FORMATION DROPSHIPPING 2020 (1/2) – Le Référencement Naturel ou “SEO”


Important communication: following hundreds of themes claiming me a Facebook group etc, I made a Discord server only for local communities, as well as a Snapchat for you evidence “peoples lives” as an entrepreneur, you assured. All details can be found in the description. Advance warning: you risk examining a chap in underpants scratching your projectiles all day long, as well as things that are not very Catholic if I forget to switch off my phone in the evening. Compared to the Facebook group, given the time that this YouTube canal menu on my working hours, I decided to establish it anyway, but on one condition: I want us to do it all together blow up the reader count to bring them up to 25,000. And for the smart ones, the bullshit readers from the bottom of the hole ass “of the worlds”, that does not count. A group like this will take a lot of my time to invest. And you yourself know, go is fund. So if you want me to get involved in such a project, you will have to prove to me that you are all adjudicated beforehand. In short, if you care about this group, that you are waiting for live renditions every week, etc ., move your ass, because I once have a great schedule loaded and that for the moment, I care about my life as a fat pasha. Oh very! I am looking for serious heads for the future radical, because I feel like it’s going to be a mess super abruptly. So if there are chaps who really weigh in dropshipping and who want to go to the dark side of the force, contact me on Snap and on Discord. I envision I might be overwhelmed by sends from the start. End of the press release. Accosts! Before getting to the heart of the matter, I have a two minute notice to do, because I can’t keep it to myself. Otherwise, I will explode from within. But satisfy promise me something, don’t leave you amuse. I say that because I too have a goldfish focus and voila. You truly need to understand that the most important thing it is the valuable material that will come afterwards; and not the portion a little clash which is just there to utter you have a good time. And for the chaps who just came for the evidence and I know he there’s a assortment of them, don’t worry, free undertakes guaranteed everything throughout the video. So there you go, enjoy! Coming back to the announcement, for those who followed a bit Yomi Denzel on YouTube, you probably want to know that he had challenged Thophile Eliet in boxing oppose at the time to determine who was the best French-speaking entrepreneur. Thophile Eliet, I officially challenge you for a boxing match, to see who is the best French-speaking entrepreneur. So we have to do that in early 2019 at the latest. So if you’re ready to stand up for your statu … Who “do you think youre” man? You lost your sense of actuality from the top of your ivory tower where how does it happen? In additive , no report! But then no report. Likewise, Theo gave you a deft stop at the time. Pity. I think we would have had a good scream. Monsignor Yomi did me the immense honor of coming to placed his newborn down comment under my previous video. It’s weird, he doesn’t even bother to answer his own clients, on the other hand, when he feels a bit threatened, so there, it explodes from all sides. As I’m a good player, I think you’ve all noticed it, and that my beauf slope had taken over, I decided to launch him exactly the same challenge he launched to Thophile Eliet at the time, that is, a boxing match. What we like above all is … The conflict! Order and little asses. Well, that’s something else. Publicly on YouTube, it’s a big deal and he agreed. But regrettably on Messenger, he slipped apart and he even finished by removing his explain from my previous video. If you require my view I think he must have “ve learned that” it was going to be like this. Nonetheless , no hate please. Here! Peace and affection, you yourself know. The thing is, he at least had the merits of the case of rebutting me, which will not have been the case for some people. And the truth is, even if they are I’m gonna sound crazy for now, I’m really going to make this fight happen. So there you have it, don’t go butcher his bond and mine for that matter. In short, what irritants Yomi is that I shortfall visibility. Translation: he is afraid that I will come and steal customers from him. Yomi, I don’t know if you noticed it, but for now I am no one. And your forgive is not even: “no, soldier, I’m on top of that, I won’t render a bad one likenes to my community. It’s infantile. I don’t want to make a bad hum, “etc. Your apologize is: “ah well flute, you don’t have enough visibility. So I’m not going to be able