The Planet Doja NFT & How It Works Explained


talk to me regarding the the doja feline nft for every single.
doji feline nft that'' s marketed just how what does that appear like from a rights viewpoint yeah so so we uh.
you understand we truly consider nft as communities right so this is something for the fans so uh.
the capacity for us to mint on tesla'' s blockchain which is a low power as well as likewise low deal.
expense blockchain it means we can mint countless nfts for um you know almost cents um so.
to make sure that manages the musician that we collaborate with the the huge canvas of uh you recognize to.
paint something really different experience for the customers right so uh the delta taxicab collection.
starts at five dollar per mft um right so there are different you know it opts for 5 dollar.
twenty buck uh forty bucks sixty five dollar one hundred dollars that'' s the that ' s the. first drop currently we primarily uh imagine you understand with each other with with doja'' s team the tale. arc that'' s mosting likely to increase several collections now the first collection is composed of 7.
different kinds of tokens um so there are you understand platinum ruby tier symbols platinum to.
your symbols go to your token type of take a a page out of um you know the the record market like.
you know your your document has actually accredited platinum um to ensure that kind of indicates the rarity of each.
item um and after that the 7 symbols generally are um access secrets into right into the planet dojo globe uh.
in the planet dojo world the storyline will certainly play out out of you recognize three different collections.
um so the very first collection currently obtains you gain access to promptly any kind of token obtains you access directly to.
a planet uh disharmony channel personal channel on the one residence web server as well as that'' s gon na happen that.
begins like following week right so so you can collect as well as trade these symbols like now in order to get.
there um however likewise um any of the three the tokens also includes various um probabilities of.
lending you a gold ticket or gold vip ticket so so you know we truly sort of constantly believe.
nft is a method to connect um the electronic world as well as the physical globe so by having a token.
you can basically open in your one-off safe possibly a gold ticket i'' m going to take.
an obtain you um you recognize to the next dojo cat excursion which is most likely to be set up in 2022 and also.
as well as and go to vip ticket essentially it'' s a vip experience at the show premium tickets and all.
of that um and which this all causes uh also the the among one right so um so so any one of the.
7 tokens um generally can blend and match if you really gathered 83 you can integrate them in.
as well as as well as after that in collection two you will get a um incredibly duper combiner token so there'' s
249. various combinations so without entering into excessive of the weeds um right so there are.
different rarities of these tokens and after that there is a one-of-one dojo cat uh token coming.
out in the following um in the following day or two so that will certainly be auction just so so the you understand the.
101 will certainly include a physical experience that is um you understand a fly away vip journey to not.
just see the forest excursion yet like go dine at one of our preferred restaurants and truly.
experience um you understand a world like dojo would certainly um yet also uh since this is the initial among.
one out of the among platform um the owner of the among one token will certainly additionally obtain guaranteed a.
cost-free every cost-free every go tier entity we ever before implied for our curated um artists uh that implies on our.
platform so you just obtain a complimentary one for every single gold entity every min which is kind of a you recognize we.
consider this um as the dojo community yet additionally you understand we'' re promoting and building the one-off.
area so the first type of very individual of ours that generally been available in and also buy the first.
among one will certainly get rewarded in all time so that'' s kind of exactly how you recognize maybe give you like.
a home window right into exactly how we'' re thinking about powers as community as you recognize link can come do as.
in between real life and electronic war experiences and also um there'' s a lot of exciting type of fun things.
uh that we'' re sort of always thinking of.

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