Search Engine Optimization Tutorial: Part 1


Hi Everyone, I am Prasun Shakya, Digital MarketingSpecialist. I am back with my first part of the weeklytutorial on Search Engine Optimization. If you have watched all my previous tutorialon Internet Marketing, I am sure you already have the basic understanding of SEO and itsimportance. If you have not watched my previous tutorial, I hint “youre watching” all of my previous seminars to have the basic understanding of InternetMarketing. Before going ahead, I want to explain to youwhat is Search Engine Optimization in Short. Well, Search Engine Optimization is a setof acts that you play to increase the number of visitors to your website viasearch engine. Suppose you have decided to start a physicalstore as well as e-commerce website for cosmetics in your neighbourhood neighbourhood. Since you are new, and people are not awareof your storage, you want to have keyword such as cosmetics store near me rank in SearchEngines.For this, you need to perform various activitiesfor Search Engine Optimization so that when people search for term “cosmetic store nearme” in search engines, your website is displayed in the first page and beings will then eithervisit your website or call your store if it is close by. To begins with the tutorial, you need to understandsome of generals periods in SEO. They are SERP( Search Engine Result Page ), Bot, Anchor Text, Title Tag, Meta Description, Meta Tags, Backlinks and Landing Page. If you are stillconfused about those terms, you need to review my tutorial on Internet Marketing before proceedingwith this tutorial. Before performing any task for search engineoptimisation, you need to understand your business goals as this will allow you to measurevalue, keep the focus on the task and lead everyone to one combined attitude. You cannot prevail a battle without realisingwhat you want to achieve through the battle. One pattern is I own a supermarket that sells teabags. My companys primary goal is to open anonline tea shop, and my added aim is to export tea to other parts of the country.When you are clear about your goals, you willhave a strong vision of why you need an SEO campaign. So go ahead, think about your primary goaland your additional goal. I recommend you to get a pen and paper towrite your primary and additional purposes for the business. Once you are happy with your goal then onlyproceed ahead with positioning SEO purposes. Now are few things to keep in mind to setyour SEO goals, 1. Set achievable goals, start small-scale and go onfrom there. Probably for a tea shop, reaching a decision on the easylong fanny keyword which has the high-pitched number of searches.I have applied keyword search tool KWFinder tofind keyword such as a tea shop near me. This particular keyword in Sydney had 50 searchesand SEO difficulty as 33 which is easier to rank. Too, when using a keyword like tea shop nearme will likewise help us to rank keyword tea shop which has 320 searches per month and SEO difficultyas 38 which conveys it is easier to rank. Whereas if you choose keyword such as GreenTea which has 1600 examinations per month but SEO difficulty of 57 which signifies it wouldbe hard to rank and even though they are you rank those keywords, you need more resources to maintainthe ranking. 2. Be clear on what you want to achieve throughSEO: Suppose through SEO your primary goal is to increase pilgrims in your physical storeand the secondary goal is through online store then you need to target keyword such as nearme to increase tourists in your physical accumulate. 3. Keep the budget in mind: You can give goalsthat are achievable and not get prevented by unattainable purposes. I was formerly said that SEO is a longrun game. You cannot expect to have return within afew daylights by doing SEO.Hence, proposal national budgets for a long run andtarget keywords that has higher explorations but lower SEO competition. 4. Use implements such as SEMrush that furnish youwith data regarding your contestants traffic or compare keyword so that you can tweak yourSEO accordingly. It is going to benefit you because you are targettingkeywords that your contestant are already doing well. 5. You need to Practice Patience. SEO is a long game, and you have to practicepatience to acquire it in the end. Unchanging Truth About SEO To understand how SEO efforts, illustrate a groupof ants accompanying to find food. They follow a particular path, but if theroad is blocked or does not have anything, they return with nothing.When they see anything, they making it totheir anthill. Here, ants are the bots that move to yourwebsite, and the anthill is the search engine, where bot draws the information. Therefore for an SEO, there is un denyingtruth that Bots expect direction i.e.HTML Connections. Some of the other happenings seeing SEO are 1. Search Engine Algorithm The algorithm is a formula that a search engineuses to determine its ranks. The search engines use the algorithm to achieveits most important goals to provide the most relevant information to their customer.Therefore, you need to be up to date regardingany new changes in the algorithm of search engines. 2. Unchanging truth about Text Search instruments always look into how much textare there on your website, how it is formatted and what’s the context. For a beneficial text in your website, you needto make sure that you have a careful selection of keywords. Many successful place owneds have a list oftop priority keywords that they use for their site.Plus it is crucial to check keywords to makesure if they are appropriate or not. HTML Page title ever carries excellent importanceas it gets maximum show in the search engine result pages. Meta Description is exposed as the descriptionunder the page title. It bolds the keyword that the user is searchingfor in the meta description. A meta description should be compelling, keywordrich and unique for every page for visitors to visit your website. 3. Unchanging Truth about Linking No matter how quick a search engine providesa list of relevant information to the user, search engine still relies on human help togather information about your website. Let’s take an example where ABC.com linkeda keyword mentioned digital consultancy to your website, the bot consider that yourcontent is about digital consultancy. Furthermore, it goes in deep of your contentto do more information around that keyword. Thank you for watching my first part of mytutorial on SEO. Next week, I am going to cover one of theessential topics on SEO such as on-page factor, Site Factors, Off Page Factors. If you have any feedback, provide comments below. If you like my video, please agree, likeand share my tutorial.Music ….

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