to steal your subscribers and see myself coin on people’s backs. So I cut back on Messenger. Frankly, I think you can do better than that. Well, I speculate. And large-scale spoiler: I invited Thophile Eliet to the event for visibility. Damn, I cuss, I really feel like I’m trying to tell anything. Anyway, I judge a good deal of you know him. There “theres going”, we had a good conversation on Messenger and it is 200% OK. Guys and women alike, if you are interested in such a fight, I predict you we’ll do it the American way with the chopper, the red carpet and all the hoopla. So we subscribe and share the channel if you’re interested to see two Mongols pulsating one another. Thophile has already confirmed to me that if the contest takes target, he would personally take the plane to attend the show, that he will share on his Instagram and that he will do a maximum of live to match bookings, etc. So I’ll let you imagine the sky around the ring if it’s done. So my little Yomi, if you watch this video, even Thophile Eliet is ready to give you his visibility that you begrudge so much. You have leads to gain in mass, a good assortment of fund to attain you and a coat of arms to restore in the name of your community. And more objectively, I think that such an happen would create such a chatter on the web that it does we are able to democratize even more dropshipping. I sum everything there is up and then I move on, because I actually don’t I don’t want my canal to turn into an IbraTV 2.0. Your mission, if you consent it, is to 1: turn the chain a maximum and 2: is now going gave a #octagon in all regions of the Yomi’s networks to push him to accept the fight. I’m repeating myself just in case: no hate, delight. It would be totally counterproductive. Anyway, Yomi, if you make the fight I give you my word and I announce it to the eyes and ears of all and all that you will be one of the only guys to benefit of an exemption totem against my madness until the summer of 2019. No more disagreements with you, your training or your community by then. I likewise pledge to take responsibility for all people who will come to annoy you on my behalf. Also, and that, it is truly not a blow of pres, it’s just actuality, I have a lot of plans of strike on fire which likelihood to destabilize a lot of people who are judge for the moment untouchable. This video is just the penchant of the flavor. I invest my epoch interpret military strategy diaries and Sun Tzu, he is my spiritual guide. So if you are OK I too guarantee to let you know before direct in action of some of these plans to avoid collateral damage on your business. But for that, I miss “youre going to” publicly accept the fight on your channel YouTube, clearly redirecting to my canal, with the condition, on my line-up plainly, that droppshipping reborn advances to 100, 000 readers. There you go, this announcement is over. It lasted a little longer than expected. But hey, I think that must have entertained more than one. So we move on immediately. Don’t worry, it’s going to be okay. Alright, don’t worry! Do not obsess! I sincerely wanted to thank you all for all the positive reactions under my previous video. I’ll be honest, I really wasn’t ready. Basically, I was prepared to face the army of Mordor, since I dared to speak of those whose identifies must not be enunciated, and that I exited immediately in their own communities. I perfectly messed up, except in cases of two or three Mongols. There was a real need for straight talk in the area. There’s even a guy who went so far as to compare me to Nicky Larson, large-scale caress on your rumps, likewise , no homo. But we’re gonna have to stop this kind of compliment, because I’m a fan of manga, Japanese cultures and that I have the ankles which swell far too easily. Finally, is thanks to all the members who dedicate time to watch my big head talk. Even though I wasted hours and hours answering your commentaries, I’ll be honest, it strokes my heart and voila. Trust me, this is just the start. I’m scarcely warming up. We’re going to compel fraca. I apologize for taking so long to release this video. To be honest I certainly wanted to show you around the island and you register cool spots in Malta. Unfortunately, for a week there has been a sick storm, I will maybe put you a little video, and there is a wind of phew and it’s impossible to make videos outside. So here is! And then, we must not forget that I genuinely have blinds at to run and that I am a real crap in video editing. And above all, I truly make a point of trying to propose excellence videos, rather than swinging videos inadequate in sum. So here is! I will still try to speed up the speed for the