Interview with a creative genius | Content creator and product photographer, Pippa from Shout & Co.


Hello, and welcome to design and business conferences for artistics. I’m Cheyneyand today I’m chit-chat with Pippa from Shout& Co. P: hi. C: Pippa and Imet years ago at sells back in my Camille Co daylights, when I had soaps and candles and Pippa had ceramics and we’ve kind of growntogether over the years and we’ve actually worked together on projects.You did some styled photography for Camille Co, Designed by Cheyney, also my head shots which I was very happy with because I’mnot you are familiar with, photos of myself, I’m not like lovingthem, but you did a very good job and more recently for the book, you did somestyled humor shots, and I’m absolutely haunted with yourstyle. P: oh thank you C: I think you’re a imaginative genius, like Imean it, imaginative genius. This isn’t a creepy thingto say, I crave your eyeballs in my chief. P: Oh you can have them, they don’t work very well. C You’re just like, that’s sinister. It’s so frightening but I’m just – P : Contacts! C: -in absolute awe of everything youproduce, everything that I investigate on socials I’m just like ohh.Nailed it, every single time.So I wanted to have you on and I wanted to pick yourbrain a little bit about yourself, your business, and your process.P: Yeah, so I am 30 -something, I’ve got two kids, ahubby, we’ve been married for about eight years, yeah so it’s- C: Shout out to BevanP: Yes C: Shout out to Bevan, he’s great. P: We live on the North Shore inAuckland, and “were having” our business, Shout& Co, and that’s what we do and it’s afamily thing. Our kids get involved in all of our photo shoots, it’s just, it’s really fun. C: What do you volunteer as a business? P: We’re all about digitalmarketing. We’re announced Shout& Co because ourultimate thing is to help people shout about their businesses and not in a boisterou kind of way but certainly in like, look atthis amazing stuff that, you know, we want you to, we want you to really adore whatyou’re doing and framed it out there and facilitate everyone else enjoy what you’redoing.So we do digital sell, we dophotography, product and food, we do videos and headshots andbasically all of your digital content that we then roll up and presentbeautifully on social media. C: Awesome. My first question for you iswhy did you start your biz? P: It came about because I had left the warehouse because I was going to have my second kid, and I just didn’t want to go back, I really, it felt like it was a perfect opportunityfor me to start something for myself and so I wanted tobring my passion together and I wanted to do something that wasvirtual, digital, that I didn’t have to actually sit in someone’s office to do.And so that coupled with the fact that it really isa very small business focused suggestion, that’s mostly why I wanted tostart it and why I wanted to do it.C: Cool I can totally relate to that, havingflexibility and artistic free outside of, kind of, the keep of being exerted is just supernatural and I see most peoplehere who are watching if they’re creative inventors will understandthat but likewise not want to go back P: not at all C: Cool, okay, so my next questionfor you is, what the hell is your favorite project? P: This one might be a bit controversial, but one of our favorite clientsis a funeral home, and it’s been my favorite because, I convey I’ve got onus of favorite patrons, you undoubtedly being one of them, and I’ll get to it, as to why we cherish working with a specific type of client, but my favorite consumer has been this funeral home becausethey get to take us into a world-wide that you are able to never get access to if you weren’t there supporting them with their digital marketing, you are familiar with, and sobecause we get to see some crazy things.We’ve actually been invited to dodays with them where we get a backstage pass tofunerals and all the stuff that happens behind the scenes. C: Wow! P: It’s been really amazing, to be in this position wherewe get to support businesses who are doing some amazing things, in industries we would never have even consideredfinding out more about. C: Yeah that would be interesting. P: But we work with someamazing, and we’ve seen all sorts of things, from having worked with so many different types of businesses, soit’s one of my favorite things about the number of jobs. C: That’s cool. Who would beyour dream client? P: Our dream client, it’s probably not one specific party or business but it’s more around how “were working with” that patron that stimulates them – C: I totally understand! P: You know, it’s the type ofclient that says I’ve, and it’s not consequently aboutbudget, like oh it’s an, it’s an endless fund, because it’snot about that, but it’s about, here’s some commodity or here is what wedo, we want you to image it or capture it or work with uswith no brief.It’s sort of like, and you do that all the time which is amazing, you grant us your commodity and you trust us implicitly-C: