How to Optimize Your On-Page SEO in Less Than 10 Minutes


– Hey everyone, it’s Neil Patel and today I’m going toteach you how to optimize your on-page SEO in less than 10 hours.( uplifting music) So, I demand you to firsthead over to ubersuggest.com or neilpatel.com/ ubersuggest, whatever one, and typein your domain name. So, I’m goinna nature in Neilpatel.com. And you’re going to see a report load. This is typically yourtraffic analyzer report that shows you youroverall organic keywords, your monthly commerce, yourdomain composition, your backlinks.If you have a newer website, you’re probably not goingto see any data now or here or even any positions, but I’m not looking foryou to look at this report or expend much time on it. Instead, I demand you to go into the sidebar and under SEO analyzer, click on site audit. Now I’ve already ranmy website neilpatel.com. As you can see, it was ran recently, and you’ll construe an on-page SEO score. The higher this figure, the better. It extends from zero or one to 100. The organic monthly commerce. Don’t worry about this too much because as you get moretraffic, your figures go up, and you as you optimize yoursite, your numerals will go up. Same with your organickeywords and your backlinks. As you can see here, I scan 150 sheets. The implement can check literallyup to 10,000 sheets, will vary depending on what kindof note “youve had”, if you’re on a fee note. And you’ll identify the healthcheck of the healthful pages, interrupted pages, have issues, redirects, blocked.There’s some critical missteps, some admonishes, recommendations. The critical mistakes tend tobe the ones you define first. And then there’s ofcourse your area rush. Try to get into the greenarea for both of them. It’ll tell you what issues you have and if you’re not sure what they are, exactly click on the question mark, and it’ll tell you where you have issues and try to fix them. And then it breaks down yourtop SEO issues in order. What I demand you to do is scroll back up and look at your on-page SEO score. Typically, if you’re a 75 or 80 or better, you’re doing a decent errand. The rationale I say that is mostpeople are like, I demand 100. Well, as you remain lending brand-new content, and as you maintain building newchanges to your website, you’re too going to introduceSEO wrongdoings, which are fine.It’s common, it’s standard. But in general, if you’reabove like a 75, 80 you’re doing a decent chore. It’s very rare that you get 100. And if you get 100, you’re probably not pushinghard enough on your SEO and creating enoughnew pages, new content, because if you’re constantlycreating brand-new material, your locate won’t ever be optimized. And that’s okay. So, I crave you to scroll downto the critical corrects firstly and click on it. When you click on it, you’ll envision all the sheets that have issues. And whatever they are able, you are eligible to simply hover over the what is this and how do I fix it, and click on it.And it tells you what issues this is. So, if you look at what isthis for low name tally, without enough verse on a sheet, Google will have trouble understanding what the content is about. If Google doesn’t knowwhat the content is about, it won’t be able to rank the content for the search words you are targeting. By adding more text you aretelling Google’s crawlers and your “users ” more aboutwhat it is you have to offer. Anything less than a few cases hundred texts is considered thin content and will be nearly impossible to rank for. It doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I said nearly impossiblebecause for some keywords like how to hold a relationship, youdon’t need a lot of text. Some images, videos thatexplain how to do it is probably actually better than verse. And on the right side itgoes over, how do I specify it? And more material on your pageso that it isn’t considered thin material has abetter chance of ranking.In general, the average webpage that ranks on page one of Google contains 2,200 commands. It doesn’t mean that you need 2,200 words. This is just an average stat. Sometimes more is better, sometimes less. And overall, like I mentioned, it breaks down the errors, and I demand you to startwith critical errors because these are the most important. And it breaks down in order the difficulty and the impact so thatyou crave high impact, and of course you want to do the ones that are low difficulty, and Uber Suggest once break-dance that down in order for you.So, let’s click on 34 pages with low-spirited text count. The conclude I want to gothrough this lesson, and I’ll go through someof the other missteps, is with your websiteyou won’t be able to fix every single SEO error. Like, my about sheet has 64 paroles. I don’t need my about pageto have tons of words. If I load up my aboutpage, who is Neil Patel? I have a video that explainswho I am and then notes. And then as you scroll, you’ll