What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & How Does It Work?


Shh it’s more important than ever that you pay close attention to search engine optimization why because there are over 3.5 billion scours per date on Google alone and billions more on other search engines like YouTube Amazon want Bing and each of every one of those people are looking to learn about something or buy something and if you’re not showing up you are losing out in a big large-scale route so in this video I am going to tell you precisely what SEO is and why you need it by sidle up behind the scenes of some places I’ll likewise be sharing how long it takes to see results and I’ll show you how to make love without spending any money audio good great because search engine optimization is all about building sure that your website shows up when people are researching this is absolutely critical for businesses and website owneds in the digital senility because if you’re offering a solution to the problem that’s been examined for then you have the chance to be propagandized in front of thousands of people for example if you owned a equipment accumulation and your website was a number one result in Google for buy capability implements you would generate thousands of dollars per day in marketings receipt that is because SEO is an incredible opportunity to grow a business or website and its revenue just take a look at this traffic report from my own SEO blog thanks to search engines I was instrumental in lure over 40,000 people to the site which translated to twenty two thousand dollars in benefit and took my blog past the million dollar profit mark how did I do that because we’ve targeted SEO I was instrumental in captivate thousands of examines to my place every single day in fact if you’re watching this video it’s probably because you search for something on Google YouTube or my blog firstly right but I just wanted to you in on a little secret all you need to do to start seeing positive increment in search engines is get a little SEO knowledge and a little know-how I have a claim in a ticket niche and in time seven months we were able to increase search traffic from 10,000 per month to nearly half a million per month simply by securing 500 top 3 positions in Google that resulted in a huge increase in revenue for the site merely by showing up for those more relevant search expressions in a search engine honestly if you’re not exercising SEO as part of your programme to grow your business or website you’re missing out on thousands of people and hundreds and dollars every single month and the Duff thing is that SEO doesn’t have to cost a lot of money most basic SEO techniques can be done without spending a penny simply by using free SEO tools for keyword research link building and site optimization in fact I have a list of free SEO implements on my blog along with a ton of free lessons that they are able to teach you different ways to increase your search traffic just take a look at some of the majestic feedback I’ve had from beings looks just like you now don’t get me wrong if you make small investments and tools like H refs or semrush you will accelerate your results but my place is this if you’re just starting out SEO doesn’t have to be expensive and in most niches you can gain traction by hear the basics of SEO and then applying them to your site so you might be wondering how long does it take to see answers if you do that well frankly there isn’t a right or wrong answer to that question you’ll generally start considering results from SEO within the first four weeks or so and by ensues I convey positive movement in probe ranks and visibility which you can check for free by signing up to Google search console if you don’t see any positive movement in those first four weeks or so something might be wrong and it’d be worth apply one of the site audit tools hey trestle semrush to help find the problem so now you know exactly what SEO is why you need SEO and what SEO can do for you it’s the most effective road of result new business customers and traffic peculiarly if you’re a small business or just starting out don’t forget you can learn the basic SEO principles without spending anything I have a ton of free aids on my blog to assist you out so head over there or click a agree button right now in the next video I’ll be demonstrating you accurately how search engines toil and how we can take advantage of to increase in your freight and as always if you have any questions or mentions then satisfy pole them below and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible

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