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welcome to click pacify series on how to analyze your website for SEO first of all do you have a website if you’re here you obviously have a website are you going the google freight that you deserve if you spent thousands of dollars tens of thousands of dollars on SEO work and you’re still not going the track commerce that you deserve on your main keywords you’re not coming up on the first or second page of Google then you’re in the best place we’re just going to show you how to do a baseline of all the keywords that “youve got in” your website extremely the ones that “youve been” want to rank on so let’s get started the first thing we’re going to show you on this buyer here is that we flowed the report and they are currently at a forty-five percent optimization rate that’s not very good that’s why they came to us they’ve thrown a lot of time and energy into the site and they’re not where they need to be we like to get this optimization proportion up to eighty percent the goal is a hundred percentage apparently but if we can get them to eighty percent then they’ll start moving up two sheets they’ll get good google rank and they’ll start beating up on their challengers let’s go ahead and resume the video in this report we’re going to show you the main components of Google’s algorithm that’s of this year for 22 2010 so Google deepens their algorithms all the time they’re always tweaking them or right now this is the main components what is SEO where are the main components the work requires links backlinks keywords’ material and basic network design here we are going to drill down into some of the main detailed components of SEO we want to do a keyword synopsi we want to do a sheet title we want to look at the meta description the meta keywords the body text h1 headlines bold verse that people are not familiar with anchor text and portrait all times and site laden experience is also very important and then we’ll give you a five analysis let’s go ahead and resume back we’re going to go through the report very quickly we’re going to stop here opponents we love to look at your adversaries we’re going to go ahead and analyze all of your contestants that you that are going to come up with your keywords what I been fucking loving this screen is we this is the opponents for motor petroleum to a radio you can see that their optimization proportion on the right is not very good so that entails when we get going for on this area for this keyword we’re going to be able to do very well when we get him up to an eighty percent optimization pace the highest optimization rate is not even at sixty percent on this sheet red means bad lettuce necessitates good on this on this report and we can see that we have a lot of area to work for this keyword now we’re going to look at one keyword will look at hundreds of hundreds of keywords will vary depending on what you’re trying to accomplish what your time what your budget is as you go through this you can see we have google browse momma and sounds radio marketers large pushers for this keyword we’re going to see who your top adversaries are for every keyword that we’re going to do the assessment on this is an 81 page analysi we’re going to fly through this we’re going to do a keyword outline in the assessment we’ve done locates that are as large as 700 pages in their report you can see all the metrics all the analytics all the detail that comes with this report here’s some nice keywords we’re going to take a look at this cloud of keywords and start to do our Anna’s analyzation and what we’d like to do on this report is either do a how to teach you how to run the report or do the report for you either way we’re fine we have 25 paroles in your meta description and we’re just going to go through all this item very quickly of course you need keywords in your sheet deed meta description keywords very important for google if you have any questions regarding any of the language or any of the terms or lingo of SEO really generate us a see I’m going to have our information all over this video we’re going to keep going through all the detail very quickly again what we want to show you is just how detailed this report is help seriously dig into the site I’m not sure if I mentioned the software is three hundred dollars or for our fees six hundred dollars stop saying that at keywords in the accra textbook very important beings don’t realize that if you only connect back and forth within your own site Google is going to like that they show that you’re trying to explain your content clearly and precisely and there’s a lot of content so the algorithm will pick up on that as we resume back the next one we’re going to come to is epitome alt tags epitome alt labels are the key words and the tags that you can place in the code behind sizable graphics behind behind any photos portraits graphics for some reason our patients generally forget to alt tag every single image in their website it’s just another arrange for Google to pick up your keywords again we want to talk about simply basic SEO which is really detailed SEO which is tie-ups backlinks material content material basic entanglement organize modest lows occasion let’s stop saying that for a second merely missed the screen but site consignment hour if you have huge organization set up you have backlinks setup you have everything that Google is looking for and your website really doesn’t come up fast enough they’re going to give you a major ding in the algorithm they don’t want parties doing a scour receive accurately look what they’re looking for and then the site never pop they’re going to deduction your site very quickly so check your hosting firm and make sure that your area load days are excellent merely keep going more detailed detail detail and that’s going to be it “weve been” regard you watching the video again we want to tell you we can either teach you how to use this software or we can do the assessment and then give you a full report with the assessment and hopefully you’ll get the traffic that you deserve check back again soon and goodbye

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