How to Create an Online Marketplace | Step by Step


Hello everyone. Hello and welcome. This is your boy DocWilliams with Build with Me. And tonight we’re going to be talkingabout how you can be building a niche mart within an hour. So comewith me now. If you look at it, the demo has changed a little bit.We’ve got brand-new cameras in here. This is our brand-new DSLR. We’ve gottenthis piece. We’ve got brand-new intro music, all this material just for you.Now, as we go into this, we’re going to substitution so you can seewhat’s going to be on the agenda for tonight.And we’re going to be talkingabout how to build a marketplace. Now, why does it matter? We’re going tobe talking about that in one second. If you are a brand-new to the program, if you’rewatching this on Periscope, YouTube, Facebook groups, whereveryou are watching. My name is Doc Williams and I build threedifferent types of businesses with one implement. Every single show. This is episode 56 56. We’ve gotten this piece. So we’re goingto get into this in a second way. Wait, can we get a little bit of something? Thank you very much. That’s right.It’s been a long travel bout 56. So tonight we’re going to be talkingabout how I’m going to be house a marketplace within 60 times and whyyou should be doing this too. Okay. So if you’re new to thisprogram, we talk about the tool. We’re going to be usingELA mentor in shared tribe.We’re going to be house a nichemarketplace and how to start. You’re going to select aniche and go on from there. We’re going to be register you thethree different types of beings, purveyors, et cetera, et cetera, that should be using this. And again you’ll get to see down hereall of my notations as I’m building in real season. Now, if you would like to have all ofthese episodes instantly to your email, made to ensure that you put youremail in the, in all the spaces, you’ll assemble more than 2000 parties that get this weekly. And we’ll get right into thisnow, again, as I ever say, when we build this live, you can bebuilding with me and ask me questions, all of those different things. Sowe’re going to get right into it. We’re going to put on a timer and we’regoing to go through how quickly I can build this marketplace. I’ll talk to you whatI’m exercising and all of those things.Okay. So we’re going to be usingElementor Ella mentor, which is a WordPress builder. And then we’re going to be using oneof my favorite implements in video games that I precisely don’t think peopleare talking about enough, which is share tribe where you can becreating your own marketplace certainly, really fast. We’re going to be talking about how youcan do all of that trash right here. Okay. So we’re going to get rightinto it. Let me make sure on Twitter, I’m telling parties that we’re doingthis right now and they’ll find out it’s on Periscope. It’s onPeriscope. All claim. Let me know where you’re watchingthis from what you’re trying to build, what kind of business and all ofthat material as well. Let’s see, we’ve got this. Let me justput in this real quick.Put in YoRoomie … And I’ll send you thevideo when I’m done. Boom. Bam. We’re done. Okay. Solet’s get right into it. And before we get started, I’m just going to explainwhy this is really important. Why I contemplate people should be doing thisright now and then we’ll get right into the structure. So the reason we’re doing thistonight is because a lot of people are swiveling in their business. They’re trying to figure out what’snext or trying to figure out what they should be doing withtheir epoch and force. I genuinely think that you should befocused on no code tools so you can build minimal viable concoctions and, and and evaluation out different ideas ata very affordable rate instead of going to code and do all of thosethings. Only a brief background. I used to be a CTO and a CIO, acouple of eras, a couple of startups. And I think that a lot of peoplejust disrespected , no system tools, but now parties are catching up becausea lot of people are broke.So yeah, so I’m really excited. I’m really heartfelt about this andwe’re going to merely kind of get started as always, before we start anything, remember this is brought to youby unofficially, by red pig. If anyone has a connection to redbull and you would like me to get a real sponsorship of this wonderfulbeverage, please message me as always. I’m always looking for patrons fromred bull. So let’s get right into this. We’re going to turn in a timer andsee how fast we can develop this thing. Okay. So the first thing I am going to do is create a website real quick and and exactly have that as a homepage. I approximate Icould do that with share tribe as well.I simply, I picture their landingpages, they bill $99 per month. So I’m just going to build it with Ellamentor and then link it to share tribe. So I merely bought the no code marketplace, the honour. So the no system market placecan’t believe that was available. And I was trying to be really likereally, you know, I don’t know, trying to think about a really coolname and my bride is just like, yeah, simply buy the no-code marketplace.And I was like, yeah, maybe I should just buy that word. Okay. So I’m going to build out thispage now. I don’t build anything from scratch, I’m just going to go to, I, I went to Invitae elementsand I’m searching for some kits.I always startwith engineering