How to Grow Your SEO Traffic by Updating Your Old Content


-[ Neil] You write allthis amazing content, and after putting in monthsand months of hard work, you start getting ranks, but then you fast forward a year. A years later, what happens? Your traffic starts going down. Hey everyone I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to teachyou how to grow your SEO traffic by updating your old-time content .( upbeat music) Now before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel, and if you’re on YouTube, sound the alert notification. Here’s the simple actuality, there’s just too much content on the web. It’s a lot of contentfrom Google to pick for. Really think of it this nature, there’s over a billion blogs. With over a billion blogsand roughly 7 billion people, that’s one blog for every seven people.Do you really think we need more blogs and more people causing content? Well, if it’s unique, sure but the problem is, most people are just regurgitatingthe same old-fashioned report time and again. For the above reasons, who’s Googlegoing to rank at the top? Well, if your content is really old what you’ll find is itwon’t get as much congestion because what Google wants to do is they want to rank that fresh, modernized material at the top or brand-new material at the top, because it is more likelyto be more relevant, have all the latest andgreatest informed details. For example, if I had an aged article impairing all the social media places and I included MySpace and Vine in it, do you think it’s still relevant today? Of course not becauseVine doesn’t exist anymore and MySpace is pretty much dead. Heck I don’t even know if it’s still up.But the moment I’m trying to obligate is with all the content out there, Google is going to rank the content that doesn’t simply have the most joins or the best on-page SEO. More importantly, they’regoing to rank the content that has the best user experience. And usually that means that’s the content that is fresh, up to dateand the most relevant. With one of my earlierwebsites, Nutritionsecrets I no longer own it. I was able to build up literally over 100,000 guests a few months. And the central approach that I use wasn’t just cranking out new content, it was incessantly updatingand expanding my aged clauses to get them more and more traffic. On the website, for every blog article I write, my squad is updating 21 old slice of content. Now I myself bid I couldalso update 21 old-fashioned sections each and every single week, I don’t have the time for that so I have a team of three people the hell is literallyupdating my older essays to make sure they’re more relevant, to make sure they’re notgiving any false information because what worked ayear ago or two years ago, what was relevant a year or two ago may not be relevant anymore.And if you don’t do that, you’ll be pointed out that over epoch, your old material will startgetting less and less transaction. Now sure, some of yourold content is evergreen. For example, if youhave a piece of content that talks about how to install a lavatory, you don’t really need to update it much but that’s not the casewith all forms of content. So how do you go andupdate your old-fashioned material and figure out which slice to modernize? Which ones not to update? And heck how do you knowwhat places to update and how it operates? Do you really add a decision? Do you contribute in paragraphs? Do you add in more epitomes, videos? Well, I’m going to walk you through that right now step-by-step. The first thing I want you to do is to log into Google Search Console. When you log into Google Search Console, you’ll see your trafficover the last 28 periods, it default to that, I know there’s roughly 30 eras in a few months, but it defaults to 28 days.That’s fine. And when you log in, you go to your website, I want you to clickthat on the pages relation. You’ll be understood that, right? It’s already foreground here under or right next to the queries. The next thing I want you todo is adjust your appointment range. So I know I said this 28 daytimes is fine and it is but to see what old-time sections of content are gaining or losing traffic, you got to click on that date range, where it says last-place 28 days, and then click on compare and select compare the last2 8 daytimes time over year.This will show you something like this where it shows your trafficover the last 28 periods versus the 20 days the year before. And you’re already on the sheets region of Google Search Console, and I want you to sorting by the last 28 periods over the previous year. And “when youre doing” that, it’ll show you the articles that were the mostpopular to least popular in the previous year. Now, going through thatlist, what you want to do is look for the poststhat have lost traffic. In other statements, the count wasbigger on the right hand side than the left hand side because the left hand side will show you how much traffic thatcurrent section is getting. So if it’s gone down, thatmeans you should update it. Now with my website because I update so much better contentI had to scroll to find it. You may have to scrollor go to the next page but if you’re not updatingcontent as routinely, you may identify some of thesearticles towards the top.So let’s look at this one. This one that is getting little traffic than it did a year ago it’s called Get Started Using Schema Markup. I know that may not be theexact figure of the commodity but it’s around schemamarkup and that is the URL. And it was getting a bit morethan 9,700 guests a few months, and now it’s getting roughly7, 500 tourists a month. So I want you to click on the article that was getting more traffic a year ago and little traffic now. When I clicked on that article, I has been noted that I was getting more traffic from terms like schemamarkup, calls like schema SEO, technically schema SEOI’m doing better now. There’s a few others, schema in SEO, schema code. So there’s quite a few periods that I was getting more traffic from. So what you’ll want to do isstart Googling those terms to understand who’s standing above you.So let’s Google schema markup. As you can see, there’s an section by Moz, there’s an section bySearch Engine Journal, then there’s And what you’ll want to do is click on each of those articles and analyze them and say, “Huh, what did the government has that I don’t? What is making theirarticle better than mine? ” And you just wanted to make that datum for all the locates that rank above you, and then you’re going towant to modify your material. And you do this by makingyours better than there’s. So if they’re doing a handful of things or discussing a handful of things that are relevant that you’re not, computed those into your article.Update anything that’s outdated to create a better experiencein your challenger. You too want to deleteanything that’s insignificant. If something doesn’t makesense anymore, delete it. Like if I had an article on social media and I was talking aboutMySpace, I would remove it because no one cares tohear about MySpace anymore. But I may lend in TikTok because TikTok is reallypopular these days. When you are upgrading the essay, I want you to also updatethe publish by appointment, so scouring locomotives know it’s updated. And don’t just think about term tally, think about user experience. It’s not about supplementing 5,000 names extra or 500 messages or even 50 statements. Do what’s best for the user, that could mean youjust need to add personas to describe what you’retrying to been through or it could be that you really supplement a video or it could be that you’rejust erase sections.You need to do what’s best for the subscribers and not obsess or worry about word count. And lastly, I recommend thatyou don’t change your URL. If you want to changeyour URL, that’s fine but merely 301 redirect theold URL to the new one. And once you update it, goback into Search Console, kind in your URL in thesearch prohibit at the top, it’ll start fetch the sheet and then boom, petition it for indexing, and then you’re off into the hastens and within 30 eras youshould start examine increase in SEO traffic to that page. It literally is that simple. Now, if you need helpupdating your aged material, you can check out my adagency, Neil Patel Digital or go to Or if you have any questions and you want to do ityourself, that’s great as well, leave a comment below, we’ll answer it, I’ll help you out, and I’ll try to do my best togrow your SEO traffic as well.If you experienced thisvideo, like it, share it tell other people about it. And again, if you have any questions just leave a comment below andI’ll answer and help you out. Thank you for your time ..

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