yo what’s going on everybody looks like we got about less than 20 minutes untilthe stop starts so let’s go ahead and exactly hop-skip right into the computer now and take a look atthe screen and witness what we got as far as the timer what i got and so yeah let’sgo ahead and dive liberty in all right so essentially i am on the financewebsite um you turn the music down for a second let me know if you guys can hear me pretty goodall right so by the way good morning if you’re in america right now because it’s it’s still prettyearly here in the morning and the wee hours but i visualized this was interestingbecause um i will get to that when i get to that but anyways yeah this isinteresting because it’s tokidoki right because a great deal of vv people are uh on tokidoki likethey have we have collectibles from tokidoki um tokidoki it’s not the first uh vv is notthe firstly scaffold tokidoki has fallen on so i wanted to highlight this because this is veryinteresting all right the reason why number one is i noticed some mysterious nonsense i just wanted to bringthis up real quick so this screen says 20 minutes this one says 16 instants and then this one saysyou notice that the second right there these are not synced like this one’s going faster than thisone which i’m signed in to i believe this page but not this sheet the one that’s actually quickerthe quickest then i have just been this sheet which i loaded probably about 15 20 minutes ago and it’sliterally way behind lagging so parties are wondering why they’re not getting like their thatthis quit is selling out like a separate sec or like really quickly well i have three pages open andeach page has a different occasion virtually but i just wanted to like point that out good morningwhat’s up slower how’s it going being i thought that was very like super strange like because i know a lotof like people on other apps peculiarly like vv like people deplore like but like at least ourtime you know the timer like that they drop it at the exact time right this one performs likethe timer all together is like only completely different which i thought was like super peculiar andi have no idea why so i don’t know if there’s like written explanations for that because my computeris showing one time um melo maniac what’s going on what happened yeah that’s what i don’t knowit’s just like super strange like if you look at the time right here 18 times this sheet thistab has 15 minutes and this last sheet like it’s just a split second quicker so it’s like 2019 2019 and then this one’s like 18 times like all together so they’re all like not syncedall at the same time which i think is super odd because it just seems like located off thistimer that you could actually with the vb society you know we what we call clockgate umit simply appears that there might be a clock gate issue going on on binance so i don’t know butanyways i just thought that was super strange um and then let me see if i can pull up somethingelse in time a few seconds and i’m likewise was just trying to do vpn on my phone so i have this pulledup as a us i think a us note so check this out here mystery box so once againlet me see this one’s just this page is like one second quicker so 21 20. It’s all syncedlike not even the same so that’s kind of weird like this one’s in between these two pages sothe time is just kind of what’s my strategy uh candidly i don’t know worker i i don’t know whatto think what my strategy could actually even be i don’t even know if like if i can even buy theseyou know because this one’s demonstration 17 hours this one’s on 13 instants and then these allthree sheets have like are synced a bit different um so i’m not even knowing whichone to actually sound you know what i mean um a lot of people are baffled becausea minute ago this was saying sold out but it’s just like batch two so it lookslike they might have updated the persona so let’s see here 13 minutes so this one’s a bit slower this is my ithink my quickest sheet right here let me refresh this one and look what we get so this one’s yeah this this this invoice forwhatever intellect is like literally the quickest one i have literally no i don’t have 20 busdloaded up in my accounting by the way so if i demand anything i’m gonna have to actually buy theusd which i do not have so strategy number 1 i approximate i have to buy i’m gonna turn off my vpnand i don’t know if i’ll be able to buy it though but we will be seeing how fast this sells outbecause i don’t know if i’ve actually confirmed my us account because i i don’t really use binance.usto be honest yeah use the payment method maybe i could buy some off a coinbase andsend it in but that’s going to be literally disheartening so wait that wait that out excuseme i’m curious to know what these things was like do you think they’ll even compare with vvnnfts um mortal was demonstrating me a video simpson by the way if you’re not subbed to thechannel go ahead and sub on over here somebody was presenting me that it merely looked likeit was like a video like i can’t remember who got one but it’s like a um hey there we are um it waslike a video of the nft so i’m not sure if it’s just going to be like a video nft or if it’s 3d orbecause those vv it’s like literally i’ll demonstrate you guys in a minute but it’s literally if you’re newto if you haven’t heard of evie it’s literally um augmented world like it’s not only 3d but youcan direct it like in real world or like you know on your telephone you can cast it and you’re likewherever you’re at look at my place right here i get to broadcast i say broadcast you can justdisplay it in augmented reality it’s