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How to get more followers on instagram organically in 2021




Having more instagram followers is not so hard, you can buy them, but can you retain them? No, that is why growing organically on instagram is the only option left to grow on instagram. Now in today’s video we will be talking about how to grow instagram followers organically. This is me rehan, akbar instagram, growth and strategy practitioner.

I teach people how to nudge down on instagram and create content which makes money, so the growth process requires proper steps in here i will be teaching you six steps. Yes, six steps which will help you grow on instagram organically step. Number one have a clear goal in your mind when you know what you want on instagram, you get prepared for it and when you get prepared for it, you set the goals around it and when you set the goals around it, you create content around it and When you create content around it, you attract the right people.

Step number two define your audience. Yes, when you will have a defined audience, you will know who you are serving your content to and when you will know who you are serving your content to. You will never run out of ideas, step number, three search. What your defined audience is consuming on instagram. Are they consuming kerosene posts? Do they prefer video form of content? Do they prefer instagram reels step number four create content which your audience loves. The most step. Number five optimize your posts by adding the right hashtags remember: hashtags have to be under 500k.

You have to add locations in it, not in the hashtags, but with your post. You have to tag the related accounts in your post and then you have to make your posts shareable so that when people will share your posts, you will get exposure of new accounts and when you will get exposure of new accounts, most probably the new accounts will Follow you from there then step number six analyze, your every post. You can analyze your every post by simply going in the insides of your post. You can see how many saves it is getting, how many shares it is getting, and if the indicators are good, which means you’re getting saves, shares comments.

Then sooner or later you are going to get famous on Instagram real soon by just following these six steps, you can grow on Instagram real fast, and I really hope that you’ve learned something from this video. If, then, please, let me know in the comment section below that, what you learned from this video and if you’re new on this channel, then make sure you hit the subscribe button, because we all talk about social media and growth on this channel.

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