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Good morning, hi, its Pawe eszczyski. I would like to invite you to the second episodeof the Loando Podcast, which gives people the chance to meet our employees. In the podcast, we likewise uncover a little bitabout the behind-the-scenes work in the largest fintech group in Poland. Today I am going to talk with ukasz Rogala, our brand-new Head of SEO at LOANDO Group. Congratulations and welcome in the studio. Hi there, thanks. Okay, so let’s get to the main partof our podcast. To the very footing. Maybe you will decipher the abbreviation SEOfor our listeners? The abbreviation SEO is for SearchEngine Optimisation, i.e. all the activities that we have to carry out in order to makeour place friendly for hunting, especially for Google. In Poland, there is also an additional notion, which also includes the entire process of “workin on” the place, its optimization, build and contriving new content. Okay, then maybe let’s talk aboutthe toolkit. Are the tools used in SEO forthe financial industry any different from those you have previously been using for otherindustries? No, basically, the toolkit is thesame for every industry, but what plays a role here is the way how we use these implements, i.e.If I had to give you some lists we use, for example, Screaming Frog to check how thepage is constructed, what the subpages are, and whether they are all the most importantelements from the SEO perspective and the same work is done for each firebrand, for eachwebsite. However, what is particularly important inthe financial industry is what elements of this analysis we are going to take a lookat … … so the organize will be the same for everyone, but the direction of using it is certainly goingto be a little different. Okay then.It is also heard around that what is not onthe first page of Google search results does not exist. Is it even worth to work on items that cannotbe found on the fir st page of search results? Certainly not, but you should payattention to what happens to the page when we create it and when we start working onit. If we see that keyword locations are increasingday by day, say the day before yesterday we were in the 30 th outlook, and today we arein the 12 th position that meant that our actions are valuable and we should continuethem, but eventually all our piece has to aim at entering the top ten search results, andpreferably to continue them and penetrate the top three, yes, because there will be thegreatest organic site traffic.Ok, so if we are talking about thepodium, maybe you can tell us, how much does it take to get to this TOP3? A pile depends on whether the sitealready has a history, i.e. whether there were already some activities related to optimizationor creating new content on the site, whether it was ever optimised, or whether any SEOspecialist ever looked at it? How old-time is the domain? Are there any ongoing works to develop it? On average, it takes about 6 months for thefinancial industry to position the locate, assuming that from the first day, since its establishment, the content is optimised employing SEO.There has to be a lot of content and thereare ongoing activities related to obtaining links that are, as we well know, the mostimportant in the context of build organic visibility. So, this hassle here is actually a never-endingtask It never intent Every day you have to realise some effortsto maintain this position or to raise it Yes … I make, I’d be lying to saythat it’s a day-to-day job, and in a large organisation we definitely have to check wherethis work on the sheets is still going on. We have to ensure that everything is technicallyat the highest standards, so that there is no situation in which some elements of the pagewill be removed or something will be blocked, and thus, the position of the place may changedrastically.However, ceaseless undertaking and work thatneeds to be done is to obtain ties-in, so … The number of places where you can get associates islimited so as SEO professionals we must search for brand-new plazas, assess their quality and, above all, aim for publication in such places, yes … To get associations from them. Ok, since you mentioned these sits, maybe you can tell us what these locates are, if their numbers is limited.Where can you get attaches, especially in thisfinancial industry? In general, a conventional place for obtaininglinks for all industries is White Press. It is simply a lieu where all publisherswho want to offer their publishings, pamphlets on their websites, can add their website andfor a certain fee we can buy such a relate Can we say that they have a monopolyon the market? Yes and no … Now there are moreand more brand-new pulpits, especially those that go beyond Poland. For sample, Nine Marketing is from abroad, so White Press is the basic source where most SEO specialists begin, but then it’s worthtaking the time to search for places to get tie-ups. Due to the specificity of the industry andthe specificity of this professing I am not allowed