How Long Does It Take to Boost Your Google SEO Rankings? | 1 Month, 12 Month, and 2 Year Timeline


everyone’s telling you to invest thousands of dollars or thousands of your hours into SEO and if you do when should you expect solutions the last thing you want to do is spend thousands of dollars or thousands of your hours and be like mmm it’s not working that would just suck hey everyone I’m Neil Patel and today I’m gonna share with you how long it takes to see results from SEO here’s the theme with Neil Patel calm when I firstly started I immediately came up to nine thousand pilgrims a few months from examination within a matter of twelve months you fast forward I went to all the way to roughly eighty nine thousand pilgrims a month from Google right so one year roughly 10 x my causes you fast forward another twelve months I stumble over four hundred and fifty thousand visitors a month from Google so in two years I disappeared from nine thousand to four hundred and approximately fifty thousand tourists a month that’s a huge increase right just think about that nine to four hundred and fifty that’s crazy now you’re not going to get the same decisions as me because when I started Neil Patel calm this wasn’t my first rodeo I’ve been an SEO for a long time well over ten years and when you first start SEO and the first three months you should read more thoughts start log into Google search console and lead look at search analytics you’ll see how many impressions you’re getting as the first three months go by your impres should be going up if they’re not going up you’re probably doing something off or you’re in a competitive cavity within four six months for sure the thought counting should go up and within your Google Analytics you should look transaction from Google other than words from your brand name yeah you already be get a great deal of traffic for your brand name but you should be getting traffic for keywords outside of your brand name even if it’s not a lot so in the first six months you should be getting traffic from key terms that aren’t your brand name within a year things should start actually knocking in within two years that’s when you’re gonna interpret the bulk of your SEO growth by then you’ve built up your permission and Trust in Google and you just start grading for almost anything now here’s a caveat if you’re not construct associates and you’re not writing a lot of content you’re not getting social signals to your website it can take even longer to get higher-rankings so to get results within the time frames I’m giving you you need to be publishing at least one blog pole a week building at least five to ten associations a month and you need to be promoting your content each and every single week on Facebook Twitter and any of your other social profiles and be get engagement if you do that you’ll get results within the firstly twelve months but you’ll watch the bulk of your results come within the firstly two years

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