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How do you increase rankingsand vistums on YouTube organically? The react is YouTube SEO. This is your ultimate step by step guide to YouTube video searchengine optimization. Hello and welcome to theTubics YouTube channel. I’m Jan Fassbender from So geht YouTubeand SEO means that your videos get discovered through searcheither on YouTube or on Google. If person types in a keyword that fits your video, you want to rankas high as is practicable. But how does the YouTubealgorithm actually cultivate? Which parts play a role in howhigh your video will rank? The YouTube algorithm constantly varies, but there are a couple of sterilized basic rules and we want to takea look at them in this video. Too, the algorithm takes a look at tens of thousands of different data points, and nothing knows all of them. But we can definitely saywhich ones are the most important. And we should focus on. First of all, you need to look at yourclick through proportion your CTR. This is how many beings actually click on your video if they just seethe thumbnail and the entitlement somewhere on YouTube.After someonehas sounded on your video. The second ingredient is how long do we are really watch your video, the so-called audience retention? We want to look at boththe ultimate audience retention. So how many instants they watch your videoand the relative public retention, what percentage of the videodoes a spectator watch on average? The main point here is high watch time. Watch meter is how much have all of your viewerswatched your video in total, if you get high-pitched sound through ratesand a high audience attention. This leads to higher watch seasons. And then there is a third major factor, which is not in the video itself, but rather what person or persons does beforeand when they are watch your video.And this is long session times. YouTube wants you to keep the observers committed and keep themon YouTube as long as possible. So if a witnes starts watching moreand more videos when they are watched your video or more and more videos of yourchannel, even better, it is a very good sign for the YouTubealgorithm and it improves your video. So if we set aside all of those tens of thousands of data points and just lookat these three causes, click through frequencies, gathering retention and the so-called hearings, we can make sure that a massivenumber of witness “il be seeing” our video. But how do we optimize our video to thesethree factors? Well, we should start before we even shootthe video, before we even have a video idea, because, of course, special topics of the video is very important. It doesn’t matter if we rank on number oneof a topic that no one is looking for. So we should make sure that we shoot a video on a topic that’sactually interesting to viewers.This is called Keyword Research, and the best place to start here is YouTube’s or Google’sauto suggest facet. You know, if you start typing somethinginto the YouTube search bar, you will see different suggestionson how you are able to continue your quotation. And these are the things that most peoplehow most people continue this term. So what most people are searchingfor after we’ve defined our keyword. The next pace is to writethe title of the video.Yes. Accurately, before you start scripting yourvideo, before you start shooting a video, the first thing you shoulddo is write your name. We’ve discussed that sound through charge is one of the most important factors and onlyif you write the title this earlier today in the process, we can make sure that the video is really interesting to someonewho witness it on YouTube. You can have the best video ever. If your entitle and your thumbnail sucks , nobody will take a look at it becausethey don’t know that your video is great. So make sure to write an amazing title.How can you achieve this? We’ve talked about thisin more detail in this video. Now, when it comes to writing your video, there are two key instants to be addressed when we speak of YouTube SEO the startof your video and the end of your video in YouTube analytics, you can findyour audience retention graph. And most of the time it lookssomething similar to this. Most beings, or at least a lot of beings leave the video and the first fifteento thirty seconds of your video. So it is critically important to optimize the commencement of your video to get as manypeople as is practicable to actually watch your video, because after the said period, most of the people who actually stay on the video stays on the videoto almost the end to achieve this. Put three main thingsinto your video preamble. First of all, made to ensure that the observer knows that they willget what they came for. If the viewer has the feeling this videois completely different to what was promised in the deed and thatthey will click away. So don’t start your video with something completely different than whatyour entitlement and your thumbnail say.The second point is to show the viewerthe benefit of watching your video. If you make a video that explains something, picture the witnes the situation after you’ve solved their problemat the end of the video. Or if you have a video that’s entertaining, entertain the viewer from the beginningof the video, or if you have a video that’s