next videos. Simply a short sequence, rapidly, to show everyone the Jean-Jean that I’m not messing around. There is my curtain which is flying, it’s a crazy thing. So here is! This is the island today. And that’s also why I couldn’t shoot a video, because there is too much wind and the forecast it is truly crappy. Cannot shoot a video outdoors. But when it gets better a little bit, I’ll try anyway to show you cool recognises. Come on guys! We reconnect and we do not let ourselves be distracted by these sheets of notoriety. I cover my seeings. I move my sees. I hide my ears. I hide my ears. And I is not watch! And I do not watch! The advert! The advert! Hide and endeavour ad. It’s a funny I that allows you to escape the ads that utter nerds. Now that the beta husbands have[ __] their crimson shoot and went to stimulate the devotees boy at their favorite guru, we were to perform the presentations and get back to our sheep. Because yeah, I was pointed out in the comments that I don’t hadn’t even introduced myself. So, happy! My name is Romain and I am a successful entrepreneur in the subject of e-commerce and more particularly dropshippping. Just having said this sentence, I know there is a chance on two so that you tackle me from the status of large-hearted mytho and that wishes to to crucify my heirs over three contemporaries. And for that, I can thank all the dropfisting game leaders: Lo Guillot and all the stuff, I’m not going to do it again my delirium, I have already knocked out all these dolls in my previous one video. So if you haven’t seen it yet, I invite you to go watch it beforehand. I will leave the link in the description. To apply it simply and because I don’t want to tell my narrative live for 20 minutes otherwise you will rage quit like a noob, now, I think it must have been a year and six months, yeah, a year and six months back I was a snap student; but then actually broke, with their own families statu extremely demanding. Unlike some, I didn’t have the rich of moms and pops behind me. My progenitor to me, just leave six years ago with the money to end “peoples lives” in the Caribbean like an[ __ ], leaving a penniless mommy and completely destroyed minors. Well, sorry for this passage a little personal. I’m starting to be tired, it’s 3 in the morning. I shoot this after a day’s work, big day’s work besides. Anyway, perhaps I’ll piece that in the edit. And I had none, but then no goal in psyche. Add to that around 10,000 euros in debt accumulated with my relatives for payment, food and studies amongst other. The studies besides, they were in Geneva, which is the only city i think where you can find 25 -ball brews. But short-lived! To sum up, I was the typical sketch of the caboose worker who does not know absolutely not where it is going. But he goes. Today and solely thanks to dropshipping, I live in Malta in an accommodation literally ten ages the dimensions of the my old one student housing, forgetting the HLMs. I have a wonderful girlfriend and since I have been living on the island, I truly had the chance to meet amazing people. Besides, there in this video, if my looks is somewhat exploded, it’s because last nighttime, I went to have an evening at Yohviral, and I’m not saying that because I’m an affiliate or whatever, but this guy is really a[ __] genius in his field and if you like online poker and all, I indicate you go learn his channel. In short “peoples lives”, you don’t establish a[ __] and most of you won’t give anyway no credibility to my floor. And besides, you are quite right considering the number of dream marketers on world markets. If “youve come”, it is certainly not to hear about my small-minded being. It is not to hear: “Me, I … me I me, I “But because you are surely in trouble with your store and you want to start your life as an entrepreneur with a store in dropshipping. Don’t worry Joe, you’re in the right place and gives people one more little bit of your time and I’ll convince you that no, dropshipping is not a scam. Yes, we can generate tens of thousands of dollars in earnings in liabilities with this business model. Small disclaimer in passing, to prevent the video from previous 3 p. m. and because I certainly want to focus in fact your attention to the most important points, I is the beginning this sequence of mini-videos by a theme that mesmerizes me, ie SEO. And if you really want to go further, I invite you to subscribe, because in this mini-training, I are really go for more in more detail throughout the videos. Today, I will not tell you about the creation of your collect. I didn’t want to talk to you about the back-end etc. I’m saving this for another time and I know that anyway the real problem is not there. