Search engine optimisation (SEO) for tourism businesses | Part 2


Good morning everyone and welcome to this 10th ina series of webinars delivered by VisitScotland in conjunction with Business Gateway’s DigitalBoostprogram and part of a recovery package of webinars aimed at supporting tourism businesses as theylook to reopen when feasible once again. My name’s Andrew Craig and I’m delighted to welcomeJanine Marriott for this second part two. Hello jean, search engine optimisation for tourismbusinesses just a quick reminder again you’re all muted and your webcams are off microphone webcamoff mode and we’ll be distributing a link to the PDF version of Janines presentation at the end ofthe webinar as well as asking once again for your feedback via a link that we’ll send to you viathe on the screen we’ll put on the screen later on if you have any queries about any aspects ofsearch engine optimisation please ask them via the questions tab that you’ll see in yourgo to webinar control panel and remember that this is a 90 minute session and we’ll spend 10to 15 minutes at the end of the those 90 minutes discussing any questions and queries youmight have about search engine optimisation and then before I let you inbegin um a quick reminder of the offering from DigitalBoost the screenshotof their home page their program delivers free a lot of free services including up to 21hours of one-to-one specialist digital support and that’s subject to the applications beingauthorised by a Business Gateway advisor of course and they offer workshops and webinars at themoment just book the place on the website and that’s business bgateway.com events andthen they also finally offer online guides on 21 digital topics and video tutorials on afurther nine digital topics so i’ll now pass things over to Janine Marriot who’s hereagain representing targeting innovation and she’s going to lead today’s session Janineover to you I think actually you couldn’t see my screen prior to that so to apologisebecause I forgot to share my screen so do you mean we can all see your screen so overto you thank you I switched my camera off and okay so last time we on last week we looked atunderstanding what your customer is seeing in the search results and why and we looked at differenttypes of keywords and words your customers could be using at the different stages of their journeyand how to bring that into your content so today we’re going to look at how to use the keywordsthat we showed how to research last week and where to put them on your page and some of thefactors as well that we’ll look at to see how you can influence how far up the search engines thatyou go and how to keep up with future algorithms we’re going to have a little bit more in-depthlook at local seo as well and at google how you can optimise your google my business page andagain small sets small steps even that you can take away and implement today to start seeingresults in your and success in your search results we’re also going to have a look at linksand why you need them and how to create them so when you or one of your potential customersenters a keyword into a search engine everything that they see at that time youshould consider as pre-click optimisation because that is what they’re going to seebefore they click through to your website so as a business owner who’s optimising their websiteyou’ve got two jobs now okay the first one is to encourage people to click through to your site inthe first page and the second one is to use the content that you produce to get them to engagewith it once they’re actually on your website and hopefully go on and take an action that youwant them to do so either whether it’s to book whether it’s to call you or whether it’s tofill in a form watch a video whatever it is what you see on the screen now in blue is calledyour meta title okay and it’s one of the most important parts of seo and it should explainexactly what your page is about using your most important keywords at the front at the startof it and your brand’s name at the back okay in the same way VisitScotland have donethat there depending on the website that your platform is depending on the platform that yourwebsite’s built on will depend whereabouts in the back end you go to be able to accesshow you can change this meta title okay WordPress is one of the most popular platformsand you might be using a plugin for that called yoast seo which is a really easy plug-inand help you optimise each one of your pages but again depending everybody will have an area in theback of the website regardless of what it’s built on so I would recommend you go and have a look forthe seo section and it’s there that you’ll find it underneath the blue title there iswhat we call the meta description and your meta description should be written as amini advert okay it’s the combination of the meta description and the meta title that’s going toencourage somebody to click through to your page it’s not a direct ranking factor some peoplethink that if you can stuff the meta description full of keywords that’s going to help you gethigher up in the search results which isn’t actually the case but what you can see on thescreen now is that some keywords are in bold okay and the keywords that I put into search forthis would have contained accessible and Scotland not necessarily holidays but Googles makingthe connection between the search terms I put in and showing them to me in bold becauseit’s making it more relevant to my search now although it’s not a direct ranking factorindirectly it is because if you can encourage people to click through to your site and spendtime on your site Googles going to think people are finding this page useful and it wants to showuseful pages more often in search results okay so you write your meta description as a mini advertto encourage people to click through and your meta title is one of the most important partsto tell google what your page is about as well still going along the lines of pre-clickoptimisation when you’re searching for information yourself for your own benefit or if you’retrying to spy on what your competitors are doing quite often you might see resultsthat look like this one on the screen that look a little bit more different toyour average title or meta description and they look a little bit more enticing and youprobably sit there thinking how do they do that how do they get their results to look like thatnow nine times out of ten the results that you see that look more attractive to click on are going tobe there because they have a code on them and the code is called structured data or you might haveheard of it being referred to as schema mark-up now putting structured data code on your websiteis a bit like pouring some red bull onto your seo okay it’s an advanced seo technique and it’s notsomething that we’re going to go into discussing on this webinar but the reason i’m telling youthis is not to try and confuse you it’s just to answer the question that when you see results thatlook a bit different and you’re wondering why and trying to figure out how your content can looklike that it’s because of this code that’s on it don’t go away from here though thinking I needto find out that stretch of data I need to get stretch of data on my code you have to keep youhave to do the basics first you have to still keep creating the content that we referred to we’ll goover on this one but we also spoke a lot about um last week because you can’t put code onto data orcontent that isn’t there so if you don’t have the content and it’s not written in the right way it’suseless to you anyway okay so be aware that this exists and it’s for the future but go back and dothe basics first so the second part is of your job your first part to get them on the websitethe second part to convince them that they’re going to take an action so this is post clickoptimisation and it’s everything that the user is going to see once they’re on the page and it’swhat the search engines are also going to read nobody can promise you page one number onefor any search term okay but what you can do and when we talked about how the search enginescan try and understand what’s on your page and one of the things that you can do tohelp that is structure your page properly okay so on this slide you see the titleaccessible accommodation in Scotland and if you think about when you’re when you’rewriting content on your web page you probably have the option to highlight it and choose whetherit’s a paragraph or you might have seen tags and or headers that h1 h2 whatever and wonderedwhat they are these are htm html headers and they’re the main headings that you’re going tosee on a page so basically you want to have your main important keywords as your primary header andthen a subheading and then your paragraph okay so there is some structure to your page you’resaying to google this is the most important keywords these are going down in hierarchy youdon’t stuff your main keywords into this page okay you’re not doing we’re not keyword stuffingin the past was a lot easier to rank a page in google where you put all your keywords at the topall of them at the bottom and make sure there was loads of them and when you when you read back thecontent it sounded horrendous you wouldn’t speak to somebody like that so you’re going to sprinkleyou’re going to write your content including your keywords but writing in a natural way okayyou did your keyword research you did your um semantic words you had questions that people areasking you can include all of this on the page