Website Design Cheltenham’s University Search Engine Optimisation Video II


right so how to search engines work mostly it’s a reasonably automatic process you first once you’ve got your area up and running you can manually delivered to yahoo and google but generally speaking it to then an automated process they will send out something some automatic software called us but that will spider your website and they will then come a come back at Intuit mitten periods if they find that your figurehead page or any of your other material on your place is updating on a reasonably regular basis then they’ll come back more often and so it’s a self-perpetuating thing the more meters you update your website the more experiences you’ll get google and so on coming back here and if you put up brand-new sheets specially about brand-new brand-new sensational phenomena that you’re doing you’ll spot them spotted a lot faster if you’re updating the rest of your website in general an organic inventory that’s what we were talking about on the bar at the the the far left the free develops section it’s free it’s been atrociou by spider it’s not got there by collision does sometimes but it’s more often a lot of hard work to get out there are the advantages of organic directories at least eighty five percent of scours click on the organic rolls they reject the working paper sounded so the traffic you do get you’re paying for fairly so quite singularly and you can you the reason that you’re there is your website has been reflecting some of the reporting requirements that Google and search engines have for those special keywords but the weakness is slow and if you’ve got a brand-new website Google in particular when you when you cross-file a web site the UK site sue minimum periods two years but you can actually register them for up to ten years and it’s a the same for tranquilize solar breeze comms alternet you can register them in incremental periods of one year but the thing is if you are pretty confident about your business it’s worth your while cross-file the website name for 10 years because when Google comes through to you initially and starts looking at your website not only do they look at when they were the website name was registered but they likewise look at when the Rebs website enrollments due to expire and the thing is if you’ve got a ten year period Google and thinks oh well you’ve you’re hopefully in this for the long term you are not a going to one of the Quickfire spam guys out there and so they’ll give you an extra couple of phases in their overall position algorithm and it’s it’s sort of thing that google don’t especially mention but it’s I’ve had it sanctioned from a elderly Californian technician and but the thing I the last thing is it’s a long term approaching you won’t get to the top of the search engines straightaway the quickest I’ve ever truly done is a couple of weeks sometimes it can take years but if you impede combating on at it you will get there eventually

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