it’s really cool actually all right let’s not get distractedi think we got um 10 times to the left here and we’ll see i mean like i said like most peopleby the way marvel baby if you didn’t know wonder quitted on vb or is going to drop on vb um it’sthe only nft platform that i’m aware of that has wonder like actually marvel and they may likelater on do a different scaffold perhap but like you know augmented reality stuff’s going to behuge so and we were talking to nfts a lot of people are stuck on the um static nfts rightnow so that will change very quickly i think what’s up guys wasn’t expectingthis but great morning wake up video yeah well this is kind of likean educational video this isn’t like i’m not i’m not pumping containers or anythinglike that you know what i’m saying yeah you get my move we’re just checking thisout man and just going through this process and i i don’t know how difficult i’m just likei have to throw in my credit card info i got to do all that stuff so after this we’ll we’llshow i’ll support you guys my vb um tokidoki nfts but right now i’m just tryingto input all my info okay oh invalid zip try that all right so yeah crypto khaki idon’t know if you’re still there but like what i noticed on this is like look at the lookat the timer man did you was noted that little those the second largest right here watch the seconds see how those are off and then this page is alsooff right here these two different tabs and then this sheet says 12 hours so 12 8 seconds orthis one says 8 times this one says 12 times and then the seconds are off here bunch inoticed a lot of people were having trouble with um getting this remove on binancea bank account supplemented all right better but i have to be 20. All right well add pay programme so yeah i don’t thinki’ll be able to get this descend because it’s literally asking me for ach even thoughi just put in my placard so perhaps let’s close out the app and try to again we’ll try again we’llhave seven minutes left to do it but we’ll try as i can buy crypto now now thati inputted my poster try again add payment method yeah it’s not let meit’s not wanting me to use my gondola now so uh stymie perhaps i’ll have toswap out crypto let’s maybe buy ethereum wait a minute perhaps he wantsme to verify like something i don’t know i’ve already authenticated my identityi meditated yeah it says checked so and i’m verified okay veryfrustrating all right let’s see for immediate convey oh yeah it’s only let me doach which is very frustrating use your debit card to buy crypto and i recruited my credit card orwhatever so i’m getting kind of annoyed here i don’t know why all right let’sclose it out and try again all right see crypto khaki removed meaning what’dyou say would you present mortal what’d you say wow says crypto khaki so depart occasion dotis yeah let’s see let’s see what it is 7. gov yeah i was like can we collaguate thisthing because it might be a possibility is what i was saying earlier all right6. 53 yeah they need to go six instants disappear that one’s that that seems pretty reasonablebut this timer i have no idea how this get behind like when i sounded on the page i feel sorryfor the sad mind that like stays on the page they they click on and they didn’t refreshtheir page and they were stuck on that timer otherwise because yeah let me takethis page off the screen for a few seconds maybe i can buy some b usd real quick new user prior sweeps you’renot unable to fish your wool yeah so what right here already signed in i thoughtso is it not letting me get kind of baffled now not gonna lie okay maybe it’s gonna induce me indicate tothe finance.us in that case is like i thought i was already signed in to finance us all right so i don’t all right we’ll try ratifying into binance.usand see if let’s just buy this nft right now it doesn’t look very good gotthree minutes left i used better we’ll try right now it wants me to verify my email all right so we’ll go ahead verify the email all right it took me back tothe login screen i don’t know i just logged in you knowoh my gosh “whats going on” guys it’s literally exactly taking me back toi logged in and it merely made me back to the login screen like what where’s my dashboardall right let’s google certify again finance you need okay finallyall right so now it’s logged in i got two minutes left and it’s notlooking good but like but you gotta know bsd this buster yeah okay i’ve already lent mycredit card let me lend it again dude we’re gonna add it we got less than a time left it’s not looking good guys not gonna lie okay thank you added placard by crypto it’s not gonna let me use my freedom so yeah i’ve added my placard twice yo that’s slam i don’tthink it’s gonna let me people that was very frustrating um i don’t know what to say man idon’t know what to say because it’s not letting me i i’ve enrolled my card both onmy phone and on the website close that screen now let’s go ahead and refresh this see if we canget a quicker time 49 48 seconds we’ll understand what happens i can’t even buy finance usd and despitethe usd it’s it’s not letting me use my card so it exactly is willing to do a move on my bank accountwhich will take daytimes and i don’t have epoches i have seconds right a hour a marry minutes that’svery super stymie right there i’ll tell so i don’t know what binance can do on their fraction tofix that or if there’s regulations but that’s the reason but i’m a bit disheartened right now sodoes anyone knows binance says my region is not allowed to buy the mystery box yeah i’m notsure man can’t find nfts on finance now ffs glad we were past all thison vb yeah soldier this