realise the comments load, but there’s actually quite a few comments.But in general , not all my pages, like here’s one on A/ B testing. This is the A/ B testing calculator. People don’t want a lot of words. They really want to figure outwhich variation of their sheet when they’re running an A/ B test to see if which explanation alters better is triumphing or losing. The stage I’m trying to do is not entirely of your pageswill be able to be solved when it comes to SEOissues, and that’s okay. Solve the ones where it draws gumption, especially when it comes tothings like low-spirited text weigh. On sheets like duplication metadescriptions, I look at this. 13 replica descriptions and this sheet, this is the international page. Okay, may not need to fix it with Italy. That’s okay. But there are some pages that have, like I look at this, meta-description. These three sheets haveduplicate meta descriptions. But this is German and this is Spanish. Technically my team shouldhave carried it to German and translated into Spanish, which would solve the duplicate concern. So I need to go and fix that.And I can just go down the roll and I would do it for every single one. And I would just makesure they’re all fixed. And as you fix them, what you’ll find is by fixingall these little faults, you’re going to grade higherand higher over age. In the short run, you maynot rank where you want to, but if you acquire thesechanges month over month, you’ll start slowly seeingtraction, which is good. And again, as you’regoing through these mistakes and you’re not sure which ones, what they mean or how to fix it, time click on what isthis and how do I determine it? And for each correct type, it’ll break it down. And I merely demand you to go throughthem, all your SEO questions. And you want to firstly startwith the crucial missteps. And then after you do those, then go to the tells, because the messages don’tmean that you have to fix them.Sometimes it acquires ability to fix them. Sometimes it doesn’t. Recommendations, the leastimportant out of them, but start with criticalerrors, then threatenings. And in general, when you’re looking at your website inspection report, after you go through it, you want to make sure youfix your critical missteps and have that list asclose as possible to zero. And you won’t always be able to because things like low-toned wordcount for your about sheet or contact sheet, it doesn’t make sense to have a lot of words. You want to make sure your sitespeed is in the green area.Talk to your developer. They can assist you with it. Or if you want to do it yourself, you can hover over the question marks. It’ll tell you what they mean, and then you will work on it. You can be utilized things like CDNs. That’s a content deliverynetwork to speed up your area. You can use things like caching. You can do things like having sleepy consignments, your personas load as the page moves. And if you do that and youstart improving your value, you’ll notice that yourrankings improve over experience. Then the next thing you want to do is after you finish offsetting those lodges, you want to go on the right side, load up this website, auditreport, go back to it. And what you’ll want to dois hit the recrawl website. This will recrawl your website and double check thatwhen you correct your inaccuracies, did you actually do them properly, and it’ll reanalyze your entire site.So, for this purpose, I’ll recrawl Neil Patel. It could take a while. I have a really big site, so sometimes it can take 10, 20 minutes, because now it will probablycrawl over a thousand pages. Or technically for me it could actually slither over 10,000 sheets. So, it may take a bit, butas it gradually starts lading, as it prevents crawlingthrough my entire website, I’ll see if I did a good job fixing them and I’ll go and I’ll continually improve.Now, keep in mind the reason the crawler takes a while when yourecrawl your website or even when you crawlit for the first time, we don’t want to take ourserver, which you know, we have a big server infrastructure and smacked your locate toomany times too quickly, because if we do that, what’ll happen is we can actually take your server down or create a poor experiencefor your other consumers. And as you can see, as it’s crawling, you’ll see this check pages, slither pages of one to 13. It was at seven. It’ll keep going up over go. And the goal is to precisely fixall your critical flaws, or get as close as possible to zero. So that’s it. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll ask and try to help you out. If it is necessary to any aid, you canalways check out my bureau, Neil Patel Digital, wherewe help companies germinate. And of course, if you enjoythe video and you liked it, satisfy share it.Tell other parties about it. Subscribe to the channel. Thank you very much ..

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