What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?


Welcome to WebJuice Today’s topic search engine optimisation and more specifically. What is search engine optimisation? What is SEO? Now this is a question I get asked quite often by business owners who are either looking to do search engine optimisation, or are currently doing search engine optimisation but don’t fully understand what it is In this article I am going to take you through the text-book answer to the question what is searchengine optimisation? their own problems I contemplate lies within the answer, the effects that then has on your business them my solution to the question. This is a text-book answer made straight-from-the-shoulder from Wikipedia. Search engine optimisation is the processof affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engines natural, or unpaid organic search results. The fundamental problems which lies in ananswer like this is it’s very much geared towards people who once work in the industry of search engine optimisation. There is a basic grade of understanding there, specifically around search engines, which most business owners may not have. Business owneds themselves are asking a simple question but they don’tnecessarily get a simple answer.I can think of two questions a business owner might follow up. Such as how does it alter visibility, or even what is visibility? What does natural, unpaid or organic actually aim. So precisely to re-iterate I speculate the answer Assumes a basic understanding of search engines which the majority of business owners. DON’T HAVE. The jolt this then has on your business can go one of two ways. Business owners will eitherdismiss or release from search engine optimisation as they find it too risky. Which means they don’t ask the businesscritical questions such as would search engine optimisation benefit my business? Would it benefit me business website? How would it benefit my business website? The other method they may go, is just to proceed madly with searchengine optimisation for the wrong business concludes. Only because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you should. Simply because everyone else is having success with it doesn’t mean you will. So in order the answer the question properly I think you need to give people the basic to improve understanding of what search engines actually are. What I do is I related to something business owners already understand. Give them that basic understanding which can allow them to understand the answer to the question. In order to be allowed to to do that I use the analogy of a search engine as a library and a website is just a work within the library.So if you think of an example: of going on to the library and inviting the librarian for a listing of works on “swimming pools”.The librarian will probe the database and is coming with a listing of diaries containing title, description, scribe, list and maybe even an extract from the book. A search engine works in exactly the same way. You put in the search term “swimming pools”. The search engine will then search through its database of websites and return a list of the websites most relevant to the term/ category “swimming pools”. The fundamental gap is that libraries probably only deal with a handful of brand-new diaries over a period of six months or a year. So the roll you will get back will be quite small. Whereas a search engine is having to catalogue thousands if not hundreds of thousands of websites on a yearly basis. Most beings are only interested in the top 10. So the main challenge for search engines is how can they ensure they deliver 10 most pertinent websites in anyone givencategory at anyone time.If you make this basic level of understanding, thinking of a search engine as a library and a website as a notebook. Then the answer I would give to a purchaser who expects the question: What is search engine optimisation? “wouldve been”. Search engine optimisation is the process of categorising your website accurately so it can be found by parties( potential buyers) who are interested in your business, products or services.

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