and apps, got to get out some templates real quick. I conceive I’m going to gowith the soft up soft up. That kind of looks like yeah.That thing. So I’m gonna, I’m gonna help that to start building, I recall I’m going to use thispage to build out the breast of of the website as I’m doing that. Yikes. Okay. Sensitive information.People stop looking at my nonsense. Okay. Log into WordPress. Let’s let’s sign up for ashared tribe account real quick. I should look to try to get asponsorship share tribe or something. I talk about them forever. Now, if you want all of my you know, straight to your your email, I just made this on sandbox.So youcan signaling this sign up for now. Oh, look at that. Subscribe with Google. They merely added that they just addedthat first sandbox, but right here, you’ll get all my informationand be able to and to get it send fox.com/ uh doc. Okay.Let’s see about this. All title. Share tribal at signup, make an account real quick. Start building for free. Let’s do this. I’m going to select, share tribe, become. Okay. Let’s let’s make it real quick. Just put in my info, time get started real quick. Okay. Sign up with that. I agree.More ailments details. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Let’s see. Sothis is Mark. So this is shared tribe. And I’m going to simply createa marketplace very quickly. I cherish that it gives youdifferent types that I could do. So mart form let’s see, we’re going to be lease concoctions , no selling tickets selling.Oh, selling physical or digital commodities. A marketplace name.The no system marketplace Right there. United Statescreate marketplace. Okay. Dashboard. So I’d got no, the no code marketplace.com determined that up. Let me set up Ella mentor real quick. So if you’re not familiarwith factor expedition instructor dot, I’m going to go over here And I’m going to get anaccount. Now, if you, if you do not know what Elementor is, we have a couple different past episodes talking about it, but it’s a, it’s a dragon dropper for WordPress.Ilove this thing so much better. Pretty much. This is how I started mywebsite agency back in the day. And yeah, I bought, I, Ibuilt a lot of ups with it. Let’s see. Did we log in? Hello? Hold on. You have logged in successfully.Oh, okay. Okay, cool. And if I’m going too fast or if youhave questions just let me know. So again, the, the format, what we’re doing here is I’mbuilding out the platform page working Elementor. I’m going to buildthe marketplace with move Fox, transmit Fox with share tribe to countless pulpits we talked about once. So Ella mentor in share tribe. So if you need the URL, it’s going to be sharedtribe.com.My thing. See, I thought someone was hit me up inthe comments. It’s just share tribe, talking to me. Okay. Let’s see. Okay. So right here, when I madethe account for share tribe, this just sounded up. So now I can go and startdetailing and improving this out in a moment. And so if welook at this five minutes, 37 seconds we created a website shout out to blue host. So we created a websiteright there with a WordPress, and then we just madea share tribe account. So we did that in lessthan six instants. Okay. So let’s go and make this a little bitmore detailed and and start fleshing this out.Now, what I’m goingto do with with ELA mentors, only because I can make landing pagesquicker and it’s cheaper for me than doing the landing page from share tribe. I’m just going to add ELA mentor and simply upload it and do all that kind ofstuff. So let’s just download this. All title. So I download the zip, let’s go over here, plugins brand-new. And so I’m going to use the Elementorpro and then I’m going to use Involta and I’m just going to use that.So let’s upload plugin. This is something I made a mistake whenI was just getting started for years.I used to always unpack the zip and belike, why didn’t I, why didn’t it run? Because I just didn’t read this sectionand I just ever on zip data and I ever, regardless, that’s just a readingcomprehension problem on my result. Let’s see. And then I’m going to downloadthis one because I want to use the home page home page three.Let me download this label factor, Inc. Add and download. Okay. So we’re goingto add this, include this. Okay, cool. So we’re going to add thisone onto our website and I like the examine of this. Let meknow what parties are thinking, but I think it looks pretty nice. I think you can look good for a frontpage for a marketplace to get started. Now, what I’m going to do is kind of justI’m trying to just lure parties to the marketplace. I’m not goingto have it completely open. I don’t think just because we’vegot to build out a lot of things.So I’m going to have this, a platform sheet and then tofind out about the marketplace, I’m going to have this clickover to the share tribe page. That’s what I’m thinking. Let me knowabout the complexions. I’m penchant this out. Okay. So have that, letme initiate my plugins. How’s our times looking. Eightminutes. We got to get step it up. See. So I’ve uploaded thatinstall constituent, or now kind of get rid of someof my tabs initiate. I don’t think I need that anymore. And let me know if you havequestions in the schmooze and everything. Hm.