to say more, but I am certainly notusing White Press only.Well, there was still two quite similarproducts at LOANDO Group, which are loan comparison websites. How does this work in terms of SEO? Is the rivalry in the search engine in thecase of such twin concoctions devastating? It certainly raises the costs ofthe entire process, because we need to assign similar financial expenditures to the linkbuildingof both websites. We need to create twice as much content, devotetwice as much time to their optimisation … On the other hand, from the point of view of SEO, we is not compete internally. In this behavior, we occupy more opening in the searchresults … Having two areas that we rank, we can take two positions in the top ten, so as a result, customers get to us more frequently. Can you compare it to the cooperationin the Formula 1 squad, where both moves cooperate? Yes, exactly! Well, recently sounded a brand-new versionof PozyczkaPortal.pl.Did you come across any special challengesduring the migration? The movement process itself wentflawlessly … There were some toils related to working out the details, with the improvementof small elements which are … In the case of which we had some suspenses … Especiallyin the context of the appearance of individual parts, because the auto-mechanics itself, theway the website exertions has not changed … only the look has changed and the page codehas changed, so we took care to keep the highest availability, so it was not a direct migration, because there were no major changes, for example in the structure of URLs. There was no need to create any redirections … The trouble was that there were new ideas that had to be separated at the stage of migrationfrom possible future development. Ok, and what does the competitionlook like when it comes to optimization in the financial sector? Is competitor fiercer than in other manufactures? Or isnt it? It is certainly more challenging, thereare more entrants, because it is a sector that is strongly dominated by affiliation.Above all, a lot of musicians on the paydayloan busines gave up the fight for the position in the search results and switched to thecomparison websites. Therefore, there are many new similarity websites, and each of them utilizations part different methods to position the website. Some focus on the quality of acts, long-termeffects … Others try to do it quickly, with negligible costs , not attending about what willhappen to the site … However, “its not easy” … Ok, maybe an additional difficulty are some law regulations, restrictions? Is it somehow different in this respect inthe financial industry? There are no such restrictions inthe case of SEO. I mean that Google, long ago, made some problemsfor loan companionships, but in terms of AdWords advertising … At the moment, organic trafficis in no way covered by restrictions in terms of promoting as payday credits, quick lends Ok, LOANDO Group is a big businessentity. Maybe you would reveal how cooperation betweenSEO and PR departments in the Group looks like? Above all, we use our reciprocal contactsand our lore to build the largest possible range of organic pleasures. Due to the fact that it has a lot of contacts, the PR department is primarily helping us to acquire new arranges to publish … After some time, we as SEO experts cancome up with a proposal to create content on these sites that will convey the valueof SEO to our site, and at the same time pursue the goals of the areas we publish on, thatis, together with the PR department we scheme material that will be read by someone firstly and on the other hand let us build the SEO value of our website.So, it’s not like it is usually seenthat between SEO and PR departments there is some competition and that not all of thesedepartments are able to cooperate? No … I reflect the PR departmenthas a very good chance of going in the direction of acquiring associations, because they have a lotof contacts and they can really help SEO specialists in increasing the number of links to the site, in sought for brand-new places or composing together wars where a publication and material willbe well exploited, which will be primarily probed by someone, so … So, there wont be anydead publishings , not probed by anyone. Okay, at the end, I would like toask you to name some central mannerisms of SEO and SEO for finance In fact, a big distinction of business SEO is the above-average competition, whichis on the one entrust trying to build long-term value, but on the other hand, you are eligible to take someshortcuts. This does not happen in other industries. Rather, most manufactures strive to act on thelong-term basis Well, it’s all from me.Thank you very much for the interrogation. I would like to thank our audience for theirtime. Of track, I would like to remind you to subscribeto our YouTube channel an d take a look at our LinkedIn profile – there will be moreepisodes of our podcast. Thank you and I hope I’ll hear from you soon. Thanks ..

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