Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Part 2


now that we’ve seen appropriate tools that can help you understand where you are what can we do to make it better well we use the process called search engine optimization and this helps increase the organic visibility of the web page that you want to focus on the exact algorithm used by search engines is concealed but best pattern has identified that there are number of factors that should be considered they are the domain name the URLs content keywords meta calls and links let’s look at all those individually now domain names your domain name will toy a big part in the optimization of your website it should be linked to your keywords but you are limited if you’re building a site for a label that already exists because some of the specifies may be taken male words are not critical but they can help just to put into context we consider Wikipedia they get to the top of the Google search on a number of keywords but none of those keywords are related to Wikipedia if we look at searches for SEO as an example we find that a number of the search results are from the centrals that have the word SEO in them so they do play an important part but not one to be considered as critical what you do need to consider is the extension this will be key if you’re targeting a specific country so in the UK you would use code at UK for example we then have the URLs there is a big debate still about the benefits of focusing on URLs or SEO what do I represent by this the best way to explain it is use an example so we look at the slither there was still two sheets which in theory are the same one has been built utilizing a coded URL I the end area which refers to that sheet is numeric alphanumeric and then there’s another URL that implements job descriptions best rehearsal states that it’s best to use the scripted procedure as far as possible this increased the relevance of the website and again to put into context I did a test with some images now I removed the alt call and the description tag and gave them in the domain with a alphanumeric system and a illustrative code I obtained them through the search engine when the descriptor system is there but not with the alphanumeric because there’s no way you can link the two together in my view one of the main components of the SEO process is content this is because it is the content on your website that drives beings to it this will lead to an increase in reputation of the site which can be measured either by the links created or the website ranking through Google’s own page rank structure or alexa as discussed earlier you should develop a scheme or program to post brand-new material on an ongoing basis it’s also worth noting that there’s a relationship between the number of period your site is crawled with the frequency that you placed new affixes on retain if you’ve got nothing new to say why should someone return problem inflation and labels are part of the HTML code helps categorize a sheet and tells a search engine what it’s all about the important elements of search engines are the title tag the alt call and the keyword turns I just go back to the old-fashioned tag please don’t get confused with description time the old-fashioned tag cannot be seen by the human eye on the actual web page this is the description time and that’s like a tooltip so when you levitate over an idol it is the script description from the description tonight that appears not the octane meta-information examples let’s look at them in a bit more detail I’m data look on google for the development of a pharmaceutical digital approach what we can see highlighted in the curve or the elliptical is the meta or SEO title what we can see here precisely below it is the Meta Description use this as a flesh of push to try and entice people onto your website how do we get this information on well your material management method should allow you to add all the information and keywords you need you if you’re not a blogger or you’re not someone doing it yourself you may employ someone from an agency to do this this is an example of a content conduct system on WordPress that I use to manage my blog you can see here the components that I are necessary to the search engine optimization process in this precedent I’ve got my key focus statements that I’m looking to optimize on this is my SEO title and there’s a brief description of what you would see when it’s created this is my meta description which extends underneath it and there are the rest of the keywords that I want to use for the alt calls and the old-time descriptions for the epitomes that would come under laid a separate section are there they’ll still be within your content control organisation and what you’re trying to do is make sure that the keywords are within the article ability the sheet entitle the URL the meta description and the contents this precedent here it demonstrates that it’s not in the contents so I were actually go back and incorporated within it can you find these details if you don’t have a content management system well you can all you have to do is right click on the sheet make sure you’re not on top of the an idol and then click on view source what you’ll then get is the HTML text use to create the page there you can see the title which we recognized earlier here are examples of the description and the keywords relate constructing is another very important aspect of search engine optimization you will need to develop connection construct such programmes and it is feasible done either organically or through a developed curriculum and I’ll time illustrate what I necessitate by those the organic edition is one that will only really happen if you’ve got great content that might include some sort of Apple recreations or contests etc something which will obligate you stand out something which all persons from another side will say this is really interesting I just wanted to link to it from my line-up the developed aspect is one where you could be involved in a number of exchanges so you might be commenting on other bloggers commodities it could be social bookmarking what I will say and we’ll witness a bit later on is that the relevance of this element is becoming less important we learnt earlier on that Alexa and gave you the number of associates that you’ve got there are other websites that give you a bit more detailed information here’s a good one that I use discipline hyphen pa com so I’ve typed in my details and it’s shown me all the links that I’ve got from the various places and you’ll notice on this the nofollow flag and this is a new concept that was introduced by Google that stops specific comments spamming from bloggers so this is where the components of developed connect structure falls down because if the site’s got and they’ll follow tagged against it then it won’t be picked up another good way to explain the link building concept is through an instance now website a has a large number of other websites linked to it so I’ve got hundreds of sold in here another hundred years so it’s got a large number and the length here substantiates its site rank or sheet grading it’s seen as a very popular site now you’ve then came website loathe which is only got one line-up joining to it I exactly hold that pictured for a second I’ve got website J which has come six websites connecting to it now in the old terms and it might have been that Jay would have been more relevant than hate but in today’s words because site a which has a much much higher page higher-ranking than any of these locates to it it is possible to turn out that this site is more powerful than that surface in areas of its standing because of sight a you then have Q and R which have no sites joining to it and what Google does is it appears that contemplates actually you’re you’re insignificant because the content you’ve got obviously has been picked up by up others one thing to bear in mind though is that if these locates here or these areas now was spamming areas or inadequately controlled websites that could be used to bring down your position so you should be linked to relevant places of a high quality rather than trying to get yourself linked to as countless areas as possible lastly we’re going to look at keywords if you’re really serious about optimizing the website then you need to select the claim keywords there are again a number of websites that have tools that can help you identify the keywords that you need to use but I would suggest you use Google’s keyword tool and you’ll ascertain it in that AdWords section you need to get yourself logged on or ratified out to to Google so in this particular instance I’ve put in the word self-management and you can see here it will spotlight the number of monthly probes and neighbourhood searches for that particular expression then gives you details of other keywords that are associated with it that you could use likewise with the the race so if you’re looking to do a pay-per-click program you might say that that the low-pitched ones are the ones that you would consider a rather than the high ones because they would be more costly you can see here the number of scours that happen on these particular terms it’s not just consuming the keywords that Google have said you need to make sure you understand your users or your purchasers dress try and find out exactly what sort of calls they use always ask yourself the question have you got the right keywords thanks for coming for your time hopefully that will give you enough information to get you started on optimizing your key website you

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