[ Inaudible] procreate my firstpage. Thank you so much better. But now let me just activate it. Okay. Connect and activate.Let’s do this real quick. It’s going to go find myaccount activate right there. Boom. I know a lot of people don’t like usingWordPress and for a couple of years, I’ve really, genuinely didn’t like employ it.The only rationale I remained with WordPressis because I like Ella mentor so much. But if you look at it, a great deal of my other areas, like I’m use thought for alot of my material right now, I mull notion is just fun.So that’s why I’m doing it. All claim. Let’s see. So what we just did was wejust initiated Ella mentor. Now let’s just go startbuilding out on share tribe motto and description. Let’s wealready established the marketplace, make a slogan and, and description. Let’ssay, what should we call? What should we do this slogan over this? Let’s just say flaunt the motto onthe homepage.Let’s see about this. The number one source for no code templates. Well, that soundsabout title, whatever, 10 pallets, if I can spell it. All freedom. Display description homepage. Let’s see. This is well let’s just saydescribe templates and hackers to create no code MVPs. That’s good enough. Okay. Okay. Let’s alter that out. Okay. That’s good enough for theno code. Ooh. Upload a photo. Okay. So when I’m making a photo real quick or uploading it. Okay, soit’s gotta be 19 by 2019, 20 by four 50. Let’s do this realquick. I’m going to go to Canva. I’m going to get some Unsplashstuff and let’s knock this out. Move this over here. Let’s look at our timer. How couldwe Levon minutes? Y’all 11 instants. 42 seconds. So custom features, 1920. What did I say? Four 50. Got to move stuff out ofthe way for 15 four 15. Let’s make this custom design. Okay. So as we do this, I’m going to go on Unsplash andjust get a really good picture. Unsplash you know what? A much of peopletalk about the SEO that the components, if you upload Unsplash, I ponder ConvertKit was talking abouthow many more spectators they get on their website because they have so manyhigh quality characterizations on Unsplash. That’s one of my goals I haveto do that. Let’s see no code. Let’s see what it lookslike. What we got now. Yeah. I guess that’s all right. Imean, this is all, I imply, Hey. Okay. What is this? I don’teven like that.I planned, I it’s cool, but I don’t know what kindof word-paintings should we get for no code? I’m just going to say peoplemakers. That’s what I’m going to do. Let’s see about this manufacturers. Mm. I was afraid about this. You know what? Teachablejust use this image. Shoo. I’m about to use it again. Youknow what? I only need to settled a, I need my own videos. I mean, it merely doesn’t really speak to All right. Fine. Well, yup. I’m going to use this. See convert kit. Ah, I toldyou, I told you convert adolescents, putting their substance out of there. I needto do, I’m going to do that tomorrow.Do this, gave that right there. Okay. So we’re going to take that idol. Let’s just discontinue this over hereand employed some personas back here. I should have said and done. Yeah. Goodness. Let me do this screenshots. Where’d I positioned it that’s it. I was goingto be one of my goals. I’m just going to introduce a cluster of stuffin and Unsplash this week, passes out. That’s what I’m going to do. Okay. Ooh. Well, yeah, itstarts there. That’s fine. Okay. Banner for no system marketplace pop, daddy, sound, pa, sound. It’s download it. It’s just you P and G. Okay. In that real quick And stop this in mind. If you’retrying to create your own marketplace, merely look for the imagery. That’sgoing to speak to your public. Right. Just go with that. I know thatseems easier said than done, but like time don’t overthink it.You can always do it like you know, last-minute or add things.So why did didn’t I, Oh, here we go. No annoys. My banner open.[ Inaudible ]. Same settles. I’llworry about insignium later. Might change the pigments or somethinglater. Add studies and filters. Okay. Cool Fields and all right. Let’s let’s filters. Let’s talk about fieldsreal quick. Listing. Okay. Texts. let’s see. Mm. What’s a no-code tool that we use.Well everyone uses bubble, but I symbolize, I, I use good barber for stage say, okay, hold on, hold the line. So the up in the second largest , no, you know what I it is necessary do? I need to do drop down becauseit’s the type of no system implement I’m thinking. Yeah. Let’s type of no system implement. Yeah. I can do that then I can do bubble.What do parties use? Collide had an option. Good barber shout out to good barber build fire. Ah, what else we got here? Supernova sketch. I think that’s good enough. Save, save right there. I’m goingto cut out this one now. Okay. Okay. Detailed description, roll identify. Cause that’s fine. Configure. Just configurePayPal for right now. Let’s just hook up PayPal accountsjust so we can turn this live and you can see, like it’s notsomething we’re doing this, like in hypothesi, we’re reallydoing it. Let’s see what’s going on on Twitter or anything. Oh, who were you tweeted this good times. Thanks yourroommate.Appreciate that.Appreciate all that you do. Okay. Good seasons. All claim. So this, while again, log intoPayPal. Let’s do that, right. Okay. Let me departed this well again. Timer 19 instants. Okay. Let’s go. 19 minutes. I’ll go that out. Okay. Let’s see. Grant permission. Yes. Redirecting to marketplace.I’ll do it with Stripe later, wanting to get at leastat least PayPal fastened. Okay, cool. So we