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Here are the top seven secrets that will help your business, crush it in e-commerce, e-commerce, tip number seven remember: fifty percent of people go online first, and then they buy in person.

Retail had a really rough year in 2020, but it’s not over. Yet for many types of products, there’s still a strong desire to visit brick and mortar stores, while this has been diminished over the past year due to covid, the desire remains, in fact, retail sales only drop 10 percent in 2020, despite all the lockdowns clothing, furniture, electronics, and Cars are just a few of the products people like to try before they buy new statistics show that over 50 percent of in-store purchases are influenced by digital commerce. Ecommerce tip number six remember online reviews matter more than ever today, over 91 percent of customers will look at online reviews for products or services,s and amazingly 84 percent.

Will trust strangers’ opinions just as much they do with their friends and family?

Can you believe it? This means that your business must manage and cultivate a good reputation online. One of the most beneficial actions you can take is to set up and update your google, my business page. It’S a free service offered by Google and dramatically increases your brand’s visibility on google maps and google search eCommerce tip number five: hey remember: free delivery makes a difference when it comes to convincing a person to purchase online.


A very appealing factor is offering free shipping.

I mean look at amazon everyone’s got: they got free shipping. Everyone loves buying that way. Over 65 percent of e-commerce. Retailers today will offer some type of free delivery. In some form.

A 2016 survey found that 9 out of 10 people consider free shipping the biggest reason to shop online today in 2021, with safety concerns offering no contact home delivery has become a huge incentive for buying if your product can offer free shipping or even same-day delivery.


This can help boost sales immediately and be a game-changer for you, e-commerce tip number four mobile purchases are growing. When e-commerce began back in 1991, it was only available through desktop computing. However, during the past 27 years, mobile and cell phones have increased to capture over 73 percent of global eCommerce, and the market is only going from there. This means that the mobile version of an e-commerce store is essential for any business.

If you have a mobile-friendly site, you can capture a considerable portion of the market, because everyone’s moved from less from desktop to mobile-first, also keep in mind that 85 of consumers prefer mobile apps to mobile websites, which means your brand may do better. Even if you have a mobile version of your store available on an app eCommerce tip number three post paid options are on the rise.


Abandon cart is one of the biggest reasons for a loss of revenue. For eCommerce firms over 75 percent of consumers leave items in their shopping cart. Any commerce businesses lose revenue worth 4.

4 billion dollars due to cart abandonment. Can you believe it? That’S a big number. Some brands have been testing with post-paid programs to change this behavior. That means after you get on the site.

The ad follows you to get people back to check outright. Some brands have been testing with post-paid programs to change this behavior, which enables customers to make the payment only after they receive the products. Subscription.


Companies such as stitch fix and truck club also use only pay for what you keep the approach to increase customers’ likelihood of purchasing eCommerce tip number two remember: autofill increases sales, there’s nothing more mundane than having enter all your details over and over again. Yet when it comes to eCommerce, these details are much needed to make the transaction happen.


Thanks to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, allowing users to autofill their personal information, there have been significant sales increases. , one study shows that sales increased almost 200 percent when autofill functionality was available on an e-commerce site. That’S a big stack and that’s going to be a big reason to make sure you have a way for people to autofill on your website. Ecommerce tip number one different currency create extra revenue thanks to the rising popularity of virtual watts such as Venmo visa, checkout, amazon pay, and apple pay.


Consumers now have more ways than ever before to make payments, especially in younger age demographics as much as 65 percent of the population uses Vimeo to transfer money and pay for services and goods, then moat saw a total payment volume grow by 70 year-over-year in 2020.


As payment methods diversify is essential to offer them where available and feasible for your business. These seven e-commerce trends show that 2021 e-commerce is now a reality for modern business. As the old companies become a part of history, the future will belong to the innovators and you, my friend, are the innovator. I know it for any company that wants to compete in the modern market. It’S critical to give consumers as many reasons as possible to buy from you.

Are you in the e-commerce business and ready to crush it this year, MilkyWeb is here to help.

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