WordPress and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – MOOC – [9/9]


Search Engine Optimization is a good way to target some important words and add them to your page Or you can post a specialized topic If you are interested in search engine optimization, for example: If you always write blogs and revise them And you share your thoughts regarding the recent changes in search engine optimization You are developing influence, and that influence will not be complete by you as a used But by Google as a search engine and I is hoped that the government fundings you with a better evaluation of those utterances in question So “ve been thinking about” your blog programme you need to think about important words and target your audience As “were working” before, if you look at the keywords that people are searching for, you can identify important keywords that are targeted The blog should be a continuous strategy by defining a topic for your blog, who is your audience, and defining the day you publish your blog on As I said before, the blog should not be alone on the site, but should be linked to your social networking details. By blend for example your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google Plus page You are now publishing your meaning through the Internet In the same channel, you can update and publish solutions pages And you can benefit from the visitors who tour your locate perpetually If you are a businessman this is very important, because in case you get a number of visitors to your blog And when your blog is linked to your company and the number of its visitors is large, the percentage of buying your products or increasing the demand for some of the services you ply may increase

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