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you getting associates and coming noticed now the first thing is if you’re interested in getting relations you should be beware of buying relates your site’s ranking in Google’s partly based on analysis of the sort of relates you have coming into your website from other websites and back in the day is about the number of Link’s you had these days it’s very definitely about a better quality of the links you have and if you can have lots of quality links so much the better so the sites that link to you can provide context about subject matter of your website and canned indicate its quality and popularity these are Google’s oaths however some webmasters engaged in link exchange recreations and improve spouse our sheets exclusively if the purpose of cross-linking degrading the quality of the links the sources and long-term impact you’ll have on their locates as you can see this isn’t violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines and can negatively affect your site’s rank and search engines if we actually fire at Google have work at Google’s own website here so this is at support google com/ webmasters as you can see here there’s information about linking schemes and as it says these are the sort of things clearly the Google certainly doesn’t like which are basically ties-in designed primarily to manipulate your PageRank a high page rank and if you have links to spanners or bad vicinities that will definitely bang your your own website and if you’ve got excessive reciprocal relations or as evidence of link exchange schemes again is can actually harm you know so the relevant recommendations of mostly buying in connections or exchanging ties solely for the promotion of your sheet grade is unquestionably something Google’s against what Google is looking for is a high quality organic relations relation to your website so deferring website to search engines by and large if you’ve got mints and lots of ties from other websites to your your particular website and if a better quality relations and good will find it regardless even it’s a new website but if you do want to submit directly to the search engines ever read the FAQ affiliated not only the google but with other search engines such as being and yahoo and you are eligible to basically examine the google webmaster guidelines for more information again if we can look for information on this in this case i just done a google pursuing in google webmaster guidelines and the first item that comes up here or mostly make you to a sheet on google’s own locate and there’s three very important documents that everyone should read if you’re involved with merging your website the first one is designing content recommendations the second one is technical guidelines and in many ways the most important one is quality specifications if we can gaze more aspect topics it’s basically telling you to go for quality content rather than all sort of plans and deceptions accessible out there if you go down here there’s a bit are specifically about excellence recommendations as it says avoid things like obscure verse or hidden associates these are some of the gimmicks that black hat SEO spammers we use don’t use robing or cowardly redirects don’t send automated inquiries to Google using programs that will check your positions in the search engines again Google’s not to target likes users up its bandwidth and don’t laden lots of pages with the relevant keywords and same exactly the same vein don’t make multiple pages subdomains or disciplines with substantially duplicate content so it mostly reinforces the theme that google is giving over and over again these days that basically Google is looking for quality content and will honor quality content and in turn if you’ve got caliber content that should allure good organic natural connected to your sites from other parties so as I say don’t squander automated website submission services there are consignments of these we search the web for this sort of thing within any of the search engines you’ll find this quantities and onus of services meant even free some of them bill a small amount and basically again if you read all the FAQ s all the major search crews and say don’t you realize say this is submit your website independently to each search engine and the basic avoid these automated business where possible now as I say if you read the guidelines announced by Google they will tell you categorically that the best place of submit to google is to use the Google submission service it’s simple as that and you don’t have to submit every single page basically exactly defer the homepage google eventually and a pair epoches come to your website have a look around you’ll start indexing your website and enumerate your website so you can submit what it called sitemaps more on those later but by and large once google knows about your homepage then if you’ve got proper links to the rest of your website then Google will just come back occasionally and explore more of your website and start indexing more of your website as far as submitting the areas your website to onus and onus of search engines are concerned certainly the important ones are the well known ones things like Google is that the important one then there’s other important search engines of things like Bing and Yahoo if you examine the web view will find some websites which will register hundreds and hundreds of search engines most of which no one’s over are aware of and even less beings are going to use so as they just focus on the important search engines and the rest will find you or better now now just something else to be aware of is this thing called google area ties or widened ties-in is sometimes announced sometimes when you do a investigation particularly for a firebrand scour you’ll find that as you can see in this case here exploration the guardian newspaper will basically reply reported for the homepage and there’s a whole quantity of extended connection down now and these will vary clearly from site to site now at the moment there’s not much you can do to control these apart from demoting the one lad who you don’t like so this is a real search of search for the guardian newspaper up it comes and these things down now these are the spread joins so it’s just another way that Google’s has changed over the years to mostly improve the quality of the search now something up seems to know about is the open directory project or demos is sometimes called the open directory project is mostly a directory as opposed to search engine it’s maintained by real beings and the idea of the open directory campaign is it will be examining sites are submitted to it it rejects more locates than it accepts and mostly it aims to be a repository of good websites it’s important that you refer your website to the open directory project or demos which is found at ww mrs dmz org the reason for this is that if you deferred your search engine to Deemas or the open index projection and if its submission is accepted by them and this is basically taken as a sort of take of endorsement by many of the search engines including google so you’ll find that all other things being equal if your website is accepted by the open directory campaign for inclusion within their directory then that improvements to your PageRank an you general acquire clevernes within search engines so it’s definitely something you should you think about if we are only speedily shell this up this is dima zorg as you can see it’s a little bare when you first look at it but as you see you can go up here and propose the URL and as I said it’s very much a suggestion they will go and look at it and it can take quite some time to get accepted the advice basically is if you want to submit you’re certain you’re right website to this particular directory make sure it’s pretty well perfect before you get it on if you’ve got sheets that say under change or undermined connects or kind of stuff they’re getting a repudiate you out of hand so only subject simply sir submit to the open directory campaign once you’re you’re pretty well certainly the website is perfect now something else you’ll come across when you start talking about websites and relates and coming your site discovered its hypothesi of a sitemap there’s two types of sitemaps and it’s lovely muddling one version of the site planned is basically just simply a sheet you have on your website which rolls all the other prime important sheets on your website and that’s mostly there for the benefit of humans but can also be of Houston search engines as once it’s found that page that into that page internal link to all the other important sheets now there’s another type of website planned which is purely for the search engines this is called an XML sitemap he squanders a special sort of format exercising our XML and the idea is you can create an XML sitemap for your particular website and then was considered that site planned in turn to the search engine including Google you can write this yourself or there’s if you do a immediate exploration you’ll acquire his several places or generate an XML sitemap for you one of these is this one now which is www XML sitemaps com and if you only swiftly fire this up as you can see this is a very simple process he does something enter your details in here fill in these other constants here if they’re involved click on start button off you go so it takes literally got a couple of hours and what you get out the other end is a file you can download to your fixed disk and you can then in turn upload that to your web server once it’s a you can submit that to google and other search engines you

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