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coldnes focuses on marketing job chase is tough fairly for one person so imagine the complications involved when companies have only so much fund to spend to busines their produces the return on investment can literally see or smash the company we deemed to be fun today to examine three alternatives to traditional commerce such as advertisements and marketing joining us on today’s committee is julia ligament beseder promotions a full-service talent management company which provides examples for promotional contests too meeting us today is Steve call of Carlisle on the dark-green located at Beth bait State Park in farmingdale steve is here to talk to us about the rise of the gulf as a business development tool we’re too going to speak to andrew hazen from prime visibility at bethpage based internet marketing at search engine optimization firm who can increase your online visibility and website transaction welcome everybody to job line Thanks enormous to have you here this is one of those registers I love to do because people are so busy finding a job and parties so hectic scouring in the workplace that they forget when they get there the company still has to do well and and there are a lot of companies that really are struggling it’s been a tough economy even though there’s been somewhat of an economic recovery it’s still tough to get business out there so today we’re going to try to provide some approaches maybe they don’t know what begins with you Andrew a someone who’s been on move before it did a very good job for us once before search engine optimization it’s a awfully very critical term nowadays how has it modified from the meta labelling days and justify both sure meta tags are thing of the past they used to be what I call magical calls it’s a code that the search engines would receive not the end user and parties would abuse it and put in oaths that weren’t related so they would get untargeted traffic so what parties used to be able to use to level the playing field no longer please into the algorithm of the search engines so today there are two major components of search engine marketing there’s natural inventories which is when you go to Google Yahoo or MSN you do a research in the roster one two three four and you want to be one you want to be you want in the first page right studies actually show that eighty-five percent of entanglement surfers will not go beyond page 2 of the search results in addition there’s about 700 million rummage is being done every single day so you want to get naturally rostered because you’re not compensate someone you pick me a house like ours but you’re not give on a per click basis you’re not google yahoo to be there i promptly tell us know how the natural itemize how you get up short is probably 20 plus components to that algorithm and what works certainly on google won’t work on msn and the real what you really want to focus on is the content of the website the title tags and the links so that for example we work with a lot of long island based fellowships some of them being bagel boss garden city hotel tour know if garden city hotel wants to be found for Long Island Hotel they need to talk about that and their imitate you don’t mention it the search engines won’t think it’s related so you need to have that mention throughout so formerly the search engines can waive all these different factors title tags page print how many other websites are associating to you this is the hottest thing with google known as that PageRank algorithm and they’re able to look at as a vote of confidence if you have one website with 100 links to you and you have another website with 30 link to you they’re going to see the one that has a hundred to be more prominent more relevant so to get a better ranking naturally then you can actually buy your lane on a pay-per-click side and when you do explorations again the major search engines you’ll interpret sponsored ads and underneath there beings are buying on a per sound basis some words can cost ten pennies some words in cost twelve dollars so you have to watch as you said earlier the return on your investment right we can actually track for purchasers if they’re going to buy placement you devoted three hundred dollars in a few weeks with that converts into in areas of precedes number of sales right and so on a nice girlfriend I guess that’s the cake thanks for sure now Andrew I’m gonna throw it back to you because you’re the straight man of today indicate okay yeah everyone so everyone wants to market their product successfully on the web when you type in a certain name mm-hmm you like for example if your type in my mention you get specific less things to come up but is there any insure on what the order of the things that come is it the most recent thing that trimmed another messages i’m not anybody right and i have no such care about what comes up we’re sure how does that work you’re you’re referring back to those natural positions which you’re not paid under your get your achieving it on your own and the key thing is relevancy so “when youre doing” a search for Scott possess or anything talking about you is gonna be relevant to you and that’s why it’s gonna rank up on top so for example if you’re going to type in long island golf courses you shouldn’t see on the first sheet of the search results golf courses in North Carolina Florida Las Vegas right and hopefully the search engine is a good one they’re gonna block out those what you tell us a little bit about how the search engines have