METAVERSE 2 | New Area Update | 1000x Potential | 20 pesos lang isang NFT?


( Metaverse 2 SFX)( background music)( reverberated transgressing)( clink music) Hey what’s up ALROCK Nation welcome back to my path this is ALROCK and for this video guys an update for our MetaVerse 2 and as “youre seeing” our trailer seems immense, because on March 11, 2022 we have an upcoming update about this that we will discuss sooner but before that people, Happy 30.1 k customers expressed appreciation for so much better for all the contributors and if you require, and haven’t yet agreed precisely do subscribe and do hit the notification buzzer for you not to get late, and be updated in our video so here it is, the Metaverse 2 ok, Journey to the future where imagination becomes a reality so last-place experience, … we already have content about Metaverse2, and told you how much the toll is and for only 20 pesoes, you can buy an NFT now or tiles, right? and if you want to buy land, it still depends on you and the most cheap rate guys, is 18 pesoes per tile or 20 pesoes people the toll is so affordable in world markets here for now, ok, so in the future we don’t know.It really has potential, this Metaverse 2 and if you haven’t yet watched my last-place video simply do watch it firstly, for you to have an idea of how you will enter through here, the tutorial is there on how to buy. and also on how to withdraw, ok guys, so this is Metaverse 2 so our update now will be on March 11,2022 which is Las Vegas and Paris, right? here in Paris guys, you can buy tiles use Metadollars, ok and Meta Dollars is different from Meta Token chaps, but in the Paris guys, we can buy through Meta Dollars ok, so you can cash-in using your Paypal and there you can use your equilibrium for you to cash-in now and be able to buy tiles in our Paris location.And in Las Vegas people, the tiles, or moor is likely to be bought applying Meta Tokens so there’s a difference between Meta Token and Meta Dollars, okay? so Meta Token is for Las Vegas, and in Paris, you can buy through Meta Dollars it’s clear, right? so where to buy Meta Token guys, just go in P2P where you can buy here you can buy Meta Token, just sounds P2P and then buy Meta Token, and there you can choose of what will you purchase so users can mine Meta Token scaling to the pricing both of 0.09% by consuming assets the deal reward is 10% and in the future people, Meta Tokens I think it will unexpectedly increase the cost, right? and our mined landmarks in Las Vegas it will be 0.01% expenditure in the future and 0.095% in sub-landmarks, okay? so do you understand guys? that’s the future chaps here in our Meta Token, it has great potential, ok? so I’m optimistic on this project and another feature chaps, in Metaverse 2 is the editor, so what’s an journalist? so this is a sample of the editor.And as you can see which can’t be seen by now so this is the use for the editor which we can create organizes or constructs which we can sell in Marketplace and as “youre seeing” guys, this is how to do it so this tool editor and used herein play or in our Metaverse 2 so you are able to purchase this guys, and this is upcoming and still on Beta-Testing and this is…Will be published on March 17, 2022, so you can try it guys in our Beta-Testing so what is the use of Editor? so another expend of the editor so you can create, modify the mash objects, okay? and you can edit the change of textures which is the magnificence here and of course, we have a beta-test, that may have a lot of lapses so maybe, the resources you will conclude may be gone ok, so I hope that members can get that so here chaps, another informed about Meta Token so Meta Token is listed on Solana BlockChain so it’s great guys, as we know in Solana BlockChain it has huge events and I said, that our clue is, uh … still upcoming in varies, which is good to stay tune and don’t worry, because our token, this Metaverse 2 is already examined by Binance, and those with huge exchanges so this is the magnificence, that they are audited guys, and I believe in this project, that…It will boom when it was introduced to be known by our investors, and I believe, and this is my own opinion chaps this Metaverse 2 will explode and in the near future so Meta Token is our governance clue, here in Metaverse 2, ok? it is therefore has great potential, and what can you think of now? so what do you think? so you can comment in our remark slouse for me to hear out your own opinion so our governance clue has a wide range of use, which we can buy NFT we can buy editor, and so much more as we can also use it in trading, for buying and for selling in the Marketplace so it has a variety of use by our Meta Token still depends on you, if you wanted to enter, huh? so our update was that just simple, so that’s how to do it good to stay carolled for, and the interest is moving up which I invested before so let’s go to my assets and I haven’t yet bought ground but in my sources status and once have 16,700 gallons of fuel, ok? so you can mine resources here, which you can buy, right? and the good thing now guys, which you find out that you don’t want you can sell it again, and the good thing again here when you buy the premium that you bought may be redoubled so you can watch my first video, for you to have knowledge or hypothesi to seeing how much this would expenditure, and how much return it would be ok, so do check this Metaverse guys ‘, which is a good thing for you to check for you to have your own research, and don’t just depend on me seems on the team here, a huge team that represents a Team Korean, which I talked to, having a good gossip with Nakano Koen a kind person, having 6 years of ordeal and it truly has indicated that the project is solid and you can see our advisors here, ok project partners, and a lot of teams envoys, so Korean group people, right? and the partners were really big included with LG, MEXC Global, FTX, BYBIT Binance, almost every people “the worlds biggest” fellowships are here ok, so stay tuned because…I believe that this will explode in the near future perhaps next month, next year, we don’t know, but chaps this is a big project which you can make time for it, or do invest while the expenditure is low per tiles or properties ok, hoping chaps that you have an idea or informed about our modernize in Metaverse 2 as I said to you that you must watch our first video before you continue to watch this Metaverse 2 inform ok chaps, said he hopes that you liked my video and if you really like it then, don’t forget to like this video and too don’t forget to touched subscribe and hit the notification buzzer for you not to get late, and kept up to date in our video ok, so again don’t precisely depend on me, it’s a good thing for you to have your own research having own investigate is a must, and if you want to invest “Invest on what you can afford” “not to lose, but merely on what you can only afford” thank you so much for watching this is ALROCK, stay safe, keep health and God bless to all of you .( background music ).

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