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in this video you’re going to learn exactly how to rank your locate in Google step by step now I should warn you this is an advanced SEO tutorial so if you don’t even know what SEO stands for this video is not for you but if you want to learn about advanced SEO policies that get results you’re in the right place in fact I’ve consumed the method used from this video to grow my organic traffic in record time i’m brian dean the founder of backlinko and in this video i’m going to show you my step by step action plan for hire Google ranking including lots of real-life case studies remain tuned we have a lot to cover in this video so let’s dive right in I launched my first website way back in 2008 needle to say SEO was a lot different back then back in the day I’d devote hours looking for a domain name that contained my target keyword dog birthday patty recipes Dinah is still available I’m going to be rich today tricking Google with accurate equal arenas or phony backlinks simply doesn’t work so what does the programme is I’m going to share with you in this SEO tutorial so without further ado let’s get started with step number one firstly up let’s boost your site’s loading rate Google has publicly confirmed that they use your site’s loading hasten as a standing ingredient and from my own experimentations I’ve discovered that site rush does bang ranking but not in the way you probably repute most people think that Google remunerations you for having a fast loading web site but that’s simply absolutely no truth to the rumors my SEO experiments have revealed that Google doesn’t reinforced fast lading websites it penalise ha’s slow loading websites this utters appreciation if you think about it Google’s number one job is to give their users the best result for a committed research and everyone and I represent everyone hates hinder loading web site loading the page[ Music] eventually it laded so if your website loadings slower than molasses yes Google is going to demote you but once you made a certain threshold of hasten you’re on equivalence with the majority other sheets on the internet so Google doesn’t see any reason to rank you higher make sense good now it’s time to actually improve your site’s loading hasten firstly brain over to Google PageSpeed revelation open a sheet from your site here now as a pro tip don’t automatically put your homepage into this field instead enter an internal page from your locate that gets a lot of traffic like a blog announce or essay that way you’ll get info on a page that lots of your visitors actually experience next touch analyze and Google will show you where your pages code could use a tune-up now Google’s tool is helpful but it has one big problem it doesn’t measure areas actual loading speeds severely instead Google PageSpeed revelations simply analyzes your pages code to get a more accurate feel for how your website loadings to real-life users check out GT metrics com GT metrics will show you data on how your page actually loads to real-life customers which is a much more accurate measurement of how your place acceleration loads up next up it’s time to check on your technical SEO here’s the batch you can have the best site with the best content but if your website has serious technical SEO publishes you’re not going to rank fortunately identifying and fixing these sort of issues can be super easy here’s how to do it your first step is to log in to your google pursuit console detail offer special close attention to the crawl error section if you read any issues with DNS server connectivity or robots.txt that’s something you’ll want to fix ASAP but if they all register a dark-green checkmark you’re all set next click on the crawl mistakes button this will make you to the URL error section of the search console it’s perfectly okay to have a few server missteps and 404 but if you discover several hundreds of mistakes here this is something that you want to fix ASAP moving right along we have our third step in this SEO tutorial with keyword study here are three quick techniques for finding awesome keywords first up we have Google Suggest to use it enter a keyword into Google but don’t press Enter Google will recommend longtail keywords that you can target and when Google actually recommends a specific keyword to you you know that it’s a keyword that lots of people search for you can also use the very helpful uber suggests tool to see hundreds of these Google Suggest keywords in one place now sometimes the best keyword is a term that you already ranked for what do I signify I’m talking about meeting untapped keywords in the Google search console here’s exactly how it’s done firstly log in to your google search console report and click on search analytics sort the results by arrange then scroll down until you punched stances 11 through 15 these are keywords that you’re already rank for on the second page and with some additional on-page and off-page SEO help you can get them to the firstly page pretty darn quickly I’ll prove you exactly how to do that last-minute in this video our last keyword study skill is to use SEM rush SEM rush is my favorite keyword research tool here’s why with most keyword search tool you sounds a keyword into the tool and get a list of suggestion but SEM rush is unique instead of enrolling a seed keyword into the tool you enter a competitor’s website and SEM rush goes to show all the keywords that they already ranked for next up we have content development back in the day Google would reinforce locates that publish lots of unique quality content that’s why so many blogs started gushing out passable 400 name blog berths but the truth is this the whole published lots of unique content approach simply doesn’t work anymore today Google’s number one goal is to show their consumer the best result for a made keyword which means they don’t care how many parts of content your place articulates out or how often you publish for example my site that Glinka com has there 34 total posts and I rank for super competitive keywords like keyword research and SEO technique so publishing lots of unique content doesn’t work what does publishing less often but spawning each patch of the information contained that you do publish absolutely crazy amazing here’s how to create crazy amazing content first do your content insanely actionable a few years ago dr.Jonah Berger from the University of Pennsylvania raced a research study to discover what moved online material lead viral so what did he find dr. Berger discovered that highly practical material was 34% more likely to go viral big content that didn’t contain practical info for example my post 