and today to see a free spate project there arealso free pile jobs or actually free projects what differentiates them fromall other projects that there is no initial fee that we have to put oncewe enter the white-hot list in order to be allowed to to actually mount the naphtha solet’s take an example we are inside the white list we can mount the nets at zero euro 0 andtir youm we will have to pay only spi league acquaint depending on the ski the action atthat time depending on the network congestion we start immediately with this project thatI discovered a few minutes ago and something certainly huge because all that megagalactic introthat I did corresponds to the truth how this project works we go and read it together everytime we sell one of our force within this accumulation you are eligible to trigger a uniting byevolving the buyer’s neft then ours is nafti and burning lenaf’s sold ordecreases the part proposal of the collecting and increases the strangenes of all the rings still incirculation this is a deflationary offer taken to the extreme now I explain everything I establish youunderstand everything in detail however we watch on the fly that the quantity of the project is of only 4 thousanditems let’s go and construe thanks to this video I try to clarify a little the unique andincredible car-mechanics of this free mint project I do not remember then what it went to do it wentto take inside the marketplace but we obviously if we can enterthe lily-white roster and we can still enter it because it came out a few weeks ago still fewknow it we can obviously organize it so we can get it inside our walletat zero euro we don’t have to go and buy it inside a secondary marketplacethat can be or mull regardles now obligates us the client that he bought or envisages university and therefore hecomes immediately catapulted into our wallet this mft will have several traitswith at the start the unitings that the minds had let’s see what happens he is going tobuy another vigor within the marketplace so he is buying it insidegod but instead since it is purchased it burns so it does not come insideour wallet it is not our control but it is burned by the blog chain andthis implements the diffusion mechanism as you can see if we take a look atthis drop-down menu here the combinations are two and then our attributes go to improvelet’s see what happens now maybe managed to see it with another heart with another visionthen the naphtha from the marketplace is burned and our characteristics go to increase obviouslyalso the combinations increase look in this case the narrative that goes to buy has already had5 combinations so there have been five changes inside of this is nafti a person decidesto sell it and I will obviously gave it in the marketplace at a higher price thanthose who may have had only one merger because obviously it has some characteristics of thebest dimensions so it will cost more this inert however we decide to buy this has ahigher rate than has had 5 unitings we have three unitings within our wantsof ours and nef and look at 8 so we are going to incorporate likewise the mergers thatthe admirers have had within the marketplace one thing that I did not initially tell you thatthis project presents this utility to this incredible function that I really like butabove all it is very deflationary at best because each billfold, hence, each string ofcode and we pluck each wallet can have only one value of this accumulation insideof one’s billfold this what implies that there are no whales or whales in any case whohave countless nfp of a single collect so maybe they can manipulate the priceto their liking because if they know five people who maybehave more than a many hundreds of a collection it is very clear and they agree and maybe they could manipulate the pricewith this function the action of ploy the cost utterly does not take place but above allwe are more enticed so the investor is more pulled to buy other grafts withinthe marketplace to improve our simply one is nafti we can safely understand thatwe are talking about a definitely revolutionary projection that it has unique abuses previously thesimple actuality that it is a highly deflationary free heap thanks to itsevolution function to a supply either already low-toned because there are only 4 thousand entries and above allthere will be only one inert we could only have one e nesti inside of the billfold let’sbetter understand how it cultivates a and how we can get the grey roll plainly we does not already have therelease year of such projects because it has been out for a few days so it is forming dayafter epoch nonetheless we know that there are 4 thousand dykes within the white list divided into twofactions the faction “its one” and a clique and that is I would not know how to define it that is haphazardly to designate uscompletely random matically since we enter their dischord itwill have an important impact that we accompany later since we move inside dischordanyway if you miss enter my caucu firstly relate below in description so enteredinto the project and we are within the same faction that will surely bringadvantages in the future annul the road map with 4 phases that are not extremely distinct or only the firstpoint is what we are living is detailed in the second part tells us that we can geta kind of el world that c What is probably I don’t know an enhancement then there will be the grandfinale with then the epilogue with the end of what they call their experimentlet’s see exactly how this action exertions diffusion is generally a process ofmerging two grafts belonging to the same collection while maintaining their best traits in one by generatingan updated artwork for it and