are only appointed that. Let’s take a look at it. Takea look at the arrive page. The let’s see the platform pageis perhaps most important. You can get this foryou know, $99 a few months. And so that’s why I, that’s why I’m appointing thatfor in WordPress instead I do like their habit shoring sheets, but I guess I’m just going to use a lotof the same motifs and then merely craft my own. Let’s see. Let’s look at an example. Well, we do read an article. Let’s take a look at the other one search. I’m going to probablydo a mixture of the two get on wheels.Mm I do like that. That was pretty interesting. Okay, cool. So I’m going to probably use somethinglike this set up and then only improve it in, in in WordPress. Okay. So right now let’s talk aboutwhat we accomplished in 22 times. Right now we already finishedsetting up our share tribe account, particularly bare bone, extremely bare bone. Okay. so we did that and we’re going to add atleast one entry and then we’re going to create the, the, the front sheet. I struggle with design or, orgetting in my president too much. So I’m just going to finish up the backend and then we’regoing to merely build out the front end real quick. See what happens. With that? So firstly Igot to confirm my email, make sure that’s fine with theaccount. And then and then we’ll, we’ll finish up the backend if you’rebuilding your mart for the first time.And you were thinkingabout this, retain one, a marketplace, who are you serving? And what’s the easiest way that youcan get started with share tribe. They make it much simpler. I’mnot even getting paid by them yet. I gotta see if I can getpaid by them, but ShareDrive, I just think it stimulates it so much easyas you can see, we did this under, under 30 instants and it’s just been a wonderful thing.It’s been a very easy process. Let’s see. Don’t referee me. Yes. I needto clean out my emails, but I simply have too many email addresses.So please give me a break. Okay. Got that. As that, as that is loading, let’s just talk about this real quick. So again, if you’re just connect or you’rewatching that is something that make sure that you’re, this whole episode is about how tobuild a niche, a niche mart. And so we’re hear howfast we can do it. Now. We’ll kind of talk about real quick, who this is for and why I thinkmarketplace should work. So if you, if you’re the expert consultants, if you’rea marketer or a dream president, I think you can really use marketplacesin a lot of different ways. But I think in three differentmarketing ideas to build out you know, a marketplace, then you need to think abouteither a productized consulting prioritized consulting.Soyou can streamline that. So instead of time doing one-offs orscattered to seeing how you’re doing your consulting, you can create a marketplace and thenprioritize that consulting and then have other people that are qualified. You can have on your mart and thentake a percentage of their consulting conferences. The other thing is selling agencieslooking to productize their service. Again, you can do thatwith the marketplace again, and you can enroll otherpeople, other great marketers. To be on your stage aswell. You make a percentage, they’re getting more work, et cetera, et cetera. And the last thing extremely, if you’re a route architect, I judge marketplaces are another greatway that you can dominate because you can increase your approval because howmany course founders actually have a marketplace and how manypeople want to collaborate.And all of these things dojoint goes. If your, that route developer that’s knownin your gap, make a marketplace, and then everyone clearly seeswhat’s going on. And again, they attribute it back to you because youhave the platform where everyone wants to be associated with. Sothat’s what I would do. Give me justify my email real quick. Sure. This thing. Oh, okay.Marketplace 57% done, et seq, except remittances. IRA did that. Or you did that with PayPal, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I already did that. Wait a hour. Hold on. You want to allow users to pay andaccept payments online and in order to be allowed to possibly receive boards. Okay.I’m fine with that.Let me launch that up. Ah, attend, I already got it. Let’sdo this seller transaction. Hmm. I don’t know. 10% right now.Let’s just do it that way. Let’s do a minimum deal. $5. Save. That. Must be lower than minimum transit. Hmm. Minimum transaction fee. Not understanding this correctly here. The math division screwsme over. Let’s do this 5 %. Did you believe that? Am Ijust doing something wrong? Let me really read this for a second. Don’t tell me that works. The minimum busines length has to begreater than the minimum commissioning. Okay. I’m fine with that. And now you envision math has beenholding me back my part live. Oh, what am I doing on C? See this on my other marketplace. Okay. We’re going to come back tothis straight up. Embarrassing. I reckon I’m just not read it, right? No. I picture I’m doing this right.I’m just not sellertransaction reward. Oh wait, wait. Transaction fee installs. Now I’ve predict the minimum transactionsize has to be greater than the minimum. Commission. Okay. I understand what you’re saying. Maybe I should do 0.5%. No, I was right. Look. That’s good. Butwe’re going to look at this later. I don’t have time for this. It’sembarrassing for people