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hi are you looking for search engine optimization in that bro my figure is Nick and I’m the only here white-hot squad is here and “we ii” edinborough located at a row located SEO company that works the whole of the UK in this very quick video i want to discuss exactly what my business could do for your business and at the very end of the video I’ve got a free talent that I want to share with you so satisfy send you I hope you enjoyed it thanks for watching so how exactly can we help you get more patrons online and help your business certainly become successful by using the leverage of online sell we can help you in many different ways from exactly an outline the basics first of all we would do the following we find out exactly how your patrons gaping and for your services online as in what they’re lay into Google and the other search engines and also other skills we can use to find out how people would find you on the internet secondly the main thing we would do is optimize your website and make sure you’re getting the highest conversion rate possible make sure that the visitors that are actually coming to your website are going to become patrons in as many figures as possible the next thing we would do is actually be able to guess your website to the top of Google employing some advanced SEO proficiencies and using my knowledge of over six years now of internet marketing and peculiarly search engine optimization and science of Google and how they’re persistently updating and changing things all the time I keep up to date with all that as well so the last thing we can I can mention is that we can use lots of other proficiencies including Facebook YouTube and many more as well as there’s lots things we can do to help your business online so that’s pretty much a basis basic overview of how we can help you and let’s finish up with the free offerings that I mentioned so as I mentioned at the beginning of the video I want to give you a free talent for watching this video and giving me your time and that free knack is basically I’d like to give you a consultation over the phone of 10 to 15 times and find out exactly how lily-white primary SEO can help your business to become more successful but truly taking advantage of the opportunity that online commerce poses so all you need to do is give me a call that’s my personal portable count right there on the screen 07 4685 doubled string c 0 give me a call and i’m happy to arrange a day when we can have a proper 10 or 15 -minute conversation about how i can assist you instead you can visit my website which is white tip SEO com as “youre seeing” there on the screen so I actually hope this video has been very successful and I look forward to helping your business soon thanks for watching bye

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