now you also need to put your keywords in imagesand this is done through what we call alt text and again depending on the platform that youuse for your website there will be a place usually when you’re uploading your image whereyou’re going to have a little box and it’s going to ask you for your alt text or your old tag theyshould all be unique so if you’ve got five images on each page each alt tag that you use or textshould describe what the picture what you see in the picture okay now on here you can see as wellan okay alt text would be family on Cairngorms but a more longer tail keyword and the best wayto optimize this would be something like family having a ski lesson on canned comms you wantto describe what’s in the picture in a succinct and descriptive way you can also put captionson your images to help with accessibility and you should use your keywords in the file namefor your images okay quite often you can upload images and save them as 2747c or whatever itis dot jpeg that’s no use for anybody okay make sure that when you actually save your images aswell your file names can be descriptive names too we spoke previously about page load speedtimes and one of the things that really will affect your website and how fast it is andsomething that you can do yourself without having to bring in a developer and spend moneyis to make sure that your images are compressed okay so that they’re quick to load and you canuse different tools for this you can use photoshop which you would need to pay for well there’s afree um chrome app called pixlr and pixlr I think it is and that will do pretty much what you needit to do for um compressing these images there’s also lots of tools for free on the internet if yougoogle them free image compressing tool something so you can take your images off compress themput them back up and it will speed up your site so now we know where to put your keywords in thetitles and meta descriptions and how your page should be structured but you need to plan wherethese keywords are going to go onto your website okay so there’s two stages your keyword researchwhich we’ve already done and you can also find out keywords that you’re already ranking for whichwe’ll have a look at in the next slide we’ve got short tail keywords we’ve got long tail keywordsand we know that long tail keywords are more likely to convert than the shorter tail ones foranybody that didn’t go on the previous webinar last week I would recommend that you go backand watch that one first so this will make a lot more sense to you want to remembernot to get caught up in having to rank for every single keyword that you think is a goodone but you from all the research that you’ve done you’ve got a list full of opportunities thatyou can now start applying to your site so the way I would recommend that you do this dependingon how confident you are with and using excel is either open up an excel spreadsheet get a bigpiece of paper a pencil and definitely a rubber and or you can use just post-it pad and a wallif you like but what you’re going to do is take the structure from your website and map it out sothat you can see your home page at the top and all your relevant pages underneath them however manydeep you go hopefully it will only be maximum of 2 or 3d you then take your keywords thatyou’ve done all your research on and write them underneath the pages so that you you’re targetingthem all together so that you know for this page this is your group of keywords that you’re goingto use within your content whether it’s images whether it’s words whether it’s videos whatever itis you’re planning this out so it’s a bit like um you need some structure we’ll look at anotherslide coming up how to do that as well before I go on to the next slide i’m going to be talking aboutsearch console so we actually do have a quick poll Andrew for looking at who actually usessearch console at the moment if that’s okay yeah quite poor for you all if you could respondthere’s a few questions coming up and Janine will see after each after each question we’ll see theresults so there’s the first result you need 52 almost 50 50 in terms of people haven’t heard ofgoogle search console the following question do you have your site verified with search console 30say yes 55 majority say they don’t know 14 say no finally if you’ve answered yes do you use it forhow looking at how your site is performing once again it looks like the majority of you seenthat I Id like to but we need help with this so that really interesting results of that pollthere said this is one of the most underutilised bits of kit that you can use from google that isreally going to help you understand how you’re performing and how your website is performingso google search console is a free service or a free tool that’s offered by google that is andit’s a technical tool but it’s going to help you understand and improve how google sees your sitethere’s lots of things that you can do with this and as I say as a technical tool and it’s easywhen you first log into it to get overwhelmed the sorts of things that you can do isconfirm that google can crawl your site if there’s any indexing problems it will flagup to you in this piece of software you will get alerts through if there’s any mobile issuesand you can troubleshoot things are going on but for the purpose of this webinar we’re goingto talk more about the fact that google search console will help you will show you the keywordsand the search traffic that’s actually coming through to your site now it will show youhow often your site appears in google search and show you which queries some of them that youmight be aware of and some of them that you might not be are actually generating your page to showin in the first place okay so bringing in what we spoke about in session one and about what googlefeels is relevant to a particular search query and combining that with your keyword mappingyou’ve just done more will do previously there’s a process that i use when i’m looking at sitesfor search console which is a really good simple process that you can use to help you increase yoursearch engine results but first of all because um i’ll just tell you quickly how you can verify yoursite with google for people that don’t know if you don’t use it you can simply go to put into googlesearch google.com or just google search console and it’s literally a case of putting in yourURL into the box that comes up and click and clicking verify okay there’s different ways thatyou can verify your website on search console the easiest one is if you already have googleanalytics installed and it can be an automatic verification process or there’s other simple waysif you can get into the back end of your website it will give you a piece of code and againdepending if you were using for example WordPress there would be a place for you to put in thetag that search console gives you to verify it okay and that’s there’s always going to beissues with some things that you do some people have more problems than others but itshould be a simple process to verify your site and then it will start collectingdata okay so the process that i use in search console you would be able to havea look at the keywords that are showing up and Ive got a handout for this sorry sodon’t you don’t need to write it down or try and keep up with what i’m saying Ivewritten it down in in stages for you so you would be able to look at the keywords that areshowing up a lot but aren’t necessarily getting clicked through to your website a lot or maybesharing at the bottom of page one on page two when you look at the keywords you can also havea look and see which page is on your website that is currently ranking for those search terms okayso the reason that you would be doing that same right well i know Ive got this page is alreadyshowing up in search results for x y and z so i’m going to optimize that page a little bitmore because i want to push it up in search results okay so you’ve identified the keywords andyou’ve identified the page now what you would want to do now is have a look and see well what doesgoogle think is relevant what sort of content does google think is relevant to those keywordsso you would go and do an incognito search and put in the search term that you’ve alreadyidentified and you would have a look at what your top three results are for that search termbecause google wants to show you the most relevant pages for that search term and the relevant typesof results you look at the titles you look at the descriptions you’ll click through to the pagesand do a bit of competitive research and say well google thinks that i relevant to that search termis an image is 500 words worth of content and it’s used these keywords in it then Ive got anotherimage and Ive got all these different words okay then you want to go back and have a look atyour own page and see how many words do you have do you have images have you included the sametypes of um intent on your page that the Googles already told you that it likes have a look nevercopy be inspired go back and make some changes and then you can use search console againto give your page back to google and say could you please re-read this now Ive readmy now Ive made my changes and you will see hopefully an increase in search traffic forthat page okay so i just quickly say that again you can identify the keywords and you can identifythe page that’s showing you would then go back to google and have put the keywords into google andhave a look at the type of content it feels is relevant to