My #1 SEO Trick (It’s Not What You Think)


I know some of you guys have been wondering what’s the biggest SEO trick that I’m utilizing today and I have to tell you it’s funny because most people think hey Neal you’re super tactical like what relate house tricks are using how are you writing your material what are using precisely to grade at the top of Google because you’re graded for terms like or a few Google words like SEO online marketing internet marketing I’m grading on page one for a lot of these expressions some of them at the top some of them even number one here’s the stunt my biggest SEO hack or trick isn’t SEO it’s building a label if you’re looking at these videos that I’m doing from the contents that I’m creating from my blog pole from the podcasting I’m doing sell institution everything I do is about brand building what I found out is the one who has the biggest brand tends to win in the long run I was talking about this earlier with a friend I asked him I’m like if you were to get a credit card what would you get he’s like American Express was like okay you got to get a car what would you K he’s like Tesla now to get workout clothes what would you buy he said Nike and then I asked him would you Google for any of these products he’s like no I would just go and buy him why because they’ve built a firebrand you’re not going to build a big company unless you build a label now you’re not gonna be able to do Tv push signs or any of that kind of stuff that these enormous organizations are doing but what you can do is you can start off by just granting beings evaluate by busting out your telephone recording a video uploading it to Facebook to YouTube to LinkedIn Twitter Instagram whatever it may be you can create a podcast I’ll set your telephone again record yourself upload it to iTunes you can write blog post write an article release it on WordPress share it on the social network it’ll get you some traction the point I’m trying to offset is if you help people with your content your information and you exactly give it to them and you really simply genuinely care I do this yes because I’ll body-build my brand but I truly do genuinely attend it’s the reason why I respond to comments I don’t have to respond to comments if you look at almost all the comments that I’m getting on the blog and that I’m responding to therefore people that can’t open my products or services I don’t care I genuinely enjoy helping out beings but if you care for others you want to help them the incidental benefit from that is that you’re gonna build a brand and I learned this not because I’m trying to build a brand I learned this because I genuinely wanted to help out people my mom’s a teach I got it from her I genuinely wanted to help out beings and then I found out that it was building my firebrand at the same time and then when people started offering me paid speaking gigs and all this kind of stuff I was like oh wow there’s appraise in construct a brand but it didn’t sound because at first I studied the Nikes of the world the American Express’s of the world Coca Cola’s were all wasting money on branding because I was like no Google ads are better to lead ROI and I’m not saying branding is better or worse but there is value in it as well and that’s the biggest SEO hack because if you build a brand a lot more people with Google for your refer like Nike or whatever your company identify is and you’ll find that your website will rank higher an Eric Schmidt held a hint on this in which he once said you know brands are the way to separate the drivel and I’m slaughter his paraphrase and he’s true cuz what I find is as my firebrand queries have gone up so has my examination traffic and I believe that’s the future of SEO and I have a lot of data on this and I exhausted a blog pole on neil patel com a while back called the future of SEO and I talked about how symbol queries represent the future

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