CHIA CAT NFT and Other Projects – Call for Clarity (We NEED 2 talk about this NOW!)


good friday everybody i hope you have some great 
plans for this weekend i know i've got a lot of   really great plans first a word from our sponsor 
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catmos dot io all right so today we are   addressing a topic that i think is very important 
so this topic comes down to the security around   you your finances and cap based projects so we 
have yet to see a rug pull or another kind of   incident happen this early i wouldn't 
expect something to be able to manifest also   in a cat yet uh to my knowledge i could be wrong 
about that also so sound out below if you know   of anything also make sure that while you're 
down in there that you hit like and subscribe   so let's go over a couple of things that i 
think are pretty important to address for   a cat so when you have a cat based project that 
is enabling entrepreneurs at a very micro level   to create projects and value for the community and 
value for themselves in exchange for things like   chia or something else which they could exchange 
for cash you've essentially created a marketplace   for businesses ideas and people to create profits 
and value for customers now let's take a let's   take two different kind of perspectives here a 
for profit meaning that these are profiting uh   they're charging you something for something 
and also the non-profits we might say these   are like memes or just educational sometimes or 
uh there's a variety of them out there they're   what's interesting is they don't fall into a 
single category and i think we will continue   to see a bifurcation of categories as cats and 
ideas come more and more into the ecosphere   this is really just addressing for-profit cats a 
for-profit cat would be something that would be   exchanging something of value for uh something 
of perceived value or actual tangible value so   that could be a cat charging for an nft a pre-sale 
charging for an nft or even you know raising funds   for other business purposes or something like 
that also doing educational outreach or funding   of some sort of a project or a person those are 
all going to exchange money for profit for the   person that is offering the tangible offer file 
to you so let's talk about what you in my opinion   as a informed consumer should be looking for in 
any of the for-profits that you're engaging in   and i want to also put this out there i have 
talked to a lot of the people that are behind   cats and i've let them know i think these are 
also some good guidelines that i think that they   should make publicly available in some form or 
fashion and i've also opened up the venue so that   if somebody wants to talk about these things and 
they don't have a platform other than you know a   discord or something like that or maybe a twitter 
for putting them out there i think those are still   really good places to put them out there but they 
can certainly feel free to come on and talk about   their project with me and i have some clear 
guidelines for that that i'm issuing as well   so let's talk about the criteria that i think kind 
of encapsulates some of the information you should   be asking before you get involved with any cat the 
who the team behind a cat is an important thing to   consider so if they're offering something that's 
maybe a highly technical product it will they be   able to deliver is a good question to ask if they 
are offering something that is an artistic uh   venue uh which we've seen a lot of so far then are 
they you know capable of producing the art at the   level that they're suggesting that they're going 
to be able to these are some things that i think   you know giving a kind of credibility to 
the team behind it is a good thing to do   certainly i'm not suggesting that people you know 
go fully de-anonymized it's the internet people   don't want to do that but you know links to other 
things that they've done the more information that   they give out probably the better and better 
it is for the community to get to know them   so if you're asking for money in exchange as a 
business it's not uncommon for somebody to know   who they're doing business with uh so do keep that 
in mind as you're moving forward if you if you are   dealing with something that's completely anonymous 
you might want to you know take that as a point of   consideration the what this one is in my opinion 
a very important one so what exactly will the   deliverable be what form will the deliverable 
be in knowing those things going into a project   gives you clarity and expectations of what you're 
going to get on the backside of that project   so this also includes kind of less than tangible 
things that are associated with the you know   artwork you might be getting or if you're doing 
outreach or if you're doing some sort of other   funding then knowing what it is as far as your 
funding with this cat is an important thing in   my opinion so uh ownership rights associated with 
ip related to cats will become something that is   an issue because it's already an issue in the nft 
space so understanding ahead of time before you   even involve yourself in a pre-sale what the ip 
ownership of something is is something that's very   important in my opinion now there's a lot of nft 
projects that have already launched so and i don't   think anybody's really thought of it or talked 
about it yet to this point but the copyright that   is associated with an image is something that i 
think everybody should be considering what are the   ownership of that so people could explicitly state 
that people could not explicitly state that that   could be vastly different wherever you're at in 
the world so if a project is intending to impose   a restriction i propose that they would let people 
