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– Hey guys, my name is Christian Taylor. Welcome back to Craylor Madewhere I like to talk about all things online, branding, and market. So today, I’m gonna begiving you the rundown on how to optimize yourwebsite for a Google search, Yahoo search, and any other search engine. So today’s video is sponsored by Wix. And they reached out to me and asked if I could present you guys how you can get your websiteranking higher on Google.Today I’m gonna beshowing you how to make love with the Wix Editor, butall of these concepts apply to any website developer you’re using. So even if you’re not consuming Wix, do be sure to give this video a watch, because I think you’re gonnalearn something from it. And if you’d like to getstarted with your Wix website, you can do that using thelink in the description below. So make sure to check that out if you wanna organize yourwebsite or online store. I have lessons on my direct for how to do both of those things, but without any further ado, let’s rush over to the Wix panel, and let’s look at howto optimize a website for a Google Search. Okay, so I’m over inmy Wix dashboard now. And the first thing I’m gonna do is go over to this sidebaron the left-hand side, and go to where it says commerce and SEO.And I’m just going to click SEO tools. Now, I’ve not done any optimizationon this place whatsoever. I’ve plainly built it already, but I have not optimized it torank higher on Google search. So what I love about Wixis there’s an SEO wizard that really induces it easyto get an understanding of what we need to doto optimize our site. So right here where itsays come found on Google, I’m just going to click let’s go. And then right here, we’retaken to the Wix SEO Wizard. So I’m going to say starting out. So right off the at-bat, Wix is asking us toconfirm our business figure. And this is a big thing with SEO. We need to make sure that everything on thepage is spelled properly. We use lots of keywords that talk about what we do with our business and why. So for example, let’s say I’m a barber, and my business is specified Christian’s Cuts.Well, that’s a innovative business call. It’s really cool actually. But the problem withthat is my business name doesn’t say that I’m abarber and it doesn’t include the keywords like haircutor barber business. So we have to make surethat those keywords are included all over thepage in our sheet name. And we’re gonna encounter examples of this all throughout the Wix SEO Wizard.But just to give you an ideaof how important that is, that is a huge focus for SEO. So right off the at-bat here, I’m gonna do a little bitof styling to this title because it’s not completely correct. It should look like thishere, Ditto’s Biscotti, and then I’m gonna click next. And in this case, this is only online. If you do have a physicallocation, sound this, and Wix is going to help that address be associated with your business, for like Google Maps and stuff. But I’m gonna say , no, it’sonly online , and click next. Now this is where we get to the really important keyword part. How would you describe your business? And it’s asking us for upto three keyword terms that clearly describe your business. So I’m gonna say Biscotticookies and cooked goods. I think that’s good to start. And I’m just going to say create SEO plan.So what we wanna do firstis work through this list that we accompany right here, where it says, step one, getyour site listed on Google. We wanna go throughand anything that’s got a little stamp likethis, we want to address. But let’s just work through each section. So in case you have a sectionthat maybe needs some task, you can get a better understandingof what needs to happen. So I’m going to clink homepage’stitle is ready for search. What you’ve achieved, currenttitle, browse, Dittos Biscotti. At least one of your keywords is included. Business or place mention materializes. Title is a good length. Now actually, I’m gonna go edit this, because I want to fix this part here, so it’s styled properly. So make sure you check that even if Wix is saying, it’s good to go. I’m gonna say go to editor.And then right here under patronize SEO Google, I’m just going to editthis designation and just say Ditto’s Biscotti and sounds publish. So now, any time we make a change, we can actually go rightback to this other sheet now and sounds refresh. And formerly that conversion hasbeen determined in the writer, we can see that ourtitle modernizes right here, supermarket Ditto’s Biscotti. That’s looking better. So I’m gonna move on to thisnext step here, where it says add the homepage’s descriptionfor search results. I’m just gonna say, go for it. Now what you need, atleast one of your keywords, include your business or site specify, keep it between 50 to 300 references. So I’m going to say, goto writer on this one. And what we wanna do here ismake sure we’re at this view under store sheets shopbecause that’s the homepage. And then this descriptionsection right here. Now, this is critical for SEO. This is the little blurbthat’s going to appear under your website on Google. So we can see right here, we have a little preview of kinda what a Google searchresult would look like.As we start typing, this is going to affect that outcome here. So we really wanna make surethat we get the business name, one to several keywords and a description that’s going to make it absolutely clear what is included on this sheet. What is the person goingto find when they click? A large-hearted quirk to SEO is letting Google know this page is what you say it is. So if we situated now that thisis a landscaping company, and Google is understanding the wordBiscotti all over the webpage when people actually click it, they’re gonna say, thatseems a little weird, that seems a little shady. We’re gonna hump thatdown in the algorithm.So here we wanna give a strong call that it is a biscottipage, cookies, cooked goods, and then we want to make sure that those same wordsare on the sheet itself. So firstly we’re gonna startwith the description. What’s the page all about? So let’s just say Ditto’s Biscotti. I think that’s pretty descript, that’s pretty short and to the point. So I’m going to click publish here simply to make sure thatwe save these changes, and I’m gonna click done. Now, like I said, we want tocheck our page for keywords. So I’m gonna close thisand on this homepage, I’m gonna scroll downto our about region. So we see here, Ditto’sBiscotti impels hand-crafted made to order biscotty for all openings. So perhaps I’m gonna modify orput prescribe biscotti cookies, make sure we get thatkeyword in for all motives. And then we need to get baked goods in here as well if possible. And again, I’m gonna click publish simply to save these changes and click done.Now, I’m gonna hop-skip backover to the SEO wizard here. And