finally burning man ex between what it intends so aswe have seen before “were having” two superstars one and within our portfoliowith good mannerisms since we buy the second of the inside for example of open seathis nt burns its mannerisms are added to our enerd patently if we take into account theneft we are buying it has better idiosyncrasies we keep the nef we are buying sowe say that ve numan l nafti with the idiosyncrasies more ugly or in any case inferior that it is burnedvery good this thing accurately happens entity within a consolidation the intensity belonging to thebuyer automatically revises his work of art it will be enough for us to freshen themetadata within our open sea page and increase his synthesi hismerger weigh is this here that we have seen previously this process takes locate automaticallywithout you having to carry out extra transactions or offer extra commissions for gas a bomb thenet tv owned by the seller so the one who employs lennert for sale inside forexample god canopies removed completely is irremediably from dissemination let’ssee how we can get the white list there are a total of 4,000 tushes within thewhite list divided into two caucus its own contribution of the members of the factions and determine how many seatseach function will have and we will see this in a moment inside dischord because weactually see how we can get our lily-white liter ist we can contribute to the growthof the project by sharing hypothesis on how the diffusion method can be used by spreadingthe word within social media then making for example a video on youtube I willtry to ask for the lily-white directory then know if perhaps I abide myself no less or in any case also ontwitter on the various social networks then also instagram sharing the uniting run with some fan artthen I demonstrate a guy which has recently secured the grey index with a verysimple thing by inviting friends to join his strife and steering and curing beginnerswho appear for the first time in the world of reverberates so maybe they askquestions how do I get the white-hot schedule what is this project what is a destiny andwe help within the server dischord here we are in their dischord they only have 1,300 representatives we are at the opening stages then let’s see if such projects will take hold I comu nqueI will fight to make the lily-white index now tells us that we can check the ranking or in any case how manywhite list places to our faction we will precisely have to write the leaderboards within the commandsthen we go to the authorities channel we gave those of the board I am in the faction of the there is only twotypes of caucus now I tell you ok we have already utilized it recently so wait for me torepeat the meaning here it is telling us that we have 5000 moments I think he designated them to mebecause in any case we were among the first to enter even if we should not the role today we are notamong the very first nonetheless it tells us the rank and to which category we belong we are partof the maneuver stimulations with the sa status bid instead we can see which are the two strifes therefore thereapers itri gondolas and how many places in the grey list each of the two has what we can dobut to increase the spot vuelle within our schism there aremo plays lto cute that we can do the first is the attacked let’s see if he makes me do it ok here from herehe employs us in front of a question and certainly altered it wisely with google andtells us who goes into the extents of the mausoleum to find wandering minds you can take4 2 ordeal tops you deeper or take what you experienced so it’s also nicewith this button we can go and collect our 41 event levels otherwise we godeeper we mine more here I know we got into what the hell didwell then we go home empty passed because it tells us that they fell insidea sentinel ambush and lost the 40 41 levels they had obtained very well so wehad to settle for those pitches otherwise we can use another authority that ifI’m not mistaken it was blacksmith let’s see if it is true that it should be the same thing will fill thehoneycombs j the blacksmith induce you an render a to get 500 experience phases they give you the chanceto get between 245 and 745 know-how moments boni accept you can meet 4 other blacksmiths before they driveyou out of their country I carry them in my pocket silently and we have taken theseexperience levels we have lost some 41 those we have seen before and gaining more and moreexperience places with these recreations that we can do depending on the number of minutes we can increasethe places the lily-white schedules of our schism I recommend we must all be in the samefaction we must help each other so I recommend recruiting first connection below of dischord Iwould like to show you another[ __] ok there are the levels here is what I wanted to showwere the love art this is one of the founders and as you can see he went to reward this guywho mostly made this fanart of a realizing I don’t know a kind of synthesi “hes having” twoeyes he came out with three eyes then a pr obable synthesi and saying that this is the right spiritand he sacrificed three commercial-grades in vuelle to his faction that are the reapers the bad guys we are the othersI recommend my friends let me know below in the comments what do you think I think it isa missile in few, that is , no one, I belief, knows this project so we can reach beautifulgreedy rebottos if it proliferates and increases patently and respects all its usefulness especially itsdeflationary organization which is incredible a neat like subscribe to the channel to not miss the bombslike this native whisker we told you soon

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