deeper and deeper in this world and we start to understand what the technology is and what we could really do with it um it’s gonna start to become more refined and only just like you mentioned you know taking fractionalized shares of the mona lisa or you know tying these you know the idea of you own a physical good or physical resource or let’s say you obtain you know a brand-new gondola like a brand-new lamborghini like a very high-end boasts vehicle and they give you this you know badge of honor via nft so wherever you go in the digital infinite you always have that stamp so for some reason if you want to flex that medal and say hey i i’m a lamborghini owner but i’m not driving right now but “youre seeing” my button is validated on you know their profile or you know their wallet or them their chart on the metal versus essentially that you know they’re tied to this so i think that’s what compiles it even crazier as we move forward and even having when we have that metaverse discussion because it’s very it’s very brand-new the present internet must be drawn up for massive data obtaining gargantuan behemoth corporations to just like get their hands on every piece of data every section of content and claim it as theirs and then just sort of like lease it back to you you are familiar with mostly um and so if you make them out of the picture and you as an creator or pioneer sell or engage immediately with your gathering by selling them an nft on on an open beginning programme where everyone can go selling and selling an nft to anyone you know you’re giving that data that suffer that engagement instantly to your audience or your follower base um and so it’s mostly making ability out of this beings like data collecting devil that is just trying to like sell my shares back to you basically you know they accumulate everything they know about you based on your pleasure and who “youre telling” you are and then merely sell my shares back to you you are familiar with so um you can actually empower yourself as a builder through nfts and sell that instantly to your public basically hey thank you again for meeting me for this very first episode of our tattooing and nft successions episode two will plummet next week i’m gonna start abusing the call plunge from now on i’ve never certainly done that before uh if you are not already make sure to sign up for our mailing list so you will be notified when that occurrence moves live too chief over to firesidetattoo.com and examine what all we have going on there expressed appreciation for guys as ever for supporting what we do is thanks to my clients and we’ll see you next week

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