now that we’ve done this, I’m just going to goahead and click refresh. And as you can see here, it looks like we’ve done all the steps. I’ve done all the steps with my website but there’s more paces here. So the steps that you’re gonnatake for your Wix website may be different than thesteps that I have to take because it uses the websitethat you’ve already created and any optimization you mayhave done without realizing it.If you’ve already optimized a sheet, it’s gonna check that off the roll. So I ended everything on the checklist to be worthy of connectingmy site with Google, but I’m just gonna close thishere and go back to the list and see if there’s anything else that we should really cover. And actually no, all ofthis regards good here. So I am gonna go ahead and say connect to Google searchconsole, connect to Google. This is just gonna ask you to sign in with your Google account.It’s nothing scary andI’ll explain exactly what it gives you access to in a minute. But before we go and look at that, there’s a marry morethings that we can do to optimize the website. And we can see here that we’vecompleted 11 out of 13 tasks that Wix is recommending. So if we scroll down now, we can add that page descriptionfor our contact page. We can click thought more. We can do it for FAQ, and that’s everything thatWix is able to recommend. And then they have a step three section that says impede improving your SEO.And that imparts up somethingreally cool for us. So Wix actually has an SEO guide. It’s completely free to access, even if you don’t buildyour website with Wix. So everyone watching, I said that you would beable to get good value out of this video whether you use Wix ornot for your website. This is where that evaluate genuinely comes in. I can click go to SEO guide now and I will have a link tothis in the description below. I would most encourage that you guys work through this guide, exactly predict what it says, learn the concepts of SEO. So right here, I can say SEO essentials. Let’s just say like house your site.Why sheet design is just as important. We have a whole article now that tells us what Google is looking for in a page. What causes material? Why do pages rank the mode they do? There’s a lot of reallyrich detailed information that you can learn from this free guide. And if you read it andyou invest your time into learning the concepts and then you apply thatto the Wix SEO Wizard or any SEO tool that you’re using, you are going to see your website start position higher in Google. So there’s one morething I wanna demonstrate you. And that’s the Wix general SEO implements that you can access and dive deeper into very advanced conceptsfor optimizing your website. So I’m here at the Wix panel and I’m just under SEO tools under SEO. And we’ve actually got a whole bunch of different things that we can do such as site verification tomake sure that our website is verified on Google searchconsole, Bing, Yandex, all sorts of different search engines.We can work through these things. There’s tutorials offered in the template and online for how to do that. But I told you guysthat last-minute in the video I would encompass the Google search console. So let’s take a look atthat and examine what it is, what it necessitated for us toconnect it with Google like we did earlier on in the video, and get a better understandingfor how “whos working”. So I’ve glanced up Googlesearch console in another tab and you can see I’ve got it up right here. And this is actuallya very powerful system immediately from Google thatgives us every single analytic we could ever dream of, how much our site is ranking keywords, it tends to be grading forhow many sounds it’s getting. It’s like Google Analytics, but for Google search and Google results. Now, this is no longer the area we just computed because I wanted you to see a site that’s been in my Googlesearch console for a while and has data so you cansee how potent this is.We can see the number of sounds by epoch. That’s a helpful metric, 806 total network research clinks. Since this diagram has been in existence, which looks like it’ssince October 6th, perhaps. And one metric I adoration is act, clicking rendition in this left sidebar. I can understand exactly wherethe clinks are coming from. So I can see query here. People are searching exhortation tones. This has 103 clinks, 2,855 impressions. So this is sorted frommost to least clicks. I can really get a feel forwhat beings are converting from. Apparently, in this case, lecture notations, sermon indicates app, lecture memo taking app. That’s coming people to convert. That’s what they’re interested in and that’s what’s getting them to click on the Google result. Now, I are also welcome to style by notions and be understood that in someways we’re rank better in other categories thataren’t getting clinks. So we ranked 777 timesin religiou app developed for that keyword, but zeropeople have clicked it. So that can really help you brainstorm why aren’t parties clicking it. Is there something in that description carton that you can change, thatcould get more parties to click? Why are we ranking forchurch app development in the first place? What are our keywordsthat are causing Google to push that up in the results? Is it a blog post on our site maybe? Is it something that “theyre saying” on the sheet? So truly investigating thatand understanding the why behind how Google grades yoursite can be very powerful.Now, exactly to show you guys that our site is connected from Wix, I’m gonna click this dropdown now and then I could see righthere, dittooscookies.com. It has been added merely fromwhen we did that link with Wix. It was very easy to do, just sign in with your Google account. And if I sounds this here, it’s gonna tell us thatthere’s not enough data because we just linkedit and it takes time. You’re not gonna seedata here immediately. You do have to give it got a couple of days and let people sounds your place and find it for you to start coming metrics in the Google search console. But clearly, make sureyou make full advantage of Google search console no matter which website developer “youre using”, make sure you dig into that free guidebook that Wix provides for SEO. And if are you gonna compose yourwebsite or online accumulate today, do be sure to use the linkin the description below to get started with your Wix website.I’ve got full seminars on how to create your Wixwebsite that you can watch, and a big thanks again to Wixfor sponsoring this video. So what are your favoriteSEO gratuities and jokes? I’d love to know your thoughtsin the comments down below. And if you liked this video, do be sure to affect that subscribebutton and sound the bell so you don’t miss whenI release new videos. With that said, I willcatch you guys next time ..

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