know that ahead of time before their token sales   also if there's going to be any sort of 
opt-in language for the minting process   i believe that that should be out there and 
published ahead of time before the pre-sale   even begins obviously that chicken has flown the 
coop on several projects already so i hope for the   projects out there that they can put together uh 
some sort of a you know if they are intending to   and they certainly don't have to intend to but if 
they are intending to opt people into any sort of   an agreement to put that language together 
as soon as they can and let people that have   already engaged in the pre-sales know what that 
language is i also think it would be very fair if   people do not want to opt into whatever the 
language is to offer some sort of a channel   for that person to get their funds back so i 
think those are important things to consider the   what behind a project exactly what are you getting 
may seem really simple but it also can sometimes   be kind of complex the win this is something 
that will manifest when you know that you are   being rug pulled this is where you're going to be 
looking at something and the win is going to be   not what you expected so it could either be 
completely delayed or immediately and they're   gone so if you see let's talk about a couple 
trouble signs here a project going on hiatus for   an indefinite period of time without notifying 
people that's something that i don't think   that would be good for the ecosphere if you're 
a cat project out there i think updating people   even if you are just updating them that you don't 
have a time yet that's an update of i don't have   a time i'm working on it and you can give certain 
pieces of information people love teasers and it   keeps the community involved and it builds trust 
in whatever the nft project is going forward so   the win is one of those things that i think uh 
eventually at some point in time we've got to talk   about it there will be somebody that eventually 
does something bad a bad actor in the ecosphere   so i hope that that doesn't happen but uh you know 
the reality of human nature is that it probably   does and the win will be when you recognize that 
it's happened because they will probably just   poof all right now the why i don't actually 
think this is necessarily as important uh   that we're dealing with a lot of intangible assets 
currently so i think that might be uh something   that is a little bit more ethereal in its uh scope 
but i do think there will be things that come out   not necessarily as abstract as a piece of art 
in what their why is i mean certainly a dancing   alien's a dancing alien certainly and marmot 
is a marmot and certainly most of the spartans   were spartans so these things will appeal to 
people on different levels for various reasons   so the why is not necessarily something that i 
think at this moment is something to get super   concerned about uh i'm not even thinking that with 
most nft projects there is a necessarily really   great why other than this is what it is so the 
next one is talking about the where of a project   this one also doesn't necessarily seem like it 
is a wildly important topic because the where   could be literally just the internet uh it doesn't 
necessarily have to have aware yet so it could be   on the why and the where behind projects that i'm 
just not thinking of something that i should be   thinking of sound off below with anything that 
i forgot to mention in this and be sure to hit   that like and subscribe button so hopefully as 
a community we can continue to innovate on the   chia blockchain in a variety of different ways and 
offer files really allows that to happen at such   a micro level that it's really cool so i would 
suggest that most projects out there do some sort   of an outreach let people know about these kind 
of things because that certainly builds confidence   in your product as well as your capability set i 
also think that both offer bin hashgreen and any   other future dexes that come out should put out 
really clear criteria for what is it what it is   to get listed including if there's amounts of 
charges or money that people will need to have   that gives people that might start a project a 
really clear idea of some of the things that they   would probably want to engage in unless they want 
to create their own channel which is interesting   and also certainly possible so everybody make 
sure that you sound off in the comments below let   me know what kind of stuff you're buying so far on 
uh the different various dexes out there what kind   of nft projects you're involved in also what kind 
of other things you're in i have really been just   bumped up the past couple of weeks in everything 
going on on cats i think this is a defining moment   for the technology we have not seen something 
like this in a different crypto technology   out there before the level of innovation this 
brings and the capability set that this brings   to smaller individual teams is something that 
i look forward to being even further refined   with the nft standard when that's published and 
certainly with whatever that layer two tech that   gene keeps hinting about might turn out to be 
alright everybody be sure to hit me up at go   spaceport on the twitters you can hit me up on 
the discord links below for that also be sure to   check us out on the website where i actually have 
published all of this in written format links to   that below a good read maybe people can get some 
information there uh and you know maybe use it as   a good check card for if you're going to be buying 
something and if that something is expensive you   might yeah take a second think all right everybody 
we will see you guys next time be sure to hit like   and subscribe and check out these videos for 
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