watching.Okay. Let me just go back. I’llfigure it out last-minute. I know. I’m just not “ve got something” right. Let’s see. Okay. That’s fine. Okay. Alrighty. Confirm there. Alrighty. We’re going to dothat with WordPress over here. That’s great. Set up online payments. Allright. Fine. Fine, punishment. Fine. I’ll time that in a moment. Add firstlisting. Let’s contributed our first listing. So selling without, without online paymentselling with online fee. Okay. The no-code hasn’t been okay. Let me precisely slap thisout for a few seconds. Oh, deal immensity. There wego. Let’s attain that $10. Five. Let’s do 10. Let’s do. 2015 Missing. Minimum transaction.We’ll make it $ 10. Right? Seller, deal fee. Genuinely stressed outabout this for a second. Okay. Creating yourfirst post.There “theres going”. I just lost like some peoplelike this man is an idiot Selling online payment. Let’s say let’s make it a slither template. Clyde template, $25 shipping description, a tradition slip template for your regional business. Let’s take out. Let’s take a look at glidetemplates, glide app. So good. It’s tranquillity up over here. Look at my timer. 31 minutes.All claim guys. Under 29, we got to do this under 29 times. Now build apps together with glideorganizations. Let’s go with templates. Let’s do mobile eateries. Well maker, Pat, did itshout out to realize her bad Bob that’s John’s features of the template Use contingencies. Why C okay. Who this template is perfect for. Right? So then the details of whatyou’re exactly going from the slither template would be right here.Features of the template exert cases. I’m going to say key features of thetemplate and then we’re going to have, yeah, that’s good enough.Soright here you can drop down. Right? So glide is right hereand I’ll contribute a general one, something like that, just incase let’s compute some images. This is just a demo beings taking it from anyone I’m goingto give ascribe to realize her pad. I am only evidencing you on the app now. Shout out to Ben, by the way, let’s do that. We’re going to select, and I’m even saying it’s mega Pat I’m.This is just for this demo people. There we go. Announces, rostering list. See if, Oh , no. Do not tell me. I exactly. I had to do this again.Let’s just do it real quick. Quiet template. Okay. I don’t even remember what I said. Description of the template Is who this template is for. Okay. So that way it’s very clear key features of the template. And then from here, we’re going to say use events right there. Knock that out. I’m going to say fly, add the persona again. Post listing. Let’s just do pick up, I believe Igotta change this and puts. I’ll reform that and regulates. Okay. Good invite customers. We’ll dothat. And now the last step, share your marketplace, invite customers and we can do that. Sothat’s pretty awesome. Okay. So let’s go back to enumerates realquick. Let’s just alteration some things. Hmm. Hmm. Let’s go into settings. Ithink I need to go here. Hold on one second. Movethis blah, blah, blah, blah.Manage leanings, basic details. I must be given to either do basicdetails or registering categories. I’ll taken to ensure that in a second. No code, blah, blah, blah, blah. Let’s go to the leans. Default category is fine. Thisjust changed the two categories. It’s a little bit, No system tool save. And then I’m going to say no codetemplate, something like that. No system template. Time so we couldbe a little bit more specific. I consider I’m gonna modification that.Let’s see. So we did pattern and filters and then wemight have do line-up type to site. I don’t think we idol. Let me contributed this is something that other. Just in case say formation date.I think we’regoing to, can I cut that out? Can I see that in asecond? Okay. That’s fine. Order forms, let’s take a look of that. Selling online. Selling with online payment.I think that’s fine. Yeah. Social analytics, rule, verse rectifying things. Okay. That’s good enough. Seetimer. “Wheres” we at? 37 hours. Okay. So we’re at the 37 instant Mark to set up the basic four. Time to set up. Let’s see. Okay. Total time to set up elementaries. Oh, share tribe. Plus add one listing. Of track we can add moredetails, trash like that. Let’s do that. Open that. Okay. So now that we have the totaltime to set up the basic listing, we have the first one done.Okay. Let’s retain this. Let’s take a look at it. Open a brand-new tab. Very, very basic. Y’allthe no-code marketplace. We had our very first one Clydetemplate, a slink template did that.You can go by the type of no code tool.Very, very simple. Very, very simple. So we got everything donehere. Let me only invite a, a member and invite users. And then and then we’re going tomove on to building a a land page for this Kayla’s invite some people. Let me invite max from a hundreddays of no system. Which is why i. Max? Hold on one second. What is his emailaddress? Shout out to max for putting on that immense challenger. I’m probably going to addEdmund from codeless as well, but let me have this. Hey, here’s. The link to the new no code mart. Let me know what you think. Okay. By the method, this is in beta send invitation. Okay. Bam. Brilliant. You madeit superb. You did it. Your mart is up and running.See what is necessary do next.See you guys. You can do this too. Ifyou’re trying to create a marketplace, don’t be scared aboutit again. 