My Biggest SEO Fail (Unbelievable Rookie Mistake)

– If you look at me you construe someone who’s probably doing well in SEO. Most of you guys see me as an SEO. Not genuinely a marketer or entrepreneur, but specifically an SEO. And a lot of you guys are like, “Hey, whatever Neil does he supplants when it comes to SEO.” But I’ve had a really gigantic los in SEO. And funny enough, it’s not just one. I’ve had numerous. The thing about me is I’ve gotten nice or good at SEO not because I’m smarter than you. There are so many people out there who know more about SEO than me, or who are smarter.

It’s that I’m relentless. I deter experimenting, testing, and trying until I figure something out. It’s just my personality. I’m obsessive. And one of the biggest failings I had was I would buy websites that were expired. I would waste a lot of money building their connects, going their standings. And eventually, Google would thump me with fines and penalties’ begin I was too aggressive. I bought associations that you shouldn’t have.

I was using expired domain names on things like “national parks” because they had all these EDUand government links and then turning them into a casino site. I was just asking for it. But I graded genuinely high up on page one for periods like “online casino.” And yeah, I did get caught. But the thing I learned about SEO, my biggest mistake was being shortsighted. It’s not necessarily a tactic because there’s a lot of tactics that I disappointed with that got me quick results, but most of the ones that got me quick results made me a quick coin, but that fund went away really fast as well.

And the biggest SEO mistake I prepared was having the mindset of being shortsighted. With SEO, recollect long run. Yes, it makes you a long time to get ranks if you do it right and you don’t give shortcuts. But the positions stay there for a long time. Creates stability. Will start genuine solid income for your business that you can rely on. Don’t be shortsighted like I was when I was a kid starting out as an SEO.

You can experiment, you can do some merriment nonsense. I understand you can break rules. I don’t recommend the following, but if you wanna do it for experimentation and fun purposes don’t hurt anyone else. Don’t is everything unethical. Experiment. You’ll learn that way. And eventually, you’ll learn that, hey, it’s the stuff that is providing value. Doing what’s best for the user is what’s gonna grade you the highest and keep you there in the long run.’ Cause Google’s not about, “Oh if this locate has more connections it should be ranked at the top.”

The highway Google thinks, hey, whatever’s best for the user is what we wanna place at the top. That is really the core purpose of their examine algorithm. Yes, they don’t want people manipulating it and they’re using things like relates and symbol signals and on-page SEO to help determine where a website should be ranked, but if you glance a the over-arching picture, in their brain the website that provides the best quality to the user, not to Google, but to the user, is who they wanna be placed at the top. So if you do what’s best for the user, you may not get the best results in the short-term.

Heck, I would bet you’re not gonna get the best solutions in the short-term. But you will get the best results in the long run ..

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