that search term look at the page pullit to bits analyse it see what you’re what they’re doing and you’re not okay go back make the changesto your web page and then use search console to say Ive finished Ive updated my page can youreread it please and Ive had fantastic results using that process it does work i’m not sayingit works overnight sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t but it does work and there’ll be as isay a handout for you explaining how to do that this is a snapshot of thesort of information you’ll see in search console i can’t i won’t share realdata obviously with you and for obvious reasons but just for an example this one in particularyou would be able to see this is how many times this keyword has shown up in search results youcan then go on press another couple of buttons and it will show you the number of clicks andthe click-through rate and the average position now when we’re talking about we go back to thepage titles and the page descriptions and you know that you need to use your keywords to optimisethose and you know why you’re doing that there’s tools that you can use to check your website tosee that information at a glance and obviously some people are going to have bigger websitesthan others so this would be um quicker to do so this is a tool that i use every day it’s afree tool it is a technical seo tool and when you use it there will be a lot of informationfor you to see on it but i’m going to narrow down the bits that you actually arelooking at for the purpose of this you can you can have a look up to 500 URLs forfree by using sem screaming frog seo spider if you have got a bigger site than that then youmay or may not want to upgrade to the paid version which is about 150 pounds for the year but it’sa brilliant tool for having a look at what you’ve got on your own site and also having a look atwhat your competitors have got on their sites too okay you can have a look at page titles andmeta descriptions you can find broken links you can have a look and see if it’s going toflag up saying these pages have hardly got any content on them go in and have a look and youcan also generate site maps and many other things for the purpose of this though we are lookingat finding out meta titles and descriptions when you download the software this is what you’llsee okay literally this is what you’ll see and you will just it’s simply a case of puttingin your URL into the box and pressing start and then depending on how big your websiteis depends on how long it will take to go in and crawl it which is very fast to do whenit’s done that down the right hand side you’re going to see a lot of information okay there’sa lot of summary information but remember you’re using this for page titles and descriptionsso you can ignore the rest unless you want to get into it obviously but ignore the rest andscroll down to where you’ll see a list of all your page titles and all your meta descriptions whenyou click on for example if you clicked on all then you would be given a list like this okay andliterally has every single URL on your website and the title that is currently there so you can havea look you can export this information to enter an excel spreadsheet and literally go through eachone of your pages and make sure that you’re happy with the title that you’ve already got okay andif you’re not happy and you think that you could do better now you’ve done all your keywordum research then you go into the website and you change your meta title okay you can also ifyou have you know that one of your competitors is always showing above you in search go inand have a look at what they’re doing as well if they’re using it if they if you thinkthat’s a really it’s a good meta title don’t ever copy anybody you’ve got your own brandvoice you’ve got your own set of keywords and you go in and you optimize it inyour own way so just to be inspired if you’ve got titles that are missing or titlesthat are duplicate because remember you want to have everything unique then you’re going to seethat here too okay if tools aren’t something that you actually like to use or feel comfortableusing there are manual ways of having a look at pages individually and as a group this is oneof the manual ways that you can do it and again you can do it for your own site and youcan do it for your competitors as well when you go onto a webpage you can righthand click and you can click view page source okay when you do that it is going to bringup all the code that is behind that web page which again can be a bit overwhelming but i’llshow you how to look for the right information depending on whether you are on a MacBookor a pc i think the command 4 or control 4 will bring up the box where you can findinformation so you would literally do that bring up the box which will appear in the top ofyour screen and type in either title or type in um methods um description to type in meta descriptionbecause those words won’t be exactly in the same place so either title or description andthen you tab through literally tab through until you find what you’re looking for but they’llboth be pretty much at the top of the page okay if you don’t like code and you don’t liketools then another quick way to look at either your site or your competitor’s site is touse what we call a site colon search so if you put in site and then colon what this is doing isfiltering out information so letting you see only the results from one website that you’re lookingat there okay this will bring up as well all this all the pages that have been indexed for googleand you can scroll down and you can have a look at your meta titles and have a look at your metadescriptions and of and those of your competitors okay now sometimes when you do this you can geta bit of a shock because sometimes when websites are built standard pages are left in or um metadescriptions have been automatically generated that you might not like okay don’t get massivelyhung up on this okay especially if they’re not your important main pages because the likelihoodof people landing on them in the first place is remote but it’s always good to know what isin the index for your site okay concentrate on the most important pages first and you cango in and change other ones as you go along it will be more of a problem if you’vegot a big site and you’ve got a lot of um titles and meta descriptions that youdon’t like or are irrelevant to you know you don’t want that image being put up for youthe reason why that might be a bigger problem is because when google we spoke about before willcome in and crawl your pages and read your pages if it reads one that isn’t an important one isn’trelevant or isn’t giving good information it might not necessarily bother going and then reading themore important pages okay basically it’ll come in and say well that’s rubbish content i can’t bebothered to read the others your time’s up ongoing so on the larger sites it’s more important thanthe smaller ones okay but just be aware that that is there have a look through so with all of thisinformation that you’ve gathered you know what are you going to do you need some structure forit so you’ve had your keyword mapping exercise and you have got now you can create a spreadsheetyou’ve gone and looked at titles you’ve looked at titles you’ve looked at competitors titles you’vethought i wish my title was like that and you’ve maybe done that for meta descriptions the h1 tagswhich is the top heading tag different keywords don’t just go straight into your website andthink right i’m updating this i’m updating that put it into a spreadsheet get some structure dosome preparation so in the same way that if you were doing some painting and you just were excitedabout putting in a new colour and you just decided to paint some tiles without doing any prep and youget halfway through and think i wish i had because now with the dust and you’re getting lumpy bitsit’s exactly the same thing with your website okay it is gonna be a much simpler effective processif you put some structure in and plan it out first i spoke last week about one of the hardest thingsto do is actually sit down and create this content okay it’s going to be easier for you becauseyou’ve done your keyword research you’ve mapped it out you’ve planned it you know what sortof you know copy that you want to do remember when you if you’re struggling with this youknow your brand better than anybody else you don’t try to be perfect don’t sit in frontof the computer and you know don’t type because the words just don’t come or you’reworried about the grammar or whatever it is there’s a lot of apps that you can use as isaid before that my favourite app moment is one called otter and you can just turn it on andstart speaking as if you’re speaking to a friend you if somebody asks about your business you canspeak about it no problem at all ask someone to ask you questions and just speak into them speakinto the app then print it off you can put it to word excel your email wherever you like and thenyou rewrite it you use your synonyms you put your headers in you work out what your titles aregoing to be okay you also recognise you’re putting so much effort into this for optimizingyour website don’t keep it just for your website you’ve got social media sites that you can useyou’ve got directories that you can update so make sure that you share it across we looked quicklyat this last week and this is gold dust for you if you’re looking for ideas for content andkeywords to bump up your content if you like go into TripAdvisor