Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) For Local Business Owners


when we talk about search engine optimization of course we’re talking about Google why because here in the UK Google represents ninety percentage of all probes when people are looking for information goods or services online so we have to realize the fact that google reigns so if we’re going to talk about the Google platform what you need to realize is that on sheet one of Google ninety-eight percent of specific actions makes now so we’ve got ninety percent of people exploiting google and ninety-eight percent of it makes situate now on weapon sheet one of Google merely two percent of people ever get to beach very and it’s important to realize that it’s no good time being on sheet one you just wanted to reign page one of Google what do I imply by that well in this particular example here you can see this particular business in position one it’s in position to which in position three and it’s in position five whether it’s in this video the second thing you want to do when you talk about predominating the sheet you likewise want to be the most visual so here you can see that the video stands out amongst all this text so it’s more than likely to get the click she missed don’t dominate sheet one of Google visually you also want to think of things like business directories we all go out there and let’s start enterprises in places like Yale and you open all this but these business directories when they show up on page one of Google as you can see all the testifies lists but if you do your SEO right you can actually get your business on that directory to actually directory be listed on page one instead of the categories these are all different ways of getting your your website your directories your videos all listed on page one of Google so you Dominique page one of Google guys it’s the difference between being in a side street where there’s very little traffic and very little things happening or being on the high-pitched street where you’ve got multiple shots on there so you your genuinely dominate and generating the money in now there’s a reach of things you need to worry about with search engine optimization one is your own page ranking points that’s where you made to ensure that you building and strengthening your website in other pulpits so you’re attracting and the attention of Google and opening google the right words the second thing you need to do is the off page and other videos we talked about this trust fortress an announcement network put your outfit page stuff is whereby you’ve got your google and your Pinterest and Twitter accountings in your facebook I need indices and all the web to our owneds all associating back to your website all giving your site more official what do I necessitate by authority to the fact is that Google looks at looks at is your domain Authority and your page Authority you can see these illustrations now your domain authority on facebook is 102 Chris all measurements out 100 the domain authority is 100 the sheet Authority is 97 amazon domain authority of 93 sheet arbiter on the on the home page 95 very powerful websites and for the purpose of our training which i’ll talk to you about in a second we too demonstrate you a brand new website where you can see the domain authority is one and the sheet or exploration is one in other words google is built no cartel up with it whatsoever so we don’t expect it to grade rank on page one of Google and over the over the period of time will change all those figures and improve it up so it’s all about construct your domain authority and page authority in other words picturing google that as a neighbourhood business you are the neighbourhood business and choice you’re the most authority of business when we’re talking about on page grading factors we’re talking about things like your designations your content your the multimedia you’ve got videos on then your word-paintings on there we talked about creating silos in other ways of your plumber have you got a section that’s about boiler service and we go section about your being gas safe and become area of central heating systems it’s about creating silos and the practice you structure your website all of these are parts that improve Google right view far higher on the search engine as I has already mentioned we’re likewise going to be talking about how you get your domain Authority built up in your page or 30 built up so you are the regional business or preference now this is just one of the ways that we help local business owners do more coin and prepare more profits when it comes to using all of the different online marketing strategies are out there if you want to know more you can simply meet our free prepare or even impart us a phone call and we can talk to you and give you a one to one consultation and some advice

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