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Very good everyone,
welcome to the Crypto Future channel! Today is the day people, Dinox staking begins today
, the blockchain game that comes out this year where we can raise dinosaurs in the form of
NFTs, train them and use them to venture into different missions and combats to win more
non-fungible tokens and other rewards such as cryptocurrencies , which of course we can then
sell on the market to earn money playing this video game that actually looks
pretty good.

So in this video I am going to show you how to start staking your
DNXC tokens, something that is very important since by staking you will automatically generate
dinosaur eggs over time, the NFTs that we will use in the game. ,
which can be of great value since they will be among the first dinosaurs in the
entire game, so whether you want to use them to play or simply want to sell them
in the marketplace, this video will help you.

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in general in the world of cryptocurrencies. Well folks, the friends of DinoX put out
an article on Medium.com to tell us a bit about the staking system,
so I'm going to briefly explain some of the most important details.
As you can see here they tell us “Bet DNXC and get your first DNX dinosaur egg!”
On August 4, that is today, at 16pm UTC, which in my country Argentina would be one in the
afternoon, the staking system will be available.

We will be able to stake our
DNXC tokens to win a DNX dinosaur egg and also have the opportunity
to receive different rewards through the lottery system. All this through
the staking portal dedicated to the project , which is very easy to use
and we will see it in a few seconds. DNX, in case you don't know, is an ERC-721 token,
an NFT within the Ethereum network , which will be the basis of the
DinoX platform since these tokens represent the different collectible dinosaurs
and playable characters of this project. The DNX token that we earn will begin as a
simple egg without hatching cpm different physical features that can indicate or hint at
the type of dinosaur that it carries inside , which can be a herbivore that are
basically tanks, a carnivore that would come to do the DPS or the that deals damage, or
a flying dinosaur, both of which are more focused on landing critical hits and dodging damage.
The size, the rarity, the species and many other elements of the game will be linked
to your DNX, which will be your property and as I told you before we can do with it
what we want, either play it or sell it.

Since we will be able to incubate this
egg as soon as the game is released at the end of the year, where we can choose
to incubate it, keep it without hatching or sell it in any of its forms,
in the form of an egg or an adult dinosaur. As I mentioned before, winning this
NFT egg will not be everything since we will also be participating in different lotteries where
we can win all kinds of game objects, be it more eggs, dinosaurs, cards and others. The pool in which we will start staking is
the Gen 0 Pool. In this pool we will be able to stake our tokens to receive one of the first
7,000 DNX dinosaur eggs in the game. Gen 0 means that these will be the first
edition of dinosaurs issued by the game, something that in the future can give them an
incredibly high economic and collectible value if this game becomes popular.
We can only win one of these eggs per wallet, in order to ensure that more people receive
one, and these will be delivered in order of arrival at the pool, so we must make sure to
join the staking as quickly as possible to be among the first 7,000 people and secure
an edition of these valuable NFTs.

Remember that even if these generation 0 eggs run out
, you would still be receiving next generation eggs for staking, so
don't worry about that, by having the minimum of 500 tokens in staking you already have an egg
guaranteed no matter what generation be. The more DNXC we stake the faster we
will win an egg. But also by just staking we will win lottery tickets every 7
days for weekly lotteries where we will win more rewards to use within the game,
so if we see a future for this project, it is best to let the staking run and
focus on the long term game, which is what I personally will do, since that way
we have more chances to win more rewards.

We are going to win one egg per wallet,
so once we get the first ready egg they won't give us any more in that wallet.
But instead they are going to give us a lottery ticket every week for every
100 DNXC that we have in staking, so if we have the minimum in staking,
which is 500 DNXC tokens, we will be receiving 5 lottery tickets per week and if
we have more for Of course we will get more. The minimum amount to enter the pool
is 500 tokens and there is no maximum limit to enter. But the more tokens
we have the faster we will win our egg, with the minimum of 500 tokens in staking
we would be getting our dinosaur egg after 180 days, which is 6
months of waiting until we get the egg, where the game has probably already come out.
In the pinned comment I am also going to leave you a link to an image created by a user of the
community where you will see the exact time and date in which you are going to get your dinosaur egg
depending on the amount of tokens you have deposited in staking .

But if we bet
more tokens we will receive the NFT much earlier, and even before the game is launched,
since if for example we deposit 5,000 tokens we would receive the egg just 18 days
after the launch of the pool, and we would also be receiving about 50 tickets weekly lottery
, quite interesting… So that would basically be the reward and the incentive
to make a larger deposit of tokens. But hey, let's go to what interests us and let's see
how we must do to participate in staking.

The main objective of this video was to show
you step by step how to stake DNXC, but the idea is that you manage
to position yourself among the first 7,000 people in the pool in order to win one of
the gen-0 dinosaurs that are the more valuable , so if I waited for staking to be enabled
to make the video, edit it and upload it to the channel, more than likely that
possibility is over, so I'm going to show you how to have everything ready to be ready at
time to stake according to what the game developers themselves said in their various
media that we should do.

Well, first and foremost we need to have a
metamask wallet and buy the tokens… The DNXC token is multi-chain, so it can
be on both the Ethereum blockchain and the Binance Smart Chain, I'm going to use the
binance network, since It has much lower commissions when operating. But
if you want you can have them in Ethereum, there is no problem with that,
staking will work for both networks. If you want to buy the tokens to have them
in the Ethereum network, you should do it from Uniswap or 1inch using the token contract
that I leave below the video in a pinned comment. But if, for example, like me, they
want to do it from binance smart chain, they can buy the tokens from pancakeswap
like I did. They come to pancakeswap, they go to the exchange part, they paste
the token contract that I left below in the comments , of course make sure to paste the one that
says BSC and not the ethereum one in this case.

They select the amount they want to buy
, I remind you that the minimum is 500 tokens, so make sure you buy 500 or
more, because if you buy less than that amount you will not be able to participate in the
staking and you will not be able to win your egg . They hit the exchange button and that's it, they would already be
receiving their tokens inside their metamask, if after buying them the
metamask fox logo appears, they touch it to add the token to their list of assets to be able to view them and that's it
, they'll have everything to start staking. Now what remains is to wait for
4:00 p.m. UTC, we go to the Dinox.io website, we connect our wallet with the
button that is on the top right, we touch the staking button that, as you can
see, is not yet available but Once the pool is activated, this button will
take us directly to an interface where we will be able to select the number of
tokens that we want to stake and make the deposit to start participating at the end
of this hunt for dinosaur eggs.

According to what I read in the Discord
and Telegram groups we are going to have to spend two commissions to be able to start staking,
so if you are going to operate from the ethereum network make sure you have a couple of extra dollars
in ETH to be able to pay the commissions, and in the event that, like me, they do it
from the binance smart chain, they should have 1 or 2 dollars in bnb to be able to pay the
commissions when entering the pool.

And well friends, I wish you all the best of
luck and I hope that many get their generation 0 egg. I would have loved to show you a
step by step of staking in real time once the pool has come out but I think that this way
This video will be more useful for all of you. So in this way we end
today's video, if you have doubts about this, leave me a comment and I will try to
help you as much as possible. If you liked this video, don't forget to leave
a simple like and subscribe to the channel so you don't miss any new video related to
blockchain games and the world of cryptocurrencies.

Thank you all very much for having
listened to me these minutes, I say goodbye and I hope to see you soon in a next
video, bye! oh, and remember the future is crypto..

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