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hi it’s statement haathon from Kenickie local SEO I’m actually the owner of the website and I wanted to take a couple minutes in this video and explain to you how search engine optimization actually labours I is a lot of buyers that ask me that question and it seems to be quite the distraction of how do you get to be on the first page of google and i’m not i’m not saying that I’ve got it all figured out but I do surely have some things figured out that I’ve been able to produce for my clients over and over again so that they can get on on Google’s first sheet and they’re all very required by Google so they they remain for a long time so the first thing you have to understand is is what is googles assignment so googles duty is to organize the world’s information and make it universally acceptable and useful so whenever you’re doing search engine optimization you want to make sure that you’re within this mission you know Google’s job is is to supply as much information to its useds as possible so that’s very important to understand so typically in a google scour it takes less than a half a second to complete and that’s because all the search is is taken place on Google’s own network server that’s right you are able to think that you’re seek the web but in effect you are searching a huge index of websites stored on google servers so all indications so Google goes out to the world wide web and it gets all this information and returns it back to its servers and when you’re type in a inquiry into the search engine you’re actually typing into a query into the Google’s actual servers okay so what happens is because there’s so much knowledge there’s millions of pages of information that Google storing they actually have to separate it and actually placed it into three each type of servers the first type of server is a web server this is that this the part that legions the public sites like when you go to google.com and you go into the search engine that’s actually a public site that I’m talking about okay so that’s that’s what that’s mostly what the public locate is for is for you to be able to get to the search engine so when you type in ww cugel com I’m sorry www google com it’s actually on their server that’s a publicly held server then what happens is is the second index the second server they have is an index server and this includes two searchable indicator to the bigger document database so think of it this lane if you had a book and in the back of the book there was an index and you were looking for something a page or two of content in that book you would go to the index and find a keyword that would send you to the page of that journal okay so this is like the indicator in the back of the book this is a server okay and then the third one is a document server which actually houses the copies of all the individual web pages that Google database feels so very similar to the book analogy that I’m giving you if you had a book that was safe 500 pages long and you wanted to find content on one or two of those sheets you would go into the index you would look for whatever whatever keyword or whatever word that you think it might be and then the book will tell you oh yeah that’s on page 320 that’s like going to the document server so you would go there and it would say oh okay here’s some information I’m looking for it’s on page 220 and you would read page 319 320 320 one perhaps but it would get you to the right location and that’s kind of how Google huntings manipulate okay we’re going to go that in a couple minutes so Google expends more than a half a million servers situated and knots are the world and that’s how its able to do this it shares information on different servers so when you type a query in your query in Google is going to the closest server to you and then once it gets into that server it goes to all the other servers looking for information and it’s all completely done automated now what I did is I actually kept a flow diagram here that you can understand so the first thing that happens over here in this box here is when you click on the Google search button which is their populace place your query veers is transmitted over the internet through the google network server and it goes to this box now Google’s sorry about that it goes to Google’s web server and it routes the inquiry to the company’s regalium of index servers so you’re on your own group when you go to google com you’re on their public website you category in your query and the inquiry goes to the goes back to number two index server okay and it says we’re looking for this this is like if you had the book the 500 page notebook we’re going to tight you’re going to go into the back of the book and you’re going to say I’m looking for blah blah blah so you’re in the index now okay that so formerly your query is matched over here formerly your inquiry is joined to the listing and the Google index now that server will determine what actual web pages does it miss this is much like the book you can go to the back of the book look at the index notation what page number is ok so now Google now elapses your inquiry to the document server and it says ok here are the pages that we’re going to present to the person looking forward to the query ok and then it’s going to send back right here its document server assemble the results it’s going to send back snippets of that page it’s not going to give you the entire sheet it’s just going to give you Tippit’s of the sheet which is actually the google search engine result page that’s where you witness all that that’s where you’re trying to get graded on is on that page so the above-mentioned documents move sembilan semble these snippets and then send them back to to the public server and then you can view them okay so I’m going to do this once again real quick you type a query in the Google public search