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– Hey, in this video I’m going to show you howto actually learn SEO, so before we jump in, make sure you subscribe to my channel because I’m gonna bepublishing a lot of videos just like this one in the near future, so give this video a bigthumbs-up if you’re ready to go, and let’s jump-start right in.( authoritative music) So this isn’t going to be like a great deal of the othervideos you’ve probably examined about how to learn SEO because I’m not gonna focuson the definitions of things. I’m not gonna tell you what backlinks are or what keyword investigate is. You can find all that stuff on your own, and it’s totally availablefor free everywhere online, so I’m not gonna get into that because the truth is anyonecan find information, but if it was as easy as justgetting more information, more beings would be successful at SEO, so what offsets the difference between people who succeed in SEO and people who don’t succeed in SEO? Well, that’s exactly what I’mgoing to cover in this video, so let’s talk about how youcan learn SEO the right way, so back in 2011 I startedmy very first website, and it was an absolute soul town.It had no traffic for monthsand months and months, and no matter what I did Ijust couldn’t get more traffic, and that’s when I ultimately stopped trying to figure it all out on my own, and I was beginning to do alittle more research, and then that is when I detected SEO, and so I immediately started taking action on all that is I was learning, and then, within a few short-lived months, I was able to grow mytraffic substantially, and I even offset my veryfirst affiliate marketing, so that was a huge thing for me because all, at the time, I was certainly trying to do was just offset enough coin to be able to pay my statutes in the future, and then I would be happy, and it’s amazing what it was transformed into, but ever since I usedSEO to grow that website I got absolutely obsessed with it, and so I started creatingwebsite after website because I truly justwanted to get better at SEO.I actually wasn’t too concernedabout making a ton of money. I just wanted to get better at SEO because I knew if I canconsistently rank websites on the first page of Google, I has allowed us to drive organic inquiry congestion to any website that I craved, that would be an extremely valuable skill, and then, in the future, I could make that talent andstart to sell it to occupations or use it to grow my own fellowship, so I knew, at that time, I truly needed to focus on learning how to do it the right way, so in this video I’m going to show you the exact process I usedto learn SEO the right way, and how to learn it fast, and learn it in a waythat it actually pokes, so that you can continue to be an expert and continue to get resultsnow and into the future, so the very first thing you have to do is you have to get base knowledge, so there’s unlimited informationabout SEO on the Internet.You can go into Google and investigation. You can go into YouTube and search, but genuinely, this is, ofcourse, a bit biased, but you can just go rightinto my YouTube channel, or go to the Gotch SEO Blog, and you’ll pretty muchfind all the information you need to know about SEO and to give you that baseknowledge that you need before starting to take action, before moving on to the next step. Now, before you takeall the locate information that you’re going to learnand start behaving on it, you need to understand that not all actions inSEO are created equally.Some wars render 100 times bigger decisions, while some actions producevery little arises, so knowing the differencebetween those wars is absolutely critical, and that’s really what makesa difference between people who are extremely effectivein their SEO safaruss and people who focus on a cluster of nonsense that doesn’t actually make results, so you wanna focus on the things that are gonna produce the biggest upshots with the minimum extent of try, so what are thoseactions that you can take that are gonna produce huge develops? Well, the first is understanding how to create keyword-targeted content, also known as SEO content, so SEO content actually applies to informational pieces of the information contained, which are gonna be blog postsand too transactional sheets, which are gonna be lead capture sheets, local pages, or even e-com pages, and the mode you structure those sheets will completely depend on the intent behind the keyword phrasesthat you’re going after, so for example, if you’re targeting howto teach a Great Pyrenees, that page should be completely focused on educating that person about how to civilize a Great Pyrenees. It shouldn’t be built toconvert them into a customer.It should be built time to educate, and once you’ve done that job, then you can ask for something, which typically, in that case, you wanna just ask for an e-mail address because you’re so early in the sales cycle that it’s not gonna convert very well if you immediately try tohit them with a sales pitch, so it’s best to, when it’san informational resource, to go after something that’s a little lower railing to enter, so that would be like tryingto get their e-mail address, and you can offer a leadmagnet or something of value in exchange for their e-mail address, and then transactionalpages, on the other hand, would be built to actuallyconvert the searcher into a precede or into a purchaser, so if you were a puppy tutor in St.Louis, and you wanted to rankfor that keyword phrase, you’d want that sheet to be structured to build a lot of trust and, most importantly, constructed it in a way that’s completely designed to convert, so you picture significant differences that the informationwas designed to educate, the transactional