go into anywhere that anybody canleave reviews for you or your competitors and read them and look at the words they’re using and justbecause you might take for granted what you’ve got okay you wake up to these views every morningyou love that hot tub the people that are coming from the city to the country well this is what’simportant to them you can get absolute brilliant information from reading these reviews okay andthink oh yeah i think to and describe something like that go through and look photos as well wetalked about putting keywords into the photos some people read some people watch some peoplelisten some people look whatever it is if you are writing about views for example on your websiteand you haven’t got any images to back that up nobody’s going to convert okay optimizing withalt text and descriptive captions the people need to see themselves in your in your on your touron looking at the wildlife in your hotel eating your food let them imagine themselves actuallythere and one of the best ways you can do that obviously is through images appealing topeople’s emotions in your content is critical when they’re making that decision whether ornot to come and stay with you or visit you telling stories people love to read storiesin content and story format and every one of us has a story to tell you want the personto resonate with you if someone’s looking for family hotels there’s a reason why they likethe family atmosphere talk to them about your family talk to them within reason obviouslybut what have you gone through in your um in your changes that you’ve made for covetto adjust to their needs you know take the pictures tell them tell them what you go throughto make it even more special for them this time okay everybody favourite bit or not link buildingyou’ve written all of this brilliant content and we want people now to link to you okaynow in a nutshell if you write good content people will link to it okaythere’s two types of links without getting too technical as well that we haveto follow links and you’ve got no follow links now you want to be seen as an authorityin an expert in your industry okay if you have um a government website or a reallyimportant website that’s linking to you then that could potentially say to google this is i valuethis website i trust them i give you my word that this is okay kind of thing okay and it shouldhelp increase your ranking in search results you get no follow links as well where peoplecan still link to you but you don’t have it’s not passing on any information that’s going toencourage you or increase your search results both of them are important because they’reboth sending traffic to your website okay now as google evolves and it evolves so quicklydifferent emphasis is put on the value of links okay and everybody’s frightened of getting spammylinks or you know you can get really hit up on the whole link building strategy it is a reallygood way of showing authority for your website but what’s arguably equally as important is therelevance of the content on your website okay if people are spending time on your website youare still showing google that you are important you have if you don’t you say don’t getcaught up on the whole link building strategy if you haven’t got good content on yourwebsite nobody is going to link to it anyway okay so rather than going and thinking ineed to implement a link building strategy it would be much better for you to concentrateon the type of content that you’re producing because it will then naturally happen we spokelast week about different sorts of keywords and we spoke about evergreen keywords which are keywordsthat are educational they’re informational useful people like to link to that contentand as we spoke about you want to show that you’re the authority in your industry sowhen you’re writing your blog post you’re writing your content and sharing it ontosocial media it will naturally happen okay looking at google my business and local seo whensomeone meets you or hears about you for the first time the first thing that they’re going to do isgoogle you and if you haven’t done it recently i would recommend that you put your own businessname into google and have a look at the type of results that you get back from it okay everywherethat you show your online you should be aware of and you should be able to get into its highlylikely that if you have a google my business page then that will be the first thing that you seeon the right-hand side when you actually put in your business name so before we go any furtherwe’ll do our second poll Andrew if that’s okay the question this time is are you awareof what a google my business page is pretty positive responses to thatJanine that’s 87 say yes 13 say no okay and following on from that have you claimedand verified your google my business page and once again pretty positiveresponses most folks saying yes perfect thank you so your google my business pageis your online listing from google and it’s the most important online listing for any localbusiness it’s going to drive local business search results on google on search on maps ongoogle assistant and many other places now there’s different policy guidelines for who can havepages and the types of pages that you can have for hotels and self-catering accommodation itcan be a little more complicated we don’t have time to go into it in as much detail as it may beneeds onto this webinar but there is a handout for it’s a really useful document it’s called googlefor hotels 101 and getting your business online that i’m including the handouts later on okaynow this isn’t your google my business page is not only essential for new business newcustomers coming to find you but it’s also essential then for repeat customers comingin and finding more information about you it changes all the time okay and what you haveavailable to you in your google my business today you might have another two or threefeatures tomorrow okay so it’s worth checking in really frequently to seeing what isthere the most popular time on the popular time the most familiar appearance if you like of yourgoogle my business page is as i said going to be on the right hand side when somebody googles yourbusiness name when people are talking about local seo they’re usually talking about the results thatthey see underneath the maps in search results and it’s important for increasing the visibilityof not only your local customers local to you but also if somebody was searching for examplebed and breakfast in Dundee or um golf course in Dundee or whatever you want your business page tobe showing to that person as well a lot of times people will use near me searches you might say toyourself you know restaurant near me or Googles clever enough to know that if even if you put inthe word restaurant for example or trampoline park whatever it is because of the device you’re usingand the words that you’re using it can recognise that as a local result and it will show youmaps and listings under maps as a result of that when you understand how local search is actuallyworking it’s going to be a lot easier to understand why you see the results that you do seeokay now it’s based on three different features relevance distance and prominence sorelevance how relevant is what your customer has put into the search is it to thepage to the content that you have on your page okay how close is your business to the searcher soclose for near me searches and one word searches if somebody is searching for something inanother town the likelihood of them being shown information close to the centre of that town ishigh okay and but it’s also going to take into the equation if you like therelevance and the prominence too when we’re talking about prominence we’re talkingabout what other people are saying about your products and services and how well-known isyour business online by way of directories are your social media and profiles got the samename address and phone number as your google my business page what’s the trust that your businesshas online in terms of consistency that google can pick up on okay google isn’t always it’s not justlooking at other google things it’s looking at different directories it’s looking at social mediait’s looking at everything and that’s what we mean by prominence you get different sets of resultsbased on where you’re looking from and also the devices that you’re using okay so for this examplewhen i’m putting ghost tour Edinburgh i’m seeing directory listings above the map i’m seeing a mapand then i’m starting to see information coming underneath it which is being pulled from google mybusiness pages scrolling down underneath the map things to highlight on here the information thatyou see people can filter by different things that google will feel relevant at that time and oneof them is rating now reviews are so important and if somebody can filter on reviews of 4 starsand up and you’re sitting at 3.9 you haven’t even got a chance of being shown in the first place incase you want to give yourself every opportunity to be shown when that person’s looking for you andthe search filters that Googles giving the person when we speak about relevance and google wantsto give people the most relevant information that it can one of the ways it does thistwo of the ways one is by using categories okay so you can see on the screen um toursand tour operator these are categories that Googles pulling in but how it’s making it evenmore relevant is it’s seeing here it’s pulling in from reviews okay it says doesn’t see anyreal ghost