aboutsomething terribly amazing, a special moment, taunt this special moment, but nottoo much so that you don’t spoil it.And third, if you want to rank search, it doesn’t hurt to mention your keyword in the first 15 seconds of your video, because YouTube also looks at the transcription and it looksat what you are seeing in the video. If you deter to this simple framework, “youve had” less parties leavinga video in the first 15 seconds. The next important step is the end of yourvideo, because we want to get the viewersto watch more of our videos to get these long seminars, because if someone notices that the video is coming to an cease, they willimmediately leave your videos. So what is necessary do is kind of bridgeyour content into the next topic.At the end, you shouldn’t have thiscomplete stop, like, OK, that was it. I hope I could help you with this video or something like this, but make your topic and shifted into the next topic where you have anothervideo on in order to be allowed to immediately tell the person on the end cutto click on this other video. So they watch your next video and so on. Even better put a playlist there. So they watch more videos of yours and they are more likely to watchmultiple videos after each other.This is not only huge for the YouTubealgorithm, but it also highes the chances of the person subscribing to your YouTubechannel and coming after the next video. OK, so we have our dialogue now. We shoot the video, we revise the video notmuch SEO stuff going on there. But now when it comes to uploading your video, there are more SEOtricks to take notice of. Of track, I’m talking aboutyour keywords in your metadata. We want to make sure that YouTubeknows which topic our video is on. So make sure to notice your focus keyword in your title, in yourdescription and in your text.You can also put in somemore different keywords. I’ve talked more about portrayals and calls in this video.And extremely important the thumbnail of your video we’ve already has spoken about clink through charges and howit’s important to have a great title, but likewise make sure that your thumbnailcatches the attention of the viewer. The thumbnail is there to get the attention and the title is thereto actually get someone to click on your video so that somethingthey don’t simply choose. One of these three automatically chosen thumbnails of YouTube, but actually create an own thumbnail for your video that’s captivatingto the viewer. How can you achieve this? We’ve talked more about this in this video after we’ve put in everythingwhile uploading the video. We need to look at publishing the videobecause we want to get as many opinions as possible in the first hoursafter uploading your video.If we can achieve this, we are able to higher the chances of more and more beings seeing your videoorganically on YouTube. So make sure to publish your video right before most of your viewersare active on YouTube. If you have enough ideas, you can see when your views areactive in the YouTube analytics. Too, if you just wanted to higher your chancesto rank on Google, use YouTube’s premiere peculiarity because it pingsthe Google algorithm. And highers your chances of rankingthem. To get even more vistums. Share your video with your followers on other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. YouTube enjoys external clicksbecause it affections so-called conferences. If you can start a sessionthat’s also great. Not even get a longsession after your video.So get as countless parties as possible on your video in the first hours after uploadingit even from external sources. This is the complete process of uploadinga YouTube video and optimizing it for SEO. But there are some more tips and manoeuvres and I want to give you someadditional YouTube ranking hacks. First of all, after you’ve uploaded yourvideos, you can try to improve your clickthrough pace even furtherif “youre using” A/ B testing. This is a feature that’s provided by a lotof YouTube tools and you can test different thumbnail styles against eachother and appreciate which one performs better to even higher your sound through rateafter you’ve already uploaded your video. The next pace is to really studyyour public retention graph. You can find this graph in every video analytics for every videothat you’ve uploaded.Look at how many people leftthe video in the beginning. Which video performs better, which one worse. What can you learn lessons from that? Other degrees in your videowhere a great deal of beings leave. What happens there? What can you work better in your next videos if you use these two added hacks: A/ B testing of your existing videos and looking at the retention graphto learn from it for brand-new videos, you can improve your existingvideos and future developments videos as well. If you want to learn more about YouTube, SEO, take a look at this playlistthat we’ve put together in there. They are all of the videosthat we’ve take on this subject. If you want to get in the nuts and bolts of YouTube, as you will definitely checkout this playlist and make sure that you use all of the tips thatgave you in this video.I hope I helped you with this video. And we’ll identify each otherin the next video. That’s it for me. Bye. Your Jan ..

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