improved because I know they have yeah I had yahoo in my position in i think it was 92 okay “i m one” of the first people to even have a you know the web it was black and white yahoo was black and white so i’m sure that there’s so much more sophisticated now yeah getting back to the whole thing about relevancy the search engines are apparently in business to make money they have to deliver relevant results and what happened was in when i first got into this in 1996 i was actually out in statute school in michigan trying to figure out how was going to pay for Law School and I started my first online venture and by the end of my second semester I had a website get 4 million pilgrims a month lazy students calm oh and curing children do research not watering papers or is everything of that nature but it was a great success that’s a cool deed thank you I can see why I would so we would my lad would go back sure most people generally say where were you when I was in high school and don’t let my children know that it exists but virtually the relevancy so again if you you know we doing these natural huntings if it’s not in the content if it’s not the entitle labels if there aren’t other relevant websites associating to it what difference does it make right off a bagel boss we might go to kosher calm and asking questions to link to bagel boss right appetizers to go we might go to a wine-coloured enthusiast website and say you need cocktails delivered overnight to go with your wine-coloured appetizers to go so it would be a strategic partnering right and these inbound relations and the page material all these things together the search engines are following these pages literally weekly and they’re checking me do a do a case study tell me how search engine optimization could facilitate both Steve call from Carlisle and green and envoy promote her starting with Steve on will flip side for a second talking about the pay-per-click because with a credit card and 25 instants this can happen right after today’s show you can go to Google Adwords or prelude two of the major pay-per-click devices and you can buy keywords a word like catering or golfing incidents or gourmet contests would have a per sound basis the problem here is a micro Steve literally five six dollars per clink you can get 50 clinks a daylight go through hundreds of dollars if not thousands of dollars and not get any return on his investment today you can actually bid on geographical locations so now he can bid on that keyword gratifying and have his ad simply seems person probing within New York because no one’s looking for bethpage catering or North Shore catering a Long Island well some are looking for long Allen catering but to target those specific keywords you can now target your area same thing with the modeling firm the word model I’m sure is three four dollars a click and if someone’s in Kansas California or Georgia I don’t know if the companies national accepting for a minute that they aren’t they wouldn’t want to waste that coin so now you can bid on the keyword examples and had to only appear in the New York metropolitan region a great case study is we have a small company in New York City announced private and lend culture that does speedy money credits or collateral loans and those again are perhaps eight or ten dollar paroles per click by using this geo-targeted system that is ads only to be provided in New York he’s seen literally two hundred percent increase in traffic and now he’s seen about 50 results per week and beings now walk into his door that they said they found them via the web interesting so it’s amazing Steve how are you met the web to be to be useful to Carl Ellen ring it’s a great source for us to repeat four Brides possible brides to be able to view the equipment and we get a lot of them in by onto the web and take a look and appreciate what we have to offer you know the keywords are do you know what they have to type into when they know seeing nuptials w-well our website no but I intend the keyword experiment that they did a pursuing we have a few of them I know yeah what about the most appropriate for publicities you have a website presence um I think i am and if you look under a promotional prototype right and that will come up then welcome back to job line and News 12 Long Island we’ve been talking about alternative sell procedures I think we did a great job today Andrew let me exactly to finish up something you and I were talking about the breaking you mentioned applying email tell me essentially not spamming people want to get opt-in list you want to have on every single page of your website alive for someone to entering their email address to receive free advertisings or vouchers in the future and then utilizing those registers and those schedules merely you want to send once a month not to be annoying a promotion and offers something informational because your consumers are asking for it and we’ve had very successful safaruss that we are able to move and evaluate bagel shrubs someone for the holidays the Jewish allottees to break the fast and we can literally tell that they had a eighty percent open or eight thirty two percent conversion rate and so on so you can use that and the key thing with the Internet is that a levels of playing field whether your fortune 500 fellowship or sole proprietor anyone can compete for space on that first page as we were discussing and then I adore what I do because it makes people supplant yeah you’re wonderfully passionate about it

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