but journey was terrifically good your content everywhere that google gives you theall your customers the ability to put content you want to use it to the best of your ability yourkeywords your optimisation because it’s pulling it in in different places and on differentdevices and you won’t know half of it so in this instance it’s pulling in from a review thebottom example is pulling it in from the website okay now you would imagine and i would pretty muchguess this is the case for this um this business that where it says their website mentions ghosttours then you could go onto their website and see where they’re mentioning ghost tours but sometimeswe spoke about meta descriptions recently a few slides ago sometimes google will ignore your metadescription when it shows in a search result if it thinks there’s more relevant content on the pagebut i have seen it a few times where google was pulling information from a meta description andshowing it here in these results so don’t ignore anywhere that you’ve got the ability to optimiseokay because it’s reading it in different places it’s also um to point out here the fact thatreviews there’s this chat all the time our reviews a direct ranting factor are they not iwould say no they’re not and this is an example if they were then the second result would be at thetop okay but what they are is a brilliant way to encourage people to click through to your websiteokay you if you are a visitor for the first time or someone’s coming up to Scotland for the firsttime and they don’t know remember they don’t know you exist they’re looking for something to doand we hope that it’s you but if they’re given three options of places to choose from and one ofthem’s got more reviews than you they’re not going to click on you the likelihood of them clickingon the highest review when it’s really high when you click through to mapsagain different information is pulled through and you can still seethat they’re pulling through information and it still stands the reviews and from thewebsite but you might have the option then to schedule okay which is going to show youticket options available through third party booking providers will reserve with google andwe’ll talk about that a little bit later too sometimes when you see the maps you will seea b and c results okay these results don’t have any reviews and they don’t also have anycategory associated to them and that’s because it’s coming from a brand result okay just sothey understand what you’re seeing and why the chances of you ranking in the map packas well as prominence distance and relevance will be increased if your website can also rankorganically for the search term that somebody’s putting in okay when you do the same search froma mobile you can see the same results but that but they’re enhanced they’ve got more imageson them so Googles pulling these images again from your google my business page so reallyimportant that you take the advantage of uploading as many relevant images as you can so just to reiterate to increase your chancesof being shown in this map pack and in the types of results that you want to be able to seeorganically and in underneath the maps and in search you need to have a google my business pageverified and optimised to its fullest extent sorry there’s lots of different things youcan do in your dashboard depending on categories so i’ll just i’llgo through these um quickly one of them you’ve got the opportunity for youroptimise your business description it bring in your keywords here put in remember that they don’tknow about you this is a chance for them to click through and learn more information about you okaycategories are crucial the categories will the categories that you choose will determine what youcan and can’t do in your google my business page there’s over 3 000 categories there’s a link tothem in these slides you want to be as specific as you can we’re going to talk a little bit moreabout posts and google my business in a second some categories will not let you post okayand self-catering accommodation won’t holiday apartment won’t but holiday accommodation servicewill now there are ways around some issues that you might find with google my business andsometimes you need to be creative and sometimes you need to ask for a bit of help going backto the description of your businesses again depending on the category that you’re in you maynot be you might not have the opportunity to put a description in which unfortunately willbe the case for some of the the hotel sites setting up a short name on google my businessis basically it’s like a custom URL associated with your google my business profile and it’sgoing to let you share your page a lot easier and encourage reviews to people okay so Ive putinformation on the slide where you find your short URL where you can create it simplyclick on info google will give you a suggestion of what it thinks you can useyou can choose your own if it’s available and you can change it up to three times a yearit’s just an easier way of sharing your page online reviews again we’ve spokenabout this how it’s a massive factor and how you can get people to decidewhether or not to click through to your page you need to respond to your reviews too ifyou ask somebody for a review and they say yes what would you like me to say sometimes you knowobviously that could be a little bit awkward if you can encourage them to include keywords intheir review it’s a really useful thing to do okay because google wants to pull through the relevantinformation as you can see from this example here eco-friendly they’ve highlighted the word friendlythey’ve associated the word food with restaurant which is a clue then that would be using thesynonyms and google can make the connection in a more human-like way of the type of keywords andthe relevance behind it okay so hopefully that’s an example for that when you reply to your reviewsyou don’t have to there was talk previously about using keywords when you reply to reviews as wellthat doesn’t actually do you any favours okay i’m all for using keywords when you can use keywordsokay but you want to answer your customers in a natural way and i haven’t seen evidence of itpulling through um responses to reviews okay the short code that we looked at creatingyour short URL and sharing your reviews to people will let them see a picture like thisso people do have to have a google review a google account sorry to be able to leaveyou a google review so if they’re logged in when you send them the link whether itis through desktop or through the app then they you’re sending them straight to thepage where they can upload a photo they can give you five stars they can show the details etcmaking it easy as possible for them to do that because not all of your customers are on googlethough you want to make it as easy as possible for everywhere you show up online if theycan leave you a review there tell them how okay sometimes you might have maybe a postcardon your reception desk or whatever with short links to your review sites and plastic Ive seenplastic and sheets by the till with QR codes and everything to make it easy for people to leavebefore you leave you reviews google my business will pull in your social media profiles and itwill also bring in reviews from other sites as well as long as it knows that you’re there andthe way that it will know you that you’re there is by you making sure that your name address andphone number is consistent wherever you people can leave your reviews okay that’s one way anotherway is to make sure that if you have the chance to verify whatever other platform that you’re onverify your listing make sure it’s verified okay different industries will have a differentnumber of reviews left for them automatically enough the first thing i would say is ifyou’re finding it hard to ask for reviews then so is your competition but keepgoing because if your competition is finding it hard and you’re putting in thatextra bit of effort it’s well worth it okay industries such as restaurants um inhospitality etc get more reviews than others and some of them may be inappropriate some of themmight not even be applicable to your own business and there’s ways of flagging the review on theleft hand side you can see the three dots that you can click on which will let you flag a reviewas inappropriate and if you were doing that from if i was doing that for you and i couldn’t getinto your dashboard i was doing it from the front then the information i would see would be what’swrong with this review okay underneath that and those are the five things that i would have tochoose from if you were doing it from inside your dashboard you’d get bit more informationwhich is what you see on the right hand side of the screen there okay so a bit more is aconflict of in interest is it off topic is it spam google are getting better at taking downspam reviews it’s really hard to get rid of a review unless the person is being derogatoryabout a member of your staff or one of these um examples here on the right okay someone leavesyou a one star review and no words about it it’s staying up there you just unfortunatelyjust can’t take it down Googles responses we expect to see some bad reviews and everybodyexpects to see bad reviews and good reviews you’re quite right to take it personally ifit’s a bad review but their take on it is get more good ones okay it’squite frustrating sometimes you’ve got attributes in the dashboard for yourgoogle my business page and again depending on the category that you put in will