engine it communicates it to its indicator server like going to the back of a work and look in the indicator it looks at index server the indicator server anatomies out what sheets that content is on and it gives you back the pages so in a volume you would go to the voting index you would find what keywords or what messages parallel what you’re looking for excuse me what sheets you’re looking for and then at that point it will come back and tell you the page number well in this case it’s going to give you the actual snippet of that sheet so you can choose whether or not you want that page or not okay excuse me and that’s how it wields of course you’re aware unaware of all this behind the scenes activity you simply type in your inquiry into the search engine box on Google on the prime web page and then click the goals and targets google examination button and then you’re actually contemplating the search results where reference is emerges okay so now that you have your search engine result page in front of you you know what to pick so all the shuffling of the data from the servile servers are completely invisible to you all right so how does it Google oddest Google find you as a cluster of pages first and foremost the pages in Google are in a database that are found by Google’s their Google BOTS that’s their law honour is their Google box often people will call these spiders a google bot and a spider or the same thing mostly it’s software that automatically slithers the web looking for brand-new and revised web pages okay so that says a lot right there if you haven’t modernized your web page or you’re not make you’re not active with your web page is Google going to find you probably not so that’s important then we have Google’s algorithm this is actually a mathematical process okay so it’s it’s just math so the Googlebot crawler or the spider as some people call it predicts each sheet it encounters and it follows every connection on every page until all the links have been followed now a join is usually the blue text and when you click on it it takes you somewhere that’s called a relate so that’s very important because these are the backlinks you always hear about everybody saying if you want to get graded you got to have backlinks and tried to explain it to you so when you have a lot of a high authority websites with your relate on it you win the election nice use this as an resemblance the holding of elections meant that if you were being if you were trying to become the president United Country you would need to have beings voting time you right well a web page is the same way I need to have people vote on your material your vote on your website to got to get ranked number one Google and that’s exactly what Google craves it craves parties to grade you they miss so the more backlinks each little backlink that you use is another vote for your website because it’s what it’s telling the Google BOTS is hey we have a website out here that’s relevant to your content we should pay attention to it and if the content is correct and it’s coming from the liberty website then we’re going to give it a high-ranking we’re going to give it a a pretty good boat and cents so Google’s secret sauce although there’s other factors that are important page rank is the secret sauce not just imagine this if you’re going back to the index like I talked about in the book you know a book index having the page number on there is very important so it can find the document so obviously Google has billions of web sites so if you type in you know car restores into the query engine it’s going to go look for car repair places that have a good higher-ranking so they rank them from 0 to 10 Google ranks it from 0-10 it’s called a PR page rank 0 to 10 and so if you have a PR 2 when I have a PR six Google’s going to rank me first because I have I’m considered more relied I have my area set up precisely and thing and Google likes me better than I likes you because it’s constructing my in my ranks greater than yours so the assumption is that the more popular pages the higher the higher the sheets go and unlimited value okay so while this sounds a little like a popular area contest it is it’s surprising how often such an approach actually delivers high-quality very good results now on site search engine of the optimization and content are more and more important but backlinks is a huge getting your see directions so let’s understand page grade a little bit one so there’s two ways that you can really get good patron and this is what we’re the council page grading so the first one is on your own page this is also referred to as on page search engine optimization that is actually symbolizes the layout of the sheet and how the Google pot the Google BOTS understand the sheet and that’s much different than human I for example for example I’ll go on to a page and I’ll check a lot of graphics well you know what the Google BOTS can’t see graphics so the graphics are really there for the human you know so the site looks really pretty and it looks like a stupendous place and it’s very aesthetically laid out truth of the matter is Google BOTS don’t care about that they can’t see characterizations so it has a lot to do with how the words and the behind the scenes and the HTML and all that stuff is set up so the Google BOTS can see it so when that’s done correctly then you’ll get an honor page rank then “youve had” off page SEO this is where the page higher-rankings here planned everything because it’s the sheet higher-rankings of the areas that are voting for you so in other words if you have a backlink on a sheet ranking six site and someone else has a page grading has a back attach on a sheet grading to cite your site is going to rank better because you have a page rank six Backlund and that’s very important because the amount of backlinks that you have that are quantity instead of quality and the most recent