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of newbies in dropshipping. Sometimes I hang out on certain groups even though I’m stuck on most of them. And in short, well, 25% of the time, the problem, he’s right there. At the start, you are highly motivated. You expend periods, weeks, even months working on your collect, working on your product sheets, to work on your descriptions. You even lent the little trust badge that determines Jean joyful Obvious recommended you. Once your store it starts to look a little like something thing, you are wasting the little budget you had saved in the publicity. You’ve tried everything: the Facebook app, sponsored posts on Instagram, Snapchat stories and even the jackal procedure, which consists in posting a incorrect ad on Leboncoin to redirect a pigeon to your patronize. But you intention up realizing, you don’t represent no marketings or your results, they are mediocre in relation to time and energy expended. So, poof, you abandon yourself and you remove everything, because supposedly dropshipping is dead or as you are depressed and that have already been simply lost all confidence in yourself. All well and good. You may have sagged a business simulate that could have saved your life and get out of the rat race. But perturb, cause the thing is, it’s not entirely your faulting, since you followed the advice of parties not qualified in the following areas and who float in their shirt Ralph Lauren, miskine. The real trouble that you surely encounter, and obses, because you are really not the only one in such cases, it’s client acquisition. If you’re not absolutely stupid, you’ve made a well-tucked blind, that more I imagine I will talk about it in a next video, because I determine monstrosities relatively regularly, but regardless … The bottom line is that you don’t have any traffic. If you don’t fling ads, you don’t come regardles not productive , no one stays your shop. Your store is a bit like a Starbucks in the middle of the Sahara. You may have an handsome furnish with products that sell, a beautiful banner in your acknowledgment, etc ., without marketing, you really don’t have no visibility. So follower, how do you want to be successful from there? So in this video I’m going to tell you about how I lure patrons en masse and without spending a dime, because I think it is a crucial point where everyone is wrong, or not, rather than you have been misled by unprincipled illusionists. It’s 7 a. m. and I’m out of hibernation so I can secrete the video this weekend. So here is. I’m too lazy to change and unexpectedly I’m going to stay in my pajamas. So dealing with this problem. We’re gonna go back to what you’ve been waiting for a while that is, how do I get customers for free on my different accumulations. God damn it! Thanks Cartman. You are a good one. I couldn’t have said better. So, I will start this training by asking you a few questions quite simple: what is your first reflex when you are looking for something thing? Are you going on Facebook? Are you going on Instagram? Are you going on Snapchat? No, I do not think so. Unless you’re completely[ __] up. I’ll rephrase this to make it a little clearer in your recollection: Who do you turn to when you have the slightest question? And how is this entity, or this person, going to respond to you? Example: if you want to eat sushi at the nearest restaurant, if you want to find a miracle add-on to soften your 50 s kilos of fatty dripping everybody, if you are interested in buy a beautiful Poutine t-shirt, or if you want to find some informed about a YouTuber with a big mouth, which you do not didn’t even know the list, who are you going to question? I think you got it, it’s good aged uncle Google. I prefer to warn you, from the beginning: I am not at all theory. So, my goal in this introduction to SEO, it will be to acquire you understand quickly, and simply, all the potential of Google, and how to harness this enormous patron cistern to explode your dropshipping collect. SEO is a term that may seem a little ruthless, but in reality, it certainly refers to a thought that is very, very simple. SEO is just an Anglicism, a period that comes from English, and that stands for Search Engine Optimization. Translation for those who don’t fart a word of English: optimizing your locate to appeal to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Qwant, etc. But like Google, it’s the only search engine that matters really, because it wholly dominates world markets, and picks up more than, I ponder, 90% of internet probes, I prefers to restate SEO as: optimizing your site to appeal to Google. In French, we call that: natural referencing. I’ll