40 hours, 40 instants, we just finishedall the steps now again, does it ogle the prettiest? Well, guess what I know I need to, I need to work on this, but you can have yourMVP out the door quick. Let’s look at it in Congo. Let’slook at what the breast looks like. Bam. I might have to change out or make thisa little bit darker just so you can see it a little bit better. The number onesource for no system templates. I represent, look at that. Let me simply, that’sgoing to bother me. I mean, time originate the picture a little darker, just so you the likeness, the words sounds, but I mean, I’ll use shares rightnow. We just finished that up.Let me do a Canva real quick. Knock this sucker out and then we’regoing to move on to make-up the ground page. I gotta, I gotta hustle. Ah, humankind, I feel the pressure now. So I’m going to go back to camera.I just made the homepage, right? No , no , no. So I just made the homepage. Let’s make this a little bit darker andthen we introduced it back up so you can see the, the the words alittle bit clearer. Okay. So let’s take this. Let’sput a filter on this. Let’s see. Filter, plummet this down. No, let’s do transparency now. No , no. Let’s do this. Okay. Well let me leant anelement on top of this thing, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.Let’s leant a influence on this thing To this. First of all, let’s make this gray or something like that.Hold on, let me, let mejust do this real quick filter. Let me time vary out. Only remove this real quick. Just do this one. Yeah. Let me hit thisup. Do I want an period? Nah, just stop thinking toomuch. Just do it tons today. You know what? This intensity drop. Yeah, there we go.Let’s do that strength. Drop this over here.Let’s download this again. Okay. We came that one. Let’supload it again. See what happens. All claim. Preparing. So we’re going to throw this in thebackground just so we can get a little bit the, the words to pop a littlebit.Let’s go back to share tribe. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Iknow. I know. I know. I know. Let’s go back to blueprint. Okay, cool. Let’s justdrop the include photo. Rented it out real quick. Downloads. Let’s make it a little bit.There we go. Drop that. Good and save. Go back. So we had this again. I’llchange the logo out guys. I can do better or whatever, whateverI don’t want to drive for there. One more season. It’s going to drive me insane.Insane. I think that’s going to be betterbecause I imagine the other one let’s try this again. I know. I know. I know.I know I’m wasting go, but that’s why we got everything elseout of the way so we can knock this out. Yeah. I think if it’s lighter thanlet’s just make love one more time. This is where I have my wife do itbecause she is the graphic designer and I precisely consume too much time.I can do everything else, but it’s you see howmuch of a sizzling mess it is, but that’s why we knockout everything else first. So then design won’t be an issue. I convey, it’s still an issue we’rehaving to go back and do it, but okay. Let’s see. Yeah. I’m done. I’m an idiot. Thisis going to have my spouse. That area she’s always on me. Likeyou, you really don’t understand conceptions, whatever. All freedom. Let’s just knock cold thisthis landing page real quick. So “were having” this done.Everything’s done over here.You mentioned glide. That’s done. Let’s make sure we have all thatstuff out of the path. All title. Now we’re going to makethe disembark page super, super easy and have everything going. Okay. We’re at 46 instants. All claim. Let’s move some material around here. Okay. So we have this as a basis. Okay. And we’re going to usesomething like this. Okay. So let’s go in here. Let’s download Ella mentor Invado elementtour. So let’s do that. Let’s that over here. Search. And vAuto. Oh, come on now. Oh, I had to get an add new. And Vaughn too. Let’s see. Install in vAutoelements. Yep. That’s what we want. So let’s look at our timer.We’ve got 13 instants. We’re just going to build somethingreally basic. Something like this. Just so we have the bring sheet. Activate. We have that one set to go. Photo constituents, template, kit. It’slet’s make a homepage real quick. Add a page. No, go back.Add brand-new. Got way too many tabs.I’m getting out of here. Locke. Let’s just time ahomepage. Change the epithet last-minute. Publish. Okay. We’re going to go back toWordPress for a second. 11 Times. Vauto let’s go to template packs. We’re going to have toupload something real quick. Let’s look at lists. And what is the name of the gear? Soft. let’s see about this check box. Yup. Install kit. Get started. Get started. It’s probably to connectmy note in a second. Let me just signed off. Come on. Thank you. What’s my timer looks a lot like, all right.Got nine minutes. Copy token, going to be home. 10. vAuto plugging him pace. Verifier. Yep. Needs a epithet, update.Project epithet. No system. Cool. No code marketplace.You’re connected. Ready? Okay. Cool install. So it’s installing allof the CA right there. So right here, I don’t haveto go and vent, you are familiar with, all this stuff before I canliterally precisely look at what I need. I reflect I’m going todo something like this. This was the one I wasthinking about employing though. I mull I’m going to do this one. Import template. Nine minutes. I’ll position this over here. All right.I know. That’s the one I demand. It’s right there. 