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How to Test Your WordPress Website PageLoad Speed – Speed Up WordPress

If you have a good web host is how fast your webpage loads. Now, it’s very important how fast your website loads! If you go to Google and check out some of the criteria for search engine optimization and whether it’s going to Google wants to show your website when someone’s searching for a product or a service or you whether it’s Google’s going to show your website one of the Biggest factors is the site speed how fast the page actually loads. Now you want to have your site speed be under three seconds. Ideally, you want it under one second, so a really good web host will be under a second, and halfway decent enough to get by web host would be under three seconds and anything above three seconds. It’S gonna be a pretty crummy web host or you’ve got some problems with how you put your website together, and so this series is all about figuring out the best way to get your website loading as fast as possible. But the first step is to really see and evaluate the quality of your web host. Now a lot of web hosts what they do is they.

They overload websites that are actually the technical phrases oversell capacity on a particular server. So when you get a web hosting account, it’s this server in a data center and what a web host does is that want to put as many websites on one server in order to maximize their profitability and a lot of times. This can be at your expense. If they don’t have any limits, so some of your web hosts like Hostgator and Bluehost, if you notice the web sites that are on those services, they’re excruciating, ly slow and that’s because they’re notorious for overselling. Now I strongly have been recommending that you get an account within motion hosting which everything’s just so much better and you get your website will sit on a hard drive.

That’S an SSD, a hard drive that is lightning fast, so anyway. The purpose of this video, though, is just to see how you can test the site speed of your WordPress based website, so we’ve got three web-based tools available there right here. We’Ve got Pingdom, page speeds, insights and that’s from Google in GT metrics. Now the way these sites work as you go to it, you copy and paste your URL in you hit the start or go or whatever the button says, and it’s going to test it and you’re gonna see in real-time now I will give you a Caveat when you do this test, you could test it three times and the number is going to be a little different each time because there’s so much variability in the internet so but they shouldn’t be drastically different. They shouldn’t be one second here and then you test it again and then it’s ten seconds. So that’s one of the caveats, so you can find any of the link cities I’ll try to put them in the notes down below if you’re watching this on my website, that’ll be down below as well, but I’m gonna show you a test right now.

I prefer to use Pingdom, that’s my favorite. You could also Google any of these and that will get you to the right link. So right here is Pingdom and what I like about it is its simplicity. You can just paste in your URL here and one caveat with Pingdom: is they have servers that they run this test from all around the world? So if I expand where it says, settings here are the different locations that are available right now, so if you’re a server and your website is in the United States, you don’t want the test to originate from Amsterdam, so and vice-versa or Sweden and vice-versa. If your web server is in Europe, you don’t want to run the test from San Jose California, so that’s just the one caveat and the second one is: if your website has the eww in front or not okay, you want to have it be exact. So, let’s just go ahead and test my website, a WP crafter.

I use the www and if you’ve followed any of my advice, you would be using it as well and let’s choose Dallas and then click on test now and sometimes when the service is overloaded. There might be a delay and it will say you’re number one in line or number two inline or something like that, but it just might take a moment for the actual test. To begin, I will say that this test is taking a little while longer. I queued up two other tests, so I’ll come back to this, so here are GT metrics and you can see I put the URL there interesting. I don’t use GT metrics, I usually use Pingdom exclusively, but their test server didn’t. Let me choose is in Vancouver and it will give you a page score like this. It’Ll give you a load time now.

It’S odd that it’s showing my load time is that, because I know it’s actually one second, not three seconds, and will show on Pingdom, but there’s going to be some variability between the different services that do this, and when you scroll down it gives you some ideas On some things that you can improve and they’re here, so here are a couple of things I don’t know how much I trust it. My images are already pre-optimized um, so anyway, here are PageSpeed insights. This is a Google product. Now it’s showing the web-based that’s nice about this. As a test, the mobile version and the desktop version, so this is the mobile version, and here is the desktop version, and it this is actually more testing the different aspects of your website. It’S not giving you a speed score, but it is giving you a score, but let’s go back here. Okay, so sometimes this does happen with Pingdom. Let me just try it again or let me just try a different server. Let’S try New York or maybe there’s just a problem with Pingdom.

Let me just do a reload WP, crafter dot-com, alright, so there we go okay! Oh, I forgot to see. I forgot to change the area that the text originated from. You can see right here tested from Sweden, so you can see even testing from Sweden. I’m loading at two seconds was actually pretty good, considering it’s on a different continent. Let me test out in New York, I’m gonna click test now, and let’s see what New York’s given me: okay, testing from New York, I’m under a second and that’s what I said you want to be. You want to be under a second and also let’s. You know how much gets downloaded when someone visits your site, you get your performance grade and the number of requests. So all these kind of work together, but you really want to get that site speed down now. Hostgator Bluehost a lot of times those websites will load in about 12 seconds.


So you just imagine if you wanted to get to a website and it took 12 seconds to load. Are you really gonna stick around for 12 seconds so anyway? If you want to check out in motion, I got a link down below to that as well. I hope you found this video useful and I challenge you to test your website speed and maybe post your host and the speed in the comments down below. Yes, you made it to the end of the video, which must mean that it brought value to you. So can you go ahead and click on the thumbs up down below that’ll help me out and if you want more videos like this be sure to click on the subscribe button right down below me now, if you want to find me on the internet, I’ve got A special Facebook group that I set up for people just like you that want answers to their WordPress website, and that’s where you can find me interact with me and ask me questions so: go ahead and click on the blue button down below to join that special Facebook group now I never want you to leave empty-handed, so I’ve created a free video course, for you called the three steps to WordPress success in this video course.

You’Re gonna really learn how to make your website shine, get the results that you want, and have it really stand out from the crowd so to access that video course goes ahead and click on the link over here on the right. You can also find me at WP, crafter comm, make sure you check out my 60-minute website challenges. Those are very popular and you can find those on the website as well. Hey. Thank you so much for watching this video. I make these videos just for you and I hope you watch the next one.

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