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SEO search engine optimization the structure the techniques or strategies the content that makes websites work in Google without SEO your web site can’t be prominent for what it is you do where you do it SEO many hopes if you deliver at goop where SEO experts heed our advice we’re here to help goop we deplete more than 100 hours working on even our most basic locates works out keywords meaning the site organize and its scheme writing the contents the place design is not guesswork it’s part of a planned policy to ensure your website is pre-eminent in Google will give you a site plan examine it closely so you know what we’re doing keywords are crucial to your website success keywords are those oaths that people are typing into Google to find your goods your services your website at radical we expend hours researching the keywords that are relevant to your goods your services so that your website is pre-eminent in Google will present you with a special report of those keywords will provide you with a keyword productivity index a kei report so “youre seeing” for yourself why the words we use are so important you’ll accompany the number of searches what beings are looking for the words they’re typing into Google Google dictates that keywords must appear in certain places on your website and must wonder what the fuck you do and where you do it for example type in web sites too long into Google and who comes up group there we are we are the website makes in Jalan one question we’re often expected the group is why do our websites have so much better verse it’s quite simple truly google adorations text google is the eventual bookworm without text you might have a beautiful website like this one but it won’t work in google adwords like these and unexpectedly Google detects exactly what it’s looking for what you do whatever it is you do it google enjoys texts your websites page starts like this one small business website too long play a crucial role in your website grading in Google for what it is you do where you do it small business websites jalan it says precisely what group does will tell you what your website sheet leaders must be so that your website has the best chance of being pre-eminent in Google for what it is you do whatever it is you do it one of the questions were often questioned at group is why does my website have to have an FAQ page it’s quite simple really there are two reasons one you can answer your patients questions to the FAQ page is a great opportunity to get more keywords into your website and retain keywords are what your website is about google desires textbook it loves your keywords so that’s where your faq sheet is handy more keywords there you have it that’s SEO in a nutshell

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