give a pictorial sample to convert all this gibberish, for novices. This illustration, it comes from a diary that I love. I see I’ll dedicate an part video to it shortly. Now you have to try to imagine yourself in a supermarket. You are doing your browse, you are walking in the shelves, and there, you watch thousands of products moving, straddling from granules for rabbits with anal lubricant. It is also said that these products are referenced with the largest province. In other texts, then there slotted so that purchasers can find them. All these products are placed among thousands, even tens thousands more. And you know what? Some products sell very well, while others have as numerous success than Etienne Perth’s YouTube channel. Oh no, it’s true. Now he has a # etiennemimy Pokmon blaze. Besides, you my[ __ ], I understanding your real last name, you don’t compensate anything to wait. You had the disaster to rob one of my friends, and you censored me on your strap at the time. The penalty is not going to be long in coming. Closed parenthesis. Why are some commodities selling very well while others are not? It doesn’t have much to do with the quality of the product, or approximately. The truth is, there are sales administrators, who are hired to positioned all the products at attention degree purchasers, or they even locate them near the checkouts, to become them much more visible. So yes, Leo. Sometimes you have to bend down to get your little pot of Vaseline, because your ass hurts after the fist that I’m in frame you on. But on the loudnes, it does not represent much. The concoctions that are the most visible are the ones that sell the best. For Google, it’s exactly the same. A locate that appears in first point on Google, it will be much, much, much, more visible and it will have much more traffic, than a site which exist in 10 th standing. We will take a keyword perfectly at random. Leo Guillot. Here. The first outcome – and this is quite logical – is the wordpress 10 kilometers long which interprets the Lo Guillot scam up and down, aka Leo Olsen. Tell yourself most people will click on the first three joins, without ever trying to understand what is below. What does a better quality of the content matter? So, everything that will be after the first sheet of results Google: the second page, the third page, etc. etc ., it’s never going to get any traffic. Come on, we’ll take a result on the seventh page for the delirium. Wholly random, again. Now. Another one that makes affiliation with Leo Olsen. Brothel. Him, he makes me awkward, I attest, it’s impressive. Frankly 15 out of 10 on the Villejuif scale. The guy, he’s a real Jedi master of discomfort. He toy with mom and daddy’s real estate, and he wants to teach you about life. There I will soon revise the code, just for the entertaining of it, and to show you that it is very easy to handle data relating to Shopify analytics. You precisely have to right sounds, Inspect. And then, you supersede everything in the system. And then there you go, poom, the spell. So here is the little sleight of hand. To take a more concrete speciman in e-commerce: the keyword t-shirt fulfills 74,000 examines per month. So that means that there are 74,000 beings looking for this message key per month on Google. And the first place is held by, which captures 33% of total freight. So 33% of 74, 000. So, I do a test. T-shirt. There is Zalando. I will calculate 33% of 74, 000. So I’ll go: 74,000 times 0.33. We get 24,420 pilgrims per month. Just with one keyword. 24,420 divided among 30, that constitutes: 814 visitors a day, with merely one keyword, for free. And if we estimate a transition rate of five% – because with SEO, not only is the traffic free, but we are no longer faced with at an average conversion rate of 1 to 2% as with Facebook Ads – the person who is going to search for t-shirt on the internet, he typed this word key with the intention of buying a t-shirt. He’s not just hanging out on Facebook, to see the latest updates from Katsuni. In short, I will guess a shift frequency of 5% and we will say an average basket of 50 pellets. Suddenly, that’s 814 visitors per day, ages 5% conversion, period 50 euros of median basket, we secure: 2,035 euros per epoch, with a single keyword. 