I Built The World’s Largest NFT!


this digital paint known as nft is worth two million dollars what is an nft “youre asking” non-fungible tokens that’s what it stands for unable to be reproduction replicated one-of-a-kind imagine spend millions of dollars on something you can’t even touch so today me and my designer friends are gonna erect the world’s first real life mft which is really dangerous and here’s a hint why the only thing this project is missing is a person to gift it to and that’s where faze banks comes in i’m all in on crypto punks well believe in this[ __] i’ve drooped a million[ __] dollars on this his birthday is only six epoches away and this crypto punk mft seems to be his favorite how crispy that thing is so today i will be construct facebook a 16 -foot real-life version of this person now that we have a plan for the nft and a person to give it to it was time to return to lowe’s in our small town in colorado and get the renders and start building this massive activity we have our erect proposals now but what concerns me is the statue’s locate because the neck is not centered it’s going to cause the effigy to be super unbalanced so we’re going to build the cornerstone to try to support the neck but the neck is pretty weak so hopefully it doesn’t crack we only have a few days until faze bank’s birthday and this structure is extremely dangerous which merely certainly leaves one team of professionals for this job we’re shafted we started by measuring out all the squares so we could trim the perfect mold i’m structure the basi for the nft because it’s extremely top ponderous that path it won’t fall we have chipped the condition of the crypto punk out and it’s looking incredible time you recognise how hard there’s gonna be to take to los angeles there’s a good chance the plywood clicks and then we’re gonna be straight out of blessing if this nft interrupts while we’re transporting it we will have no time to lodge it because we’re arriving to california on faze bank’s birthday and we’re not gonna have any implements with us so it has to make it now it’s time to stand the nft to see if our square base will view hey you’re about to till oh oh set it down keep it down put it down can’t articulate it down you’re going to snap the board you have to elevate it back up if you crave to put it down surprisingly our base laboured perfectly and hampered the nft into lieu for about three seconds we virtually died we needed to make this more safe imagine if that was faze banks under there on his birthday we’d merely crush him and kill him we gotta do something we cannot have this groom-to-be we had to go back to the drawing board and come up with an entirely new gameplay so we’re adding additional prepareds and foundations to help braced it so it doesn’t fall again formerly we performed such adjustments the project was starting to come together we’ve been “workin on” the nft for a duo days and it’s finally ready to paint so my friend’s over there make-up and i’m going to make kyle think that i introduced paint on him there’s blue right there why oh why would you do that oh it’s just water don’t worry matt we’ll precisely cover it while you’re just recording stand by let me help you guys so we just completed the nft for stage but is this safe right here i hope so last meter we were tolerate for this thing nearly killed us so let’s go forward a little bit this thing came out lunatic take a look we can really perfectly build stage bank’s crypto punk and figure out a mode to make it stand safely so we lent these reinforcement legs right here so hopefully it doesn’t fall on faze banks and completely ruin his date and now it’s time to load this bad boy up in the trailer and drive it to california this is where my friend ryan rugg comes in he is likely to be driving the nft to la while i succeed my ordinary errand then fly out and fill him dude i don’t know if “theyre gonna” fit somebody it’s gonna be a close-fisted fit but i think we got it fortunately we constructed this in three sections and hopefully it’ll construct hauling it a little easier just scarcely fits bro all right we’ll see you tomorrow drive safe my friend if “youve never” look me again you know what happened i was in a matthew b video while ryan drove the nft in all the regions of the country and literally approximately got feed by a bear it is coming towards the car it was time for me and the remainder of the team to fly to la and match him next stop la oh yeah we traveled all the way to california thousands of miles and we have no way to contact faze banks there’s a huge likelihood we can’t even give this thing to him because i have no way to contact him so now we gotta figure something out what are we gonna do hey let’s go in the car after hours of brainstorming i got the notion to stand the beings nft on the coast and take a picture to get his attention so technically that would be public quality so it does not belong to us any longer so if somebody wants to destroy it then there is an opportunity or take it so mortal could altogether steal this from us yeah so we are currently at the sea going ready to set up this giant nft this is probably going to go horrifying however have to make love to get period banks tending how long until his birthday today’s saturday his birthday’s on monday if he’s going to go anywhere for his birthday he’s going to fly tomorrow so basically we have to today and it’s already two this isn’t good but there’s a chance dude i low-key do not feel calm about this at all i don’t think phase banks gonna take it matt i just drove in all regions of the country with this what do you mean he’s not gonna i don’t know what to do we’re to set this bad boy up on the coast hopefully this works i’m doing all the work right now this is really fun this is really hard