Hello, welcome back, in this video we are talking about predictions for 2022. What will the crypto market look like in 2022 and what are the trends of this year? This is what we will cover in this video that you can't miss! But before we get started with the predictions, we need to talk a little about 2021 which was an incredible year for crypto. We saw Bitcoin starting at around $30,000, and it reached almost $69, it reached a maximum at $69,000 and it is currently staying in the $46,000-$48,000 range. In 2021, Bitcoin reached $1 trillion dollars, a dream for those who entered the market around 2015, 2016, 2017, hoping for Bitcoin to reach such heights. Not only that, but Bitcoin is the first asset in the world to reach this $1 trillion capitalization only in 13 years.

If we are making a comparison, we can see that Apple and Microsoft reached this capitalization in around 42 and 44 years. This is quite a lot, so Bitcoin is here to stay and I believe that Bitcoin will also perform well in 2022. Not only Bitcoin performed well in 2021, we also had these alternative coins. We have EGLD, that started at around $38 in 2021, and it reached over $500, quite a good and notable performance, especially considering that this coin is born here, in Romania. We also have Solana, an interesting project that started at around $5 in 2021 and it is now valued at over $200, so quite a big growth. Another interesting trend in 2021 was the Metaverse, that had SAND starting at just a few cents, 5-10 cents, and reaching over $8 at most. A very good performance, all thanks to Facebook that we all know was rebranded as Meta, and it is now pushing the Metaverse.

Will this trend continue in 2022, as well? We'll talk about it a bit later when I will offer you 20 predictions for this year, 2022, that I think you can't miss. Another interesting trend for 2021 were meme coins, that include Shiba Amin, as we all know, it skyrocketed overnight when no one was expecting it, or maybe some people were, for sure the Pastor was expecting Shiba Amin to reach the skies. Doge also performed ok in 2021, but I think Shiba did better. Many people made a lot of money with this meme coin. Will it carry on in 2022, as well? This is the question on everyone's lips. Before we start, I want to talk a bit about what is happening right now, at the beginning of 2022, with these predictions, these forecasts, the hype already started.

Many analysts from this area are starting to share their opinions about what will happen in 2022 with Bitcoin, but also with the crypto market, in general. First of all, we have Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador. He says that Bitcoin will reach… hold on to your seats, $100,000! We know very well that many people expected Bitcoin to reach $100,000 in this past year, 2021, which didn't happen, ok? But now, Nayib Bukele is telling us that finally it will happen and it will reach $100,000. All the analysts at Nayib Bukele's feet for $100,000. We know that there were predictions 150,000, 200,000, 300,000, 500,000, even 1 million, but I think there was someone else on the Internet who was saying that Bitcoin will not reach $100,000 in 2021, but I don't remember who.

Anyway, this is not relevant, let's move on. We also have someone else, Raoul Paul, an important analyst in the crypto space, who is telling us, that until March, Bitcoin will reach… hold on to your seats again, $250,000, or even $400,000. Not only that, he is saying that ETH, the second coin in order of capitalization on the crypto market, will reach $20,000. A very aggressive prognosis, I would say, especially since there are two months and a half until then.

We will see if it happens or not, we will be here. Ok, now, before we start with the 20 predictions that I consider quite important for 2022, if you like this type of content, do not hesitate to like it, also subscribe if you are new, and of course, share this video with a friend, if you have a friend, if you don't, well you must have a few friends you can share the video with. OK, let's get started! Prediction number 1. I think that Bitcoin will hit a new max in 2022, it will reach, in my opinion, around $75,000-80,000, and it will still have a rally after April.

I'm not expecting Bitcoin to reach a new max before the month of April. I expect it to move laterally and down until April, and since April I expect it to slowly grind up and move slowly upwards. This is the first prediction for 2022. The second prediction for 2022. You are already getting excited, Bitcoin is moving towards a new maximum. In my opinion, in 2022, Bitcoin will reach its peak! Even if we see a new raise at the all time high, a new max for Bitcoin, I think that in 2022 we will see the top for Bitcoin, and then it will move laterally and downwards for a year, maybe two, maybe three, who knows? It depends on how the institutional games unfold this year, 2022, but this is what I think will happen: Bitcoin, some time after the summer, will reach its local peak and then, we will see what happens with the crypto market.

The third prediction I'm considering for 2022: Ethereum will still perform better than Bitcoin this year, but pay attention! It will not reach first place. I think Bitcoin will maintain its first place, but ETH will perform better because this year there are a lot of things happening for ETH. ETH 2.0 is coming, it will possibly be finalized by the end of the year, or even move into 2023, but I think this year will be quite important for ETH.

And again, I think it will perform better than Bitcoin. The fourth prediction for 2022: ATOM Cosmos will enter top 10 on CoinMarketCap based on capitalization. It is currently on the 25th position, but the ATOM ecosystem is growing significantly, and I think it will eventually overtake Polkadot. This is just my opinion. Cosmos, as we know, wants to create interoperability between all blockchains in the world. And for it to become the main blockchain used worldwide. We'll see if they can fix this problem and become the main player in this blockchain and interoperability sphere. The fifth prediction for 2022: meme coins will not be as popular as they were in 2021 and this entire trend will slowly diminish and we will no longer see such big climbs on these coins, known as meme coins, so Shib and Doge. The sixth prediction for 2022: the NFT trend will continue at lest for the beginning of 2022. In my opinion, the prices will not be as high, and maybe they will even drop by the end of the year, but I think their popularity will still remain high and many companies will create NFTs, even many influencers, Romanians as well, will create NFTs.

