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in this video I’m going to show you my five stair process for higher-ranking number one in YouTube I recently use this accurate approach to rank in the top three in YouTube for the keyword SEO I’m brandy in the founder of backlinko the place where marketers turn for high-pitched standings and more traffic and today you’re going to learn the five most influential video SEO ranking factors to get your videos to the top of YouTube fast keep watching a few years ago my youtube channel was contending I generally procreated high quality videos that provided a ton of value but when I publish my videos crickets needless to say I was disheartened I knew that video was a powerful practice to grow my online business but I learned the hard way that video merely works if people actually watch your videos and know your mom watching your videos doesn’t count cartel me hey mom I just published a new video on YouTube can you watch it for me thanks mom you’re the most wonderful twinkling forward to today and my videos systematically get tens of thousands of views and hundreds of people subscribe to my channel every single month my mystery I learned everything I could about video SEO regrettably most of the advice that I initially read about ranking YouTube didn’t work you know the advice I’m talking about put your keyword in your video portrayal employed keywords in your video folder honour write 20 calls for every video sure this substance can help but it’s not going to rocket your video to the top of Google or YouTube why because everyone on YouTube is doing the exact same thing after trying all the generic advice that I read and going nowhere I decided to run a assortment of experiments and that’s what I learned what really wields precisely I detected YouTube’s five most important ranking points and these are ranking parts that very few people know about formerly I exercised these ranking influences to my videos my positions shot through the roof I started grading for super competitive keywords like SEO link building how to get traffic and more and now it’s time for me to share these five ranking points with you and present you exactly how to use them to grade your videos in YouTube let’s start with pace number one which is to create and publish long videos you may have noticed that longer videos tend to perform better in YouTube why well YouTube’s most important ranking cause is your videos total watch term as you probably know the more of your video beings watch the better it tends to rank that’s called audience retention which is an important ranking factor even though audience retention is important it’s not nearly as important as your videos total watch go that’s because YouTube wants to promote videos that restrain people on YouTube for a long period of time so the more total hours parties watch of your video the more YouTube will want to rank it in the search results for example let’s say that you exactly published two different videos video one is two minutes long and video two is ten minutes long and let’s say that each video goes 1000 their opinions and the gathering retention for both videos is exactly the same 50% that means that on average people watch half of your video the total watch time for the two-minute video would be 1000 minutes but for the longer video that videos watch duration will be 5,000 hours that means that video number two will have five times the watch duration of video number 1 which means that are likely outrank video number one that’s the strength of publishing longer videos in fact my video that grades in the top 3 for SEO is nearly 10 minutes which is significantly longer than most videos on YouTube because it’s longer my video compiles more total watch go than my contestants and I’m able to rank above videos with considerably more goals than mine okay let’s move on to step number two which is to master the fasten as I said longer videos tend to rank better because they accumulate more total watch age but there’s one big problem with this approach you have to keep someone’s attention on the Internet fortunately my experiments have coached me that if you can hook someone in the first 15 seconds of your video you’ve fixed them for good in fact YouTube recommended to concentrates on the first 15 seconds of your video to maximize watch time the question is how do you steal people in the first 15 seconds of your video start your video off with the P formula the P P P stands for preview proof preview here’s exactly how it use first preview what your video is all about when I first started forming videos my intros would go on and on about why my videos topic was important and these long-winded intros would constitute parties sounds away today I cut out the flub and tell them exactly what to expect for example let’s say that your video summarizes 10 paleo food gratuities you want to start off your video saying in this video you’re going to learn 10 of my beloved Paleo diet tips-off that’s it next it’s time for the proof here’s proof that you can deliver you can mention that you’ve already accomplished what the onlooker misses that you have lots of experience in your battlefields or that you’ve researched a ton about your topic for example you could say these are the same tips I use to gain 5 pounds of muscle in 60 eras lastly punched them with the preview again here’s we reiterate what your video is about now you plainly don’t want to simply repeat what you said in the beginning instead mention something specific from your video you can mention the number of tips a item from a case study or that you’re going to share something completely new this will