dependon the type of attributes that you have my advice is to optimise every part in thisdashboard okay and i’ll show you why in a second google is also asking other people’s opinions onthis for hotel attributes there are a lot more in depth than somebody that’s um i don’t knowgot a restaurant or whatever so have a look at your categories and make sure that you answer allthese questions covered wise it’s really important and google had added an awful lot to google mybusiness throughout the pandemic to help you um communicate with your customers better soone of them was the health and safety aspects you’ve also got the chance in google my businessto mark your business as temporarily closed and also put any covered updates and theseshow up when people are searching for you your customers will be asked to update what theyknow about your business so you need to keep an eye on what’s being said so when you google yourbusiness or google competitors business they will probably be on the right hand side above thequestions section this bit do you know that this place share the latest information and they willget be given a series of questions that they can answer rightly or wrongly this information willshow up in your dashboard you will get you will see some orange writing and it will say this usedthis page has updated information from google or from and it doesn’t say member of the public iremember the right the word but saying it’s got updated information that hasn’t come from you andyou’ve got the choice to accept it all or to um to not accept it all so keep in mind that peopleare being asked questions and the information might not necessarily be correct people can alsobe asked is this business open is it temporarily shut so you don’t want your business showing upas shut when it’s not again relevant photographs businesses with photos will receive average about42 more requests for directions when we open again the photography can be the make or break betweendepending on the industry that you’re in for somebody making an enquiry if you have you’reserving food or if you’re in a place where there is there will be a lot of traffic comingthrough especially now so if something is dirty people can be horrible they want they want topost pictures that to give you a bad impression sometimes okay and you need to know what’s beingsaid and what being posted about your business people leave half eaten food pictures that wouldmake someone feel a little not want to come back there’s a hair in the food whatever it is you canguarantee that somebody somewhere is going to you know up these pic upload these pictures and againyou can flag them but you take amazing photography of your premises of your tours of your restaurantswhatever tourism business that you’re in people will buy look and enquire looking atpictures and views et cetera et cetera so monitor what’s going up if in the case you do get a badpicture or Googles done one of its 360 views and you want to it’s not the right one in the sameway you can flag reviews you can flag images okay you might take about three days five daysor whatever it might not come down you can then contact support and ask them to take itdown but again there’s a certain amount of criteria needs to match inorder for it to disappear bear in mind though if a photo is taken downand someone feels strongly enough about it they can put it back up okay so just becauseit’s removed once doesn’t mean to say that person can’t go on and put it up again sojust be careful that you keep an eye on it you have the opportunity to create posts in googlemy business no really depending on your industry and the categories you can take a lot of whatis on your website and put it on your google my business page okay um as i say hotels etc don’thave the opportunity to post but many of you will and you can see here you’ve got copied 19updates tell your customers what you’re doing you can have offers on here addevents put your products on the adding an update post did stayup for seven days okay so when somebody first sees your business and scrolls downthey would see a post that was up for seven days it is it’s still in Googles ecosphere if youlike but unless the customer clicks on see more they wouldn’t see it that is changing for somebusinesses sometimes it’s staying up a lot longer now it’s just that you you’re aware of that ifyou’re a business it doesn’t have the ability or um the structure in place or something tosay regularly which is difficult to believe but if some industries are more and confident postingthan others you can add an offer or add an event if you add an event you’ve got a start date andan end date so when someone visits your page your post that you might usually be posting weeklymight show up there for a month because it starts at the beginning and ends at the end of the monthso there’s ways around it okay there’s an example of where posts will show when you when youscroll down to your google my business page this is what posts look like here you can keepthem current and they’ve all got a call to action always put a call to action what do you want theperson to do as a result of reading that content you can put in products as well which i’ll showyou in a minute and products you can have a product post and when someone clicks on it againyou’ve got more chance to put more information use it because google will pull this informationand show it to people in in different ways and you’ve got more calls to action that you can puton so it might be buy now order now call now etc google as i said is pulling information you’veseen it through um reviews you’ve seen it through um information being pulled from the website itcan also pull information from posts you put on and the frequently asked questions sectionso when you’re doing your keyword research and you have established different questionsthat people are asking on google as well as a business owner people your customers ask youquestions all the time they’re not the only person that’s wondering that okay so it’s worthwhilepre-populating the questions and answers section a to help your business your potential customersbut b to help the search engines find out more about you okay you have to do this from the frontof the of google you don’t get to it from the dashboard so you can click on ask a questionyou ask a question as yourself and then just go in and answer it okay so use that again andto the best of your advantage sometimes keep an eye on the questions and answers section onyour page some people will leave reviews there and you’ll get local guides that come in andoffer help in there as well some of its correct some of it’s not and you can also flag thesequestions so it might not be applicable to the to the place if it was a bad review you can flagit and say it’s not it’s not a question that quite often gets taken down from there so just keep aneye on what’s there i should say sorry that this the frequently asked question feature isn’tavailable on some pages at the moment used to be available on all of them i don’t know if Googlesdoing a test to see if it’s going to take it away so if you don’t have it it’s not a case that youcan swap category and it’s going to appear if it might be that for your industry it’s been takenoff just now if you do have it then then use it some businesses would have been given a producttab in the dashboard okay and you can bring as much from your website in in this way as possiblefor restaurants bring in your food bring in your menu items for gifts bring in your gifts you knowuse this as well to showcase everything that you have on your website is when people put in yourname your google my business page is going to show and they could they can call you they can goto your website whatever they might not need to do anything they might just see whatthey want on your google my business page your what you see in desktop on google my business as well is going to be different to what you seeon mobile okay so have a look in as many places on different devices as you can to make yourselffamiliar with what shows up and where if you don’t sell products but you sell services then becreative and bring in your services as products okay reserve with google goo reserve withgoogle is a service available to you via google my business it’s not a booking softwareit’s a technology that combines your google my business profile with your booking softwareso making it a lot easier for your clients then to go through and buy tickets addit to their diary find you through maps etc you still you need to sign up with a bookingsoftware provider and you can get a list i’ll put a link to them in the documentthat Andrew will give at the end if you’re not sure about the best bookingprovider to team up with you can either look at do your own research obviously look at who yourcompetitors are using but when you click on the booking section in the dashboard depending againon your categories and if you put an additional categories you will get a small or a largerrange of um providers there to choose okay your business has to be verified before you canadd the booking button so i know that the majority of people have their pages um verified alreadyif you don’t or you need a hand with it then you need to make sure the reason why you don’t have abooking button is because your page isn’t verified once you have signed up when you click yourbooking buttons you’ll see that customers can now book you on google throughwhichever provider that you’re with so you can be if you are a restaurantand you are on justice