Amazon SEO 2: How to do Keyword Research

Alright, so now that you’ve started to move your keywords so that you can see how they’re currently ranking for organic visibility. I wanted to show you how you can also take advantage of our keyword research tool so that you can find better keywords or perhaps better-acting keywords to actually incorporate into the listing. So let’s jump into Sellics and I’ll show you exactly where you can do that Now you’ll want to follow the same stairs that you did in order to start tracking you keywords, but this time instead of clicking on the plus clue, you’re gonna want to go ahead and actually click on Research New Keywords and this is where you’re going to come this pop-up that will be broken down into three parts so you’ll have seed keywords, suggestions, and relevant keywords.

In the seed keyword, you want to go ahead and recruit a keyword simply to get the search started so maybe one that you already use in your designation or your missile levels. Anything that directly related to your product, is moving forward and penetrate it in now so again, if we stick to the same instance of our commodity being a baby blanket you’ll want to go ahead and just open that here and click on generate suggestions at the bottom In the middle-of-the-road, you’re gonna get a bunch of suggestions for you to consider and you’ll notice that if you scroll down. The inventory can be quite extensive.


If you look over you’re going to see that there are also these disallows These bars actually mark inquiry volume to give you an indicator of which keyword is quite popularly examined on Amazon So the bars will actually range from zero all the way up to five. Five indicating that there is a very high search volume being conducted for that keyword all the way down to zero gists of course, that it’s not that popular So the style that we recommend consuming this section is you want to take a look at the suggestion and first look at how related it is to your actual commodity. You may find that some of these keywords are not directly related to the concoction which is why you want to go ahead and be quite picky with the keywords that you do choose here.

You don’t simply undoubtedly want to go ahead and prefer the first 5 or first ten that you verify because you don’t the likelihood of possibly including them into your register but they’re not actually related to your concoction hence, you’re not gonna get any alterations and it can hinder you in the ranks later on so choosing the best keywords, the most relevant one is extremely important and then the second that you’re gonna want to look at is the search volumes.

So, we recommend picking the keywords that have three disallows or higher those are likely to be the ones in yellowish and in red and that is a good way to filter down such lists and of course, choose the keywords that are most relevant to you.

so if we use that two-step process of one, how related it is and two, the search volumes we can go ahead and quickly pick a duet that is linked to our product that we can potentially compute in our itemize to optimize it and boost it’s higher-rankings So, again my keyword here is a baby blanket which is my product and if I’m just going now I’m gonna choose a pair that are related So, let’s go ahead and pick swaddle blanket So certainly, related to my produce now and it has the five search volume saloons which means a lot of potential clients are searching for this keyword and we can go ahead and adopt let’s say newborn boy blankets.

Again, relevant to my make and it has um, yellowed forbids which conveys it has a good hunting magnitude. And then finally let’s go ahead and add newborn daughter coverings and then from there.


You precisely want to go ahead and included it to relevant keywords which will include it to the last section and then finally add keywords at the bottom When you click on supplemented keywords at the bottom this will actually impart Sellics the indication to start tracking the keyword for you so similarly to how you would have added your own keywords for tracking we will track the first ten sheets on Amazon and let you know if you are appearing within those first ten pages so that you know which keywords works for you or where there is room for improvement.Of trend, you still have to go into Amazon and incorporate these keywords to give it that extra improve But,


I will show you in the next video on how you can also use our tool to figure out which keywords you still need to include so make sure to stay tuned for that that will be all now. You simply want to add keywords and that gonna get the tracking started for you Alright, so I hope that you knew this video supportive and make sure to stay sung for the next video where we’re gonna go through the optimize keywords tab which will give you an indication of which keywords you then need to incorporate into your enumerate based on what you’ve already started to monitor and racetrack within Sellics. I’ll see you all in the next one.


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