is designed to convert, so knowing the differencebetween those two is completely dependent onunderstanding search intent, but I won’t go deep into that because I have a tonof videos on my direct about pursuit purport, and make sure you watch those, but irrespective, understanding how to createnew keyword-targeted content and how to improve existingcontent on a website is one of the most fundamentalSEO knowledge that you can learn’ cause the truth is websites are filled withthin, duplicate, outdated, and just sometimesstraight-up bad content, and so you have to understandhow to go through a website and find these issues, these content issues, and then know what to do withthe content formerly you find it, so in a lot of cases you will actually end up havingto delete a lot of content or consolidate or even redirectcontent to primary assets, but once again, I havea video on my direct about how to do a material review, so make sure you watch that, but understanding howto create SEO content and how to optimize existing content is a fundamental SEOskill you have to learn.Number two is connect structure, so I know there’s a lot ofstuff out there right now about how ties don’t matter, but there’s so much evidenceshowing that they still matter and have mattered pretty much forever, so it’s kind of a silly discussionoverall, but irrespective, it is very, very difficultto rank without relations, and it can be done, but you’d have to be willingto wait a very long time to be able to get those results, and so if you’re willing towait years and times and years to get results, then you might be able to do it, but in most cases you’re gonna need ties-in if you’re playing in evena semi-competitive niche, and you have to think about it this style: If all things are equal, let’s say you have two playing websites.They both have incredible content. They both have incredible design. They both have incredible user experience. Well, what is Google going to use to determine who should rank? Well, the only thing theycan do at that point, if all things are created equally, is they have to look to external sources. They have to look to external factors to determine which sheets are best, so the number-one factor that they can use are tie-ups from other relevant websites or attaches from other believable roots, and so whoever has themost high-quality relates is going to definitelyoutperform the one that does not because, if all things are equal, that’s gonna be the determining factor to do decide who winnings in that duel, so that’s why it’s absolutely critical that you have a centred effort to acquire brand-new links to your website because otherwise it’sgonna be extremely hard , no matter how good your content is , no matter how good your website is, and that may change in the future, but right now that continues to be one ofthe most important factors for SEO performance, so make sure you learneverything about it, so the third high-impact area that you need to study and learn is user experience optimization, and so a lot of thetechnical SEO optimization that you’ll go through will improve user experience, but anything you can do in a website that improves user experienceis going to benefit SEO, and most importantly it’s goingto benefit your changeovers, and so it’s a criticalpiece of the puzzle, and so understanding how to create andoptimize existing content, understanding how to acquire links, and understanding how tooptimize for used know-how, if you get those three title, and you are familiar with those, and you really hone in ongetting better at those, you are gonna be a really, really good SEO expert, and then number four, which I consider a bonus, but I genuinely remember every SEO should be competent in this skill, and that’s conversation rate optimization, also known as CRO, and CRO is criticalbecause it doesn’t matter how much freight you drive to your website if you don’t actually turn that traffic into leads and clients, and that’s when CRO comes into play, so I won’t get deep into CRO, but it’s absolutely critical that you’re consistentlytesting your pages and working to improve your pages so that they convert atthe maximum that they can, so that you’re getting themost out of all the traffic that’s going to your site.Okay, so now that you know that you need toestablish base knowledge– – Knowledge. – and you need to focus on the high-impact activities within SEO, the third and most criticalpart of this process, which I ever recommend topeople within Gotch SEO Academy is to start your own side hustle. Now, I know that might seem like a kind of a curious suggestion, but believe it or not, whenyou start your own project, and you use that as yourtesting breeding ground, you will learn so incredibly fast, and this is the processthat I recommend doing, so while you’re gettingyour base insight, while you’re learning the major components of successful SEO safaruss, what you wanna do is study one thing, so let’s take one ofmy videos, for example.Go and watch one of my videos, and when you see somethingthat’s actionable, take that action item and set it what I callon a future wars roll, and so what I do is Iliterally take actionable pieces from content, records, videos, whatever, and I set it on a future actions roll so that I am accountable totake action on that information, and so you need to havethat process in place because otherwise you’ll justconsume, eat, down, and you won’t actuallyact on the information, and so everything that you have consumed doesn’t matter unlessit’s actually to take action, and so it’s so incredibly critical to understand that concept.You’ve probably insured numerous beings online, maybe on Twitter or where else, where they know a lot of information, but they can’t actuallydemonstrate