33% on eight instants. Let’s see what beings aresaying on Twitter by Papa.Okay. Good occasions. Okay. So we just finishedthat over there. Well, that bothers me, but we’renot going to worry about it. 80%. Okay. Is that is finishing up. Remember, let’s see, we’ll re-examine thisat the end pretty much, but let me know if you have any questions.Okay? Okay. So we have the template. All title. Now we’regoing to go to the page. Homepage. And again, once you have this thing done, you can change it, what it is you like.[ Inaudible] Was close. Just go in here and importthis thing real quick. To change this out. Okay. Layout. Let’s change it to canvas update. It lay kits. You install Stu implant template homepage.Yeah.I got to input this again. I exactly did this thing.It’s messing up my age. Sure. Let’s take a look at this. So again, I might just use thisas an example, introduced this in one example of territory sheets.[ Inaudible ]. Timer. Okay. See what we’re at here. Perhaps I should have stayed on thepage. Oh, what’s going on now? All right. 55. Let’s see, I could have messed it up. Oh , now it doesn’t. Ofcourse. I’m just impatient. That 55 times. Oh, come on, somebody. I go over a little bit. Imight go over a marry minutes. All privilege. Let’s change this out again. Default canvas. Okay. Updating that first then let’s go here again. Let’s upload this one. Insert. You identified what happened. This would have been done a coupleof minutes ago. This, well, I make, it is my fault though.I’m not going to lie.[ Inaudible ]. I have enough time toupload it, but I’m probably, Oh, come on. You’re killing me right now. I shouldn’t have messed with thebanner. That was a problem.Oh, it’s way too much sunbathe. Come on guys. Oh. And now it gives me a telling. Okay.Well I’m going to stop it right there. Okay. The conclude behind it is youknew we could have this. Would’ve been a lot easier, but you know, “thats happened”. So yes, within an hour, we didn’tget time to do a arrive sheet. Oh. You know? Right when Isay it. Right. And then it, and then it lades everything. Oh, this is just great. Okay. You construed what happened? Tried this twice.Okay. I’m just going to upload it. Oh, okay. Now it’s Oh, you are familiar with, right. When I stopped the clock, you hear what I’m talking about andknew what I was trying to shoo, let me just change that.Welcome to the no system mart, but you checked what happened. I don’t needto explain it. You once know. Okay. So right here, you can easilycreate really easy landing page. You can cut out the personas, you like talk about what the platformis going to be for all of this substance. I’m informing it just so you haveit, but you, you discovered what happened. You were here. Okay. but that was the true number to finishall this other substance. But regardless, we are therefore finished creatingthe, the marketplace. You saw how easy it wouldbe having a WordPress you know, import and everything like that. I meditate merely because I was switchingpages and I was doing all these other things that’s whathappened. So our complete, ended body-build period, watch right here that right there, so that there is nothing to and that be selected certainly the true build was 37 hours. And this was all gravy and supplementing things. So you pictured “whats going on”. Soagain, if I’m to make it super, super. Easy, I wouldn’t even probably doa landing sheet first off.Okay. I would do a landing page because that’swhere I would do the opt-ins to get you know, if, if they don’t go any further andtry to go into the marketplace, I is nevertheless gather their emailinformation, but there you have it. Okay. So let’s, let’s talkabout this for a second. And then we’ll wrap up this bout. Okay. And for everyone that was watchingand all that kind of good trash. Okay. So let’s do this support on the road. Okay. Everyone. So wejust, what is this episode? How to build a niche marketplacein 60 minutes. So, first of all, with share tribe, you couldsee exactly doing a marketplace. It made us less than 40 minutes.We’re adding land pages and contributing allthose opt-ins that you can do a little bit later, more advanced. Butagain, all it takes is Elementor, which is a, you know, a make for WordPress and share tribe.If you don’t want to use WordPress, you don’t like it. Whatever, it’s the barbarian don’t use it. You can simply useShareDrive and all of this. So let’s talk about whatwas accomplished in this episode. So let’s go right over here. So this is the wrap-up again, we were talking about how to builda niche marketplace. In 60 hours, we use aspect Tor and share tribe. Now what we did with a sharedtribe, we did the whole onboarding. We organized the whole platform, connected it to PayPal and all thosethings. What does it look like at the end? No, I have to obligate the idol a little bitbetter. I tried to do it, you know, I, I messed it up cruelly, but again , no code.I would change this right hereto merely be a logo. But of course, the number one source for noCA code templates, we havethis section right here. You have the two categories, youhave the type of no-code tools. We just made one reallyquick, which was the, the gliding template talked aboutwhat it was talking about, how you could be adding all of this stuff. So again formed