delivery and i can’t remember the other one main onebut UberEATS you can be on all of them and you can choose which one you want to show asa priority if people can order through you as well as a service directly through your website you’venow got the ability to add that as well and you can prioritise that booking rather than the othersif obviously if the visa are going to be less for you okay so you have a look at your bookingsbutton and see what Googles presenting you with if you were if you have something appearing onyour google my business page you don’t want to be there you don’t want a particular bookingprovider to show up on there you can’t take that off yourself okay you have to contact thatbooking provider and ask them to take you off when you first sign up as well so say you areopening a new version when you first sign up it doesn’t automatically come through straight awaythere’ll be a few days worth of delay and then the link will show through on your page okay wheni said earlier for you to google your own business as in put into google your business name notmeaning to do the google my business so that you can see where you appear you want to make surethat you can everywhere that you show up in every directory any listing of your business you knowwhat’s being said about you people will leave you reviews in places that you might not even knowthey’ve done so unless you can log in and that you’ve got can’t think of the word you know youcan get in you’ve got control of what’s being said about you online okay so what i would suggest youdo is create a spreadsheet google your name and list every directory that you show in and do thatas well for your competitors if your competitor is in 80 directories and you’re in three then youknow that’s one of the things that you need to do to try and compete with them because they’reif they’ve optimised those listings and their name address and phone number is consistentthen they will have like a bigger trust and authority with google than you do okay so nobodyagain nobody can promise you page one number one for certain search terms but what you can do ismake sure that you’re doing everything that you can that Googles looking for to give yourselfa higher chance of showing up in those search results okay so you want to build trust inthe local kind of google sphere this going in and claiming each directory can be really timeconsuming um and you can you lose hours of your life doing it but it’s well worth doing every bitof content that you have now um created with your keywords for your website you’ve now got a chanceto put it in different places in these different directions where it allows you to okay and youknow that you’re going to be using keywords you know why you’re using them alwayslooking at the intent behind the keyword okay you can use tools if you don’t want to do thisyourself the tool that i use is called bright local okay you do have to pay for it monthly butyou can pay them something like um between 60 or 70 i think for them to go through and put you inthe top directories for that industry that you’re in it’s not going to go through and optimise eachdirectory for you it will literally clean up if you like you can turn i want to use this name thisbusiness description and this phone number and they’ll go through and do it and then you have tothen log in and go through and optimise each page it’s a quicker way of doing it takes about threeweeks i think or you go through and do it manually google my business as well i know themajority of people last week actually did have a website but for those don’t google my businessgives you the ability to create a free mobile first website it will pull through theinformation from your google my business page by way of posts that you put up so you’realways going to get fresh content you can put in your scheduling your booking software aswell and it will give you a very basic website for people to be able to find out directions toyou and to get in contact with you it’s not a um it’s not a substitute for having like abig website with all your content on it but it’s definitely a good place holder whileyou’re getting a website delivered made or um want to it’s depending what you want to use it foryou know if you just want to have a presence then it’s ideal for a smaller base business as wellyou can have dot-com domains as well you can buy through google and you can point your domainthat you have already to this website if the one that you don’t if your website you have at themoment you don’t like it’s not mobile friendly or its work in progress and then you can pointthe domain to one that’s free through google insights with google my business are quite basicand they’re being updated all the time they’re going through a bit of an update at the momentit’s not it’s not the best but um it will let you see keywords to a point where your page is beinggenerated but what it is good for is let you see the actions that people are taking once they goto your website go to your google my business page so you can see on this one it’s one and a halfthousand requests for directions over the last month you can choose one month two monthsfor three months and if you switch on the messaging feature as well then it will letyou see how many people have messaged you the app for google my business i would recommendthat you download it to make your life easier as all apps do there’s things that you can doon the app that you can’t do on the dashboard on the dashboard on a desktop and vice versa upuntil recently this was the only way downloading the app that you could switch on a messagingfeature for google my business so businesses that are looking for your maps if you had itswitched on would be able to send you a message to ask maybe if they get lost or they’ve got generalquestions it’s not something that is used in across many different industries some use it allthe time the customers use it all the time some don’t use it at all and i think one of the reasonsfor that is that it’s not the easiest to find on maps anyway the messaging feature but Googlesput it there for a reason um and it’s another way for customers to contact you as long as you arethen able to answer those messages when they come through if you’re a busy restaurant a busy hotelit might be the last thing that you want to have somewhere else to try and monitor for customeractivity but so just know it’s there and then and decide whether it’s the right thing for youto do you can now switch it on from the dashboard so on the left hand side you will have a messagingfeature i don’t know yet whether it brings in a history of messages it’s only a recent thingthey switched it on in in the dashboard so we’re waiting to see another thing that you can dowith the app is you can create a welcome offer so people have the option to follow you ongoogle my business okay so google my business isn’t a social media tool but google puts thesethings here for a reason and if they follow you they’re going to get updates that as you postif you update your hours or if you’ve changed bits and pieces and they’ll get notificationsto their phone you can change your welcome offer and when people follow you sorry they get awelcome offer you can change the welcome offer as often as you want to and it can be bad fortwo weeks after somebody starts following you so you could encourage people to follow youfrom your other social media channels so we’re now live on google my businessstay up to date for recent changes and here’s the link because you’vecreated the short link for them google has got a free marketing kit that you cango to and on there you can download templates for review us on google you’ve got posters whereit will bring in some of your five star reviews you can make postcards that you can send out topeople who have them on your desk and it’s really good for ideas Googles free marketing kit there’sa link to it in the um the link that Andrew will give you but what i don’t like about it is that itdoesn’t let you it doesn’t do your brand colours okay so what i would recommend that you do istake ideas from here and ordering reviewers on google stickers then absolutely you downloadthe template and send it to a printer for that but take ideas from here and i would then recreatethem on something like Canva so that you have them in your own brand colours and you can useyour reviews as posts as well okay to encourage more sometimes people will leave your review onFacebook or TripAdvisor whatever you can take that and use it as a post rather that you can’t add itas a you can’t go into google analytics add it as a review yourself okay but there’s differentways that you can and use it to your advantage keeping on top of the algorithms and avoidingpenalties there’s a lot daily that changes in the seo world and it can be completely overwhelmingfor even you know people that do it at their jobs and that love to learn sometimes you’re like ohmy goodness i can’t believe this that’s changed or that’s changed and trying to learn it orum is near impossible so you will get a lot of information from google search forums there’slinks in the slides to those you have got google support you can go to and ask questions obviouslyyou can follow um google on social media if that’s something that you wanted to do butfollowing reputable seo companies is a really good idea and these are some of myfavourites here that Ive put up there for you and go in they’re easy they’re like bite-sizedchunks of information that that makes sense they put it in normal language and it’s