Tattooing and NFT | EP 1


nft means modern innovation as most of us understand and also that'' s what the subject of this podcast collection is mosting likely to be what'' s up fungible so we ' re simply making up words now hey surprise bras invite to the fireside my name is jake constantly a pleasure to be here with you i appreciate you tuning in this is a brand brand-new collection that i'' m quite thrilled concerning we have all for the last numerous years been listening to a whole lot regarding uh bitcoin i think was the first term that we listened to in cryptocurrencies in general and blockchain modern technologies and also metaverse and as well as now one of the most recent one that we'' re hearing so much about especially in the in the art globe are uh is nft non-fungible token but before we study the series i desire to tell a quick tale a few years ago i would certainly state perhaps 2017 2018 i was paying attention to a podcast an innovation podcast and also there was an individual called eric something that was a visitor on the podcast who had a company called vatim v-a-t-o-m it was brief for virtual atoms as well as so he he provided this sort of study of what his organization was doing as well as the um the example that he provided was you are at an um an event a festival something and also you pass the samuel adams camping tent or budweiser tent and also they have this little interactive photo on their phone that they can shoot to your phone and it'' s a container of beer so it ' s a samuel adams container of beer as well as you can shake it up and also you can you know transform it and also do whatever as well as it relocates and also it connects it may heat up or something like that and so maybe you have to go to an additional cubicle as well as obtain a little small fridge or get a koozie or something like that to make sure that you can cool it pull back so you type of gamify this little image this little interactive picture that ' s on your phone now then you can go to say a dining establishment or a bar as well as take this little photo on your phone and shoot it to the bartender and also exchange it'for an actual beer right so it ' s kind of like a little fun digital discount coupon for a cost-free beer however it ' s more than that you might additionally if you ' re not a beer drinker perhaps you can trade it or offer it on a third-party industry so possibly you put on'' t drink beer yet you do drink coca-cola so you can trade it to your close friend for a coca-cola uh interactive photo or what actually makes this fascinating is perhaps 99 out of 100 of these little uh images are deserve a bottle of beer yet the hundredth one when you shoot that over to the bartender it'' s in fact worth a situation of beer or maybe it'' s worth a year supply of beer or a journey to the samuel adams brewery where you could remain for a weekend and they place you up in the in a hotel or something like that so you gamify it where you put on'' t truly understand what the worth of this point is as well as it was called a vatim an online atom just a few months ago i realized that that is an nft it was simply sort of the first variation of that and we primarily simply gave it a dumber name so rapid forward back to today i'' m scrolling with instagram seeing all of these artists doing nft declines and also i understand that several of these people are my good friends so i connect to them to see if they'' d be ready to take part in a collection on nft'' s blockchain cryptocurrency and also just how it'' s all associated and also just share their experience on what the innovation is just how they are placing it to make use of kind of some study on what it resembled to go through their very first nft drop just how they did it how they purchase nfts or just how i could acquire nfts all that type of stuff so we'' re mosting likely to enter into all of that throughout this collection in this very first episode we'' re simply going to sort of obtain our feet wet we'' re mosting likely to define in layperson'' s terms ideally what these nfts in fact are what their potentials are and a little of just how these musicians think that uh that they may be made use of in the art world type of moving forward so with no additional babbling let'' s delve into this episode as well as uh wish you enjoy it i mean the initial point i ever heard regarding was bitcoin like most individuals therefore then i began to check out cryptocurrency and afterwards what powers cryptocurrency is blockchain modern technology so then you kind of have to dig into that in order to comprehend each component of what you'' re looking at and also then nfts are actually just a lot more current the past like few years um yet so from from from bitcoin you recognize like everybody i didn'' t get it in the beginning i was like all right this is unusual it'' s simply a few other way to pay for stuff like dollars function great but and afterwards as soon as i comprehended the underlying innovation and also the premise the whole like white paper behind why bitcoin was created i i i had a revelation minute you understand i had that like regular aha moment where i resembled oh my god this could potentially be innovative really for the way people negotiate with each other with the entire crypto thing that that i obtained uh right into back in uh early 2012 prior to everything blew up but the nft area i actually didn'' t uh i'kind of regarding three months i ' ve seen it coming around over the in 2014 and considered it and things however i was so entailed in the crypto room just on the investment side of it that i resembled all appropriate i put on ' t have the power to begin looking into something totally brand-new i put on ' t know just how it functions blockchain is essentially the innovation that permits you understand safe and secure and also decentralized records of purchases