2,035 euros in turnover at the time. We do 30 seasons. That’s 61,050 euros in turnover per month. And if we do 12 meters, we have reached almost a million. Without promote fund, free of charge. As I explained to you earlier, this is all natural ensues. Because Google estimated that the best answer for the keyword t-shirt, that was Zalando’s site. And you really have to integrate that, it’s for one[ __] keyword. There, I’m going to go to SEMrush to show you all that. It is a paid tool. I see I’ll explain that to you in a future video. Thanks to its roughly 320,000 keywords, Zalando find 10 million guests per month, organically, naturally, without compensating anything, precisely with SEO. Suddenly, Zalando is positioned on all these keywords, free of charge, and lures purchasers every day to its storage, thanks to this. I love this illustration because you really realize the strength of SEO. Even if, it’s true, they have to use business SEO sick. In theory, it’s unadulterated organic. And who would spit on 10 million tourists a month with good-for-nothing deplete? Zalando has 20 million visitors per month in total. When you take the organic and pay for it. Unexpectedly, this is the potential of SEO. It’s a real money spout. Back to actuality. Do not start to think that you are going to be able to reference yourself on the key word t-shirt, because you are going to be crimes on the spot, and you are eligible to never go past the 50 th page of results. FYI, in SEO haloes, we say that the best direction to cover up a corpse is on the second page of Google. So yes, I’ll subsidy you, the joke is rotten. But it is a bit like that. In SEO, it’s either you get the first three lieu, either you sag like a coward, and you find another keyword easier to nab. But the good news is, your devoted slave has the mixture. This is where what we call the long tail comes in, which is also ideal for a dropshipping storage. So the long posterior, qusaco? Well, it’s super simple. Imagine, you have an awning on the Malas bracelets. You know those yoga bracelets, with chunks and stones more or less natural. By the highway, that is a promising niche with still a good deal of apartment to do in French e-commerce. The only more or less solid dropshipping store in this niche, it’s Karma Yoga Shop, which is also in fourth situate on this keyword. Which is pretty bad. However, the first website is not very solid. It’s ok I got it. It’s a simple concoction expanse. And Google will give much more importance to collections, rather than product sheets. There “theres going”, Karma Yoga Shop, from what I envision, it’s a supermarket which diversifies a lot and proposals a great deal of commodities. Considering the sales on AliExpress and the SEO potential of sick of this niche, I do not is clear that no one has come yet standing gravely, with a specialized shop only on Malas bracelets. Lastly either. Dog kennels must be more interesting. Let’s imagine that you want to create your accumulate on Malas bangles. Now you will have to look for which keywords to caste your store, and check if there is room to be made on the market. You are not going to come and position yourself on a keyword like bangle, because it is far too competitive. It’s a short posterior keyword. If you put up a blind like this, you will have to stay focused on one goal: to sentiment yourself on the keywords around the bangle Mala, and long tail keywords such as Mala bracelet buddhist, amethyst, lotus seed mala bangle, etc. etc. These are keywords that get less traffic, but that will be many more, and who will have little, or hardly any, rivalry. Not to be noted that the transition pace may be super high. A person typing “lotus seed Mala bracelet”, if you ever give him a page where it says “Mala bracelet lotus seeds “and its correspond make, it will have a lot of more likely to buy from your patronize, than if she was just walking around on Facebook, and that you pictured him an ad. I’ve been talking about key words a while ago, but I haven’t really excused what it is. A keyword is just an expression that it is capable of berth on Google. There, for example, I will make Mala bracelet. You see that all the keywords blended: Malas bangles, Tibetan Mala bracelets, etc ., that mixes a total of seven, 200 inquiries per month. And there are 165 different probe utterances. I like Yooda Insight, you have to do a market explorer I remember, because there are quite a few keywords that are free. And if you ever want the paid copy, with more reactions, we’ll have to shell out more money. Keywords, you can not only look for them on Yooda Insight, but you can also look for them in Google recommendations. So there, for example, we make Mala labradorite bracelet. A person who will search for this keyword, if ever they find gratification at her application, she will really be able to have a high rate of transition. You can also search for keywords in searches associated. So there is just to go down, and then there you consider bracelet Labradorite mala, lotus Mala bracelet, men’s Mala bracelet, Indian Mala bracelet etc. There, I’m gonna start