not tootechnical and then you can if you want to get more technical obviously you can dive a lot deeperbut it does help to keep up with what’s going on so just before we come to the summary torecap on what’s going on in this on this webinar there’s obviously there’s a lot to takein on the two webinars together but your priority has got to be your content okay there’s a lotof things that you can do after you’ve added your content by looking at your link strategylooking at different codes etc but without your content it’s worthless there’s no point doingit so spend time researching your keywords from the previous webinar and then structuring whereyou’re going to put them so you know this page is we’re talking about these keywords you’velooked at search console and use that as a tool to see the keywords that you’re already rankingfor and work more on that okay so your keywords the intent behind those keywords whichwill help you generate your content and then you know preferably at thesame time work on claiming verifying and optimizing your google my business pageagain bringing in the keywords and filling in the information at every opportunitythat Googles going to give you for that to go over them again your keywords andyour h1s meta descriptions and titles to your search console read your reviews for yourbusiness and your competitors to see what they value and include them in your content and usethe tools either the paid tools the free tools or doing it manually to help you see whatyou and your competitors are already doing okay not to get overwhelmed so that’s me finishedAndrew thank you let you pass back over to you superb staff Janine thank you so much and we havea few questions so some links on the screen that you should be able to see now first to someuseful resources as soon as mentioned we’ll um distribute these slides and i’ll distribute themby email probably the email will come out tomorrow and um there also all the resources that jeansmentioned today including the resources that you see on screen just now and including detailsof our um latest um responsible tourism campaign will all be found in the in the um slidesthat we and email that we distribute tomorrow you can also download um the a simple handout onthese two previous slides on responsible tourism and VisitScotland’s useful links there’sa handout section in the control panel of go to webinar that that the handouts don’talways work depends on the devices that you’re using but don’t worry if you can’t downloadit just now we’ll send out by email tomorrow Janine thank you again for your time today andIve got a couple of questions before we wrap things up if that’s okay of course brilliant sofirstly and you mentioned meta title structure keywords first then brand name someone is askedthe question saying well mine is the other way around should i ask the developer and that wasgenerated by a useless plugin should ask the web developer to change this or does a plug-inchoose that structure for a reason the author when you put yoast plug-in and it automaticallydepending on the way it’s set up will bring in or can bring in your brand and then the title ofthe page or whatever you can override that on each page you can go in and at the bottom of eachpage you can override that and put in your own meta title i don’t know the way it’s been set upfor and who determines that that reason for doing it but your most important keywords should comeat the front and your brand at the back so you’re reading it from that way in so you can manuallygo in and change it if you’re if you’re um if your developer’s doing it you want you wantto know what’s being changed and why it’s being changed i wouldn’t ask anybody just to go in andchange it you have control over that and you want to change this and also see for yoast where it’sred yellow and green it’s okay to be yellow as long as you know why you’re yellow that’s sothey’ve got a structure for yoast to say this is good seo this is okay and this is bad but it’sso it’s okay to be yellow as long as you know why okay i suppose a key message here as well ismaintain a very um decent level of communication with your web developer don’t just sit in thedark and but don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask why they’re doing certain things and ifthey’re making changes to aspects of your website ensure that there’s you know there’sconstant communication when this is happening test once they’ve done made these changesas well test thoroughly what they’ve done make sure you go through it from a consumerconsumers of customers perspective check what they’ve done your website to see if it’s workingas you would want it to work yeah and absolutely also so if you’re not happy if you ask a questionand you don’t understand the answer it doesn’t quite make sense keep asking the question until itdoes make sense because otherwise it’s just gonna sit with you and not be happy yeaha question i think a lot of people will want to hear about Jeanine because probablyaffects quite a number of folk on this webinar today um someone’s mentioned that they are quitelow down in fact on page six or seven of the map pack Googles map pack and sometimes don’t showup at all and they’ve done many of the things in fact probably all of the things that you’vesuggested are there any other problems that might stop them ranks from any businesses in this thiskind of category stop them from ranking higher there’s the main ones to have a look at is imean if you’ve done everything it’s one thing doing everything and it’s an another thing notsay redoing it but double checking the categories what categories are your competitors and withoutknowing the actual looking deeply at it i wouldn’t be able to spot something kind of thing but ifyou do the basics and which obviously this person has done then to remember that Googles working onprominence and relevance and distance to make sure that you’re in all of the categories it all in thedirectories is a good thing to do to look at the categories and see if you’ve got one main categoryand you’ve got a few additional categories it might be those additional categories aroundthat haven’t been used and they’re not relevant or you could go and put more additional categories inand so there’s lots there’s a lot that goes into it other than getting the basics right so youi would want to have a look a bit further and i’m happy to do that if the test wants toshare those details and i’ll have a quick look and see if i can spot something okayum somebody else has asked a question around and having a long company name and that meansthat they’ve got a different twitter handle to their company name and then other socialmedia what would you be able to suggest there in terms of having something that’s along company name being able to change maybe in terms of it going on the meta titleyeah i think so i think that’s what they mean so there’s different ways that your brand can getout the suit but putting your brand name at the end of the meta title is for obvious reasons sothey know more clearly who it’s for but i would still your keywords are still most important so ifyou’ve got the choice between putting keywords or putting your brand name then i would be choosingkeywords when it comes to the short and the short code ideally you would have the same short codeon your google my business as some of your um handles it’s not always going to be possible todo that so you just want to find the most relevant one to you i don’t know if you can abbreviateyour company name or you know but you want to have keywords are more important than that if youneed brand awareness or want to do brand awareness then you can you can advertise you can you canadvertise display advertising for brand names in the dependent situation to behonest the keywords over branding i would say okay and then one i think we’ve gottime for one final question and somebody said um clearly google my business is important buton a scale of one to ten how important is it within the whole scope of seo a bit of afun question for the end yeah so you’ve got i don’t know if people watch the webinarbeforehand and there’s different sorts of seo local seo is done in a slightly different wayto just optimizing content for your website so depending on what sort of business you arewhether you whether people are searching more for your business near them or can travelto your business then i would say you want to do both really but google my businessis it’s a free tool from google and it’s so powerful and it’s so important so don’t ignore itit’s not going to take you very long to optimise that page but to go in and optimise everythingthe best that you can and then create content and work on both of them but you want ifyou’ve got the option to have both have both so on a scale of one to ten and if iwould say i would be biased and say 10 for google my business because that’s mything and it’s um different sorts of results do both put both at ten there you go wouldit would be similarly high for me yeah and download as you mentioned you need downloadthe google my business app incredibly useful yeah look yourself what appears on mobile comparedto what you see on desktop because you’ll only see services on a mobile you won’t see it on a desktopso for example that’s one thing just know what what’s showing and where that’s really importantbrilliant Janine thank you again for your time if you have any further queries you can emailindustry development and visitscotland.com Thank you.

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