Video Optimisation | How to optimise your videos for search engine Pt. 1


bjbj Video Optimisation How to optimise yourvideos for search engine Pt. 1 Hey its Samuel Junghenn now and I precisely want to share withyou today some tips on how to optimise your videos for the search engines. Now I got askeda lot on how to do SEO on videos and so I belief I d do this quick run through on howto optimise videos. First thing you want to do is go to Google Keyword and type in a wordthat you think your expectations might be typing in.Let s just do SEO video, you want touse exact match when using the Google keyword tool. So right now we are not coming join, video commerce, so give s switching it around to video SEO and that gives us 2900. Let stry Youtube okay so make s have a look, 1300. Let s just go back to video SEO with 2900. Okay so there are more searches for video SEO than there are for Youtube SEO so, yeswe have video ranks so that s good and we got videos now that are ranking a littlebit higher for Youtube SEO so you can pick either of these keywords. Now for this example, give s simply pick Youtube SEO. So what we are going to do is we are going to click on thisvideo and we re going to pay attention this auto tags now we got Youtube SEO now, actuallylet s just simulate the whole thing and he is using Youtube and Google which are good keywordslet s just take it and drop it in here.We are also going to go down now and the textis something that you would want to pay attention to as well. You is intended to be putting verse thereyou want to copy there labels I ll reveal you why in a moment. Pay attention to the textyou want to mention the keywords that you want to grade for so you can see there s YoutubeSEO, video optimization, Youtube videos, Youtube channel and some associated keywords and he sgot them all throughout the text there. Next we look at the category that he s got theminto s got them to education and tell s is taking that as well. You was necessary to referred yourvideo with the keywords in it as well. So this video that I m reaching right now for YoutubeSEO, I m going to save it as Youtube SEO somewhere in the video document. Now in the descriptionof your video you always want to have your link back to your website or your money pagesomewhere conspicuous within start of the description so where reference is s downplayed like this you envision linksright away.Here we can click it and we ll go back to your website. Also this will thiswill fire up your website and present it some more sheet grade. We can see here that thispage is page grade 5 so this guy is getting some pretty good link juice from that backlinkthere. Now there are just a few things I merely would like to mention about the keywords incopying the entitle and emulating the tags and the category is going to help us to rank ourvideo here in the related videos once it s finished playing.Okay so that s it for video1 on SEO video. Let s take a quick recap first thing we want to do is go to Google Keywordtool and type in some keywords that people might be searching for and find somethingthat s came good freight and use exact match. Step two is ogle if there are videos actuallyranking for those working keywords in the search engines then you can select those keywords as theones you want to look at … You can then select those keywords as the ones you are going totarget then go down and click on other people s videos and gently rip off their tags.Havea look at which category they have it in and what sort of content they have on their descriptiontags. This will help you get graded is not simply on the first sheets of Google but also on therelated videos. One thing that I did forget to mention actually is with the title tags.You don t want to light rip off other parties s name labels. You want to look at the verystart and see how they are laid out. So with the title calls you want to optimize it forthe keywords but you also want to make it sexy to click on. Now this chap get YoutubeSEO 5 Step Formula to Dominate Youtube and Google which is great because it tells uswhat it s all about and here it s a keyword and it tells us the 5 steps to dominate Youtubeand Google which is what we end up with if we watch the video. Last-place but definitely notleast, we talked about putting a link there in the description giving you a neat juicyPR backlink back to your site.In component 2 we re going to be talking about 3 other powerfulstrategies to get your videos ranked in Google and also in Youtube. If this video has beenhelpful, click the like button below or share it. 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