talking about something nobody talks about, it’s SEO blogs. I will talk more about it in my next videos. There, I just want to address the topic. For example, if I ever sort: “the top 10 makes the hell is best sellers in 2019 “- I applied that in English – you identify that we come, in the second result, on Shopify. So here is. You attend the dominance of SEO. Even Shopify has an SEO blog to entice its own clients. And if you want to go look on the place, there are really some hundreds of thousands of articles that are well written, with jolly paints etc. And for people who come to the site, if they ever have contentment when they read the essay, maybe they will, then subscribe to Shopify. I will come back to this later in the next videos, but now I will illustrate regardles, rapidly, how to place a word key on your store, even if there is more to it, otherwise it “wouldve been” much too simple. This is just the basis, so that Google can know that your locate exists. So there, I precisely situated a keyword for hysterium. I will lean 1 euro, 1.50 euro. Let’s imagine that Soul Leo Guillot is a highly sought after keyword. I’ll settle that in my deed, and I’ll made that in the sheet reception, which is at the most bottom. After that, I employed a flog with the appoint of your patronize. So there, imagine, I’m on Satan shop. I positioned: Soul Lo Guyot/ Satan shop, and in the URL, I will change a little, I’m going to introduced Soul Leo Olsen. Like that, I have a second keyword. So subsequentlies, we will have to write a nice description to have a good click-through rate. I warn you, I will write some[ __ ], because I haven’t worked too hard-handed on the thing, and then I’m starting to get tired. But there. Try to keep descriptions between 148 and 155 attributes long. Try to do cool nonsense, add keywords, to keep capital letter, where there is a need to gave uppercase, and then there you go. So there I’m going to employ: super promo on the being of our favorite little guru, the one and only Lo Olsen Guillot. Upsell of his training at 0.50 euro and I will contribute the keyword Ecom Mastery. Here. There I didn’t have enough references because I still want to stay between 148 and 155. So, I contribute dropshipping. I delete that. And then pouf. Perfect. When you understood SEO, you really understood life. You understood why the best located restaurant in your city center has purchasers every day without any advertising, quite simply because it is well positioned and has natural transaction that comes to visit it regularly. No need to get parties pissed with flyers that will end, regardless, in the bin in two-two. So there you have it, the other who has sat his diner at the end of the countryside, to save money, he has to balance plans sick in push, to have two purchasers over its first year. Everything that I teach you there, you can articulated it in place awfully soon on your storage, from the next video, I ponder. Already starting to educate yourself, do as much research as possible on YouTube, blogging, buying works, I don’t know good-for-nothing me, but eschewed hurling your money down the drain with a decaying rehearsal, and get ready, for my next video, by subscribing and sharing it all as much as possible. So, yeah boy, it’s homework season. And there, I could not be more serious. Before my next video, I crave “youre going to” do your next SEO research. Cause you know what? I will unionize a competition with 500 euros up for grabs in the explains. This competition will be open to everyone, even haters. It will suffice to make a somewhat special note, related to SEO. 500 euros for a comment, I think it’s pretty good. Sorry for the advanced e-merchants who are hungry for more. If I responded to a lot of observations in the previous video, it is not just to start uniting the community, but above all it is to better understand what people need. SEO is really something magical and is not really not complicated when you start to understand the inner workings of the thing. I actually want to try to convey this passion to as countless parties as possible beings, without being clever with technological gibberish difference. And for all those who are going to say: “gneugneugneu, you’re late”. Is a well-known fact that a magician is never late , nor early for that are important, he arrives precisely at the scheduled time. And too, because you will have this action, formerly you have your first patrons, organically, on your Shopify store, thanks to my cheek: I have succeeded. I am God! Measure. Experiment. Experiment. Test. Assessment. Exam. Measure. Assessment. Test. Assessment. Measure. Test ..

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