to us and the latest changes with Google is crucial you have to really get that so PageRank algorithm this is the SuperDuper top secret classified algorithm and it’s calculated using a combination of quantity and character of links pointed to a particular webpage which I exactly plastered so Google is considered the considering the importance of each page that it initiates a tie phone so you are well aware certainly they’re rightfully so doing that so on what happened is is with the AB entation or the onset of cell phone lately in Syria non-iphone what’s happening is as parties are talking their keywords into the search engines and Google found out that they’re having trouble with the with the difference between when someone natures in to a inquiry when someone talks into this into the query there are different types of inquiries so what Google time did on their latest their latest update which is called hummingbird in the middle of two thousand for the outpouring of 2014 is is they’re not only looking at the backlinks but they’re looking at the contents along the showers and it’s called niche dialect so in other words if if I were to rank something want to rank something like you know get your car amended are there other commands in there that are car-related like what I have words like tires and them but I had utterances like you know auto repair and no technicians and you know shop costs and other words that that are related to an auto amend so what Google is now looking at is not just the backlinks it’s also looking at the content around the back section to see if it’s all related so mostly the Google BOTS are getting smarter and they’re getting more and more able to read the content so that what’s around the links are very important so the days of shelling a hundreds on you know blasting hundreds or thousands of links with some software to a website are started those those SEO beings are not able to rank sites anymore because the Google robots are able to pick up on that and it doesn’t like that so it doesn’t grade those areas anymore and that’s what happened you know a few months ago when a lot of chaps were talking in the search engine chaps were had remember along on google and you know they were there one day and the next day they were gone and it’s because the algorithm has changed in those places when so coming hired sheet ranks all this symbolizes is is that the page rank of the pages drawn attention to a contributed sheet like I just said you want to have let me just read this to you again I didn’t do it right so the highest the sheet grade of the pages drawn attention to a rendered sheet to hire the sheet grade of the link to page is okay so what that makes is is that if I know if I if I own a website and it’s a sheet grade six or a seven let’s say it’s a seven a anguish medication seven and I have your link on my website parting back to your website that necessitates Google is going to see that you have a pr7 connection objected back to your website and it’s going to make that in consideration when it ranks your website on the first sheet of Google because it’s going to say you’re connected to you know high-pitched approval people know it’s like you know it’s not it’s not what you know it’s who you know in this particular cake okay school is going to say well you know someone with a really good high-pitched standing area we’re going to give you ascribe for that and that’s how it manipulates so it’s important to note that Google’s determination of page ranking is completely automated there’s no human subjectivity involved in at all and no party or companionship can pay to increase that grading or scheduling it’s all about the math has nothing to do with human behavior it’s completely about how the pages laid out about the public you know that the sheet higher-rankings it’s you know how the different things are happening with the Google robot and what the Google robot considers and how it calculates those different you know those different formulae and it actually utters a cause so it’s all about math so when you understand the math then you are familiar with search engine optimization claim so i positioned a simple picture here they think it’s simple hopefully you think so too so white hat SEO means that you’re doing what Google wants you to and you’re enhance Google’s rules and regulations black hat is when you’re trying to gimmick the Google BOTS and you’re trying to sneak around the corner and sooner or later the bots get changed and things happen in Google tones on because they’re smart fellowship and when that happens they convert their algorithms and then all of a sudden your rolls go away they’re no longer on page number one and that’s not a way that I want to run my business I wouldn’t imagine it’s a way that you would want to learn your business okay so remember that it’s very important to remember that White House SEO is the way good undertaking to do it so to get your page rank your website graded you need to have high-pitched evaluate backlinks which I’ve been talking about and and the reason why I’m able to rank my patron so much is because I have constructed over age high-pitched expert high-pitched sheet rank places that i send your links to and and that’s why I’m able to do that I approximate my powerpoint decided to move here sorry about that so I have high sheet you are well aware high high-pitched point backlinks from your privately owned sex they’re from my private real copulation okay so my daughter Emma and I and my fellowship is not that large-hearted on its medium at emmaus have figured out how to get these the this system of new websites that are going to have enormous sheet ranks so that we can link back to your site the next thing we do is we make sure that your social network is in place this is your YouTube your Facebook and Twitter accounts and Pinterest and attached in and all these different reports we get a