the marketplace.We only need to work on theimagery and everything like that. But the basics is right there now. So two, we computed a a platform page that we built in ELA mentor. You participated whathappened at time dot twice, so that’s my bad. But again, welcometo the no-code marketplace right here. I is able to have, you are familiar with, signup or, you know, connect the wait roll, something like that. And itencourages them to, you are familiar with, get ready for the marketplacehere. I could have different symbols, all of that kind of stuff down now. I would have like what the marketplaceis about. And then, you know, I have a picture of myself orsomething like that down there. If I was doing it as a membership, I could have the pricing. I’ll probably make that out. But I’m just a highly part basiclanding page. It certainly, if I was necessary to, I would just cutout everything below the fold. And that acces it’s just a one, you know, pinch sheet where they’re seeingwhat the marketplace is about. And then are you in, are you out? Andthen it makes you to the share tribe page.So who is this for? We talked aboutthis at the beginning of the substantiate, but truly to create a nichemarketplace, we’re really, I’m really focused on and passionateabout this because I think there’s a huge opportunity for beings to pivot and toknow what they could be doing with their business and and to evaluation outa lot different ideas. Sowho would I use this for? If you’re a consultant, amarketer, or a foresee manager, I would consider doing a marketplace. What kind of business ideas couldyou do with share tribe or with any marketplace? You can haveprototyzing consulting. You can do a marketing business wherethey prioritize their services for ads, for MVP creation, all thatstuff. And for course inventors, if you’re already creating you alreadyhave one brook of income for your trends, I would most recommend having amarketplace and having other professionals that want to that want to work withyou, using them on the platform.And then you take a percentageof all their services as well. And then you’re the authorities concerned figurebecause you moved the marketplace, people accompany you with thislarge entity and then other qualified professionals are now workingfor you and or in your ecosystem. They’re not working for you.They’re not an employee, but they’re on your marketplace.So those are my ideas. The lamp statement erect yourroomie.I shout out to him. He was talking about it with drewlike earlier in the day. And I was like, let’s see how fast we could build this. So for the initial share tribein setting up one lean, it made us about 37 instants to do the, lending a template and including a landingpage. It made us about 58 hours. Again, you assured what happened, epoch out. We did it twice, but all those things I wouldclean up in the interim. So that is how you builda niche mart in 60 minutes.Now, if you’re tryingto start and you’re saying, well, I simply indicated you all thatstuff, but doc, that’s not me. I don’t know where to begin. Pick thesethree different steps. Number one, pick a business thought. Sowhat are you going to do? Do you want to do prototyzingconsulting, et cetera? What do you want to do then? Whatkind of niche are you going to target? Are you in the yoga room, nichedown more? Are you in sizzling yoga? Okay. Be very specific.And then too whatkind of prototype services do they crave? Do they want you know, guided meditation where they’re havingdifferent breathing skills and you navigating them through reflection, you’re creating that basicfive to 10 minute lesson. You’re uploading it and then you’reselling it in the marketplace. What can you do? What are beings askingfor? And then from the marketplace, make sure that you reachout to 10 to 15 people, asking questions to enroll in the marketplace, understand what they think about it, think about the products.Do theylike it? What do they want? More of? I’d probably even contribute a paper formor a Google form for beings that in the header part of a shared tribe, if they want to request a certain service, then you get even more opportunitiesfrom the pulpit. And then again, create a demo or again, show people your shared tribeplatform that marketplace, and then proceed from there. So again, thank you everyone for watching. This was for the moment I wasn’tplanning to go live and do this tonight, but witnessed it was motivated.And and then we did it. So this is MVP ourselves. We bought the domain for the no-code marketplace.com. We’ll havethat up and running. Well, it’s already up and running right now, but we’ll connect that platform page.We’ll do it tomorrow. And then gofrom there. If you have any questions, if you want to follow me, going to see Sen fox.com/ doc doc, you can sign up for the newsletter, letand then you can know when I is living, I generally go live every Wednesday nightat 10:00 PM Eastern standard epoch. That’s our regular weekly show.And then sometimes I’m arbitrarily, arbitrarily online and buildingthings like this. So again, thank you very much for watching. Thankyou for being a part of the improve. If you have any questions, trying to reach me @docdocatbrandfactoring. comor on Twitter underscore doc Williams, doc Williams. And I’ll I’ll answer anyof your questions again ..

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