without needing a 3rd event you recognize decentralizing being a big buzzword right here and also without needing a 3rd party being like truly the large twist here on what makes a blockchain innovation a blockchain so this makes it basically challenging as well as feasible to change any information in the blockchain you can consider a blockchain like simply a long journal of things that happen that'' s public and that everyone can see and because everyone can see as well as technically everybody kind of owns a little it that that'' s what makes it impossible to change without it being confirmed on an additional like node basically sort of relevant to internet 2.0 in a feeling and also that'' s that ' s constantly the very best means i might describe it um i keep in mind years ago 80s 90s when everyone had dial up as well as all of that nobody recognized the internet no one comprehended uh any one of that and as well as we recall and everybody wish they spent in the net or got in early as well as did every one of that as well as so i understood um as i was entering crypto and also began looking into all of that a growing number of i realized that'' s the wave of the future as for looking at it it'' s bigger um than the internet in a sense because it includes many other points um whether it'' s the economic situation um you recognize simply currency like um whatever the net uh whether it'' s home loans on residences like there'' s simply so much uh relocating components to that whole thing so i recognized in a sense it was as huge as the web was back in the 80s as well as 90s so after that when it pertains to nft meaning non-fungible token uh you that the opposite of so like a a bitcoin would be a fungible token is that right like since there'' s nothing that separates one bitcoin from from an additional nothing that makes one unique from an additional what makes it non-fungible is that it is unique from an an additional uh system all right yeah yeah so how the nft associates with to the to the blockchain it it is a a device a an access because journal on uh on the blockchain however it is distinct in what way well so of course so nfts came from the means i comprehend them came to be as a result of blockchain modern technology makes it possible for nfts due to the fact that the nature of what blockchain is it'' s a means of like completely and publicly recording every transaction that takes place so it'' s trustless you don'' t there ' s no middlemen'as well as there ' s no trust fund involved because it ' s publicly and also completely videotaped and that information that'' s taped is shared among each and every single computer running that network or running that blockchain so there'' s a feeling of permanence as well as a sense of uniqueness that made it possible for nft innovation to also be a point in the very first place so i assume nfts you know it'' s it'' s it ' s primarily like a little cookie of data um as well as that like that individual you recognize clump of clump or cookie of information is distinct and also different from every solitary other possible set of data or little cookie of data oh yep so it'' s essentially like an electronic collectible in a method um the very same method individuals may hunt for like the rarest beanie child you understand as well as there'' s only like a couple of of those in that that were every that were ever made in a beanie baby manufacturing facility you know it'' s the same concept just applied to electronic information yeah i mean i believe that uh among the important things that actually passions me concerning the nft stuff is it'' s basically going to get eliminate the collection of congress you recognize back in the day you would send out in like images to the collection of congress and then they you know they would generally state all right these are copyrighted now we don'' t even require that anymore you can make an nft of your art work and also that'' s essentially proof that'that ' s your art work so i presume that later on we will just be creating nfts of our art work simply as a as proof of the fact that that we possess it uh you understand as well as naturally if you intended to market it past that factor or lease it out or whatever or accredit it after that certainly you can do that but just simply being able to copyright your work is pretty fantastic i had a pal of mine that was a wonderful client as well as a friend of mine and also he had actually messaged me as well as said hey do you ever think regarding doing nfts and also i was like i considered it yet i have no concept as well as i'' m so busy and all of that um maybe we could get on the phone call and also you can clarify it to me and also so i obtained on a call with him uh just brief of three months earlier and uh he'' s a computer system programmer uh software program designer all of that so he truly understands the technology room the smart agreements the coding every one of that so he started to discuss it as well as i was like all right um so he took about an hour he explains whatever to me and also then i resembled so you kind of mean like this as well as he'' s like no i was like fine clarify it to me once again we underwent and also i resembled all right well suppose i did something like this as well as then he'' s like no and so after concerning three or four of those i ultimately it clicked and i was like good i sort of get it now since it'' s totally decentralized it takes power far from central institutions which a lot of us don'' t count on anymore or simply downright put on'' t like any longer so um it'' s peer-to-peer it ' s decentralized it ' s um essentially grassroots from the ground up a minimum of in its original vision and also extent and so that'' s additionally what blockchain modern technology is it'' s generally a method of running the internet where it'' s decentralized