is uh he wants me to deposit this buti don’t i’m not gonna is demonstrating that okay so now it’s gone back to40 something seconds right there remaining amount 30 000. Well i cantell you right now we’re not coming any so let’s just freshen and appreciate what seewhat happens it looks like it’s 29 000 left i could try uh i could tryvpninning but it’s like i don’t know you know what i mean i don’t evenknow how to time that on portable and then it’s not gonna let me usemy placard i can tell you that much i’m gonna try coinbase coinbase is pretty easy they have busd on coinbase which i don’tknow if they do i don’t know why they would yeah they don’t have that becauseobviously they have usd coin um 30 k those how do they even sell out i don’tknow husband um the first batch sold out pretty quick or whatever but came 18 000 left that’s kindof taking a while it’s taking a minute or two um for 20 b usd you know what i mean probability you exclusively have one percent chancelike less than two percent a chance to get uh this ssr super super super rare kind of dorky super super super super twicenot super rare but just super super rare not secret rare you know what i’msaying the last thing a lot longer this time than the first dropwhich was gone in an instant yeah yeah yeah i saw that the first one went outpretty quick i think beings might recognize like yeah i don’t know that they’re probably get likethese other ones they don’t want maybe sneaker snacker guys i tried though i tried toget as you saw i’m logged in and everything guy they just won’t let me they won’t let me buy themthat crypto they won’t let me buy the the usd so i guess if you want to if you want toflip one an open box to me i’d be happy to perhaps buy it i don’t know we’ll seeit’s crazy they sell i understand pv with the car collectible but this lol ithink i managed to get six dang dude six page ain’t lading right now notloading try to load a different invoice so 3 000 left 4 thousand so this willbe sold out here in only a time that’s not bad you know for that manyboxes like what was that 40 k caskets almost 40 k epoches 20. They built 800 grandiose in like a few minutes 1000 left so this bad boy is going to be sold out a lot of people are probably justbuying just because it’s on finance all right let’s refresh and insure uh attend whathappens all right sold out yep sold out there all right i’m gonna show you somethingcool chaps if you guys are new you guys are new to uh vv let’s go ahead andpop on over human i’ll display you guys what’s good all right this is vb guys i’ll appearance you somepremium digital collectibles now digital nfts i’m not sure should i open it or sell it if youwant to give me one give one to me bro um i’d be happy to check one out i don’t know how many i’mgonna buy on there but um i tried humanity i tried but it’s up to you you can keep them all if you wantto show everybody though obviously you just go to the app store on apple or google you simply type invv like it’s the first one you are familiar with clearly this first like listing is an ad from kraken but youjust go now you download it open that bad son up accumulate your favorite brand of payment digitalformat start compiling um i can sounds new i don’t know if the brand-new tab is going to be there foreverbut as you can see these are all sold out as well these look at the quality of these nfts manall right got tokidoki even as a brand so we can come over to firebrands you know there’sdc label like marvel’s coming gavinche which they own like louis vuitton i believe anda bunch of other like luxury symbols you got ron english craftsmen okie dokie right there look upthere then you got a bunch of others unicorno you can pick up some pretty sweet ones butall the decel um these are sold out like we can come over to as you can see like those littlebadges necessitate i own like top left corner of each box there might be a badge that wants i own thatone already um but i can come in here and say i want to get a dolce i can first of allyou can actually like click on this bad boy how long does it make you deliver whereto have you i’m not really sure i haven’t i haven’t gotten any whodunit compress you’regonna have to ask maybe mr coyne xrp boss but this is what tokidoki looks like onthe vb at human like watch how good that seeks but i’ll show you guys somethingin a minute extremely all right so as “youre seeing” 222 is for sale on the market yeah thanks defraud humanity expressed appreciation for for subscribingum look at this 13 gems so what i can do check check for a good serial numberso fa 1620 pretty good fa 1620 for edition low-pitched to high-pitched fly oh dang serial number1 33 for 500 pearls quite a bit quite a bit all right yeah those are a little bit priced out forme i like that 13 pearls not gonna lie oh these are getting bought up for the lowercereal cereals and going for kind of high so for that 1620 i’m going to go ahead andbuy that because that looks like a good buy but for 13 gems go ahead and click buy um i onlygot four masterpieces in my detail so we’ll click buy now okay cool um buy now obtain successfulgot two additives click on that 16 20. lading the polygons lading the geometry all right look at this so all right you cansee that but check out this ar feature claim well first of all i need to editthis video because i got a lot of posts in this video but that’s allgood all right so i can view like yo my tokidoki like you know what imean on my table go back let’s redo this look at that i can do that oops i got my fingerover the camera i can be that tokidoki up close.

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