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what is up my bb hunters your favorite comic bookguru dozer we’re getting another banger the coming week the eternals number one i’m personally prettyexcited for this comic here we go the eternals number 1 from 1976 and lo and beheld yes it isthe first appearance of the eternals and of icarus we’ll be seeing in the upcoming movie this is aperfect marketing strategy by disney and vivi with the upcoming eternals into the mcu rated 9.8 isactually cheaper than i expected it travels for about 3000 bucks a comment like this could be demandingmore in the future why because it’s one of jack kirby’s initiations and it’s a comic that’s gonnabe get a good deal of heat with the upcoming movies it’s actually a really good read too it itkind of has a prometheus alienware’s predator vibe where ancients come to the incas and theybring the engineer the humans so i mean that’s really cool it’s kind of that whole prometheusthat well basically created by aliens and these celestials and he right here that’s actuallygoing to be the secret rare he basically reveals that he’s not just a regular dude he’s icarus andeternal who are the everlastings they’re basically immortal they can live on for thousands of yearsthe paragons they’re engineered humans “thats been” became in small numbers to protect the human racethey were mostly going to be the shields of earth and at the same time they uttered beings theymade humans and met the everlastings the eternals have been here for a long long timethey were created millions of years ago on planet earth and still roam the earth aswe realize and we’re going to be able to see this live action in the coming movie so this comic herevery stanley-ish really awesome you can’t protect any of them and yes that was angelina jolie so pretty damnawesome this is what the quits going to look like like i said when you encounter those alienspaceships that’s going to be the secret rare cover it’s going to be 600 restraint which is finebecause it’s going to be a very popular comic so 600 “re gonna be all” the perfect multitude kindof like adventurer spider-man all the big ones often 600 this is another one “thats one” thati’m pretty excited for and most people are going to go after it so sell it or buy it i know we’vebeen having a lot of marketings lately this one bye this is an absolute buy and hold that’s what i’mdoing with this one this is not some immaterial comic that’s gonna cistern the 400 gems like we sawtoday this one is a very good long-term grip not monetary admonition but that’s what i’m gonna do i’mgonna go after this one with the upcoming movies of the eternals this comic is onlygonna get more and more popular so this is one that i’m gonna be happilyadding to the other first appearance as usual fan thanks for watching don’t forgetto subscribe like this is the way those are out

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