you know that reputation this up here there’s a good chance that it could destroy but if this divulges here i’m probably gonna walk into the ocean and you’ll never hear me again i’m gonna go speedy my coast guard’s going up dude there’s literally police over there we need to hurry up so the programme is to take a picture on the sea that hopefully departs viral and in the meantime see if anyone now happens to know phase banks let’s go ask people come on all freedom hey banks you guys know face banks after asking tons of parties no one knew him yeah okay so now all we can do is hope that bank learns the tweet it’s our last hope no one knows banks this is just not gonna happen we’ve traveled hundreds and miles it’s an hour we’re back in the inn room right now still nothing from faze banks it’s not looking good we fly home tomorrow this has to happen or we will simply squander all of our time and coin for nothing it’s not going to happen he’s one of the biggest celebrities buster like in the world you’re not gonna congregate him we’re gonna make a bet right now if faze banks follows me on titter “youve got to” stand on the bathroom while i flush it why would you wishing and if he doesn’t “re coming with me” then i’ll get it on i’m going to get facebook’s the phone i affixed the tweet last night 14 hours ago still nothing banks hasn’t contacted out at all it’s not looking good our flight leaves tonight this is our last opportunity “were supposed to” just wait and realize what happens after waiting at the inn for over 45 hours this happened we’re in the hotel right now kyle open the door get it on that means you gotta flush your foot in the bathroom oh my god this is so annoying bro is turning so we can see your face i can’t turn around finish locate follow matthew palatial our design office and bank solid tweet the alone difficulty is they can’t accept the nft until tomorrow and half the team has to fly residence right now for college well we just lost half of our parties we’re gonna have a hard time standing this thing i literally has got no idea how we’re gonna stand the nft hitherto this is the only way have three parties we’re getting ready to go give this to banks i have no idea how we’re gonna stand it up it normally takes six beings and we only have four i don’t know how we’re gonna do this next stop stage bank’s live let’s get it boys and after 58 hours of waiting we can finally thoughts to his house the city sons know it’s seriously going to be near impossible to stand this thing up with simply us so i don’t know how we’re going to do it but we’re nine minutes apart this is crazy once we arrived they moved the lamborghini so we could draw the truck right in we’re in we’re literally at the house right now look at this thing what how did we get it on i didn’t think we’re gonna do it we did it not yet oh yeah we gotta settled it up each patch of the nft literally weighs hundreds of pounds so we have to carefully move it to the backyard without interrupting anything buster i still has got no idea how we’re gonna stand this we do not have enough people frankly how are we gonna set this up with just us i have no idea all right last slouse now let’s build this child so we are currently in the backyard of faze banks room setting up the nft we do not have enough parties but we’re going to figure out how to do this let’s heave this thing up i have no idea how it’s going to go if we’re going to risk burst it i don’t think we have to do it there’s an opportunity of it perfectly separating “i m saying” we risk it we go for it yeah he was able to break-dance but it’s probably going to break got to go higher yep it needs to go higher it’s going to break this it’s so heavy alex you got it you got it we got it oh my god that’s so ponderous the work requires banks to come help us lift this thing up we still have to stand it we already virtually break-dance it once every other time we’ve done this we’ve had at least six beings this is the only way have four this time let’s make love ready you got it we were able to need another paw now oh it’s tilting yep i got this thing this thing is so ponderous we fastened these on the wrong side we have to situated it back down are you serious 100 okay ready with only four parties patronizing it the nft can easily break and now we have to fetch it back up and stand it again we simply want to make sure we get onto abide now we’re gonna get it on one more meter now that we’re practicing kyle young “ve told me” introduced these on the wrong side that’s why we messed up we literally stood it and now we gotta do it again we ready to do it yeah is it right this term yeah all right let’s do it again every time we stand the nft the base becomes weaker he was able to violate right now oh buster i thought we lost it once we get these shafts in then we should be good okay we’re on we’re good we’re good it’s not gonna drop it shouldn’t all right we’re up after weeks of work we finally have the nft stands at the face home now it’s time to come time bank’s action and surprise him for his birthday happy birthday happy birthday gentleman thank you thank god this is insane this thing is crazy listen i have no energy i was out all nighttime last-place darknes on the sick one i haven’t slept oh son matt matt b and bean unit one time for the one time bro this is crazy this is what uttered you want to do it it’s the haunt birthday we got to make love i love you i love you somebody you know what the weirdest fraction is like a week ago i just came across one of your videos where i recommended i binge watched like five videos appreciate that uber video the photograph aspect video this kid’s going to go he’s next up crazy anyone’s ever got me ever really best birthday present of all time

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