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How to get Views on YouTube!

Biko, Oh man, it’s been three days and we’ve only got 5 views. Will Yeah and we’ve been working over two weeks on the clip Biko Plus there are four of us. If we all saw it, then technically we only have one Sean. I actually saw it twice. … Will What shall we do Will And I quit my job. So we can take this seriously Sean. 


Yes, we all did Beco. You guys, Biko Watch this quickly. Ryan! Well, welcome, Ryan! Are you going through a hard time getting people to watch your videos? Ryan? Are you in a difficult situation right now, because you left your job to go after your career as a Qtuber Will Wow that’s an accurate description for us Ryan? Are you four guys in a bad condition sitting on a brown sofa Ryan? You are surrounded by garbage and you have a vase in the form of a red piggy, Ryan, Blue sticker. Will the hell Ryan, Or one of the four guys has a secret, embarrassing addiction that is eating his mucus, Derek? It must be Sean Ryan. Well, if this is the case, you have come to the right place. Ryan Welcome to “ How to Get Views on YouTube”, if


I made a trivial video Or a funny clip something new I carried it But you’ve got one watch I’m still passionate And you want to be honest with yourself Fail again And you don’t know why Youtube tips she said Do what you want to do this is beautiful But we all know that this is not the truth This is not 2010 There are new rules This is the real way to get Viewers on YouTube How do I get YouTube views It is so much you can do If you want to get views on YouTube Take the last shout Put it in the video title 


Do a false challenge Or buy a new, lost iPhone You can bring two strange people together Have them kiss each other in a white room Bring something people like Fill the bathtub Do an experiment in public Show that love is love Maybe even compare $ 1 food against $ 1,000 food Yes Forget the original texts If only this text About politics And force an idea And get an idea It was used So the lowest common factor Everyone shakes their head yeah Don’t forget to order People have comments, posts and likes They can win a mouse if they participate And if you’re still not getting views Offended the entire 


nation Change your hair You are in the news For cultural dependence Sorry Play a game You can do anything Longer than the 10 minutes running And you still carry it daily Your accuracy What people want is seen If Ent is difficult if you re-read Lost 1 ends with Tite And people can say You are selling this way But the views still came Work is higher than what they say So I will not turn the hatred And no, I don’t throw shadow Art is a 


layer by itself This brings a lot of money Sue where he was bringing views How about a dude home Type your Google name Or Ken’s shoe review But if your growth is still too slow Maybe this is time for a banana He went to the water gap You will need some meat if you want to grill Take a chance He will take his chance Would you call it war? I say collapse Definitely call us a trifle We are lost and will laugh Don’t look at us Blame all those fans Now, you are finally getting views But wait there he lost one thing to do This is the first method For you to get YouTube views Record a contract Youtube TV promo Go to fan feasts Make a red YouTube TV Go back And you will stay all week They will take care of you Play ball and it will also benefit Don’t lie just spread the truth These are all great ways To get YouTube views Everyone: Yeah !! Biko: Hey guys, our new apology video got twice as many views as the third and fourth videos combined.


Sean: Yeah, that’s cool! Will: Look at this money! Beco: We’ll live comfortably Derek: Wait a minute, guys, guys, guys. Derek: I found a way that we could make more money. Will: What? Beco: How? Derek: There are ads on Facebook now! Derek: We can take the same videos that we uploaded to YouTube and upload them to Facebook and make double the amount of money Will: Impossible! Everyone: Yeah !! Ryan: Oh, that’s bad. 


Beco: What’s the bad? Ryan: Hey guys, you said the word that begins with the letter F twice. Two warnings have been recorded for you on your account. Will: What? Sean: Two warnings? Ryan: Another warning, guys. Biko: We didn’t say the word that starts with the letter F Derek: Yeah, we’ve been just talking about having Facebook ads now. Ryan: That’s the third warning! Everyone: Wait! Everyone: Noooooo Derek: Oh man, that’s bad! Beco: Who are you ?! Derek: All you have to do is give Ryan a bond and he’ll start dancing. Biko: Ryan’s movements in dance are more on purpose..


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