21 actionable SEO proficiencies you can use right now contains 21 practical SEO gratuities and this highly practical pole has generated thousands of social shares and hundreds of backlinks this page also ranks in the three best of google for the keyword SEO procedures next you want to make sure that your material is at least one thousand eight hundred ninety messages long yes this might go against conventional wisdom after all you may have heard that people won’t read anything online that’s more than 500 utterances but I have data to prove that this simply isn’t true in fact last year I teamed up with a assortment of SEO software companies to conduct the largest ranking factor study ever in total we analyzed 1 million Google search results and we have found that longer content vastly outperformed short-lived blog upright in fact we found that the average firstly sheet result in Google boasted 1890 oaths do you remember that SEO procedures announce that I mentioned earlier in addition to being highly practical the upright is also super long in fact that announce is over 4,000 utterances next you just wanted to offset infographics one of the purposes of your material marketing most similar did their own study into what shapes material go viral and they discovered that infographics get an average of two extent three times more shares than other material formats I felt the same thing from my own venture for example this announce on on-page SEO contains a big ol infographic and that’s one of the reason that this piece of content does shared in link to like easy speaking of on-page SEO now that you’ve published an terrifying segment of long-form content it’s time to optimize it around your target keyword here’s how first made to ensure that you publish your sheet on a short URL our standing point study pointed out that short-lived urls tended to outrank long URL for example my target keyword for this page is SEO tool so I originated my url simply SEO – tool note that my URL also contains my target keyword this is also important for on-page SEO next include your target keyword formerly and the first 100 messages of your article why Google articulates more force on keywords that appear at the top of your page so to help Google understand what your page is all about make sure to include your keyword once in the first hundred terms of your page for example in my SEO tools post you can see that I use my target keyword right off the at-bat our last-place on-page SEO gratuity is to add outbound links to your sheet Google wants to see that your content is a thorough resource on that topic and that’s only possible if you relate out to other supportive parts of content in fact a recent industry study found that sheets that attach out consistently outrank pages that don’t attach out to other web sites okay so you precisely published your in-depth keyword optimized bit of content so you’re all set right wrong publishing now time to chill oh turd I forget about link building in many ways when you are publish a piece of content your job has just begun that’s because it’s time for the most important part of SEO cause that advertising and connect construct there are a thousand ways to build links to your website so I’m going to share one of my ultimate favourites with you right now burst connection build here is the three-step process pace 1 learn a sheet you want to get a link from gradation to find broken relates on that page pace 3 cause the site owner know about their ended join let’s break it down your first step is to find a page that you want to get a link from this sheet should be from a site in your niche that has quite a few outbound links to find sheets with a lot of external relations use pursuit strings like keyword plus helpful resources and keyword in URL links this will bring up pages with a lot of external connections next it’s time to find broken ties-in on that page you can find joins that aren’t working by installing the free check my associates postponement for Chrome then when you find a page with a lot of external associations guide check my associate it will expose all the links on that page that aren’t working ultimately it’s time to let the site proprietor know about their separated tie and volunteer your content as a substitution here’s the exact script to send hi name I was looking for some information on topic today when I came across your roster of available resources huge stuff I couldn’t help but notice that there was a broken link on the page I precisely thought you’d like to know also I recently published a guide on that topic it might make a nice addition to your sheet either way keep up the astonishing piece and you’re change last-place up I have a bonus tip for you the purpose of which is to optimize your site around customer suffer signal in 2015 Google announced that they now use a machine learning algorithm called graded brain even though Google has been quiet about the details of exactly what rank brain does Larry Kim for text river discovered during how grade ability probably act according to his data rank brain measures how consumers treated with your place in Google search and ranks you partially based on these used knowledge signals for example Larry noticed a clear correlation between organic click-through rate and ranking precisely he found that sheets with a high CTR tended to outrank pages with a below average click-through rate in other words grade intelligence probably evaluate CTR and uses this data as a key ranking influence Larry too have found that sheets with a bouncing pace below 76% tended to rank best that’s because grade psyche likewise looks at how often people bounce from your locate obviously the lower your rebound proportion the very best if you want to learn how to improve your click-through rate check out this video and if you want to see how to prevent people from bouncing from site this video is for you okay that’s it for my advanced SEO tutorial if you like this video make sure to expressed support for my channel right now really click on the agree button also if you require exclusive SEO proficiencies that i only share a subscriber head over to backlinko comm and sign up for the newsletter it’s free now it’s time to hear from you which of the strategies from this video are you going to use firstly are you going to improve your site moved or try separated tie-up structure let me know by leaving specific comments below right now so you are familiar with saying so that it’s good alright Linda wah I could forget it proceeds like like I’m like eating it vacuum age construction time that’s ridiculous again so it looks insane

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