handful of those areas that really matter we make sure they’re up and running and we make sure that they’re all connected so that Google can see that and then what I do is I get lower brave joins and I send them to your dres send them to your social website so i send lower gradation connected to your youtube videos into your facebook page and i get them i get your social media airlines now Google will see that your social media is graded it will give it will send you know Pacific that YouTube is a is a PR nine if you two spaces your video and likes it it will tell Google hey you are able to position it on the first sheet of Google because this is a really good video a lot of parties are looking at it it’s got a lot of backlinks it’s pretty favourite it is therefore will suggest that Google frames it on the first page and of course it doesn’t hurt that Google is you know you too John by you by google but that’s another story so we sent lower position links to the social network and then this comes get your length and the social networks and then social networks that have high PR ranking are now sending links to your website okay and then the last thing on a consider is google local which is what we call awards and a cite is good-for-nothing more than your mention of your business the address and the telephone number now what happens in many cases unbeknownst to you is a company like Yelp will come into the area and it will swoop the internet and get a bunch of different company refers and address okay and it will throw it into the system then because when you type something in the yelp there has to be there has to be a response otherwise there’s their method wouldn’t work beings wouldn’t utilize it okay but here’s the problem if your if your business is called local public library will say and then one site you profit the p in public in the ellen library and another site you didn’t now of a sudden you have a penalty with google google says they don’t match google wants to see that you’re on the major 50 to 75 websites and that your information is exactly the same has to be exactly the same on everything I mean I’ve got purchasers that have you know two years ago or three years ago they had a different location or a different telephone number their cites have some of that phone number and some of the brand-new phone number and it’s an innocent mistake but they have sanctions from google because of that and they don’t even know that so we call this we announce this online reputation management and what does is it is we’re succeeding your honour which is your business name and your phone numbers and their address and making sure that all of those much so mostly at the end of the working day that Google sees that your awards are in good order it sees that your social networks are being used and then you have high quality relations then it says oh wow this is a real business and it has relevant information for our useds so let’s rankin because it’s a real business and there’s activity there because somebody’s you know posting things on facebook we’re putting up YouTube videos and all the cites are in order you know they’re you know they’re on 40 or 50 or 60 or 75 different sites and it all matches and everything there is meets smell and it’s got some really gone elects from these high quality privately owned sites you’re ranked and that’s how it use now it reverberates simple but behind the scenes there’s a lot of technique stuff that that happens which is the reason for my daughter emma is to tech in the family by the way and we do all this trash behind the scenes so a good search engine optimization chap these days has to have unique content i’ve got to be very highly niche vocabulary you are well aware very terribly niche vocabulary related so the articles have to make sense and they have to be they have to be related to the topic and they have to be related to your suits your website and they have to be related to your social network there’s a lot of coordination that goes on and when all of that happens then your site links and rents for many keywords depending on the way in which they labor and the keywords again are not much different than going to an index of a journal and searching up the key words or phrases so that you can find the sheets in the book that you’re looking for and that’s the easiest way to think of it so I hope this helped I hope I was able to kind of keep the deep turn amount of everything and explain it all to you that you at least have an overview of how search engine optimization works and why Google grades and various kinds of take some of the mystery out of how this all use and does put together and and that’s what my aim of this video was and have my current patients in thought I soon to beat patients understand and watch this video it’s a little longer than I want it to be but there’s a lot of information to explain here so I’m going to cut out do get out of here so you guys can go back to work and do what you’re supposed to be doing if there’s any questions my website is wwan courtesy local SEO com this video is on the side if you’re on the locate and just go to my discovery page and fill out the form there so that I can see what kind of information you need and I’ll be glad to get on the phone with you your arse including information on my website at phone number where you can reach me directly or you can only reach me through the breakthrough anatomy or the phone number and I would be glad to call you back I do its examination of any website that’s a two hundred ninety nine dollar price if wishes to do that analysis and go over your search engine optimization with you just go to our website at WWE TLC Oh calm and I’ll be able to help you if you’re not on that side of it okay again thanks for your all your attention and sticking with me this far and I hope to talk to you soon

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