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hi david Chanin’s here from the SEO method calm I just wanted to take a moment to show you how I grade plight number one for an extremely competitive keyword that’s got 46 million people battling it out for that orientation and I believe most importantly how you can do the same so I operate in the stock market niche which you’d have to agree is a fairly competitive niche and I’ll exactly foreman over to Google now and type in one of my primary keywords now we rank for hundreds of keywords but this is just one of many and you can see a lot of those are available on the SEO method calm but trade system now one of these primary keywords has get 46 million people battling it out and “youre seeing” my website ranking in position number one which is free trading systems org also on the same page I’ve got another page number one listing which is system trading blog for that same keyword so I want you to imagine what that could mean to you if you had those sort of rankings in your business let’s also rush over and I get all of that traffic free of charge but I wanted to show you what Google recommends you’d money if “youre gonna” expending AdWords to proposal on that keyword so I’ve just nature the keyword trading system into the free google keyword implement and turned on the estimated average cost per sound and you can see if I was bidding on this keyword it had expensed me five dollars and four pennies but as I said because I’ve got the free indices within Google I get all of that traffic for free now all of the estimates are well and good and that Google specifies but I want to show you what a real world website just driving approximately one hundred percent of its traffic from free natural research looks like in Google Analytics so precisely climbed over to my google analytics account and you just see the last month’s worth of data now and you can see the websites routinely plucking in a million uniques a daylight and that’s all pretty much from natural investigation in fact i’ll evoke your attention down to this traffic beginnings area and you can see search engine obligates our eighty-two percent of the issue of trafficking which is 30,000 794 unique pilgrims a month now that works out to be about a thousand unique visitors a day now I miss you again imagine what it would be like to your business if you’re having a thousand new unique visitors to your business every day surely that it’d be worth you know finding out a little bit more about but this website that was by no means of flue gas i want to show you that it’s been drawing in that sort of traffic all the way since back near the start of this year so i’ll time sound that in and display you you can see all the way back there it we’ve been pretty much systematically plucking in a thousand or around about a thousand unique visitors a day so as I said this is no fluke and this is just one of numerous samples if you want to see more proof heading over to the SEO method calm and you can see loadings of screenshots undoubtedly I’m not going to expose every niche that we go after but I wanted to give you more than enough proof oh I know what I’m talking about we grade for keywords lots of keywords in the stock market everything from forex trading strategies to trading psychology to you know metastock which is where I’ve sentiment myself as the expert in my niche but as part of the testing as well we also looked at a whole lot of obscure knishes as well everything from free identity measures to learning how to ski and again you can see all of that on the website the fact is we’ve measured this method on over five hundred and eighty-three domain names to make sure that this method is rock solid and succeeds every time each month we pull in over 900,000 unique clinks a month and I presume I don’t tell you all of this to impress you but very I want to impress upon you the fact that I know my substance when it comes to SEO I pretty much ingest this material for breakfast and I can show you how to get the same sort of ranks that I get I’m not an internet commerce guru I’m there in the real world selling real produces to real parties and if you just take a moment and imagine what it would be like if you can have this sort of success in your business wouldn’t it be worth finding out more about so why don’t you head over to the SEO method you

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