that message, so for example, there maybe some college profs who are knowledgeable about a ton about business. They may know the history of business. They may know everythingyou could ever imagine, historically, about being an entrepreneur, but they’ve never actuallystarted a business. They’ve actually never flourished a business, so that applies in SEO too.There are tons of peoplewho know everything, every single nook and cranny about SEO, but frankly, a lot ofthem don’t actually know how to execute that information, so you don’t wanna be a person that just knows a cluster of information. You wanna be someone who actually knows how toexecute on that information and knows how to get real results, and the only way to get real SEO decisions is to act on every pieceof information that you get so that you can learn fromit and iterate over time because there are no regulates in SEO. Everything is a hypothesis. Everything is a best rehearse, but you are able to always be putting those best practices to evaluation, and that’s really, really important, and even my own suggestion, anything I give you, leant it to the test. See if it wields. You should ever be questioningeverything at all ages, but the way to reallyquestion it the right way is to actually act on it and get that feedbackbased on your own actions.Now, the good news is that I’ve done a massive sum oftesting and failure for you. I’ve worked on hundreds of SEO expeditions, so you can really bypass a lot of the stupid substance that I did so you don’t have to it yourself, and confidence me, I did a lot ofstupid stuff in between now to get to the point where I am now, so believes me, you don’t wanna go through any of the stuff that I done so in between, so that is really the value of working with someone who has expertise, and I’ve had to do that many, many times throughout my SEO career, endeavouring out info from people who are waymore experienced than I am because I is a well-known fact that I do notwanna go through this again in any other field, so I always look for people who are way more experienced than I am to leverage their expertise so I don’t have to gothrough all the failing, and the tests, and the experimentation, and the time-wasting.I don’twanna go through any of that. I’d rather precisely bypass all that and work with someone whoalready knows what they’re doing, and so understandingthat principle is huge because at the end of the daywe only have so much time. You can’t learn every science in the world, so you have to work with other people to acquire these talents, and the only way to doit is to work with people who are more experienced than you are, so the large-scale takeaway for step count three is to start your own side hustle, and make sure that you actfar more than you down. I recommend about a 90/10 split, so 90% of your timeshould be spent perform; 10% of your time should be squander developing yourself and learning. Okay, so let me asses howto learn SEO the right way, so step number one, establishthe locate foot, so learn just enough so that you can start to takeaction on the information. Number two, learn the mostimportant parts of SEO, which is gonna be content, tie-in building, consumer ordeal, and transition proportion optimization, and then number three, start your own side project or side hustle so that you can getreal-life experience in SEO, and even if you’re alreadyan experienced SEO, and even if you’ve workedon SEO campaigns before, it’s still truly important to have your own side projectsbecause it retains you fresh.It stores you thinking’ induce when you have tostart something from scratch, it pressures you to think ina totally different way, and so I highly recommend you check out the video on my canal about how to build a niche site because that goes throughthe entire process of how to start a niche website, so if you wanna startyour own side project at an inexpensive premium, thatis the best way to get it on. Just go through that video. It’s completely free. It’s about an hour long, so make sure you set some time aside, but it will give you everything you need to learn exactly how to start a niche area or start your own side project, so that’s all I have for youtoday about how to learn SEO, and to be honest, if are you gonna not have togo through all the testing, and all the failure, andall the time-wasting, and frankly, consuming a ton of money like I did for numerous, manyyears trying to learn SEO, you can actually justjoin Gotch SEO Academy, which over 800 other SEOs arealready inside there learning, and what it is is an exact, step-by-stepSEO training program, and the real value of Gotch SEO Academy is that you’re really only piggybacking off my years and years of SEO experience, and the cool constituent is you don’t have to gothrough that entire phase of trying to learn, andtesting, and neglecting, and doing all kinds ofstuff trying to learn SEO.Instead, you can justlearn a demonstrate SEO process that’s based on real-life experience, and you can save a ton of time and money, and you can actuallylearn SEO the right way so that you can startgetting better positions and more traffic, and you can really growany company that you want. It’s such an unbelievably powerful knowledge, but like I said, I’m notgonna pitch you super-hard about Gotch SEO Academy. I time hope this video gaveyou a nice little framework for ascertain SEO the right way, and if you got a lot of value from it, satisfy like this videoand leave a comment below, and if you’re notsubscribed, delight agree because I’m going to bepublishing a lot more videos just like this one, so that’s all I have for you today.I’ll see you in the next video.( off-kilter music ).

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