manufacture your viewers curious and want to keep watching for example you could say and today you’re going to learn about the so called health Paleo diet food that’s actually bad for you next up we have putting your precise keyword in your claim there’s no question that Google and YouTube are getting smarter every day which entails the days of keyword stuffing your video to the top of YouTube are long gone that said Google and YouTube both expend your videos name to understand what your video is all about so make sure to include your precise keyword once in your entitlement preferably at the very beginning of your entitlement for example I established a video that I wanted to rank for the keyword tie house so I acquired sure to include my exact keyword join building in the beginning of the title and that helped it ranked in the top 3 for my target keyword okay now it’s time for higher-ranking part number 4 which is to say your keyword in your video when I firstly get started with video SEO I’d go back to old videos and optimize them around keywords that I wanted to rank for and it very rarely acts that’s because Google and you tube can now listen to your videos even without a record for example let’s say they just published a video about healthy desserts then some weeks later you realize that the key word health desserts is too competitive so you go back and optimize it around a different keyword like low-toned carb desserts now this sounds smart-alecky but it’s something that doesn’t work as well as it used to why even though the key word low-toned carb desserts are to be found in your deed portrayal and labels you never said that key word once in the video YouTube knows this and it gazes fishy to YouTube your video is about healthful desserts but all of your on-page metadata says it’s about low carb desserts so they won’t rack you for either keyword that’s why I always make sure to actually say my target keyword in every video for example in my video about SEO I attained sure to say the word SEO a few experiences simple yet effective last-place up we have user interaction signals YouTube wants to see that people are actually interacting with your video the more beings watch like subscribe and comment on your video the higher your video will rank in youtube search results now the strategies that have demo you so far will help you naturally get more of these user interaction signals but there are two simple tactics that I use on every video to increase my videos user interaction signals first I supplement an annotation that asks parties to like my video after a great deal of experimenting off balance this simple annotation greatly boosts the number of likes that my videos receive at the end of my video I likewise question parties to subscribe and comment which also increases the amount of my videos user interaction signals I was initially going to end the video right here but I decided to throw in a speedy bonus gratuity for you which is to optimize for click-through rate when someone searches for something in YouTube YouTube compensates very close attention to what video they click on for example let’s say the Iraq number-5 for your target keyword as you probably know videos grading number 1 through four get the vast majority of clinks but for some reason lots of people are clicking on your video in the search results what do you think YouTube will think about your video then it’s a great arise for that keyword and they’ll give your video or ranks boost to make it easier for parties to find so how do you maximize your click-through rate well YouTube showings three main pieces of information in the search results your name your thumbnail and a snippet of your description here’s how to quickly optimize all three for click-through rate the clue with your thumbnail is simply that it stands out that means that you want to create a custom thumbnail that inspects different than the other videos that are on the first sheet for example my video has a completely different design and colour scheme than my rival for your designation like I mentioned before you want to include your target keyword once other than that your goal with your deed should be to maximize your click-through rate as you can see my video entitlement is emotionally enforcing I also include the current year so people know that the content is still relevant finally you want to write something pressuring in the first few pipelines of your account most people introduced a link to their website or a canal now and it’s a huge mistake nothing inspects less enticing to click on that a link to someone’s website instead write a sentence or two that includes your target keyword in a compelling route for example in my SEO video my first decision is if you want to rank in Google today there’s a new SEO ranking factor to pay attention to and this attention-grabbing line comes more parties to click on my arise if you liked this video make sure to subscribe to my youtube path right now just click on the agree button right here also if you crave exclusive SEO and traffic skills that i am just share customers principal over to backlinko comm and sign up for the newsletter it’s free now I want to turn it over to you which of the five ranking signals from this video are you gonna try firstly are you going to try to create longer videos or maybe you’re going to start optimizing your videos for click-through rate let me know by leaving specific comments below right now okay the stage is yours all right I’ll do it for real this time yeah.the has had a extremely very slight do it like what uh I don’t know PPP your thumbnail I

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