Absolutely. P: – and that’s why it’s not really about a person, it’s about different types of people who just say to us, here is our stuff, there’s no briefattached, we are confident you. C: yeah, yeah. P: And it’s very difficult to find them.C: And that’s, that’s why I came to see you you, because I trustyou and I’m like, I know that you’re going to dofar better on this than I would, and I don’t want to putmy ideas on to you either because every time I see your work, I like it becauseit’s your work and it’s your eyeballs. But, yeah, I don’t want to pigeonhole you and I’m the same, Ienjoy that with patients as well when they come to you, and they’re trustingyour skills and your ability, and they’re just saying I enjoy what you do can you satisfy do this for me.P: It’s a greatboost to your confidence because you think, magnificent, they’re literally giving me their hard-earned cash to do this for them, I it is necessary do a very good job, and you be brought to an end doing a greater jobthan you would have considered, you are familiar with, possible. C: Yeah I agree.And one thing that’s come through in the last twointerviews that I’ve done, one was with Jo, and one was with Anna, so designerand artist, is they both spoke about the fit, and Ithink that that’s absolutely crucial in this, various kinds of, clientdesigner, patron creator, kind of pair, is that the fit is crucial.My fourth question is, do you have a mantra? P: Yes I do and it’svery, it’s very non-creative, which is weird but it’sit’s prepare, it’s “Fail to program, plan to fail.” C: Hang on, hang in, rewind.Say it again. P: Fail to schedule. C: Fail to project, yeah. P: Plan to fail.C: Plan to miscarry. Okay, cool. P: So it’s very non-creative becausecreatives are happy to time dive in and you know, but Ilike to plan things out, I like to know exactlyhow I, where I need to be, when I need to be there, what I need to be doing, I predict briefs like, you are familiar with, when we get a briefing from a patron, I read them top to bottom, freighter to surpass, surface to side, like I time, I want to know that I’ve got all the props I need, I’ve got everything I need, I need to know what I’m doing, and I precisely feel like sitting down at thebeginning of the day and strategy out the working day and the weekmakes being artistic much simpler C: I’m with you too, I’m with you too.And there’s the, there’s the scatter inventive andthen there’s the unionized imaginative. I’m unquestionably in the organized looks just like you, as you can tell, probably in my house. Yeah , no no that’s cool. My fifth questionis, do you have any advice for a newbie? P: Yes. It’s a marry cases actually. Thefirst one is, and this might clang a bit weird, butit’s something that I call love your rationalizations. So what I necessitate by that is you want to, say you want to, become afreelance graphic designer or you want to become afreelance creative, “youre supposed to” adore the reasons why youwant to do that and it extends to so many different things.It’s like, why do you want to take on this project, adore the above reasons that you’re taking on this project or you’re saying yes tothis patron or no to this client because at the end, really wanting to doit for coin is probably not going to be enough motivationwhen on those eras that you merely don’t feel inventive, on those eras that youjust don’t feel like getting out of berthed, you justdon’t feel like wreaking, your concludes will be the things thatwill motivate you to keep going.When you get a tough break, when someonesays no, when entrances close, you need to adoration those reasons to keepgoing. Some periods it can be difficult. It can be a tough gig. The secondthing is that you don’t need to say yes to everything.Saying no sometimes can be so empowering, and so good for your mental health, and for the lives of your business as well. C: Yes, and I reverberate with that as well, I think thatsaying no is absolutely empowering but it alsokeeps your room open for the clients that you do fit well with, soif you’re taking on every single job, you might take a job onthat isn’t a good fit and you’re justleaving someone else who might be a good fit out the door.Solid advice, thank you.My last question, and I’ll pop the links in below, wherecan parties find you? P: Yeah so we’re everywhere, it’sour job to be everywhere but – C: Shout& Co.P: That’s right, we’re helping you shout about your business but it’s shoutandco.com and then on instagram and facebook, quite simple, shoutandco. So yeah, that’s us. C: Cool. Alright, thank you Pippa forcoming, it’s been great to have you now and thank you for watching, if you likethis video give it a thumbs up or subscribe using the button below andhit the notifications bell and thank you for watching. We’ll see younext time, are ya, bye-bye. C: Sometimes I just stop and look outthere as well, for like a entire hour. P: I’m looking up the sheep’s butt. C: mm-hmmP: Don’t frame that on the revise !.

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