amongst all of us as opposed to coming through a central web server like amazon web services or like google analytics it bypasses huge powerful data accumulating middlemen um and also just makes it peer-to-peer like any individual running a node or running a gpu or a cpu can participate in it what what i believe is going to happen later on is all these all these places that share pictures are mosting likely to essentially require those pictures to be nfts as well as show ownership before you placed them out so like you were saying we kind of lost possession of our artwork in any kind of digital media or i'' d say any type of digital media yet any digital aesthetic media like you consider it similar to this like if i placed it if you created a meme right and i shared this name on my instagram as well as people laugh at it as well as think it ' s funny then they start following me due to the fact that they i have a larger system than you and after that suddenly my electronic currency increases due to something you created as well as i simply screenshotted it and tossed it up on my um tossed it up on my instagram so i believe what'' s going to end up taking place in the future is when you create an image whatever it is there'' s mosting likely to be a verification process throughout the board you'' ll have the ability to certainly i indicate i assume what they'' ll do is'they ' ll they ' ll make it so you can certainly make it open where anyone can share it or you can bill a tiny charge possibly it ' s a dime every single time somebody shares your name or you can sell it to a person you recognize for you know perhaps you develop a meme as well as someone'' s like guy i desire that meme you understand we'' ll provide you 5 thousand dollars for it you market the meme to them and after that they can use it on their system however the amazing point is resembles it practically provides the power back to the musician since when we create an item of artwork these other systems aren'' t able to develop off of your backpack without your approval or without paying you on some type of level there'' s that idea of having a fractional share of physical goods such as you know uh high-end automobiles or you recognize antiques and also things like that i recognize the nft space is stagnating right into that instructions strongly that'' s not the modern-day pattern but it is making use of the principle of an entity to possess you understand fractionalized shares of physical objects which what makes the ideal nft very intriguing is since while now individuals primarily see it as you understand pictures of apes as well as points that you right click and also save so individuals believe the concept of entities are rather ludicrous yet this is sort of like the you understand the early phase of the dot-com boom where you understand everyone'' s like throwing those like truly you know terrible looking blog site pages and they'' re playing with like you know html making like truly funny on like myspace.com once you start to come to be much deeper and much deeper in this world and we start to recognize what the technology is and also what we might really do with it um it'' s gon na begin to end up being a lot more polished and also just similar to you mentioned you understand taking fractionalized shares of the mona lisa or you know connecting these you know the suggestion of you possess a physical excellent or physical property or let'' s claim you buy you recognize a brand-new car like a brand-new lamborghini like a really high-end cars and also they offer you this you know badge of honor by means of nft so wherever you go in the digital space you always have that badge so for some factor if you intend to flex that badge as well as claim hello i i'' m a lamborghini proprietor yet i'' m not driving right currently however you can see my badge is verified on you recognize their profile or you know their purse or them their account on the steel versus basically that you know they'' re connected to this so i believe that'' s what makes it even crazier as we move ahead and also even having when we have that metaverse conversation because it'' s very it ' s brand-new the present internet is established for huge data accumulating significant behemoth companies to much like get their hands on every piece of information every item of web content and claim it as theirs and afterwards simply type of like lease it back to you you understand primarily um as well as so if you take them out of the image and also you as an artist or maker offer or involve directly with your target market by marketing them an nft on on an open source system where anybody can go offering and also selling an nft to any person you recognize you'' re providing that data that experience that engagement straight to your target market or your follower base therefore it'' s generally taking power out of this titan like data accumulating beast that is simply attempting to such as sell it back to you generally you understand they collect everything they find out about you based upon your task as well as that you claim you are and also then simply sell it back to you you recognize so um you can really encourage yourself as a creator through nfts and offer that directly to your audience generally hey thanks again for joining me for this really initial episode of our tattooing and nft series episode 2 will drop following week i'' m gon na start using the term drop from currently on i'' ve never ever actually done that before uh if you are not currently make certain to enroll in our newsletter so you will be alerted when that episode goes live also head over to firesidetattoo.com as well as see what all we have going on there thanks people as always for sustaining what we do thank you to my visitors and also we'' ll see you following week

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