I was telling you that it is quite a big opportunity in this NFT space, not only to buy NFT, but also create business opportunities for yourself in this space by helping these companies create their own NFT, so keep an eye out for this trend, in my opinion, it will last. The seventh prediction for 2022 is that many US banks will offer loans in Bitcoin, and this will help increase the adoption of Bitcoin. We will see plenty of banks doing marketing with Bitcoin, maybe we will also see some Romanian banks starting to become crypto and Bitcoin-friendly, but I think this will happen after April, when we will see a lot of news on this subject, and along with this, the other landing coins will experience growth, in my opinion. Here, I was mentioning AAVE, COM, even more, DeFi, that in my opinion, will make a comeback in 2022.

Eight: stable coins will be regulated. Yes, you heard it right, I think 2022 is the year we will see this regulation on the stable coin market, and by this I mean USDT, USDC, BUSD from Binance and a lot of other stable coins in this ecosystem. I thing this is the year we will see regulation and another thing, I think USDC will steal market capitalization from USDT and we will probably see a flip in the future, between the two. I still believe that USDC is more reliable than USDT at the moment, I know very well the problems related to USDT and this can lead to major issues, in my opinion, if we don't know exactly how much money they have in their reserves. Nine: starting from the previous point, I think that a big country, or even a corporation, so maybe Apple/Microsoft, will announce the creation of its own stable coin.

I think this is the year this announcement will be made, after this stable coin market regulation. A country or a company will create its own coin and from here an entire ecosystem will be open. In my opinion, it an be euro digital, or maybe other countries from South America, we'll see, but I think it will happen this year. Ten: I think that at least one country will adopt Bitcoin as its official currency, following El Salvador and here I agree with Nayib Bukele, I think we will experience a domino effect, especially since things are going pretty well in El Salvador, this trend will extend more in South America. I consider Venezuela a great candidate to adopt Bitcoin as official currency, but it remains to be seen. Eleven: Web 3.0 will get a lot of hype in 2022, but nothing definitive will happen until 2025. I think we will hear this word more and more in the crypto world, but also in the corporate environment, starting in 2022. I think ETH will play an important role in the evolution of web 3.0, but also this ecosystem that will open significantly, once ETH solves the problem of ETH 2.0 and moves to proof of stake.

Twelve: With the boom of web 3.0, I think many coins on the side of decentralization and data storage will explode, and I think this will be an important turn for 2022. Here we have a lot of coins, like Theta, Arweave, or many others that can have an impressive performance this year. I consider this to be an important trend. Thirteen: Crypto-gaming will be recognized as a real and stable news case for crypto in the long run, but many of the games we have at the moment will not survive long term. I think we will experience another hype with crypto-gaming, at least on one game, and we will probably see other coins, other new projects being released. I thinks that the projects we currently see on CoinMarketCap will not resist. Fourteen: Facebook, that was just rebranded as Meta, will admit that it holds Bitcoin on balance sheet and I think will be quite important. I think this will happen around Q2, but we are here, we will see if it happens, we know very well that Mark Zuckerberg mentioned Bitcoin last year and everyone got excited.

I think this is the year Meta will finally admit that it holds Bitcoin on balance sheet and the price of Bitcoin will explode. Fifteen: I think the Metaverse coins will have another hype period after Facebook admits to holding Bitcoin on balance sheet, we will see another growth for Metaverse and especially on established coins SAND and MANA. Just my opinion. Sixteen: The pandemic will turn into an endemic. What does this mean? It means that the pandemic will end one way or another, but not as we expect it to, this virus will stay, maybe for another 2-3 years, maybe more, but it would be like a regular virus and we will learn to live with it, probably starting after April or May.

This can lead to an end for the bullmarket because when the pandemic will be over, or it will turn into an endemic, that's when we will see a drop on all markets. Probably, at the beginning, there will be a month or two of joy, but then, we will probably see things slowing down, and maybe eventually, starting with 2023, a recession, but not before! Seventeen: In 2022, Twitter will become more popular in Romania. I can already see this trend, especially since I reached 20,000 followers on Twitter for a crypto channel. I think Twitter will be very important in 2022, and in Romania, I can already see it as a potential competitor for Facebook. Eighteen: Starting from the previous point with Twitter, I think in 2022 we will see a major influencer from Romania who will set their laser eyes on Twitter and they will become a Bitcoin maximalist.

We have some candidates already, such as Alex Velea, Antonia, Shelly, Hatz John-ule, TJ Miles. I think these are the candidates for placing laser eyes on Twitter in 2022. If you have an opinion, you can share it in the comments. Who do you think will finally be the first Romanian celebrity to set laser eyes on Twitter? You know pretty well that us Romanians, are a bit behind compared to the West, but I think this year, in 2022, we will see a major celebrity with laser eyes. Nineteen: CryptoRo will dance at least 3 times on live, and drink Moet with watermelon, I think it's not enough, we can do it more times, but I decided to stick to 3 to make sure this prediction will happen.

What do you think? Will CryptoRo dance on live in 2022 or not? You know that CryptoRo dances when the market explodes and most likely, a drop will follow. We'll see if this trend will happen in 2022 as well, or not. We have reached the last prediction, the 20th prediction. You can also help with this prediction. I think the CryptoRo YouTube channel will reach 100,000 subscribers this year.

If you want this prediction to come true, you can hit subscribe if you are watching this channel for the first time. You can also help with a like and by sharing this video with friends. We'll see if it happens, it's quite difficult, I'd say, but I think it will happen this year. CryptoRo will hit 100,000 subscribers! Ok, that's it for today! Thank you for watching this video, and again if you appreciate the content and what happens here, you know very well how you can help this channel, by hitting subscribe and sharing the content and liking it.

I know you are already doing this, but again, I appreciate this community a lot and I will be here with you until the end. Until next time, Moon Baby Moet, much love, and stay "safu"!.

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